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Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the Envelope

By Matthew Copeland

Pushing the Envelope is about making buildings better. We'll talk about architecture, engineering and construction as well as building science and how all of this goes into making more durable, comfortable and efficient buildings.

The podcast is hosted by Matt Copeland, P.E. and sponsored by Copeland Building Envelope Consulting, Inc.
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#5: Air Barriers vs. Vapor Barriers - Fight!

Pushing the EnvelopeMay 29, 2021

#5: Air Barriers vs. Vapor Barriers - Fight!
May 29, 202116:36
#4: Drone Photography with Mindi Sokoloski of Multispectral Aerial Service
Apr 23, 202101:02:58
#3: Roof Wind Design with Jennifer Keegan, Jim Kirby and Ben Meyer of GAF

#3: Roof Wind Design with Jennifer Keegan, Jim Kirby and Ben Meyer of GAF

Why do some roofs end up in the parking lot? Learn the answer to that question and much more in this this information-packed episode where I discuss the ins and outs of wind uplift design for low-slope roofing with Jennifer Keegan (LinkedIn), James R. Kirby (LinkedIn) and Benjamin Meyer (LinkedIn) of the GAF Building & Roofing Science team (LinkedIn). For more details and show notes:
Mar 26, 202155:22
#2: Adrian Lowenstein of Skyline Windows on High Performance Construction, BERDO, Local Law 97, and Energy Codes
Feb 26, 202158:35
#1: Ken Kiefer, High Performance Construction Academy Director, SIGA North America
Jan 29, 202153:18


Here's a quick intro to what I hope will be an interesting podcast for architects, engineers, contractors, building product manufacturers and anyone else interested in making better buildings.

Jan 20, 202101:15