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Build with Brabec

Build with Brabec

By Amanda Brabec

Welcome to the Build with Brabec podcast, where Boston fitness instructor & personal trainer, Amanda Brabec, has real, raw, and honest conversations with people that are making moves, making change, and making their own version of their very best life (& teaching you how to do the same along the way!). On the Build with Brabec podcast, we promote body positivity and anti-diet culture, debunk popular fitness myths and trends, and celebrate women at all walks of life.
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Introducing the Literally Nothing Matters Podcast!

Build with BrabecMar 15, 2023

Introducing the Literally Nothing Matters Podcast!
Mar 15, 202301:31
Nov 03, 202221:41
Creating Ripples & Cultivating Confidence with Alex Zauner
Oct 20, 202201:16:56
Fueled and Well with Brittany Wehrle

Fueled and Well with Brittany Wehrle

Sports Dietitian and owner of Fueled and Well, Brittany Wehrle joins me on the podcast this week to chat all things intuitive eating, fueling your body without rules & restrictions, relearning how to follow our body's cues, double standards in fitness, body image as a fitness instructor, and so much more.  Connect with her on IG - @fueledandwell Check out her website - 
Oct 13, 202201:07:18
Self Talk, Self Confidence, Motivation & How They're All Connected
Oct 06, 202220:31
Quit Hustle Culture & Set Boundaries with Alexa Martin
Sep 29, 202201:03:35
Take Control of Your Health Destiny with Dr. Efrat Lamandre
Sep 22, 202201:01:47
Get Yourself Out of a Funk
Sep 15, 202249:19
Are your limiting beliefs affecting your body image & fitness routine?
Sep 08, 202241:18
Eat MORE to Get Healthier with Morgan Yarborough
Sep 01, 202254:39
Sober Powered with Gill Tietz
Aug 25, 202201:22:30
What are your motivators for exercise?
Aug 18, 202224:19
Creating Body Peace with Nina Manolson, MA, NBC-HWC

Creating Body Peace with Nina Manolson, MA, NBC-HWC

Nina Manolson, MA, NBC-HWC, joins me on the podcast to teach us how to end the war with our bodies and food so we can create sustainable body peace. 

Connect with Nina on IG: @ninamanolson

Visit her website for free resources, including her FREE virtual workshop on Aug. 24 (2022):

Click here to download my new free guide: 5 Tips to Create a Sustainable Movement Routine You Actually Love

Aug 11, 202201:08:48
Sitting in the Shit to Find Your True Self with Angela Gentile (she's back!)
Aug 04, 202201:17:35
Body Image & Food Rules on Vacation
Jul 28, 202228:05
Breaking Up With Hustle Culture with Sophie Marie Wellness
Jul 21, 202252:03
Money Mindset & Getting Your Financial Shit Together with Tara Marie Murphy
Jul 14, 202201:07:20
Diet Deep Dive: Whole 30 with my big sister Megan!
Jul 07, 202201:00:45
Is Anyone Else Getting The Major Ick From Our Country?
Jun 30, 202240:17
Living a "Damp" Lifestyle with Hana Danly
Jun 23, 202259:18
Being More Present & Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Your Body Image Journey

Being More Present & Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Your Body Image Journey

On this solo episode, I share how I am trying to be more present in every day life in order to help cope with anxiety. I also get real about my own body image journey to help you take the pressure of yours. That's why it's called a JOURNEY, people - it has its ups and downs, and it is certainly not just an easy fix. 

Jun 16, 202230:42
CDB, The Truth About Supplements, & Connecting Nutrition & Medicine with Dr. Rachele Pojednic
Jun 09, 202201:21:14
Diet Deep Dive: Noom

Diet Deep Dive: Noom

On this Diet Deep Dive episode, I'm exploring the newest diet craze, Noom. Noom has been EVERYWHERE, so I'm going through the in's and the out's of this psychology-based, food tracker so you don't have to. 

Jun 02, 202253:16
Let's Get a Good Night Sleep with Alanna McGinn
May 26, 202201:00:09
30 Things I Learned In My First Thirty Years
May 19, 202201:06:46
Roe v. Wade - What does ending this long-standing federal protection of abortion rights really mean?
May 12, 202235:10
Finding Happiness & LOVE with Michelle Wax
May 05, 202201:13:40
What The F!? Common Intuitive Eating, Body Positivity, & Mindful Movement Misconceptions Debunked!
Apr 28, 202228:22
I GOT MARRIED! Our Impromptu Wedding Story & My Body Image Story
Apr 21, 202201:00:40
Food Freedom & Making Peace With Food
Apr 14, 202220:28
Body Neutrality - Because Who The Hell Loves Themselves Every Single Day!?
Apr 07, 202241:46
Diet Deep Dive: 75 Hard
Mar 31, 202247:36
All Things PCOS, Hormone & Gut Health, & Supporting Your Body with Nutrition with Shelagh Rose Nutrition
Mar 24, 202201:12:16
Losing Weight While Working on Food Freedom & Body Image
Mar 17, 202231:52
Body Image, Inclusivity in Fitness, Filters & False Info on Tik Tok & More with Marina Gearhart (AGAIN!)

Body Image, Inclusivity in Fitness, Filters & False Info on Tik Tok & More with Marina Gearhart (AGAIN!)

Marina Gearhart joins me on the podcast for a second time (lucky me!), and we chat all things body confidence, why inclusivity is so important in the fitness space, how to make it more inclusive, medical bias & eating disorders, how social media impacts our mental health, and SO much more!

Connect with Marina on IG - @movingwithmarina

Work with Marina -

Marina's Recs:

What We Don't Talk About When We Don't Talk About Fat by Aubrey Gordon The Body Is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole

INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH AMANDA? (personal training, body image coaching, etc.) Fill out an inquiry form here!

Mar 10, 202201:19:11
Creating a Consistent Exercise Routine (Even If You've Always Hated Working Out!)
Mar 03, 202234:20
Why you should care about your pelvic floor with Dr. Jaxie Meth
Feb 24, 202251:25
Radical Self Love &... MY ENGAGEMENT STORY!
Feb 17, 202201:00:01
Krystin Ross on Connecting with Your Sexuality, Increasing Your Confidence, & How It All Improves Your Intuition
Feb 10, 202201:33:44
Dry January - Why I Did It & How It Went

Dry January - Why I Did It & How It Went

TW: sexual assault, rape, & alcoholism

Did you just wrap up Dry January, Sober January, or are you just thinking about exploring a break from alcohol? SAME. I am sharing my reasons why I did Dry January, what I learned, how the experience went, and what I'll be doing moving forward. Looking to explore a "damp" or sober curious lifestyle? I share some insight on that as well! Listeners also share their reasons & experiences with sobriety this month.

Yes, we do get serious today, but I also share some life updates, including yet another story proving that I am a huge WEENIE.

Feb 03, 202231:15
Kara Duval On Mindful Movement, Pilates, Supporting Your Body, & Changing Your Perspective on Fitness
Jan 27, 202201:06:42
Happy Birthday to the Pod! Build with Brabec Turns 1!

Happy Birthday to the Pod! Build with Brabec Turns 1!

Happy birthday to the Build with Brabec podcast! Can you believe it has been a whole ass year since the first episode dropped?! Take a trip down memory lane at some of the most impactful & important takeaways from past interviews. Even if you've already listened to every episode (THANK YOU BTW), these are great reminders to embody in your every day life. Here's to year 2!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch video footage of podcast interviews & weekly free workouts:

Get 1 month FREE of my on demand workout library using code BUILDWITHBRABEC:

Jan 20, 202247:26
BMI is Bullshit, Sober January, & Living More Aligned

BMI is Bullshit, Sober January, & Living More Aligned

Yes, we are going all over the place with this solo episode! I give some life updates, content recommendations & share why I'm doing Dry January, Sober January, whatever you want to call it, how I'm planning on living more aligned this year, and give you the scoop on why BMI is a trash measure of health (and why it's wildly racist). Enjoy!

Jan 13, 202243:24
It Started with Farts - Body Image Healing, Body Neutrality, & Boundaries with Molly Seifert
Jan 06, 202201:14:39
BONUS EPISODE: New Years (non) Resolutions & a 2021 Wrap Up
Dec 30, 202128:33
Life Updates, Chasing Your Dreams, Thinking BIG, & Choosing Who You Are
Dec 16, 202131:15
Fertility Journeys & How They Affect Your Body Image, Relationship, Mental Health & More with Janessa
Dec 09, 202101:28:13
Katie Diasti on Founding Viv for your V & Sustainable Period Care
Dec 02, 202101:14:23
Challenging the Food Police- Tools to Have Your Happiest Holiday Season

Challenging the Food Police- Tools to Have Your Happiest Holiday Season

I share some tools to help you challenge the food police- both internal & external. Think setting boundaries with family, ways to help you deal with outside comments, challenging internal comments, and fully enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, as well as the rest of the holiday season. 

Nov 18, 202134:01
Goal Setting Part 2, Getting Out of a Funk, & Life Updates
Nov 11, 202137:40
Setting Smarter Goals, Getting Aligned, & Making the Most of the Rest of the Year

Setting Smarter Goals, Getting Aligned, & Making the Most of the Rest of the Year

We hit November and BAM we're already hit with all the super intense, "Are you going to wait to the new year to change your life?! Get ahead of everyone else!" messaging. But that doesn't really help you, does it? It probably just makes you feel motivated for a second, then guilty if you don't end up taking action or sticking with it. That's not your fault. Those messages are pretty empty & don't give you much to work with. So I'm hopping on to give you some helpful tips on how you can start to think about some goals or resolutions for next year & small actions you can start with now to set yourself up for success in the new year.

Nov 04, 202118:39
Stefanie Michele on Binge Eating Disorder & Recovery, Healing Your Body Image, & Setting Lasting Boundaries
Oct 28, 202101:00:52
Katie McKersie on Post Birth Control Syndrome, PCOS, and Hacking Your Hormone Health
Oct 21, 202101:06:03
Becca One Checca on Fitness Careers, Long Lasting Motivation, and the Importance of your Why
Oct 15, 202152:39
Solo Episode: My Body Image Journey & Healing Your Own

Solo Episode: My Body Image Journey & Healing Your Own

TW: body image, disordered eating & exercise

This week I open up all about my personal journey with body image- the good, the bad, and the ugly. While I dig deep & get a little raw with you all, I hope that it helps you feel less alone in any of the negative thoughts you've ever had about your own body, battles you've ever had with food, and of course poor relationships you've ever had with exercise. This is not meant to be sad or to receive pity, rather to serve as a way to connect & let you know, you are not alone! After I share my own story about my low self worth, disordered eating, and exercise obsession, I also share things that helped me start my own healing journey. I hope this helps! Oh, and you're perfect exactly as you are.

Recommended IG Accounts:





(there are so many more- please tag me in an IG story and share your favorites so I can also share!)

Oct 07, 202140:55
Sarah Gaines on Dieting to Body Image Healing, Intuition Through Movement, & Self Love Affirmations
Sep 30, 202101:01:25
Sydney Ortega on home style & organization, developing your own personal style, & starting her very own store
Sep 23, 202101:21:03
Build with Brabec Quickie: You are worthy RIGHT NOW

Build with Brabec Quickie: You are worthy RIGHT NOW

Hi friends! I'm going to start releasing some "Build with Brabec Quickies", which will be super short, digestible episodes that focus on small pieces of advice, inspiration, and self development so we can all continue to be inspired by each other! In this week's quickie I talk about self limiting beliefs, waiting to chase after your goals, and how we are all WORTHY of our dream life right now. Enjoy!

Sep 16, 202122:31
Natalie Lizarraga on Breaking Into Broadcast Journalism, Finding (& Maintaining Confidence), & Being a Role Model for Young Girls
Sep 09, 202101:11:46
Solo Episode: Keep Showing Up As Your Perfectly Imperfect Self

Solo Episode: Keep Showing Up As Your Perfectly Imperfect Self

On this month's solo episode I ugly cry about Texas' new abortion law, chat about pop culture, and answer lots of listener questions about showing up for yourself, getting started in a fitness routine after having a baby or going through an injury, mindfulness tips, and so much more!

Sep 02, 202148:54
Jess Fracalossi on Opening The Handle Bar, Creating a Community, & Advocating for Mental Health

Jess Fracalossi on Opening The Handle Bar, Creating a Community, & Advocating for Mental Health

Jess Fracalossi, founder & CEO of The Handle Bar Indoor Cycling Studio (here in Boston!), shares her story of opening the studio at just 24, cultivating an amazing community, expanding to 5 studio locations, advocating for mental health, and how she has balances it all as a mother.

Connect with Jess on IG- @jessfracalossi

Connect with The Handle Bar on IG- @the_handle_bar

Ride (or move!) with us at The Handle Bar!

Aug 26, 202101:01:33
Catharine Arnston, CEO of ENERGYbits on the Power of Algae in our Every Day Diet
Aug 19, 202156:29
Maria Costello on Shooting Your Shot, Breaking Into the Fitness Industry, & Serving Others
Aug 12, 202101:11:08
Solo Episode: Boundaries, Embarrassing Life Updates, & Listener Q&A
Aug 05, 202153:41
Kara Lennon on Channeling Main Character Energy, Starting Her Biz, & Trusting the Journey
Jul 29, 202101:21:52
Kayla Lee Mills on Self Love, Self Growth, & Investing in Your Own Life
Jul 15, 202101:07:16
Izzy Atkinson on Self Confidence, Body Love, & Mental Health Awareness
Jul 08, 202101:02:20
Enjely Mora, MS, RD, LDN on Healing Your Relationship with Food, Anti Diet Culture, and Diversity in Dietetics
Jul 01, 202101:07:36
Kayla Mehr on Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Strong Pregnancies, & Getting Your Mojo Back
Jun 24, 202101:04:53
Emma Belluomo on Creating an Online Business, Cultivating Confidence, & Radiating Energy
Jun 17, 202101:06:30
Podcast Swap with Naomi Rotstein on Finding Your Passion and Improving Your Relationship with Food, Exercise, & Your Body
Jun 10, 202101:17:16
Solo Episode: Cultivating Confidence & Laughing at Annoying Fitness Trends
Jun 03, 202136:13
Jenny Mello, LICSW on Therapy, Coping, & Practicing REAL Self Care
May 27, 202155:46
Ali Hashemi on Starting a Social Impact Fitness Studio, Running a Business, & Doing It All
May 20, 202101:08:28
Solo Episode: Q&A on Intuitive Eating, Body Confidence, Fitness Tips, & More
May 13, 202136:34
Amanda Waldron, MS, RDN, LDN on All Things Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, & Fueling Your Body for Exercise
May 06, 202101:07:34
Miray Tayfun on Home Wellness Trackers, Entrepreneurship, Being A Woman in Business, & Her Success Tips

Miray Tayfun on Home Wellness Trackers, Entrepreneurship, Being A Woman in Business, & Her Success Tips

This week I chat with Miray Tayfun Founder & CEO of Vivoo App, a new wellness tracker, which uses at home urine tests for personalized nutrition & lifestyle advice. We discuss all things wellness, diet culture, how small daily habits can affect your general health, and all of the metrics the app tests for (and why!). We also chat about being a woman in business, starting her own company, and how she finds success by listening to her body & prioritizing mindfulness.


Connect with Vivoo on IG- @vivooapp

Miray's Recommendations:

Read Contagious by Jonah Berger
Apr 29, 202155:56
Ashley Mitchell on Creating a More Inclusive Fitness Space, Allyship, Listening to "The Whispers", Mindfulness, & More
Apr 22, 202101:20:48
Christina Gallardo on Makeup Tips, Beauty Trends, Product Reviews, & the Beauty of Brown
Apr 15, 202101:10:06
Jessica Diaz on Surviving a Stroke at 36, Stroke Triggers & Warning Signs, Advocating for Your Health, & more
Apr 08, 202101:17:19
Alyssa Pannozzi On Her Post-Partum Journey, Finding the Happiness In Your Life, & Attracting Others Through Authenticity
Apr 01, 202101:02:18
Allison, Jaimie, and Jasmine of Full Moon Botanica on Spiritual Healing, Meditation, & Tuning in to your Truest Self
Mar 25, 202101:01:36
Claire Clendenen on Living with a Chronic Illness, Representation in the Fitness Industry, & Advocating for Healthcare for All
Mar 18, 202101:00:37
Mer Doty on Inclusive Fitness & Fashion, Body Confidence, Find Authenticity, etc
Mar 11, 202101:01:54
Maddy Ciccone on Leveling Up, Manifesting, Imposter Syndrome, Body Image, Mindset, & Finding Your Why
Mar 04, 202101:08:19
Dr. Jess Moy on Tapping into Intuition, Improving Your Relationship with Your Body, Sustainable Leadership Through Self Care, and SO much more
Feb 25, 202101:07:08
Molly Gram on Connecting to the Process, Body Image, Learning to Be Intuitive with Your Body, & more
Feb 18, 202151:41
Angela Gentile on Grief, Growth, & Living with Intention
Feb 11, 202101:13:35
Crystal Casio MS, RD, NBC-HWC on Intuitive Eating, Mindful Movement, & Healing Your Relationship With Food
Feb 04, 202101:02:25
Tava Sternberg on Functional Nutrition, Popular Diets, Gut Health, and More
Jan 27, 202101:01:01
Marina Gearhart on Body Confidence, Mindful Eating, and All Things Anti Diet Culture
Jan 27, 202155:56
Eliza Shirazi on Building a Business, Investing In Yourself, Coping with Anxiety, and Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin
Jan 27, 202153:01
Intro Episode: Welcome to Build with Brabec!

Intro Episode: Welcome to Build with Brabec!

Enjoy this sneak peak of the new Build with Brabec podcast, launching 1/28!

Jan 19, 202102:22