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Burlesque Moms

Burlesque Moms

By Cabaret & Cocktails

Welcome to Burlesque Moms: Cabaret, Cocktails, and Kiddos!

The only podcast that brings you into the world of dancing and drinking and drinking while dancing, all while juggling jobs, munchkins, and a propensity to overindulge. An entertaining and informative peek behind the curtain, below the bar, and into the laundry basket of Burlesque Moms.
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Halloween Crafting with the Burlesque Moms

Burlesque MomsSep 30, 2022

Halloween Crafting with the Burlesque Moms

Halloween Crafting with the Burlesque Moms

Episode 033

Halloween Crafting with the Burlesque Moms

It’s officially spooky season and the Burlesque Moms are hard at work crafting everything from skulls to monster teeth, costumes, and so much more!

In this episode, we cover all our crafting favorites, including tips, tricks, and seriously awesome hacks. Want the inside scoop? Join us as we discuss this, and much more, on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Halloween Eve eve

· Appropriate Halloween decorations

· Rats

· Home repairs and maintenance

· Hex check

· Exorcism season

· Crafting for the holidays

· Our top crafting supplies and sewing favorites

· Bourbon’s affair with hot glue

· Recycling with Bourbon

· Family costumes

· Sadie’s Mario refusal

· F-Bomb’s “brilliant” idea

· Sadie is not a fan of crabs

· Sibling and couples’ costumes

· Rocky Horror costuming

· Sadie’s surger

· Sewing machine cleaning hack, you’re welcome!

· Preventing fraying when sewing

· The discovery of pinking sheers

· Thrilling Thriller costumes

· Coffee, tea, and permanent marker dying

· Sharpie spray, again, you’re welcome!

· Thank goodness for Cosplay forums

· Wig dying

· Fabric scissors

· Shoe goo to the rescue and problems with humidity

· Making rotting flesh on skeletons

· The Cricket for crafting

· Team effort when costuming

· Lily’s happy place

· A little history of the Iao Theatre

· The power of Burlesque

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Sep 30, 202233:39
Back-to-School with the Burlesque Moms

Back-to-School with the Burlesque Moms

Episode 032

Back-to-School with the Burlesque Moms

Summer is coming to an end, which means one very important thing for all moms out there—back to school.

  • How does back to school change things?
  • How does it affect our Burlesque schedules?
  • How will Sadie Vine juggle motherhood, burlesque, and grad school?
  • What can we expect from Burlesque schools?

Join us as we discuss this, and much more, on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Burlesque Moms and back to school
  • What do you do when school isn’t in session?
  • The pros and cons of kid activities
  • Taking a page out of Lily O’Lei’s scheduling book
  • Pros and cons of year-round school
  • Back-to-school shopping
  • School day nostalgia
  • Supply shopping
  • A terrifying way to wake up
  • Taxidermy fashion and accessories
  • Christmas, Halloween, and the chronological discussion
  • A heavily snake-themed Halloween
  • How back-to-school affects schedules
  • Miss F-Bomb and the studio schedule
  • Marketing psychology
  • Our sexy school girl, Sadie Vine
  • Blood in, blood out
  • Finding a creative outlet
  • Are You Barre-Polar?
  • Is F-Bomb abusing her contractors?
  • Barre-lesque
  • Good teachers make all the difference
  • Performers vs teachers
  • Finding your comfort level
  • Lily’s misguided advice
  • Classic Lily O’Lei

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Aug 26, 202233:15
Camp Castaway and Campfire

Camp Castaway and Campfire

Episode 031

Camp Castaway and Campfire

Does anyone else have fond (or not-so-fond) memories of summer camp? The friendships? The fireside story-telling? S’mores?

Today on Burlesque Moms, we are planning an Adult Summer Camp experience…Burlesque style! What would Summer Glamping look like for a bunch of bawdy burlesquers?

Would we sing songs? Craft cocktails? Pitch some tents? ;)

Find out our fantasies in today’s episode of Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Hair of the dog

· Responsible work behaviors

· Summer kid’s camps

· Bourbon goes to summer camp

· Tsunamis and Sadie

· LDS Girls Camp with F-Bomb

· Burlesque crafting

· Craft cocktails

· Merit badges for Burlesque performances

· Tan lines and Lily O’Lei’s priorities

· The best of glamping

· Cleaning projects and glitter…really Bourbon?

· Summer-themed Burlesque performances

· Pole Dancing on the water

· Ruining everything at the Maui Country Club

· Podcast pre-gaming

· Elevated camp food

· Bourbon’s s’more secrets

· Inappropriate jokes

· Burlesque camp directors and counselors

· 80s and 90s tv show reminiscing

· Do camp songs ever change?

· Backstage scary stories

· Dreaming of Tahiti

· Let’s burn that shit down!

· Hot firefighters and controlled fires

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Jul 29, 202227:41
The Amazing Aly Cardinalli and the Curse of Bourbon Layne

The Amazing Aly Cardinalli and the Curse of Bourbon Layne

Episode 030

The Amazing Aly Cardinalli and the Curse of Bourbon Layne

If you’ve listened to our show at all, then you know how much we love Aly Cardinalli—as a performer, a choreographer, a friend, he is awesome and we were so excited to have the opportunity to feature him as our first official Burlesque Moms guest!

Hailing from the middle of nowhere, Texas, where Bourbon Layne was also hiding, Aly joined us in this episode to talk about building a performance community, gaining inspiration, his work in psychic development and witchcraft, and yes, to rid Bourbon Layne, once and for all, of her curse.

Join us as we discuss this, and much more, on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Getting to know Aly Cardinalli and how he knows the Burlesque Moms

· Canines, Kiddos, Pasties, and Poultry

· Directing Bent on Maui

· Bourbon Layne’s first burlesque number, choreographed by Aly

· Blood in, blood out

· Bad choreography

· The Trampoline Dance

· Gaining choreography inspiration

· Aly as a child prodigy

· Disruption by a massive Tibetan Mastiff

· Little Shop of Horrors love

· Tripping into a stage performance

· The Nutcracker: A retelling by Aly

· Reasons to kill your roommate

· Working as a witchdoctor and psychic medium

· Psychic charlatans

· “Savage” nations

· The correlation between spiritual connection and choreography

· Building a backstage culture

· The true definition of community

· Theatre superstitions

· The curse of Bourbon Layne

· Pet photo and video bombing

· The problem with burning sage

· No drinks?

· Debilitating stage fright

· Fostering a positive body image in young women

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Jun 24, 202255:08
Burlesque Dads?

Burlesque Dads?

Special Episode 029

Burlesque DADS?!

In honor of Father’s Day, we want to introduce you to some of our favorite Burlesque Dads!

We are proud (and perhaps a little wary) to have this episode hosted by DotCom (you may know him as Sadie Vine’s husband from Episode 025), Maker Howl (Miss F-Bomb’s husband), Doc Titanium, and Dan Frontier.

In their own words, the Burlesque Dads will discuss what it is to be a male performer, a parent, and a supporter of Burlesque.

Get ready to laugh … and maybe write us a seething letter of protest. As usual, alcohol was involved and there is no censoring this group!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· What’s coming up for Maker Howl

· Chicken feather boas

· Dan Frontier’s rise to solo performer

· Doc Titanium’s lack of rhythm

· Hosting, stand-up, and heckler control

· We love our burlesque audiences…I think we’ve told you before

· Is Burlesque Moms aka Cabaret and Cocktails a coven of witches?

· The Dad-reflex

· The worst thing in the burlesque world

· Glitter, so much glitter

· Backstage differences

· Comedy and burlesque

· Onstage confidence

· Surprising ways to take off your clothing

· Shitty burlesque

· Doc Titanium’s deathbed memories

· The absurdity of burlesque

· Maui burlesque

· Our script-writer, Sadie Vine

· “Burlesque is about normal people finding their power and their beauty.” Well-said Doc!

· Sexy is a state of mind

· Virtual vs live performance

· First-timer performances and audience interaction

· A cameo from Bourbon Layne … who is not a Dad, thank you for the clarification

· This is what’s beauty!

· What makes burlesque “tits up”?

· What’s in the future for these men on stage?

· What does being vulnerable look like for men?

· Cancel culture vs. tired culture

· Vulnerability with men’s performance

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Jun 17, 202201:07:27
Postpartum Body Image and Burlesque

Postpartum Body Image and Burlesque

Episode 028

Postpartum Body Image and Burlesque

Being a mom is hard enough without adding to that all the crazy, postpartum body issues that seem to inevitably arise.

Today we discuss just that, the postpartum body issues and performing Burlesque pre and post-baby. How has pregnancy, planned or unplanned, changed the way we view ourselves (both mentally and physically)? How have our careers changed or surprisingly, not changed? What can we do to get back our sexy?

From postpartum struggles to wearing a thong on your head, be prepared for a lot of laughs, a lot of reality, and a lot of cursing!

Find out on today’s episode of Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Barre and bubbles

· Boozy salad dressings

· The love/hate relationship with motherhood

· How to regain your sexy after baby

· Body positivity

· Adult ways to regain your sexuality

· Pole Dancing and Burlesque

· Societal pressures of motherhood and body image

· Society has gone bat-shit crazy

· Finding a sense of self

· Knowing your body

· Planned and unplanned pregnancies

· Bourbon Layne birth announcement

· Performing while pregnant

· Balloon number problems

· Birthing shit-shows

· Birth plans

· Losing your identity as a mom

· Body positivity

· Keep your body happy

· Finding time for yourself

· You are sexy as you are

· All bodies are beautiful

· Regaining yourself through movement you love

· The problem with Mom’s Groups

· Bonding over more than the shared experience of motherhood

· Do something that makes you happy

· Being a better friend to yourself

· It’s hot as balls backstage!

· You can’t choose where you lose

· Fake it ‘til you make it

· Getting out of your comfort zone

· You choose how to express yourself

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May 27, 202251:16
Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Episode 027

Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Can you believe it’s already been a year of Burlesque Moms? We certainly can’t!

Today we celebrate our one-year podcast anniversary and we are so excited you are here! We are diving into what we hope to see from our next year of podcasting and burlesquing! What are we hoping to explore? What has changed in a year?

Find out on today’s episode of Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Changes to the Burlesque Mom routine

· Champagne problems

· Vodka in the college years

· Bathtime with Bourbon

· Cocktail Challenge for our listeners

· Virtual shows and live shows

· The after-show “high”

· Burlesque on a Boat

· Emergency virtual show

· A new Maui performance venue

· Pastie Premiers

· A new business venture for Miss F-Bomb and Bourbon Layne

· Big thanks to Maker Howl

· Controlling the theatre space

· Texas doesn’t give a shit

· Covid and show cancelations

· Get your shit together, Maui!

· Always drama in Drama

· Edgy show topics

· How to Deal with Your Period When You’re Performing

· Guests on the show

· Submitting questions to the Burlesque Moms

· Drink-A-Long show

· The Shaker conundrum

· The Curse of Bourbon Layne

· Why Bourbon cannot flee the country

· Vegas, baby!

·  The new dating game

· Heading to Canada

· Sadie Vine, M.B.A.

· Algebra and Calculus

· Exam time for F-Bomb

· Questionable tax write-offs

· Tax Write-Offs for Burlesque Dancers

· Easter thongs

· Hell in an Easter basket

· Magic acts that make your clothing disappear

· Sword swallowing tips

· Gag reflexes

· Juggling acts

· Legos

· Obscure Sinéad O’Connor references

· Creative act ideas

· Texas Burlesque opportunities

· Burlesque Workshops at Waikapu Danceworks

· Chickens everywhere

· All the new work endeavors

· Bourbon wrote a book! The Pursuit of Badasserie! Check it out!

· Amazing photography

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Apr 22, 202243:53
Support and Priorities for the Solo Parent

Support and Priorities for the Solo Parent

Support and Priorities for the Solo Parent

The Burlesque Moms have been exploring the world of solo and semi-solo podcasting these last few episodes. Last week we spoke with Sadie Vine and her husband, Dot Com on the subject of the support we receive from our families.

Today we join Bourbon Layne, the most mysterious member of Cabaret & Cocktails as she discusses the support system she found in Burlesque as a sole parent.

How do you navigate family, work, and a stage career all at once?

Let’s find out on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· The problem with Champagne

· The “Mommy drinks” culture

· How it began

· Pregnancy reveal, Burlesque style

· Audience and crew member support

· Post-partum performances

· Engorged breasts

· Childbirth is gross

· Children are gross

· Getting out of the comfort zone

· Asking for help

· Being vulnerable as an intensely independent person

· Babies and body issues

· There’s nothing pretty about having a kid

· Burlesque has nothing to do with body image

· We do stripping better

· Letting go of pride

· You do have time.

· Changing your priorities

· Moms choosing their children over their own basic human needs

· Mommy mode

· Finding who you are post-baby

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Apr 08, 202222:16
The Elusive Dot Com

The Elusive Dot Com

Episode 025

The Elusive Dot Com

After a series of solo episodes, we now embark on a series of interviews to find out what our families think about Burlesque. They've been very supportive over the past 8 years, but how do they really feel?

In the first episode of this series join Sadie Vine and her husband "Dot Com" as they take an early morning respite from their 2 kids to talk about Burlesque and their shared journey with Cabaret & Cocktails.

In this episode we talk about:

· Bougie coffee

· "One of the podcasts I've ever heard."

· If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

· Batman provides the best in-house security

· Covering all the bases of burlesque

· Drinking while dancing is the best perk

· A time before kids?

· A LOT of Amazon Packages

· We're in control!

· There's always something to stress about

· How does video work?

· Even more Amazon Packages!

· The Great Wall of Presents

· Burlesque on a Boat

· Scuba burlesque

· Lily's bathtub solo

· Sabering champagne

· Upping our cocktail game

· Adventurous G&T's

· Shaker & Spoon needs to sponsor us

· "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing"

· A nice collection of half-empty gins

· Spoiler Alert: Burlesque Dads!?

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Mar 25, 202217:42
Q, T, & A with Miss F-Bomb

Q, T, & A with Miss F-Bomb

Welcome to our final week of our solo podcasts for our Q, T & A Series, where we get to know a little bit more about the four ladies of Cabaret & Cocktails.

This week, last but certainly not least, we feature Miss F-Bomb, the hottest weapon in the Burlesque arsenal. Please excuse the sound of chickens in the background.

And speaking of chickens, we hear all about her massive brood, her Burlesque teachings, corset removals, and so much more!

Dive into the world of the Burlesque Mom’s only [human] child-free member!

In this episode we talk about:

· Drinks!!!

· Corset questions

· Burlesque preparations

· Rehearsing in costume

· Practice makes pretty and better prepared

· The trouble with corsets

· Miss F-Bomb’s least favorite thing to take off

· What to do when it goes wrong

· How many chickens is too many chickens?

· A proud chicken parent

· Free-range chickens

· The largest chicken coop ever

· Chickens require a particular set of skills

· The origin story of the chickens

· Don’t ask Maker Howl

· Favorite Burlesque moves to teach

· The car door analogy

· Embrace the wiggle

· Social dance

· How she met her husband

· Miss F-Bomb’s first dance love

· Puppy and poultry parent

· How to be a Burlesque Auntie

Being a parent is hardcore

Mar 11, 202213:01
Q, T, & A with Lily O’Lei

Q, T, & A with Lily O’Lei

Episode 023

Q, T, & A with Lily O’Lei

Welcome to week three of our solo podcasts for our Q, T & A Series, where we get to know a little bit more about the four ladies of Cabaret & Cocktails.

This week Lily O’Lei dives into the dream world—dream jobs, dreams of her childhood, dreams for her kids, dreams for the future, and so much more.

· Learn about how she discovered Burlesque and her roots in ballet and acting.

· Discover her family legacy of making dreams a reality.

· Find out how she conquered her inner chicken!

All this and more on this episode of Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· No drinks?!? What?! I guess that’s acceptable since Lily is sitting in a parking lot.

· Dreams

· Lily’s dream job

· How dreams change and evolve

· The dream of acting

· Falling in love with Ballet

· The importance of parental support

· Dancing in San Francisco

·  Pursuing a ballet career

· Charter boat dreams

·  Sailing around the world

· Acting in Santa Barbara and LA

· Developing a thick skin

· Redefining dreams

· Performing a solo off-island

· The Dying Chicken comes full circle

· New dreams found within Burlesque

· Dinner theatre dreams

· Dreams for Lily’s kids

· Some dreams are meant to stay dreams

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Feb 25, 202220:59
Q, T, & A with Sadie Vine

Q, T, & A with Sadie Vine

We are in week two of our solo podcasts for our Q, T & A Series where we get to know a little bit more about the four ladies of Cabaret & Cocktails.

This week Sadie Vine answers questions from friends, fans, listeners, and more. The show is unscripted and recorded from inside her closet; snuggled within rows of evening gowns and stilettos. She talks about production, costuming, performing pregnant, and boobs.

There's a lot about boobs.

In this episode we talk about:

· Cocktails, obvs.

· Tahitian Vanilla Powder

· The broken bourbon supply chain on Maui

· Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue

· Peekaboo Pointe

· Say divine!

· Cabaret & Cocktails & Collaboration

· The puzzles of production

· What's in Sadie's Boobs?

· Is that a gun?!

· Hemming and buttons and snaps, oh my!

· Costume engineering

· How does it come together so it can come apart?

· Performing pregnant

· Expanded rib cage problems

· Love and Lust

· Pregnant flappers

· Lovely pregnant bellies

· Boobs, boobs, boobs!

· Pastie fail

· Hip hop version of Carol of the Bells

· Did the other girls have candy canes too?

· Festival of Fringe at the Maui Fringe Festival

· Camera drop

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Feb 11, 202225:23
Q, T, & A with Bourbon Layne

Q, T, & A with Bourbon Layne

For the next four weeks, we are getting to know a little bit more about our performers in their first solo podcasts!

We have compiled a list of questions from friends, fans, listeners, and…lovers and we are answering them, unscripted, on the show! Things might get a little awkward around here…

This week we feature the fairly freakish mind of Bourbon Layne, Cabaret and Cocktail’s most mysterious member. From origin stories to her favorite floor moves, Bourbon tells all, with no one to stop her!

But are you ready for her answers?

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· How does a newbie become a burlesque performer?

· What is a “Finger Slide” anyway?

· Bourbon’s favorite floorwork moves

· What is the purpose of floorwork?

· How Bourbon Layne got into Pole Dancing

· An honest opinion of stripping professionally

· Tell me you’re old without telling me you’re old, Bourbon

· The longest story ever

· Bourbon supports the troops

· Scottish accents vs South African accents

· Guinness and Southern Comfort

· How NOT to travel as a young woman

· The dirtiest song

· The taboo nature of pole dancing

· 1950 Olympic Pole Dancing

· Bourbon Layne is legally allowed to bite you

· Disclaimer: may become pregnant

· What does Bourbon teach?

· The shittiest ballerina you’ll ever see

· Fifty Shades of Fitness

· Think of Bourbon when you have trouble sitting on the toilet

· Missed callings in life

· Favorite performances

· Bruises as an indicator of performance intensity

· On-stage injuries

· Favorite kid games

· Bourbon hates Bluey

· Discipline and children

· What Bourbon does outside of Burlesque

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Jan 28, 202234:20
New Year, New Ideas!

New Year, New Ideas!

Episode 020

New Year, New Ideas!

Now that we are settling into week one of 2022, the ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails are discussing what new, and hopefully exciting, endeavors they are pursuing onstage this year.

From dazzling costumes to awkward subject matter, 2022 is sure to be a year of firsts…and maybe lasts. And of course, we have to wonder, will the Bat Ballet ever take place?

Moreover, what are we NOT going to do this year? Is there such a thing as “Never Would I Ever?”

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· How Lily deals with missing Bourbon Layne

· Drinks that put hair on your chest and “burn so good”

· The real reason Bourbon can’t remember the drink recipe

· 3-ingredient margaritas with Miss F-Bomb

· Never has Lily ever…done a stalking pull

· Floorwork fantasies

· Will the Evil Queen and Snow White ever perform?

· How badly can Bourbon possibly bruise?

· Maker Howl’s spank bank videos

· Bourbon is drunk enough to talk about herself in the third person

· Is there a number that’s more risqué than the Lesbian Vampire Blood Orgy?

· Incestuous lesbians!

· Build Your Own Adventure Burlesque show

· Bourbon ponders a particularly “revealing” costume

· Magician secrets stolen by Sadie

· Sparkles the Unicorn has ambitions, too

· Lily’s teenagers and a 50-year-old man for a boyfriend

· Sadie is done with Character Shoes

· Lily wants less set-up

· Punk rock and metal music

· You need hair for a hair-thrasher number

· Miss F-Bomb debates wearing black

· Sadie gets colorful

· The Merkin conundrum

· Fishnets and Labia challenges

· The training bra of merkins

· The double pastie reveal

· A pointe pole number

· Will the Bat Ballet ever happen?

· Setting long term goals

· Cabaret & Cocktails Camper Van Caravan with the Kiddos!

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Jan 14, 202235:47
Happy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!

Happy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!

Episode 019

New Year’s Resolutions….Burlesque Style!

“Do we have resolutions? Are we going to try to be more awesome than we already are?”

-Lily O’Lei

Apparently, yes. In this episode of Burlesque Moms, we tackle what everyone tackles come December 31st—New Year’s Resolutions. But of course, we had to add our own Burlesque flair!

Join us as we talk about our hopes, dreams, and goals for 2022…and our plans NOT to murder the kids. Happy New Year with Cabaret and Cocktails and Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· How awesome we are

· Humility as a resolution

· The dreaded need to workout more

· The dream of childcare while working out

· Bourbon wants to drink better, not less…maybe also more…

· Bourbon dreams of meeting a handsome sommelier

· Lily points out the obvious—that Bourbon is a hermit

· Another brilliant business idea

· Swimming into the New Year with Lily

·  Bougie kids

· The pre-baby fitness plan…sort of

· A hilarious interruption

· Why your days are awful

· The importance of routine

· The struggle to wear clothing and other issues moms have with their kids

· We do not pee on government property

· Resolving not to murder

· Goals to get ahead

· SMART goals

· Froot Loops as a fruit group?

· Sadie’s goal to find a class to commit to

· Bourbon’s goal to stop being a recluse

· New Year’s Eve plans

· A Gold Medal in Puka Ball

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Dec 31, 202128:20
The Business of Burlesque

The Business of Burlesque

Episode 018

The Business of Burlesque

It’s not all glitter and glam…sometimes it’s contracts, insurance, and tax filings.

Not everyone goes into Burlesque to make it a business, but if you do, how? How do you turn your love of dancing into a viable career path?

Have you ever wondered:

· How to choose a business entity?

· What to look for in your contracts both as a company and as a performer?

· How to avoid lawsuits?

· What Liability Insurance is and why you need it?

· What counts as a tax write-off?

· How to lower your tax burden?

· …and so much more!!?

It may not be all the glory and humor you are used to hearing from us, but it’s an important part of who we are and what we do! Now let’s talk about the Business of Burlesque!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Jealousy and Tahiti

· Taking advantage of Lily

· What happened to Maui Dark Rum?

· Nutmeg

· Shaker and Spoon

· Maui Breweries

· Cosmopolitans and Sex in the City

· The perks of bringing in a business consultant

· Why we started Burlesque production

· Paying our way to BurlyCon

· Theatre fundraisers

· Setting up a budget

· How we spend our money

· F-Bomb likes the boys

· Assume everyone is terrible and out to get you.

· LLC vs Sole Proprietorship

· Bourbon’s legal woes

· The different roles each of us play as members of Cabaret & Cocktails

· Legal issues and lawsuits

· Tax write-offs for performers

· Lowering your tax burden the legal way

· Budgeting the right way

· Pay yourself!

· Paying our performers

· Contracts and more contracts

· The importance of communication

· Personal liability insurance

· Protecting your assets

· Show etiquette and terminology

· Backstage at Hawaii Burlesque Fest

· Call time

· The no glitter rule!

· Post 2020 contract changes

· Business advice from the ladies

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Dec 17, 202156:41
Let's Produce and Party!

Let's Produce and Party!

Episode 017

Let’s Produce and Party!

How do we put on a show? From deciding on locations, picking days and time, choosing a show theme, hiring and auditioning performers, and so much more, how do you put on a show?

In today’s episode, Sadie Vine takes the reigns as we discuss her favorite part of Burlesque—producing!

What works?

What doesn’t?

How do you wrangle performers?

How do you create a cohesive show?

And how does this help us plan children’s parties?

Find out more on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Producing a burlesque show

· Scheduling your show day and time

· What are you competing within the community

· Size matters

· Sharing performers

· Deciding on a show theme

· Finding performers

· The theatre family

· Trusting your performers to get it done

· The C&C backstage presence

· Pastie Premiers

· Kittens and the all-important crew

· The blessing of stage managers

· How burlesque productions apply to kids and dinner parties

· How and why a theme works for party planning

· Delegating party preparations

· Exploiting your friendships

· Party in a box…thanks Amazon!

· Adding the special touches

· Bourbon’s baby shower

· Monster face onesies and other cute crafts

· Pinterest, Amazon, and Etsy

· Supporting Local

· Know your limitations

· If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it!

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Dec 03, 202136:03
Grateful for Burlesque

Grateful for Burlesque

Episode 016

Grateful for Burlesque

I know, I know…another sappy discussion on what we are thankful for…just before Thanksgiving. How cliché!!

But we are thankful for so much more than fake eyelashes and whiskey cocktails. Burlesque has given us an outlet to be something more than our day-to-day—something shinier, something grander, something crazier, something authentically ours, even if we can’t always share it.

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Things we are thankful for

· Our fabulous listeners and audience

· Boxed wine

· Sponsorship opportunities with Kirkland boxed wine

· Halloween costume ideas for 2022

· Instagram reels ideas

· Underage drinking issues

· Bourbon’s bougie take on screw-top wine

· The team debates screw-top vs cork and their impact on the environment

· The cork shortage and Bourbon’s mom

· Bourbon is thankful for Pinterest and digital hoarding

· Our PSA for safe holiday alcohol consumption

· The creative outlet of burlesque

· Time commitment and scale of burlesque compared to traditional theatre

· Thank you to spouses who kid-wrangle

· The Burlesque village

· Bourbon gets sappy

· F-Bomb’s chicken crisis

· Body appreciation

· Finding and embracing your individual sexuality

· Corset troubles

· Struggling with life’s greatest questions

· If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing

· F-Bomb thanks the girls

· Mammograms

· A new idea for Apple

· Copywriting the iMammogram, Trademark 2021

· The Dick Pic conundrum

· Thank you to dance

· What happens to ballerinas who don’t make it professionally

· The most prudish burlesque dancer you’ll ever meet

· The island of Footloose

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Nov 19, 202133:29
Concept Creation with Cabaret and Cocktails

Concept Creation with Cabaret and Cocktails

Concept Creation with Cabaret & Cocktails

Ever wonder how we come up with all those ideas for show themes and costumes and performances?

Join Cabaret and Cocktails as they go unscripted and show you what a burlesque brainstorming session looks like.

What will they think of? What will they think of next?

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Punny commentary

· A Costco-sized drinking problem

· What it means to be a professional

· Another reason why Bourbon owns her own businesses

· Finding show inspiration

· Picking a timeframe for the show

· Adult men in diapers

· WAP Sugarplum Fairy and other remixes

· Back to the Future and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure become an inspiration

· Logistical considerations when producing a show lineup

· Hot Tub Time Machine inspiration

· Costume reuse

· Expanding the group number repertoire

· Live theatre versus virtual performances

· Burlesque crushes

· Disco angel roller skates

· Tom Selleck love

· Bell-bottoms and short shorts

· Dream costume builds

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Links from the show:

Gin Minsky sword swallowing and tap dancing, @ginminsky

Dandy Wellington, @dandywellington

Raquel Reed, @raquelreedxo

Julie Atlas Muz, @julieatlasmuz

Frankie Fictitious, @frankiefictitious

Dita Von Teese, @ditavonteese

Dirty Martini, @dirtymartininyc

Perle Noire, @theperlenoire

Gal Friday, @galfridayburlesque

Cheeky Lane, @cheekylane

Red Bone, @redbonempls

Sharleen aka Anita Joint, @sharbarcookiejar

Follow us on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK! Like, comment, and share that you’re listening to the podcast!

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Nov 05, 202127:37
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Halloween. Is there anything more magical? Not to the ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails!!

Episode 014 is all about our favorite day of the year—Halloween—and all our most ghoulish, grisly, and grimy holiday-themed numbers.

From accidental pregnancy reveals, Vampire Lesbian Blood Orgies, dead doll ballet, and so much more, this show has it all!

Tune in for the inside scoop on why we love this hauntingly good holiday.

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Sadie Vine’s family’s obsession with Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams

· What does a G & T stand for?

· The downside of drinking a bottle of vodka

· Seasonal drinks and desserts

· Our first Halloween show

· A tribute to Tim Burton

· Stupid, twat-face sisters

· Cabaret & Cocktails: the origin story

· How Lily became part of the group

· Sadie steals Lily

· We owe our existence to Halloween!

· The spooky side of Burlesque

· Mouthfuls of blood

· The art of oozing blood

· Miss F-Bomb and Bourbon swallow

· Vampire Lesbian Blood Orgy

· Showering together

· Behind the scenes of a video shoot

· Postpartum performances

· Bat Ballet

· An onstage, accidental pregnancy reveal

· Pinterest baby reveal fails

· Promposals

· Late Night Horrors production

· Lily shows her creepy side

· Gorlesque

· Grossing out Sadie with sunburns

· A little background on Bourbon’s darkness

· Onstage special effects

· Bell peppers and blood

· Watching performers blossom

· Burlesque Noir

· Sadie gives a special thanks to Covid

· Using Burlesque to get into our dark side

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Oct 22, 202134:15
Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

Episode 013

Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

It’s spooky season, so what better time to discuss theatre superstitions!

In Episode 13 (whoa, we had no idea we were broadcasting such a sinister episode number), we tell haunting tales of candles, mirrors, unspeakable plays, and Burlesque hexes!

Do you have the courage to listen?

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Bourbon’s obsession with Winc

· Get $30 of wine for FREE at this link (

· Dear Winc: Please sponsor Bourbon Layne

· Bourbon was cursed

· The two-show curse

· Terrible tech rehearsals

· F-Bomb’s sabotaged chickens

· Dead dogs

· Complicated lighting systems

· Does a bad rehearsal mean a good performance?

· Peacock feathers will give you the evil eye

· Blue costume superstitions

· Break a leg vs good luck

· The downside of manifesting your destiny

· The history of “break a leg”

· Lily’s adorable son

· Burlesque superstition

· Get your shoes off the table

· Don’t whistle while you work

· The play that shall not be named

· How to break another curse

· Don’t turn off the ghost light

· Pre-show rituals

· Miss F-Bomb gets frisky

· Backstage pledges

· Covid put the kaibosh on on-stage drinking

· What happened to our meet-and-greet?

· F-Bomb’s shoe routine

· Performance befores and afters

· Sadie’s green curler

· Sadie finally does her own lashes

· Instagram ads work

· Pre-show routines

· Sadie’s lack of hamstrings

· No bad talking

· Audience energy

· Burlesque love

· Burlesque headspace

· The new Cabaret and Cocktail ritual

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Oct 08, 202139:44
The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On!

The term “the show must go on” is never more poignant than when you have a performance scheduled and you are lying on the floor puking up last night’s take-out.

We have all felt “under the weather” one time or another when we had to seriously rally for a show, a competition, or maybe just life.

Three of the four poor ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails have recently succumbed to the stomach flu while preparing for their first live show since the pandemic. In this episode, we medicate and meditate on the ways we stay performance-ready when we feel like dying a slow death by the toilet.

How do you rally? And when do you call it quits? Find out on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Lily dies on her bathroom floor

· Wasn’t doesn’t sound good when you’ve had the stomach flu?

· Building up an alcohol tolerance

· Drinking alone with Bourbon Layne

· Sadie sprains her ankle

· Pro tip: always hire a physical therapist to work in your show

· Festive urine

· Trying to feel sexy through a bladder infection

· Bladder infection tips with F-Bomb

· Adrenaline and burlesque

· The two-show curse!

· The show must go on, even with Covid

· Breaking a curse

· Stomach flu weight loss

· Take a break to wipe your kid’s butt

· Backstage tricks to feeling better

· How not to eat

· Hot Toddy magic

· Orange juice associations

· Mimosa etiquette

· Self-medication

· Don’t do what we do

· Bourbon basically gets the plague

· Sadie’s Irish curse

· Emotions or allergies?

· Ancient Chinese secret Ginger tea

· F-Bomb illness cocktail

· Bath, ice, and Bud Light

· Pro tips from a personal trainer

· The benefits of ice

· Our love of hot water

· Pre-show self-care

· To pee or not to pee, that is the question…

· Blocking out the pain

· Kid cameos

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Sep 24, 202151:35
It’s Freaking BHOF!

It’s Freaking BHOF!

It’s Freaking BHOF!

Recently we had the honor and the privilege to perform in Burlesque Hall of Fame, Hawaii Edition! Whoop whoop! Toot toot!

In this episode, we share what goes into planning and executing a performance, from conception to costume design, choreography to cocktails (or lack thereof), and everything in between.

Join us as we rehash our story of Burlesque on a Boat!

Trust us, it’s not all sequins, glitter, sunshine, and rainbows!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Sadie Vine corrects herself so Snoop Dogg doesn’t get mad

· It’s Cabaret and Cocktails, not Cabernet and Cocktails

· Lily gets concerned about alcohol content

· Go extra hard or go home!

· Fart jokes

· Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser

· The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque, Dixie Evans

· Burlesque Hall of Fame aspirations

· Burlesque on a boat!

· Cabaret and Cocktails calls in all the favors

· Cinnamon roll pasties

· The Pipeline trimaran boat

· JBR Life Media brings all the cameras to the shoot

· Creating a shooting schedule around water

· Cabaret and Cocktails do burlesque on a boat

· Burlesque as seen by innocent bystanders

· Bourbon can’t dance sober

· Calling in the frequent flyer miles

· Costume updates

· Lily gets burned

· Merman off the shores of Maui!

· Shell pastie tutorial

· Sadie sacrifices her wedding dress for our costumes

· Expressing ourselves as friends and as a dance group

· Kicking kids out of the country club pool

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Sep 10, 202146:32
Group Hug!

Group Hug!

We often talk about how amazing our fans are, and we should know…we LOVE watching and cheering on our fellow Burlesque performers, too!

We are so excited to discuss our absolute favorite live performances, and a few virtual ones, too.

From crying lobsters to Dolly Parton impersonations, puking on stage and Chris Farley tributes, we love the humor, the ingenuity, the costumes, and, well, everything about the incredible variety of Burlesque performances available today.

And of course, we can’t wait to watch more!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Bambi the Mermaid’s Lobster number

· Why most burlesque performances make no sense in dress rehearsal

· Butter colored glitter

· Laughing to the point of crying

· Lily’s inspiration for “Dying Chicken”

· It’s all in the costume details

· Coney Island Burlesque scene

· Ageless ass-kicking

· Utter perfection in a Burlesque routine

· Media Noche live at Bathtub Gin, NYC

· Stalker Sadie

· “Boom” we love RedBone

· Lily admires RedBone’s perfect skin

· “A big part of Burlesque is the energy you get from the audience.”

· A true standing ovation

· Our Hawaii pin-up star, Violetta Beretta

· 9-5 and Dolly Parton burlesque genius

· Lily’s favorite burlesque performer, Jezebel Express

· Fan dancing at BurlyCon

· Lily fan-girls Jezebel

· One of Sadie’s favorite classes at BurlyCon

· Learning to love yourself

· “Motivational Stripper” Bunny Wigglebottom and her Chris Farley impression

· ChiChi Roniz pukes on stage

· Snot number or seasick number?

· Madame X has your back

· Violetta Beretta kills us with her characters, from Dolly Parton to Stranger Things

· Why Miss F-Bomb still finds confetti in her living room

· Sadie Vine’s mad crush on Adam Apple

· The Duality of performers on and off stage

· The costumes and pageantry of Ida Slapter

· What could possibly be way too dirty for Cabaret and Cocktails?

· Are we stalking Raquel Reed?

· Absinthe, the fabulously lewd variety show

· A classic burlesque gorilla number…makes sense

· A new routine for Miss Riding Good and her Big Bad Wulf?

· Peekaboo Pointe teaches classes on Oahu

· There is never enough time to see New York!

· Stop motion with Peekaboo

· Dirty Martini in NYC

· The fabulous Frankie Fictitious

· The darker side of Bourbon and her love of Redrum

· Why Instagram could never replace the live experience

· Costume inspirations with Frankie Fictitious

· The many questions of “How do they do that?!”

· Frankie blows our minds on TikTok

· Chris Oh! And his fabulous feet!

· Bedazzled codpieces

· The wonderful Ballet Trocadero

· Christmas with Kitten and Lou

· Never show the reveal!

· Reasons Lily and Sadie love burlesque

· Inclusivity and burlesque

· Lily admits to stealing

· What Instagram has done for us as a group

· What is Boylesque? No really, someone tell us!

· Burlesque gender ramblings

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Aug 27, 202141:44
Vacation's All We Ever Wanted

Vacation's All We Ever Wanted

Couldn’t we all use a vacation?

This week the ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails describe our dream vacations, with and without the kiddos.

  • What adventures are we craving?
  • Should we go somewhere together?
  • What IS the proper temperature for a pet chicken?

We explore all this and more in Episode 009: Vacation’s All We Ever Wanted.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!
  • Bourbon brainstorms new professions
  • Flavored gins
  • Hawaii is not all vacations
  • Vegas, baby!
  • Debating tax write-offs
  • Showgirl Goodwill shopping
  • Pole Classes from Suwasit
  • Kahului airport madness
  • Burlesque Moms on a boat…well, maybe not
  • Salty Showgirls
  • Lily dreams of Prague
  • Is Lily getting engaged?
  • Underground Burlesque
  • Eastern Europe craziness
  • New Zealand bus travel
  • Mainland road trips
  • Weird sightseeing on Route 66
  • Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
  • Movie-themed road trip
  • Scottish Highland road trip reveries
  • Peeping the leaves in New England
  • Everything is bigger in Texas
  • Bourbon fantasizes about the Trans Siberian Railway
  • Sketchy train rides across Europe and Asia
  • Paul Theroux makes Bourbon want to travel by train
  • Do not take an overnight train in Egypt without a sleeper car
  • Bourbon takes sketchy trainwreck train rides
  • Miss F-Bomb’s least favorite city
  • Maui’s Sugar Cane Train
  • Lily’s Disneyland tip
  • Build-A-Bear is actually Lily’s Hell
  • Getting alcohol in Disneyland
  • Sadie hates on parents at Disney
  • Bourbon and Sadie plan to get drunk at the pool while Mickey Mouse watches the kids
  • F-Bomb’s plan to drug her husband
  • Scott: Ski Patrol and Lily’s snow vacation
  • Colorado dispensaries
  • Bourbon unplugs on a dude ranch
  • Miss F-Bomb and puppy road trips
  • What’s the proper temperature for chickens?
  • Surfing chickens
  • Chickens on Maui TM
  • One of Miss F-Bomb’s biggest regrets in life
  • New Orleans has it all—the food, the booze, the wigs!
  • Corporate events with Cabaret & Cocktails
  • Bourbon bums us out with her lackluster vacation plans
  • Miss F-Bomb heads to Cancun and Belize

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Aug 13, 202137:59
Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers


Noun, a group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour to different venues, “a dance troupe.”

Cabaret and Cocktails is Maui’s cheekiest Burlesque Troupe. We are a group of strong performers in every sense and we shine the brightest as a group.

Some of our absolute favorite memories include choreographing, creating, and performing together in our group numbers. Keep listening for an inside look at our creative processes, costume malfunctions, and general stage mayhem as we discuss our most memorable group acts.

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Sadie’s proximity to the brewpub

· Drinking from a sippy cup

· Hawaii and garage parties

· Kid’s say the cutest things about whiskey

· Miss F Bomb’s dislike of country music

· Lily’s fear of Bourbon Layne

· How Golden Girls brought us closer

· Lily talks about the hardest group numbers

· Yoga pants on a Burlesque stage

· F-Bomb and Bourbon like being upside down

· Pregnant Bourbon does some chair and lap dancing

· Bourbon tries to trick F-Bomb

· Dominatrix nurses

· Homeless people and dungeons

· Pleasers are not pleasurable

· Lily loses her shit

· Some of our WORST group numbers

· Trying to perform into a void

· We love our old crowd!

· When burlesque doesn’t work

· Hula dancers and assels

· Stage Mom Lily

· Acting and dancing

· Holding liquids in our mouths

· Bourbon pops her Burlesque cherry

· Taking your bra off while doing a drop split, #lifeskills

· Lily falls on her ass

· Sadie’s love affair with her “Bad Girl” boots

· Square Dance Conventions make great dates

· Lily’s philosophy on outfits

· How Scott won Lily’s heart with promises of closets

· Lily is an audience a-hole

· Tsunami’s ruin Sadie’s performance

· Why it’s hard to leave a showing of Cats

· Squirrels!

· Sadie’s boobs are 24 snaps big!

· Lily lucks out at the Goodwill

· Covid and the two-show curse

· Hey Big Spender

· Burlesque Zombies

· Sadie hates Bob Fosse

· Thriller flash mobs

· Lactic acid hangovers

· Terrifying the masses

· Learning how to make people feel uncomfortable, a Bourbon Layne 101 tip

· Eye contact

· Hairography, Eye Fuckery, and Fierce: The History of Leopard Print with Jo Weldon

· The history of sex workers and burlesque

· Models doing ballet

· Point your toes and fix your face!

· What ruins group numbers for us!

· Dancer feet

· Irish dancing

· Bourbon hates on people some more

· A shoe will not fix your lines

· Bourbon overuses the word “adorable”

· Our connection on stage

· Cabaret and Cocktails’ signature Cupcake number

· “Booty Girls”

· Bumper sticker ideas

· New group number themes

· Ponyplay

· Bat Ballet

Jul 31, 202154:09
Flying Solo

Flying Solo

Episode 007

Flying Solo

A mother is never truly alone. From the moment of conception, there is a small human lurking about at all times.

Today we discuss one of the only moments we are alone as performers (though technically also in front of hundreds of people)—the solo act.

What are our favorite solo acts as performers and why, and maybe a little on how those same solos have changed post-baby? Enjoy a peek at our creative processes and favorite stage moments as solo performers.

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Day drinking tips and tricks

· Sleep training with whiskey

· Lily’s most prized possession

· Dying chickens

· Too chicken to be a chicken in LA

· Creepy peeping Toms

· Chicken calls

· Whipped cream

· Sadie’s Love Potion

· Sadie’s mom does a dinner striptease

· Choreography on the plane to San Francisco

· Sadie sacrifices her solo for the group *tear*

· The Golden Girls on Oahu

· Sadie kisses the spider

· Costume brilliance by Sadie

· Costume creation trial and error

· Creative use for an underwire bra

· Tassel twirling technique

· Sprained ankles and lucky accidents

· Inappropriate birthday invitations

· Belly bedazzling

· Pastie malfunctions

· Public indecency

· The worst thing you can do as a Burlesque performer

· F-Bomb’s chickens make a cameo

· Bourbon’s favorite “couples” moment

· Containing water on stage

· Vampires and bloody tricks

· Holding fake blood in your mouth

· The worst thing to swallow

· Lily’s incredible playlists and music-finding abilities

· Burlesque Fest stage faux-pas

· Glitter + champagne = THE WORST

· Fucking glitter!

· Stop waxing the floors!

· Every dancer’s nightmare

· Bomb makes a bloody mess

· Ida Slapter—a legend!

· F-Bomb and bathtubs

· Bourbon’s Mermaid number aka Fish Head number

· The differences between pre and post-baby performances

· Bourbon sucks at pole dancing, especially for an instructor

· The fastest costume-change ever

· Dumpster diving finds

· Mimes are sexy, too

· Bourbon avoids people

· Our take on living with your persona

· Performing in a post-Covid world

· Bourbon’s multi-media stage vision

· Are Bourbon and F-Bomb a couple?

· Go-go dancing and plexiglass cages

· 6-feet of separation

· Potty training

Jul 16, 202141:16
A Chicken, Some Kids, and a Dog Walk into a Bar…

A Chicken, Some Kids, and a Dog Walk into a Bar…

Oh, burlesque. Oh, children. Oh, children and burlesque? Do those even go together?

In our last episode, we spoke about some of the major challenges children have brought to our burlesque careers. This week, we talk about the few and surprising benefits our children have given us…and no, we don’t mean the general “joy” of parenting.

We won’t lie, this episode was MUCH tougher than describing how children make our jobs harder, but still, we find joy in the little things like spending time together, creative crafting, and obscure, bizarre inspiration.

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· What’s going on at Sadie’s house aka reasons to drink tequila

· The benefits of kids and burlesque

· Peppa Pig and Baby Shark Burlesque?

· Little girl’s clothing

· Pandora Nursery Rhymes station

· Veggie Tales inspiration

· Hamburger Ballet

· Bourbon steals from children

· Lily’s year-round shopping tendencies

· Lily speaks our truth

· Time management or should we say MOMagement?

· Appreciating time with friends

· Creative outlets and escapes

· Weird overlaps between kids’ things and burlesque

· The Four My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse

· Bourbon steals craft supplies from children, too.

· Pets and Burlesque

· Making pasties for puppies

· Pet stars

· F-Bomb’s chicken feather supply

· Burlesque with chickens

· Creepy Disney Princess F-Bomb

· Drinking with Chickens and chicken lingerie

· Don’t work with kids or animals

· Photo and video shoots with kids!

· Photography editing at its finest

· Costume concessions

· Anti-social behavior

· Is it worth the babysitter?

· Kenneling your kids

· Leaving kids in the car

· F-Bomb’s shopping horrors with Bourbon

· Did Bourbon have a baby or a tiny monster?

· Sadie’s baby is seriously the cutest

· Talking to Sadie’s boobs

· Reason #500,261 why Bomb should not be a Mom

· Why Target Drive-Up is the best thing ever!

· Target, Bourbon is mad at you!

· Lily tells us something to look forward to

· Sadie’s daughter is not “normal”

· Lily leaves her kid at home

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode!


In this episode, we make light of things like kenneling children, leaving the kids in the car, or leaving kids at home. We do not intend to offend or downgrade the severity of these offenses. We are merely venting some of the frustrations parents have with managing everything we have to manage on a daily basis. We love our children and would never intentionally harm them in any way. As a sidenote, Maui has an extremely low crime rate and you feel like you know just about everyone here, so we make these jokes knowing full well that we are blessed to raise our kids in such an incredibly safe environment.

Jul 02, 202124:11
“Choo Choo Booty” and Other Things My Kid Says

“Choo Choo Booty” and Other Things My Kid Says

Of all the challenges we face as performers, there is no greater challenge than our children. Gone are the days of late nights out drinking and dancing (well, at least not as many and not with such abandon). Gone are the leisurely rehearsals and complicated costumes.

Instead, we have munchkins underfoot, crying, bribery, underage babysitters, and multitasking like the lady bosses we are!

This week we skim the surface of challenges and changes that have occurred AC (after children) and we reminisce on the BC (before children) days.

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· What is a Vagina Smoothie?

· What is a Shrub and Shrubbery secrets

· Efficient rehearsals

· What rehearsals were like BC-Before Children

· What rehearsals are like AC-After Children

· Dancing with kids, literally with them

· Pay rates for underage babysitters

· Inappropriate love triangles

· Who wrangles the children?

· Choreography for kids

· “Choo-choo booty”

· Post-natal care in a Burlesque Troupe

· Lies we tell our children

· Why our babysitters are better parents than us

· The benefits of video vs live

· Virtual Christmas party practices

· Why Sadie’s sister, Annie, doesn’t let us play at her house anymore

· F-Bomb’s parenting observations

· A BIG “thank you” to F-Bomb

· Uncle J’s coping mechanisms

· Puppy coping mechanisms

· How crafting and costuming has changed

· Why Bourbon can never leave her kid alone

· Monkey on Bourbon’s back

· How Lily’s breaks in her heels

· Wig styling with Lily and Winston

· Custom costumes with Sadie

· What’s in Sadie’s closets?

· Making costuming easier

· The best show Sadie’s ever costumed

· Go-Go Pirate F-Bomb

· Lily’s favorite musical/movie

· Our favorite song, “Porn World”

· Making a headless costume

· It’s blood spatter not splatter

· Decapitation

· Our “divide and conquer” mentality

· Post-partum body issues

· Sadie’s vaginal encounter with a sledgehammer

· The miracle of childbirth

· Post-baby glory

· Pregnancy and sexuality

· All sizes and ages of Burlesque

· Boot-licking good times

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode!

Jun 18, 202139:38
Burlesque on the Rock(s)

Burlesque on the Rock(s)

Episode 004

Burlesque on the Rock(s)

Despite this episode, I swear we aren’t alcoholics!

Performing on a “rock” in the middle of the ocean can have some serious downsides when your island is practically run by the Liquor Commission. If you’ve seen the movie “Footloose,” then you know what we’re dealing with here.

Now you might be thinking, “Oh poor Hawai`i, cry me a river.” And we get that. We are tremendously blessed in so many other ways, but today we are discussing the challenges of performing Burlesque on Maui--how the Liquor Commission, venue availability, and audience scarcity have really shaped how and what we perform.

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Jun 04, 202128:46
You Down with J-O-B?

You Down with J-O-B?

Episode 003

You Down with J-O-B?

“Not only are we all working it on stage, but we all work-it in the more traditional sense at day jobs.” -Miss F-Bomb

Today we delve into our “muggle” jobs. Not only are we all performers, but we all also hold down those dreaded J-O-Bs.  You might be surprised to hear what we do when we’re not tassel twirling or changing poopy diapers…

“Science meets costuming is the most epic combination of all time!” -Miss F-Bomb

It takes a lot of effort to juggle jobs, kids, relationships, and our own personal aspirations, but somehow, we manage (like so many moms out there). Being a mompreneur means so much more than just holding it together and wearing many hats at once, and today’s episode gives you an inside look at one of the big hats we all have to (and get to) wear—things that balance our lives, connect us with our families, and help us express our passions in a different way.

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It Takes a Glitter Village!
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Who are the Burlesque Moms?

Who are the Burlesque Moms?

Episode 001

Welcome to Burlesque Moms!

Welcome to the first episode of Burlesque Moms: Cabaret, Cocktails, and Kiddos with Maui’s Cheekiest Burlesque troupe, Cabaret and Cocktails! We are so glad you’re here! This podcast is recorded on the island of Maui and deep in the heart of Texas where we work, live, travel, and play!

This first episode is a quick introduction to the frisky, whiskey wahines (that’s Hawaiian for women) of Cabaret and Cocktails! We want you to know who we are off-stage as well as on, how we got started, and all the things we LOVE about burlesque! As the show progresses, you’ll hear tales from behind the curtain--full of tasty libations, costume and diaper changes, sex, secrets, rhinestones, and reveals…be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode!

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