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Business Leadership Experts

Business Leadership Experts

By Temple Executive Coaching

Business Leadership Experts is the premier podcast for your growth as a leader. You will hear from industry experts Mike Temple, Ann Holm, and Donna Febus who have advised experienced business owners since 2008 in strategy development, leadership development and business accounting. We provide you with Real and Practical leadership advice for your business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO or a department manager, this podcast will help you understand how to build success in your respective discipline. Don't wait and subscribe to never miss an episode.

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Bring Legacy Mindset to Work

Business Leadership ExpertsJul 14, 2022

Bring Legacy Mindset to Work

Bring Legacy Mindset to Work

Finding your legacy mojo involves 5 steps (known as the sage powers): empathize (for self and others). Investigate (what is the lay of the  land), innovate (what are my options then REALLY looking hard at my values and what’s most important (called navigate) them committing bold  action (ACTIVATE) that uses your values to choose a course so you can  show up meaningfully every day.

Jul 14, 202235:11
From NFL Standout to Business Owner. The Story of Jelani Jenkins.

From NFL Standout to Business Owner. The Story of Jelani Jenkins.

After five successful seasons in the NFL, Jelani Jenkins was now about to face his toughest challenge yet! In this video, Jelani is open and honest about his transition out of professional sports, to his new life as an entrepreneur. He talks about his highs and lows, and those who helped him through it. Jelani discusses his time under legendary college coach Urban Meyer, and the transition to Coach Muschamp. He talks about what he learned from both Meyer, and Muschamp. Listen as he talks about his favorite coach in the NFL, and what that coach taught him about being a leader. Jelani gives deep praise to his father who was his biggest supporter in and out of sports. Last, he revels his new mission in life of helping other college and professional athletes through their personal journey of life after sports. His new mission is the catalyst to starting his own business Post Season. Here you will hear his challenges as a business owner, and how his desire to serve others helps him persevere through those challenges. This is a must watch for business owners, sports enthusiast, and anyone who is struggling through personal changes in their life. 

Jun 20, 202240:12
To Avoid the Great Resignation, Do This!

To Avoid the Great Resignation, Do This!

Tight labor markets are nothing new to our economy. Weather it’s difficult to fill open positions, or it’s difficult to find an open position, the answer is still fundamental. It’s about developing company strategy, and creating your company culture. In this episode, executive coach Mike Temple, of Temple Executive Coaching, outlines the consistent top 10 reasons why employees leave their jobs, and what business leaders can do to retain top talent. Conversely, he explains what employees need to do to avoid their personal great resignation. 

Jun 20, 202213:05
Digital Body Language - Leaders Need to Know This!

Digital Body Language - Leaders Need to Know This!

Leadership communication norms are evolving faster than we can keep up with. In this segment Mike Temple and Ann Holm of Temple Executive Coaching discuss the importance of this evolution and why everyone needs to get it right. Get it wrong, and the work environment can become fractured.

Apr 27, 202229:53
Starting a logistics business during Covid and winning | an inteview with Demo Perez

Starting a logistics business during Covid and winning | an inteview with Demo Perez

You meet Demo Perez in this episode, who gives a detailed account of how he and his partner started their logistics company during one of the worst times in our modern history; the COVID pandemic. Demo also explains how his experience and global connections helped him succeed on an international logistics stage. He also gives you an inside look at how entrepreneurs view risk of working for themselves versus an employer. When banks turned him down, Demo’s entrepreneurial spirit shows through when he and his partner bootstrapped their start up.

Last, with his 20 plus years’ experience in the logistics industry, Demo explains how small to medium size companies can ship products to South America and make money!

Find us at or on social media at

Mar 13, 202259:43
3 Ways to Develop Your Company Niche!

3 Ways to Develop Your Company Niche!

Niches earn riches. It’s no secret that organizations that focus on a niche have a greater chance of dominating their market. Focusing on your niche will help you standout from the noise and confusion of the competition. In this session, Mike Temple will show you exactly which of the 3 areas you must focus on.

Feb 08, 202207:10
is company strategy a thing of the past ?

is company strategy a thing of the past ?

Every year we hear about company strategy, but with recent events we witnessed worldwide, be it political, economic, social or even in logistics, we must raise a question : is strategy even worth it anymore ?

In this episode, with Coach T, we discover the meaning of company strategy, what it is and what it's not, the difference between goals and a strategy and whether or not it is worth it.

Let us know what you think by sending us your comments on social media or via our website :

Jan 08, 202205:20
Shark Tank Communicate
Dec 10, 202142:38
Everything You Need To Know About SALES | 5 Financial Strengths
Sep 29, 202124:47
5 million of revenue in one year - the story of Chad Almejld
Aug 05, 202143:33
5 Financial Strengths - Profit and Profit margin
Aug 04, 202111:04
You've been hacked - Cyber Security and company Data

You've been hacked - Cyber Security and company Data

There is a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, and it takes on average 206 days to detect the breach! You’ve been hit and you might not even know it! The financial loss in just the US alone has been over $1.6 billion just in the last year alone. 

The UK reports that 46% of their business experienced an attack this past year. The cost to fight these attacks will rise to $6 trillion. As consumers, we know that cost is passed to us. International cybersecurity expert Felix Asare discusses how to protect ourselves before it’s too late.

Discover more about Temple Executive coaching at: 

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Aug 03, 202154:28
5 Financial Strengths you must consider -Part 02
Jul 13, 202106:22
5 Financial Strengths you must consider -Part 01
Jul 13, 202114:10
Difficult Conversations to Effective Conversations

Difficult Conversations to Effective Conversations

Knowing how to have difficult conversations with staff can either make, or break a leader. In this episode, Mike Temple and Ann Holm, introduce a 4 step strategy that ANY leader can utilize to move difficult conversations to effective conversations.

May 08, 202121:52
a bigamist in the budget

a bigamist in the budget

You need to control your cash and dictate how your funds are managed instead of your cash controlling you. In this episode, Donna Febus. MA, of Temple Executive Coaching, demonstrates how some trends are good and need to be sustained, and some could be catastrophic and ruin your business. You need to be able to spot them, root them out before they take hold of your business. We show how to prepare a budget using your own historical data. Having at least 3 years of historical data to spot trends in your business would be ideal to gain an understanding of how your funds have been utilized. Every month you need to run a budget to actual report. You should then look at what was budgeted and what actually happened. If there are any drastic differences, you should be asking why. Not only “why did we go way over”, but “why were we drastically under”? You never know what you will find through this process. Who knows, you might find a bigamist when digging through your budget!

May 01, 202134:28
9 Characters Sabotaging Your Return to Work During COVID

9 Characters Sabotaging Your Return to Work During COVID

     As we return to work after the pandemic, we are facing new challenges. Despite our best laid plans, there is still an enormous amount of uncertainty about what it will look like when we return. This podcast explores 9 different mindsets known as saboteurs, that at first glance, look like helpful strategies to use during these uncertain times. What we will learn is that they actually get in our way of the outcomes we seek, and what’s more, make our relationships stressful as well. The end of the podcast will outline the first steps you can take to silence your saboteurs.


00:00 Introduction and overview of the topic: After a year of working from home, we now face a return to work with plenty that remains unclear.  What are the protocols?  Is it truly safe?  Are we overreacting?  It has been an unprecedented year of disruption and as we look to return to life on the outside, we are faced with a new set of challenges.
10:00 Introducing the saboteurs: At times of stress and uncertainty, we use strategies and mindsets that don't always serve us well.  They are sneaky and we are reluctant to admit they are actually sabotaging our engagement, peak performance, relationships, and a sense of well-being.   Here are those 9 damaging mindsets and what they might say about returning to work
10:50 1st Saboteur "The Avoider": This is way overblown.  It's fine. Quit talking about it
11:45 2nd Saboteur "The Controller": Doubles down on attempts to control self and others.  Might try to control microdetails of remote work force.  Control how others return.
12:20 3rd Saboteur "The Over-Achiever ": Works non-stop at home.  No work life balance.  Looks down on others who aren't available 24/7
13:15 4th Saboteur " The Hyper-Rational": Follow the science.  Ignores the emotional and psychological consequences of lockdown and reopening.
15:45 5th Saboteur "The Hyper-Vigilant": I am not setting foot into the office until everyone in the community is vaccinated.  I will wear 2 masks etc... The vaccine will kill so many people too.
20:45 6th Saboteur " The Pleaser": Will try to make everyone happy.  Will suffer everyone else's concerns.  Take it all on.
22:08 7th Saboteur " The Restless": I just need to go somewhere.  Can I go to Bora Bora to work remote, then Croatia?
24:03 8th Saboteur "The Stickler": What are the rules?  the protocols?  Follow these rules or you're a covidiot
24:50 9th Saboteur " The Victim": I can't believe I have to do this. I can't go back. Our team is so dysfunctional... lists all the way things are a disaster. Hey and I may even lose my job.
27:50 An example of two saboteurs working together "The Library " : Not only do our saboteurs stand in our way, they affect our relationships.  Here is a real-life example of how trust is eroded when individuals are operating from their saboteur perspectives. 
49:43 Discovering and Analyzing Mike's Result: Mike has taken the saboteur assessment and he shares what he has learned about himself.
58:00 GIVEAWAY for you guys: If you want to learn about what mindsets are standing in your way, the assessment is free.  If you would like help understanding your results, please schedule a complimentary no obligation consult with Ann.


take the test at Book a free consultation with Ann at

Apr 26, 202159:22
Deep budget dive, is it too late to late to create a budget ?

Deep budget dive, is it too late to late to create a budget ?

It’s never too late to create and use a budget. If you wait you perpetuate the problem of no clarity of where your money is going.  If you set goals you have no idea if you’re coming close to them.  All of this could be a sign that the money is controlling you instead of you controlling your money.  Why not start immediately so you know exactly where you’re at; which will give you clarity on your current state.  It’s a discipline of mindset to start a budget, stick to it, if you approach your numbers with a willy nilly mindset, that’s what you’re going to get willy nilly results.  People are feeling anxiety, depressed, that lost feeling of what am I going to do.  Controlling your cash helps alleviate a great deal of those feelings.

Mar 26, 202126:51
Developing a remote staff, is it working ?

Developing a remote staff, is it working ?

Is developing our remote work staff all that it’s cracked up to be ?

Ann Holm of Temple Executive Coaching/ Ann gives us her insight on Zoom taking over personal interaction within the work force.  As many employees demanded more of a work/life balance, has remote meetings blurred the lines even more so?  Is there such a thing as Zoom fatigue?  Is it possible that working from home is more stressful than not?  As in all things, is there a balance to remote work?   Let us know what you think.

Mar 19, 202126:25
Employee development vs training | what's the difference ?

Employee development vs training | what's the difference ?

Employee training and development are sometimes used synonymously.  What’s the difference between the two?  

In this podcast, industry expert, Ann Holm discusses what they are. Employee Training focuses on the tactical, these are functions found in the company manual, procedures, the “how too” of things.  

Employee training can happen on levels of individuals or groups.  Employee training can only advance people as far as you show them the “how to”.  Most employee training doesn’t continue until a “new how to”. Employee Development goes much deeper.  Here is where you help them recognize their strengths and blind spots.  Helping them interact with other employees, or enhancing communication skills with different personalities.

  Implementation is ongoing and never fully developed.  Employee development increases self-awareness, and typically leads to other levels of awareness.  A simple example could be a very talkative individual. 

 If another employee needs to communicate to them about something very important, they may avoid speaking to them out of concern of how much time the talkative party will take.  Toxic environments are due to lack of employee development. If you address the people development, this could lead to better training on the “how to”.

Mar 12, 202137:07
How to control your budget Part 2

How to control your budget Part 2

In this interview Mike Temple and Donna Febus of Temple Executive Coaching discuss the importance for entrepreneurs to get a handle on their finances. Industry expert, Donna Febus, explains how increasing your sales might not be the solution to increasing revenue.  Donna gives four areas where business owners should look to help increase their bottom line. Mike and Donna explain how attempting to increasing your sales might make the problem worse of controlling your cash before it controls you.

Mar 05, 202129:14
How to create a Company Budget ?

How to create a Company Budget ?

A company budget is your cash accountability plan. It’s a plan for how much money is expected to come in,  where your money is going and what your expected profit is.  Creating a comprehensive company budget doesn't have to be an overwhelming process.  Industry expert, Donna Febus of Temple Executive Coaching shows how simple it can be. If you do not control your money, it will control you.

Feb 28, 202124:29
Control your cash before it controls you - Part 1

Control your cash before it controls you - Part 1

 In this interview, Mike Temple and Donna Febus of Temple Executive Coaching discuss the importance for entrepreneurs to get a handle on their finances.  Virtual CFO Donna Febus, walks viewers through how to get a handle on where their cash is coming from, when it should be coming, and where it should go.

For more ressources check the social media links on our profile 

Feb 19, 202126:48