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The Feminine Flow

The Feminine Flow

By Stina Faye

This is the space for awakening entrepreneurs to get inspired, in-tune with their intuition, and to embody a soulful approach to their lifestyle, business, and brand. Get ready to flow!
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Ep 25. Product Creation As A Ritual With LaToya Roux

The Feminine FlowMar 05, 2021

Ep 26. Embracing Venus Energy with Venus Guides
Apr 30, 202153:30
Ep 25. Product Creation As A Ritual With LaToya Roux
Mar 05, 202101:05:44
Ep 24.  Cannabis As A Creative Ritual
Jan 24, 202142:53
Ep 23. So You've Hodge Podged Your Brand Together, Now What?
Jan 12, 202143:38
Ep 22. Multipassionate Mastery
Oct 18, 202028:44
Ep 21. How To Be Fully Self-Expressed With Plants As Your Teachers
Sep 06, 202052:44
Ep 20. I Unfollowed EVERYONE & This Is What Happened...

Ep 20. I Unfollowed EVERYONE & This Is What Happened...

Ever felt like hitting the reset button on your social media following just to see what would happen? If you're wondering now, take a quick trip with me into the lens of experience I had just from unfollowing EVERYONE on Instagram. Listen to find out what led me to do this, what shifted, and a few questions to ask yourself about what social media sovereignty could feel like for you too.

Aug 30, 202033:55
Ep 19. Leaving Your Comfort Zone for Your Next Level
Aug 15, 202035:34
Ep 18. Honoring Your Shadow with Zalyssa Prather
Jan 24, 202001:02:31
Ep 17. Breaking Your Patterns Through Human Design with Paige Michelle
Jan 10, 202050:49
Ep 16. Embodying Your Multidimensionality with Ashley DuFresne
Dec 21, 201957:37
Ep 15. Exploring Your Multidimensionality
Dec 07, 201939:33
Ep 14. The Power of Being YOU
Nov 24, 201926:28
Ep 13. Unleashing The Fierce Woman Within with Stephanie Heath
Nov 16, 201955:34
Ep 12. Giving Yourself Permission To Evolve
Nov 01, 201939:39
Ep 11. Unlocking Your Abundance Through Energetic Mastery with Brianna Rose
Oct 19, 201956:47
Ep 10. Owning Your Spiritual Gifts with Latoya Beverly
Oct 05, 201951:25
Ep 9. Awakening Your Intuition With Plant Medicine
Sep 28, 201941:23
Ep 8. Manifest Your Best Life With Your Menstrual Cycle with Vianney Leigh
Sep 21, 201948:11
Ep 7. Create Your Spirit-Led Lifestyle Through The Power of Flowers with Eliza Lynn Tobin
Sep 14, 201949:38
Ep 6. How To Pivot In Your Business with Jessica Charuk
Sep 08, 201944:32
Ep 5. Going From Feeling Crazy To An Intuitive Channel with Ashley DuFresne
Aug 25, 201926:06
Ep 4. From Side-Hustler to Soulpreneur
Aug 18, 201938:31
Ep 3. Taking A Spiritual Approach To Building Your Brand
Aug 11, 201935:01
Ep 2. It's Time To Come Out Of The Spiritual Closet.
Aug 07, 201919:45
Ep 1. Using Your Intuition To Claim Your Power

Ep 1. Using Your Intuition To Claim Your Power

How to connect with your intuition + spirit to activate your ability to make decisions with confidence and take aligned action in your life & business. *Learn how you can become the reason people LOVE your brand through Beautifully Branded:
Aug 02, 201922:53