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CC-ing You

CC-ing You

By The Cacti Collective

The Cacti Collective Podcast on Wellness & Productivity. Each episode, we interview industry experts on everything from how to find the confidence you need to nail your next big meeting to how to build a business in the ever-evolving wellness space. And don’t worry, we’ll be CC-ing You on everything.
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Ep 1: Take That Leap with Lee Marie Dashti

CC-ing YouJan 14, 2020

Ep 2: Sustainability 101 with Adrianna Basin

Ep 2: Sustainability 101 with Adrianna Basin

This week we sat down with Adrianna Basin, a holistic well-being enthusiast & sustainable living advocate, to discuss SUSTAINABILITY 101.

**Aka we asked (and she answered) all of the questions The Cacti Collective had about living a more sustainable life without sacrificing convenience and some of the material items that we love**

As always, we wanted to keep the topic accessible and relatable- and Adrianna did just that.


What we often overlook about "reduce, reuse, recycle" The three main areas of our life where we should be more sustainability-conscious How to be more sustainable when it comes to food The best sustainable brands for fashion, beauty & home supplies How to live more sustainably in smaller cities with less resources Where to find products that are local / made in the US


Adrianna is a holistic well-being enthusiast, sustainable living advocate, movement crusader & fitness coach, and a resource to provide you with tools for a better quality of life. Her mission is to help others navigate their personal waters whether it be fitness expertise, nutritional guidance, how to live more sustainably, or finding empowerment and self actualization. Her passion for sustainability stems from a deep love and connection to Mother Earth and spending time outside camping, hiking, surfing, etc. Similarly, her passion for empowering others to find agency over their own healthy lifestyle is rooted in connection to others. Her belief is that the health of our planet directly ties into the health of those who inhabit it. Currently, Adrianna coaches clients both IRL, in West LA and Malibu, and virtually via her website. Her love for conservation of the planet has most recently translated into working for a startup whose mission is to create a more conscious and sustainable world!


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Ep 1: Take That Leap with Lee Marie Dashti
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