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Called To Homeschool

Called To Homeschool

By Meg Thomas

Are you feeling the call to homeschool and you're not sure what to do? Or maybe you are already homeschooling and it doesn't look like what you hoped it would. My name is MegThomas and I'm a certified Life Coach, a mother of seven and a homeschool pro with more than a decade of experience. I can show anyone how to create success in their homeschool, and I'd love to show you how. Are you ready?
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#29 Morning Devotional

Called To HomeschoolOct 16, 2019

#237 Q&A No Yelling Help

#237 Q&A No Yelling Help

All month long I have been I have been focusing on tools to help you to stop yelling at your kids.

I am wrapping up the last podcast for November with your questions about how to not yell in certain situations.

From what to do when feeling overstimulated, to what to when your kids don't listen after you have already asked them multiple times.I am answering these questions, and more in today's podcast episode.

Nov 29, 202320:15
#236 The Power of Intentional Parents

#236 The Power of Intentional Parents

Sonya Carson was one of 24 children.

She had a third grade education, and couldn't read. She was married at 13, and was later divorced with two young children.

She cleaned homes and noticed that the successful people all had one thing in common, a library.

She came home and turned off the TV and told her sons that they had to go to the library and read two books a week and give her a report.

This simple act completely changed her son's life. Instead of failing classes, he was at the top of his class and eventually became an amazing Dr.Ben Carson's life was changed from an intentional mother.

In today's podcast, I want to talk more about being an intentional parent, and how you can do that in your own home.

Nov 22, 202311:08
#235 Christmas Curriculum

#235 Christmas Curriculum

Are you worried about the upcoming holiday season?

How will you do all the things you feel like you need to do, AND homeschool?

Well, I can’t do your Christmas shopping for you, but I can help you with your homeschool.

I created the Christmas Curriculum that is a full curriculum for the whole family.

Not only does it give you lesson plans for each day, but it has writing activities for your kids, a book of poems, and so much more!

You are not going to want to miss this!

Nov 15, 202312:15
#234 No Yelling Help 2023

#234 No Yelling Help 2023

You get to choose how you show up, but you don't get to choose the consequences from that choice.

If you choose to be patient with your children, it will often create openness and connection with them.

If you choose to yell, it will often create fear from your children.All month long I am helping you to stop yelling for good, and help you have the homeschool you want.Check out this week's podcast episode to get yelling help.

Nov 07, 202312:57
#233 Why Stories Matter

#233 Why Stories Matter

I recently had the opportunity to explore parts of Germany with my daughter. We went to several sites from World War II and the Cold War. I came away with ideas that help us to not repeat mistakes from the past.

Nov 01, 202308:39
#232 The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

#232 The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

This line is from one of my favorite poems, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle is the Hand that Rules the World by William Ross Wallace.

I have a lofty goal to help restore the family, and in today's episode, I am sharing with you four ways that I plan on doing that.

Oct 25, 202314:03
#231 Do it Scared

#231 Do it Scared

I am so excited to share what I am doing when this episode comes out.

I am currently living my homeschool dream that I had three years ago.

I want to talk to you about what I am doing right now, and what you need to be willing to do to achieve your dream.

Oct 18, 202307:20
#230 My Schedule - Unit 2

#230 My Schedule - Unit 2

On the podcast today, I am sharing some highlights of my schedule for Unit 2!!

I will share with you some of the books we will be reading and some of the games.

I am hoping that this helps others to make homeschool easy and doable.

Oct 11, 202321:25
#229 Complaining

#229 Complaining

I went down a rabbit hole of what complaining does to you.

Did you know that it not only affects your mindset, but did you know it also affects your body as well?

I want to dive into what complaining does to you and the person you complain to.

I also want to share what to do instead.
Oct 04, 202312:01
#228 Helping Anxiety and Depression with Coach Tico
Sep 27, 202328:14
#227 I Have Tried Everything

#227 I Have Tried Everything

Have you ever looked at your homeschool or your kids and have just felt lost?

You keep trying to make things work, and it feels like nothing you do matters.

Or maybe, you tell yourself that you have tried everything and nothing is working.

In today's podcast episode, I Have Tried Everything, I want to help you with what to do next when you feel like there is nothing else you could do.

Sep 20, 202313:14
#226 How to Pick the Right Curriculum

#226 How to Pick the Right Curriculum

Do you ever wonder how someone is able to pick the right curriculum for a kid, but you are left scrambling and nothing seems to work?

I want to share with you the secret to picking the right curriculum for your kid.

Sep 13, 202311:30
#225 The Most Important Thing

#225 The Most Important Thing

I recently just got to live one of my dreams of traveling with my family. I wanted to share some of my thoughts from the trip, and what I think is the most important thing in homeschool.

Sep 06, 202306:40
#224 Benefits of Homeschooling

#224 Benefits of Homeschooling

Today is a day to celebrate homeschooling.

I want to share with you some of the benefits of homeschoolers nationwide, and some of the benefits I have seen in my own home.

Aug 30, 202307:20
#223 Narration

#223 Narration

What is narration?

Simply said, narration is the ability to tell something back in your own words.

In today's episode, I want to talk about narration, why you should consider having it in your homeschool, and how to implement it.

Aug 23, 202311:30
#222 Make Homeschool Easy
Aug 16, 202319:48
#221 Is your kid a mess?
Aug 09, 202309:38
#220 My Schedule 2023-2024
Aug 02, 202315:38
#219 My Homeschool Dream

#219 My Homeschool Dream

Have you ever wondered what is your homeschool dream?

I have had a homeschool dream for years now and it is finally happening this summer, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

I also want to challenge you to find your homeschool dream and how can you actually create it.

Jul 26, 202315:10
#218 Getting Over Fear

#218 Getting Over Fear

Do you ever feel afraid in your homeschool?

Maybe you are afraid that you aren't smart enough to teach your kids? Or maybe you are afraid of what other people say or think about your homeschool?

Whatever you are afraid of in your homeschool, I want to give you some help to get over your fears.

Jul 19, 202311:26
#217 5 Tips for Marriage

#217 5 Tips for Marriage

This weekend we will be celebrating our 23rd year of marriage!!

It had me thinking of what advice I would give to my kids before they got married and what things to do (or not do) to have an amazing marriage.

I want to share with you 5 tips for marriage in this week's podcast episode.

Jul 12, 202318:54
#216 Only 18 Summers

#216 Only 18 Summers

Have you heard the expression of you only get 18 summers with your kids?

Does that statement make you panic?

I know when I thought about that with my oldest, I started to worry that I had not done enough.

I want to share with you my thoughts about that phrase, what how to thought that brings you peace instead of panic.

Jul 05, 202307:50
#215 Book Ideas for Korea
Jun 28, 202313:12
#214 Short and Sweet Homeschool Help

#214 Short and Sweet Homeschool Help

I want to start giving you some short and sweet episodes with a tip to help you in your homeschool.

Today's tip is what to do with a child with a lot of energy. I know it can be frustrating when a child won't sit down and just do their school. I want you to try out this tip and see if it will help your energetic child.

Jun 21, 202305:17
#213 Husbands and Homeschool

#213 Husbands and Homeschool

I want to address three things today in this episode.

What do you do if your husband doesn't think that homeschool is a good idea?

How to include your husband into homeschool.

And ways to stay connected with your husband even with homeschooling.

Jun 14, 202317:57
#212 Educate and Rejuvenate

#212 Educate and Rejuvenate

I am excited to interview the amazing Kelsey Sorenson today (bio below). She is putting on a spectacular event, Educate and Rejuvenate, (which yours truly will be speaking) and I wanted her to share more about the event.

Kelsey is a homeschool mom and I also wanted her to share how she has time to work and homeschool. She also shares why finding wins in your homeschool is important, and how to find them.

Click this link to check out the event.

Kelsey Sorenson is a former third grade teacher and substitute teacher. She is now a homeschool mom to 3 kids and owner of Wife Teacher Mommy, where she and her team serve Pre-K through 6th grade teachers. She is also a certified life coach with The Life Coach School. Wife Teacher Mommy has been featured on We are Teachers, Teachers pay Teachers, Jane, Etsy, Food Network, CBC, Fox, and NBC. Kelsey and her team have helped hundreds of thousands of educators cut down planning time and balance the many roles in their lives with her time-saving resources, blogs, teacher life coaching program, Educate & Rejuvenate events, and Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast. Kelsey is addicted to Coke Zero and loves reading and listening to audiobooks.

Jun 07, 202328:53
#211 Feeling Overwhelmed

#211 Feeling Overwhelmed

Who else has ever felt overwhelmed?

I have seven kids, I homeschool, I work, I run the house and yard, and I have a husband who often travels for work. How could I not feel overwhelmed?

This was a story I held onto for years until I had a coach question my story. She asked me what if overwhelm was optional?I sat back for a while and just thought about. Is overwhelm truly optional?

I want to talk more about overwhelm and if it is optional, how do you stop feeling it, and is it a problem to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

May 31, 202314:36
#210 What is the worst that could happen?

#210 What is the worst that could happen?

Are you worried about what is the worst that could happen in your homeschool? Do you worry that your kid will never learn to read, or that they will never get into college? I want to share with you about what is the worst that could happen, and why you should stop letting fear lead in your homeschool.

May 24, 202314:34
#209 Hobbies and Homeschool

#209 Hobbies and Homeschool

A hobby is an activity that is done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. The research shows that spending time on an activity that you enjoy can improve your mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. Activities that get you out and about can make you feel happier and more relaxed.

That all sounds beautiful, but how in the world does one have time for a hobby AND homeschool?

That's what I want to cover in today's podcast episode. How to have a hobby and homeschool.

Also, if you want to hear how my Ironman went (training is my current favorite hobby) then make sure to listen to the last half of the episode.

May 17, 202333:04
#208 Faith

#208 Faith

What do you do when homeschool feels too hard?

How do you move forward when you have no idea of what is the next step?

I want to share with you how having faith can help you through any challenge that you may face.

May 10, 202312:51
#207 Are you feeling burnt out?

#207 Are you feeling burnt out?

Are you feeling the homeschool burn out?

It's May and I know many of you don't want to think, talk, or even do school right now. In today's short and sweet podcast episode, I talk about feeling burnt out, why it's ok, and what you can do.

May 03, 202305:01
#206 Connect Method Parenting

#206 Connect Method Parenting

I am so excited to have you listen to today's episode.

I got to interview my friend, Andee Martineau, about her book, Connect Method Parenting.

Andee is an amazing parenting coach who has done a brilliant job of helping you parent without using bribing, punishments, grounding, or time outs. She went from traditional parenting (using punishments and rewards) and now teaches her connect method parenting.

You are going to want to check out today's episode where we cover consequences, meltdowns, and lying just to name a few.

Apr 26, 202346:33
#205 Parenting Tips from the Scriptures

#205 Parenting Tips from the Scriptures

My absolute favorite parenting book has to be from the scriptures. My goal is to parent like my Heavenly Parents and my Savior.

I found this gem in the scriptures the other day, and I think it shows a great way for us to run our homes.

Check out this episode to hear.

Apr 19, 202326:21
#204 When Do Things Get Easier?

#204 When Do Things Get Easier?

I remember how challenging it was to have so many little babies in such a short amount of time.

I would think about how much easier things would get when they got older.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but things don't get easier when kids get older. The hard just changes.

In today's podcast episode I share with you how to stop wishing away the days and hoping for things to get easier, but instead to have a life that you like now.

Apr 12, 202315:16
#203 How do I teach my children everything?

#203 How do I teach my children everything?

Are you worried that you need to teach your children everything?  

Do you worry about what will happen if you haven't done enough by the time they are 18?  

If so, you need to check out this episode from a mother who has three adult children who have graduated from homeschooling.

Apr 05, 202312:14
#202 Should Your Kid Play an Instrument?

#202 Should Your Kid Play an Instrument?

Did you know that learning to play an instrument is so good for your brain? Playing an instrument recruits almost every part of the brain, including regions that process vision, sound, movement, and memory.

It's easy to see why so many homeschool parents are encouraging their kids to play one.

However, if you are fighting with your kid, is it worth it?

Check out today's episode to see if your kid should play an instrument.

Mar 29, 202322:51
#201 WWII Book Review
Mar 22, 202330:52
#200 Ask Me Anything

#200 Ask Me Anything

To celebrate my 200th episode I put decided to answer your questions!!

Some of the questions were:

How do I start homeschooling?

How do I homeschool through High School?

Do I need a transcript for college?

How do I homeschool challenging behaviors? ADHD and disrespect.

Check out today's episode to hear what I had to say.

Mar 15, 202328:40
#199 Family Culture

#199 Family Culture

What is a family culture and why do you need one?

I adapted this from the book How Will You Measure Your Life, When you have a a supportive family culture, children don’t even need to ask how to behave, how to make decisions, or how to make this trade-off against that one, your family has become self-managing thanks to it’s culture. Parents don’t need to dive into the details of every decision, because they culture of the family is present in the details of every decision.

Having a family culture makes your home easier and creates a flow and rhythm. 

Listen to today's episode to learn how to create a family culture.

Mar 08, 202322:06
#198 Interview with Lyissa Anderson - Recovering from Pornography
Mar 01, 202342:21
#197 What Yelling Does to Your Kid
Feb 22, 202323:01
#196 The Fundamentals
Feb 15, 202326:58
#195 The Law of Creation
Feb 08, 202321:32
#194 When to Plant Seeds
Feb 01, 202318:39
#193 Education Choice
Jan 25, 202301:07:41
#192 Toxic Positivity

#192 Toxic Positivity

Not too long ago I wrote a post in my No Yelling group and I had someone comment that my message came across as toxic positivity.

I had to look that phrase up because I had no idea what it meant, and I was surprised that someone would say that about me.

I want to share with you a very raw and real episode of where I came from, and how much I have struggled with depression, and how I feel about someone telling my message is toxic.

Jan 18, 202308:56
#191 Interview with Tanner and Alisa

#191 Interview with Tanner and Alisa

I am so excited to share this interview with you!  

Tanner & Alisa documented their experience with last year's No Yell November challenge. It was so amazing to be able to see the day to day struggle they went through.  I was so impressed with their video that I wanted to have them on the podcast and talk about their experience.  

You can also check out his video on YouTube by going to The Terrible Husband and find their video, I tried not yelling at my kids for 30 days.

Jan 11, 202331:56
#190 Teens and Goals

#190 Teens and Goals

Have you ever worked with your teen and their goals? Maybe you sat down with them and helped them create an actionable plan of how to achieve that goal, and even put it in easy to manage steps.

Then, a few weeks, or even a few days later, your teen completely gives up on that goal.

What do you do?

Get after them? Push them harder?

Check out this week's podcast episode to hear how to help your teen and their goals.

Jan 04, 202307:51
#189 Be the Light

#189 Be the Light

A few weeks ago I was upset that my favorite music app has sexual content. I was angry and mad that the world seems to feel like it continues to get dark and evil seems to be everywhere.

I want to end this year's podcast with challenging you to be the light. Light always chases away the darkness. 

I would love to hear from you how you plan on being a light in 2023.

Dec 28, 202209:17
#188 How to be a Great Homeschool Mom
Dec 21, 202217:09