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The Calls Are Coming from Inside the Podcast

The Calls Are Coming from Inside the Podcast

By Kevin Sparrow

Pick up the phone! Our host makes a weekly call to a unique guest to discuss the one horror movie that impacted them the most. Then we pair up a second film double feature-style to discuss and discover what horror feels like.
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46 - Oops! All Senses (The Invitation [2015] with Bhavna Sharma)

The Calls Are Coming from Inside the PodcastApr 13, 2023

46 - Oops! All Senses (The Invitation [2015] with Bhavna Sharma)
Apr 13, 202301:27:05
45 - She’s Theming These Party Nights (Ma [2019] with R.J. Joseph)
Mar 09, 202301:10:15
44 - Zombie Lasik Powers (Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead [2014] with Cal Walker/Red Snow [2021])
Jan 13, 202301:14:07
43 - Furby Sex Tape (Pooka! [2018] with Glitter Moneyyy/Christmas Bloody Christmas [2022])
Dec 22, 202259:44
42 - Bone-Dry Mogwai (Gremlins [1984] with Ryan Kinney [Brother Ghoulish]/Rare Exports [2010])
Dec 08, 202201:10:03
41 - The Most Thanksgiving Part of It All (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974] with Emmy Colón-Geistlinger/We Are What We Are [2010])
Dec 01, 202201:12:25
40 - Let's Get F***ed Up in a Cute Way (Little Shop of Horrors [1986/1960] with Geoff Maxfield)
Nov 16, 202201:54:02
VM Review: Saloum

VM Review: Saloum

Oh, looks like you're still not picking up. Well, I just wanted to give you a quick call to tell you about the movie I just saw, SALOUM.

Sep 27, 202202:58
39 - A Lasagna of Weirdness (Teaching Mrs. Tingle [1999] with Rachel Perzynski)
Sep 22, 202256:17
38 - A Porridge of Discrepancy (Death Becomes Her [1992] with Cal Walker)
Sep 20, 202201:06:22
Super Chiller 2 - Visceral Camp
Sep 06, 202211:24


Hey, guess you're not answering your phone. Just wanted to send a quick message to tell you about the movie I just saw, WATCHER.

Sep 01, 202203:46
37 - Human Happy Meal Transformer (Society [1989] with Ian Voltaire Deanes/Slime City [1988])
Aug 30, 202201:21:59
36 - The Industrial Fan Tour of Seattle (Malignant [2021] with Matthew James Marquez/Basket Case [1982])
Aug 23, 202201:14:57
35 - Seduce Me with an Ice Cream Truck and Turn Me into Cotton Candy (Killer Klowns from Outer Space [1988] with David Nesbitt Taylor/Bad Taste [1987])
Aug 02, 202201:09:39
Super Chiller 1 - Horror Is the Fairy Tale (The Company of Wolves [1984])
Jul 28, 202211:27
34 - 90 to 100-Year-Old Taffy (Coraline [2009] with C.M. Crockford)
Jul 26, 202201:01:52
33 - Forbidden Cool Whip (The Stuff [1985] with Viktor Devonne/Street Trash [1987])
Jul 19, 202201:07:34
32 - So Many Ice Cream Fantasies (Ice Cream Man [1995] with Marianna Staroselsky/The Ice Cream Truck [2017])
Jul 12, 202201:20:59
31 - Was I a Good F*g? (Knife+Heart [2018] with Chelsea Fiddyment/Amor eterno [2014])
Jul 05, 202201:17:01
30 - We've Got Wet, Hot Freddies in Your Area (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 [1985] with Emmy Colón-Geistlinger/Rapture in Blue [2020])
Jun 21, 202201:25:08
29 - Laying Pipe in a Leg Wound, Part 2 [Crash (1996) with JI YAng]
Jun 16, 202201:10:01
28 - Laying Pipe in a Leg Wound, Part 1 [Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) with John Patterson]
Jun 14, 202201:07:10
27 - Up-to-the-Minute Movie Countdown (June 2022)
Jun 06, 202214:43
26 - What Do I Do If a Bear Shows Up (Scare Me [2020] with Sharai Bohannon/The Cabin in the Woods [2012] with Jan Rosenberg)
Apr 26, 202202:43:52
25 - Two Pretzel Minimum (Happy Death Day [2017] with Fear Queers Podcast/You’re Killing Me [2015])
Apr 19, 202201:18:51
24 - That’s What My Mom Calls Me (Student Bodies [1981] with Christian Bernal/Flesh-Eating Mothers [1988])
Apr 12, 202201:09:07
23 - We’re Losing Our Chins (Beetlejuice [1988] with Bloody Blunts Cinema Club/Ernest Scared Stupid [1991] with Shirley Blazen)
Apr 05, 202202:09:24
22 - Snow-a-Thon! Six More Terrifying Winter Picks
Mar 16, 202213:40
21 - I Need a Man with an Unbroken Leg (Curtains [1983] and Dead of Winter [1987] with Jessica Kearney and Morgan Eliza Cooper)
Mar 08, 202201:38:03
20 - A Dog Mouth Inside You (The Thing [1982] with Bloody Broads Podcast/The Thing [2011] with Tom Sparrow)
Mar 01, 202202:17:11
19 - Enjoy with a Horror Accent (Frozen [2010] with Jessica Scott/ Rift [2017] with Jose Nateras)

19 - Enjoy with a Horror Accent (Frozen [2010] with Jessica Scott/ Rift [2017] with Jose Nateras)

We’re putting ourselves into isolation for this part of our Winter Horrors series. Whether we’re stuck on ski lift in the middle of a winter storm or rekindling with our exes in an isolated Icelandic cabin, our two films this week look at loneliness and isolation in different ways. First, we discuss with Jessica Scott, of We Who Walk Here,  Adam Green’s tense survival thriller, Frozen (starting at 00:01:06). Then, we dive into analyzing the queer loneliness of Erlingur Thoroddsen’s 2017 film, Rift (starting at 00:58:14) with actor and writer Jose Nateras.

About Jessica Scott

Check out Jessica Scott’s piece on female slashers and their masks at Manor Vellum here and her further horror writing portfolio here, and at
or follow her on
Twitter @WeWhoWalkHere

About Jose Nateras

You can purchase Jose Nateras’ Testament: A Novel as an eBook through Ninestar Press or paperback through

Read Jose script for the horror-comedy Zero Feet Away from the 2021 BloodList here.

And follow Jose on Twitter @josenateras and Instagram @JLorca13

Follow our show on social media @CallsInsidePod

Referenced in this episode:

Adam Barnick - FROZEN Behind the Scenes Clip: “Wolves” and “Dart”

Art21. 2005. Roni Horn in “Structures”. PBS.

Melissa Carroll - Lonely Affects and Queer Sexualities: A Politics of Loneliness in 

Contemporary Western Culture [Doctoral thesis]. McMaster University.

collegemoviereview - Sundance: Frozen: Adam Green, Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers [Interview].

Colorado State University - Wolves and Human Safety.

Rebecca Solnit - The Faraway Nearby. 2013. Penguin Books.

Feb 22, 202202:12:53
18 - I Like a Good Meaty Vampire (30 Days of Night [2007] with The People Under the Scares/Ginger Snaps Back [2004])
Feb 15, 202201:08:48
17 - General Snow Activity Trip (Dead Snow [2009] with Cal Walker/Cold Prey [2006])
Feb 08, 202257:24
16 - Call in Your Defense: Birthday Battle
Feb 01, 202251:50
15 - It’s My Vegemite (Little Monsters [2019] with Cal Walker/Fortress [1985])
Dec 14, 202101:02:48
14 - This Isn’t Casper, Sweetie (The Orphanage with Candice and Logan Conner/Good Manners)
Dec 07, 202101:11:31
13 - 13 Quick-Fix Nostalgia Picks
Dec 01, 202130:40
12 - Protect Your Face (Child’s Play [1988] with David Nesbitt Taylor/PG: Psycho Goreman with Tom Sparrow)
Nov 23, 202102:11:60
11 - Delicious Death Trash (A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984] with Brittny Congleton/The Cell with Matthew James Marquez)

11 - Delicious Death Trash (A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984] with Brittny Congleton/The Cell with Matthew James Marquez)

Nov 16, 202101:53:39
10 - He Loves His Genre Movies, I’ll Give Him That (The Fly [1986] with Mikey P Jr./Ticks with Brandon Boler)
Nov 09, 202101:35:09
9 - Call in Your Defense: A HALLOWEEN Halloween Special

9 - Call in Your Defense: A HALLOWEEN Halloween Special

In this super-sized, super special episode, we’re debating the best timeline in the HALLOWEEN franchise (at least, the Michael Myers parts of it). In a four-way debate between Calls Inside host Kevin, Homies of Horror’s Erika, former guest Emmy Colón-Geistlinger, and upcoming guest Matthew James Marquez, we present our cases for the four main Halloween timelines to our unbiased judges, Noelle and Jacob, who have never seen a Halloween. We look at the best overall story, characters, Halloween atmosphere, and one good scare that each sequence of films has to offer. Join us as we call in our best defenses to decide the definitive Halloween timeline (at least for this year).

Oct 29, 202102:00:09
8 - Gary Works Too (The People Under the Stairs with Ian Voltaire Deanes/My Soul to Take)
Oct 26, 202157:29
7 - Pay-Per-Sting (Candyman [1992] with Emmy Colón-Geistlinger/Dream Home)
Oct 19, 202101:06:38
4 - I Know It's Hard But How's It Sharp? (One-Eyed Monster with Hannah Ii-Epstein)
Oct 14, 202157:56
6 - Hella Hella Healthcare (Saw VI with Mateo Valentine/12 Hour Shift with George Heftler)
Oct 12, 202101:43:18
5 - A Salad That Was Once Named Elizabeth (Frankenhooker with Shirley Blazen/Cam with Cruel Valentine)

5 - A Salad That Was Once Named Elizabeth (Frankenhooker with Shirley Blazen/Cam with Cruel Valentine)

In this week’s episode, we discuss representations of sex work within horror between our two films. First, we call up Shirley Blazen to talk Frank Henenlotter's oddball grand opus,  Frankenhooker (1990). Topics include iconic quotable lines, exploding mannequins, and secret connections to My Little Pony. Then in our horror correspondent segment, we look at Cam (2018) with Cruel Valentine, and discuss the challenges of cam modeling, the movie’s accuracy, and an unfortunate number of gross dudes.

Follow Shirley Blazen on Instagram and Twitter
And check out The Screwbelles’ “Scared Silly” burlesque show on Friday, October 22, 2021

Follow Cruel Valentine online at
And learn more about the Click Clack Club’s upcoming “Strippergeist: The First Sexorcism” on October 21 and 22, 2021. 

Follow our show on social media @callsinsidepod

Additional resources:

Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) Resources:

HIPS Policy Recommendations:

Juno Mac - The laws that sex workers really want:

Referenced in this episode:

Clark Collis - How a former sex worker dreamed up Blumhouse’s latest movie nightmare:

Dinner with Drac - John Zacherle:

Reina Sultan - Sex Workers Describe the Instability—and Necessity—of OnlyFans

Oct 05, 202101:45:51
3 - Equal Opportunity Terror (The Exorcist with Jill M. Stone)
Sep 28, 202142:23
2 - Go to a Kinko’s! (Oculus with Rachel Perzynski/Mirror, Mirror with G.G. Graham)
Sep 28, 202101:41:16
1 - Banshee, Feral-Ass Screams (Ready or Not with Ray Goldberg)
Sep 21, 202156:39