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Software World with Candost

Software World with Candost

By Candost Dagdeviren

Software World is a podcast for software engineers hosted by Candost. Every second Tuesday, Candost uncovers the journeys of people and software systems. I interview the experts or talk alone about software architecture, system design, feedback, software engineering leadership, careers, team management, processes, product and customer-centricity, and more.

New episodes arrive every second Tuesday.

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#28: How to Present Solutions as Software Engineers

Software World with CandostApr 26, 2022

#28: How to Present Solutions as Software Engineers
Apr 26, 202216:47
#27: Problem-Solving Skills & A Strategy for Software Engineers
Apr 12, 202225:04
Trailer: Season #3

Trailer: Season #3

Software World opens its doors to season number three.

After a season break, we're back with new content coming to your ears.

As usual, the new episodes will arrive every second week on Tuesdays.

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All show notes and transcription will be available on, you can also find the transcription of this trailer there!

Head to the trailer to listen to what's coming in this season!

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Mar 29, 202204:08
#26: Machine Learning & Data Science with Jesper Dramsch
Nov 23, 202101:03:24
#25: Live Pair Programming, Open Source, and Building Communities with Nick Taylor

#25: Live Pair Programming, Open Source, and Building Communities with Nick Taylor

On this episode of the Software World, I welcome Nick Taylor, Lead Software Engineer at Forem, the software powers

In our conversation, Nick talks about how he hosts pair programming in a live stream, important aspects of having and building communities, and working on open source.

Find the show notes and transcription on

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Follow Nick on Twitter @nickytonline.

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Nov 09, 202149:43
#24: Understanding Distributed Systems with Roberto Vitillo
Oct 26, 202137:12
#23: Accessibility and Inclusive Design with Eric Bailey
Oct 12, 202140:49
#22: Effective 1:1 Meetings for Software Engineers
Sep 28, 202118:11
#21: Intent-Based Leadership with L. David Marquet
Aug 31, 202129:16
#20: Software Architecture Design | Systems and Architectural Thinking - 2
Aug 17, 202114:44
#19: The Software Architect Role | Systems and Architectural Thinking - 1

#19: The Software Architect Role | Systems and Architectural Thinking - 1

In this episode of the Software World, I tried something new and spoke without a guest.

I had mentioned The Role of Software Architect in the previous issue of my newsletter. The podcast idea came out from that issue to have a couple of sessions about what I learned about systems and architectural thinking over the last months. This is the first episode about the topic.

Here are the links I mention in the episode:

Go to to find the mind map I built for this episode and all the show notes.

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Jul 20, 202118:41
#18: Managing Organizational Changes with Jim Allen
Jun 22, 202137:45
#17: Banish Your Inner Critic with Denise Jacobs
Jun 01, 202145:18
#16: Being an Indie Hacker and Part-time Creator with Benedicte Raae
May 18, 202158:21
#15: Prioritization for Senior and Staff Software Engineers with Dennis Benkert
May 04, 202158:00
#14: Protective Leadership & Finding Your Leadership Style - Suzan Bond

#14: Protective Leadership & Finding Your Leadership Style - Suzan Bond

We talked about two articles from Suzan Bond "When leaders protect the team" ( and "Your fantasy leadership self" ( Follow Suzan on Twitter @suzanbond ( I really enjoyed our talk with Suzan, I hope you do too.

Follow me on Twitter @candosten (

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More info about Suzan Bond:

Suzan Bond is a certified leadership coach and former COO. She has over 15 years of hands-on experience. She hosts the LeadDev Bookmarked book club and writes for the Work-Life section of Fast Company. She has been studying leadership, psychology, and organizational behavior for many years. Lately, she developed a framework called Leadership Archetypes in which she identified six leadership styles to describe the behaviors and patterns of how leaders get work done, what drives them, how they add value, and how they work with others. Go to her website and check the details. She has a workshop that you can get benefit from.

Besides her framework, workshop, and articles on her website, she is writing Observations and Annotations on Substack where she explores leadership, psychology, and organizational dynamics through real-life stories. I love her writing and stories. In this episode, we talked about her two articles from Observation and Annotations. The first article is called “When leaders protect the team” where she focuses on protective leadership-the reasons and results of being a protective leader. The second article is called “Your fantasy leadership self” where she wrote about the importance of being and finding yourself as a leader.

Apr 07, 202140:10
#13: DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering as a Career - Rene Hernandez
Mar 11, 202151:24
#12: The Life of a Generalist Software Engineer - Ricardo Smania
Mar 03, 202152:46
#11: Learning and Growing in Front-end Development - Ali Spittel
Feb 24, 202157:12
#10: Building Healthy On-call Culture - Serhat Can
Feb 17, 202155:40
#9: Engineering Career Path - Tobias Bales
Feb 09, 202153:55
#8: Cross-Cultural Communication in Engineering Teams - Felipe Furlan da Silva
Feb 02, 202159:38
#7: Mobile Apps at Scale - Fırat Karataş
Jan 26, 202157:20
#6: Software Development in Startups - Fatih Acet

#6: Software Development in Startups - Fatih Acet

In this episode, we talked about 

What kind of engineering problems often occur in startups? How to choose the right tool and tech stack? How are the software development processes in startups? 

and many more!  

My guest was Fatih Acet. Fatih is the Co-Founder & CTO of Superpeer, Co-Founder of He is Google Developer Expert (GDE) on Web Technologies. He was the second front-end engineer of GitLab. We talked about software development challenges in startups. We focused on how to overcome engineering challenges and his experiences with Superpeer and GitLab.  

Fatih's Twitter 

Candost's Twitter

 More info about Candost

Jan 20, 202101:09:17
#5: Startup Marketing with Peri

#5: Startup Marketing with Peri

In this episode, we talked about
- How do startups grow with help from marketing?
- How to choose the right marketing strategy?
- How to approach stagnating user growth?
- Marketing strategies for going from local to global.
- How can engineers and marketers work together?
and many more!
My guest was Peri. Peri is the President of Sipsetter Co.. She has an extensive background in marketing. After graduating from Duke University and getting an MBA from Harvard Business School, she was the consultant and the director of marketing, strategy, and communications in different companies (including McKinsey, Pozitron/Monitise, CoffeeTable). We talked about startup marketing challenges. We focused on how startups should approach marketing and how they can overcome obstacles like user segmentation, user growth.
Peri's Twitter
Candost's Twitter, More info about Candost
Jan 12, 202154:40
#4: How to Be A Working Student - Oksana Shcherban

#4: How to Be A Working Student - Oksana Shcherban

My guest was Oksana Shcherban. She works as a Working Student iOS Developer at and studies International Media and Computing in HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences. We talked about being a working student in the Tech Industry. We focused on the challenges and how companies treat students. We dove into Oksana's journey about dropping university in Ukraine, moving to Germany, and starting university with a different major.  

We talked about 

🔸 How to move to Germany from a non-EU country while studying? 

🔸 How to find a job as a software developer while studying? 

🔸 What are the challenges of working while you are studying? 

🔸 How companies treat students at work? 

🔸 What do students need from companies?  

and many more! 

Oksana's Linkedin

Candost's Twitter 

More info about Candost

Jan 12, 202152:33
#3: Diversity, Gender Discrimination, Women in Tech - Yasemin Alpay

#3: Diversity, Gender Discrimination, Women in Tech - Yasemin Alpay

My guest was Yasemin Alpay. She works as a Senior Backend Engineer at We discussed one of the essential topics - diversity and gender discrimination in Tech. We focused on the diversity problems in the software world. Why women (and non-men genders) struggle to receive the credit? What makes a woman's work-life hard?

We talked about  

🔸 What is discrimination? 

🔸 Why are we bad at diversity in tech? 

🔸 Is the entry barrier high? 

🔸 What is the glass-ceiling effect? 

🔸 What is harassment at work? 

🔸 Does discrimination happen only in gender? 

 and many more! 

Yasemin's Linkedin

Candost's Twitter

More info about Candost

 "If your team has a culture of chest-thumping and yelling and screaming at one another, the only people you'll attract (and retain) are aggressive types who feel right at home in this environment composed of strong individual egos (in fact, most of the women we know find this kind of environment especially off-putting)." - Fitzpatrick & Collins-Sussman (Debugging Teams)  

Jan 05, 202101:01:32
#2: How Engineering Teams Work with Product Teams - Göksel Köksal
Dec 29, 202055:43
#1: Tech Interviews - Sabrican Ozan
Dec 19, 202001:01:60