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Cannabis Heals Me

Cannabis Heals Me

By Rachel Kennerly

Welcome to Cannabis Heals Me. We tell the real stories of real people who have experienced the healing power of cannabis. By doing so we hope to change the perception a lot of people still have about this plant and the people who use it.

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Ep. 17 - Amanda Hughes-Munson - Cannabis and Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's

Cannabis Heals MeMar 11, 2019

Ep. 128 - Glenn Holland - Growing off The Grid
Feb 07, 202139:59
Ep. 127 - Glenn Holland - Cannabis for Lung Cancer
Feb 01, 202101:00:02
Ep. 126 - Steve Ellmore - Unprescribed Medical Cannabis Documentary

Ep. 126 - Steve Ellmore - Unprescribed Medical Cannabis Documentary

We've already mentioned the documentary Unprescribed on a couple of podcasts, so I was ecstatic when writer/producer Steve Ellmore accepted my invite to the show. In today's episode we discuss the documentary and the great need for legal access to cannabis for our veterans.  Steve also shares some exciting upcoming news related to the film & his medical cannabis advocacy work.

Full show notes can be found at

Nov 05, 202046:16
Ep. 125 - Christian Ryan - Cannabis for PTSD

Ep. 125 - Christian Ryan - Cannabis for PTSD

Like so many other veterans Christian Ryan really struggled with PTSD & physical ailments after coming back from tours overseas. After moving to the boondocks to try to get his life together a friend suggested he try cannabis medicinally.  His first foray into plant medicine wasn't a good one, but he continued to try to find relief through the plant.  He finally found his correct dosage, and began to make strides back to normalcy. He vowed he would find a way to get involved in the cannabis space so he could help others find healing in his miraculous plant.  He now serves as the Customer Service Manager for Ilera Healthcare.

Check out the full shownotes over at

Nov 02, 202041:27
Ep. 124 - Sue Taylor - Cannabis for Seniors
Oct 26, 202001:04:58
Ep 123 - Deirdra Martinez - Cannabis for Anxiety
Oct 19, 202033:22
Ep 122 - Fabian Henry - Cannabis for Trauma

Ep 122 - Fabian Henry - Cannabis for Trauma


After leaving the military Fabian Henry struggled to re-adapt to life at home & reconnect with his family.  He was constantly on high alert & found his thoughts drawn back to the battlefield - reliving mistakes & past regrets. Despite choking down a handful of prescription meds daily he still could not sleep or relax. He turned to alcohol in large quantities, but he just spiraled further downward. When a kid at work offered to give him some cannabis to help him he recoiled in disgust at smoking pot. A few days later in desperation he took the kid up on that offer, and his life has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

Oct 12, 202037:10
Ep 121 - Sharon Letts - Cannabis for Breast Cancer
Oct 05, 202048:56
Ep. 120 - Osiris Stephen & Nina Simmons - Cannabis for Epilepsy
Sep 28, 202044:05
Ep. 119 - Jessie Gill - Cannabis for Pain Relief

Ep. 119 - Jessie Gill - Cannabis for Pain Relief

Jessie Gill didn’t believe in plant  medicine.  Like most of us she had bought into the lies about cannabis  peddled by the American education system & her nursing school.   While searching for pain relief for an on the job injury as a hospice  nurse she tried every pharmaceutical under the sun. After spinal surgery  exacerbated her pain Jessie reluctantly tried cannabis &  experienced tremendous relief.  Immediately she began weaning herself  off her prescription pain killers. She now runs a successful blog at  Marijuana Mommy, sits on the board for the American Cannabis Nurses Assn  & is a cannabis entrepreneur.

Full shownotes can be found at

Sep 07, 202040:56
Ep. 118 - BONUS - The Gentlemen Review w/Actual Anarchy

Ep. 118 - BONUS - The Gentlemen Review w/Actual Anarchy

A few weeks ago I joined Robert & Daniel over at for a review of the Guy Ritchie cannabis themed action flick The Gentlemen. As penance for my many absences of late, I'm posting our discussion as a bonus episode for this week.  Enjoy!  

Be sure to check out the ActualAnarchy podcast & YouTube channel!

PS  I do have an episode planned for Monday, but my neck of the woods is in the projected flight path of hurricane Laura, so...

Aug 27, 202001:16:28
Ep 117 - Robert Cartee - Cannabis for Inflammation & Refusing to Deal

Ep 117 - Robert Cartee - Cannabis for Inflammation & Refusing to Deal

While living in California Robert Cartee & his wife discovered different varieties of cannabis worked better to treat their ailments than any prescription drugs they'd tried.  Tired of living on top of other people in Cali Robert & Tracey moved to rural Georgia and built their dream home.  Cannabis was & is still illegal in Georgia so Robert had a room built in their new home where their medicine could be grown inconspicuously.  About 2 years ago a deputy arrived at their home wanting to search the property for illegal drugs, and when the Cartees declined to subject themselves to an unreasonable search, the deputy made a call to a local judge.  Within minutes he had a warrant and their home was surrounded by deputies & SWAT team members.  Despite only growing a dozen plants, the Cartees were charged with intent to distribute & were facing decades in jail.  Despite tremendous pressure to accept a plea bargain, the Cartees and their attorney, the indomitable Catherine Bernard, refused to plead.  They filed a motion to suppress & recently had all charges dismissed.  

Listen in as Robert & I discuss his case in more detail & examine the injustices of the criminal justice system.

Full show notes available at

Aug 24, 202001:12:08
Ep 116 - Julie Mejia - Cannabis for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Jul 27, 202037:20
Ep 115 - Mark Thornton - Cannabis & The Iron Law of Prohibition

Ep 115 - Mark Thornton - Cannabis & The Iron Law of Prohibition

Economist & author Dr. Mark Thornton joins me to discuss his PhD dissertation on the economics of prohibition.  This dissertation would lead to the coining of the phrase of The Iron Law of Prohibition.  He joins us for a fascinating discussion on the failed policy of drug prohibition and maybe a couple other topics related to the State's & its ever increasing intrusions into our lives.

Jul 09, 202001:06:11
Ep 114 - Katie King - Cannabis for CPTSD, Anxiety & Fibromyalgia

Ep 114 - Katie King - Cannabis for CPTSD, Anxiety & Fibromyalgia

Katie King had a difficult childhood, and she struggles with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) & anxiety.  She was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago.  She has been using cannabis to treat these conditions for some time now, but recently when she was able to find a reliable source of quality cannabis she's experienced tremendous healing in her mind and body.  She joins me today to discuss these incredible changes.

Jul 06, 202035:22
Ep 113 - Rodney Bowers - Cannabis for Liver Cancer

Ep 113 - Rodney Bowers - Cannabis for Liver Cancer

Three years ago Rodney Bowers was given 6 months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer.  Fortunately a friend in Michigan reached out to him after learning of his diagnosis.  He invited him up & cooked him up a batch of Rick Simpson oil.  Six months came and went, and Rodney was still alive and kicking.  His pain had eased.  His abdomen was no longer hard.  He could get up and and get around.  Cannabis gave him something no doctors could - it gave him hope, and, eventually it gave him his life back.

Jun 22, 202030:04
Ep. 112 - Scott Horton - The Drug War, SWAT Raids & Police Accountability
Jun 18, 202001:11:45
Ep. 111 - Marlies Fitch-Ledbetter - Cannabis for Scoliosis & Neuropathy
Jun 15, 202037:46
Ep. 110 - Tonya Sanders - Cannabis for Lupus
Jun 01, 202043:21
Ep. 109 - Melanie Julion - The Cannabis Doula
Apr 24, 202038:02
Ep. 108 - Delene Gilbert - Cannabis during Pregnancy
Apr 20, 202049:05
Ep. 107 - Suzanne Sherman - Cannabis & The Right to Bear Arms
Apr 09, 202001:01:39
Ep. 106 - Bridget Dandaraw-Serrit - Cannabis for Autoimmune Disorders
Apr 06, 202040:53
Ep. 105 - Bretigne Shaffer - Medical Freedom, Cannabis & Vaccine Mandates

Ep. 105 - Bretigne Shaffer - Medical Freedom, Cannabis & Vaccine Mandates

Join Bretigne Shaffer and I as we take a trip down the rabbit hole of medical freedom.  Bretigne is a longtime libertarian journalist, and she's a resident of California.  There has been a push in recent years in CA (and several states) to mandate vaccines for children.  And in some of those states there are no medical exemptions - even for kids who have had past reactions to vaccines (like our guest from Monday's show, Sarah).  This overstep by government is quite alarming to liberty lovers like myself and Bretigne.  So I wanted to discuss this issue and expand on some of the topics Sarah brought up in Monday's episode.  We hope to strip the emotion out of this subject and approach this issue like we do cannabis - on the basis of natural rights, bodily autonomy, and personal liberty.  I hope you'll join us on this little jaunt.

Mar 26, 202001:03:37
Ep. 104 - Sarah Morris - Cannabis for Dysautonomia
Mar 23, 202001:01:10
Ep. 103 - Dwayne Bottoms - Cannabis for Parkinson's Disease
Mar 09, 202050:01
Ep. 102 - Ted Metz - GA Cannabis Legislation Update
Mar 05, 202025:35
Ep. 101 - Ted Metz - Cannabis for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Mar 01, 202030:50
Ep. 100 - Richard J Maybury - Natural Rights & Common Law
Feb 27, 202001:04:18
Ep. 99 - Karen Gray - Cannabis for Doose Syndrome
Feb 24, 202048:40
Ep. 98 - Prof CJ Killmer - Harry Anslinger Godfather of Cannabis Prohibition
Feb 20, 202051:24
Ep. 97 - Marcus Wilson - Cannabis Microdosing for PTSD
Feb 17, 202034:42
Ep 96 - Moriah Barnhart Cannabis for Brain Cancer
Feb 10, 202001:00:52
Ep. 95 - Krista Mcintire - Cannabis & Child Protective Services
Feb 06, 202055:36
Ep. 94 - John Prinz - Cannabis for Intractable Pain & Opioid Addiction
Feb 03, 202040:45
Ep. 93 - Danielle Loughton - CBD Oil for Autoimmune Diseases
Jan 27, 202048:39
Ep. 92 - Monica Perez - Tommy Chong & Political Persecution
Jan 23, 202001:04:16
Ep. 91 - Elizabeth Futch - Cannabis for Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Jan 20, 202046:12
Ep. 90 - Tyler Colford - Cannabis in Vermont
Jan 16, 202041:51
Ep. 89 - Lesli Downs - Cannabis for Migraines & Opioid Addiction
Jan 13, 202050:22
Ep. 88 - Kim on Cannabis for PMDD & Depression
Dec 09, 201949:46
Ep. 87 - Lyn Ulbricht on Ross Ulbricht & a Quest for Justice

Ep. 87 - Lyn Ulbricht on Ross Ulbricht & a Quest for Justice

Lyn Ulbricht's son, Ross, dreamed of a society where people could participate in a truly free market without the prying eyes of the banking industry or the federal government watching them.  So he created a website called Silk Road where people could use digital currency to buy things.  Some of those things happened to be of an illegal nature, and when the US government got wind of this medium of exchange they brought the full weight of the federal government to bear on Ross.  Ross is a first time offender, and his "crime" was nonviolent in nature.  He is currently serving 2 life sentences without parole plus 40 years for creating this website.  

Lyn joins me today to discuss Ross's case.  I am hoping the cannabis community will rally around Ross and help him and his mom continue their uphill battle for justice for Ross and all nonviolent offenders currently serving prison sentences across this country.

Dec 05, 201942:58
Ep. 86 - Melissa Fults Cannabis Replaces Opioids & Arkansas MMJ
Dec 02, 201901:01:27
Ep. 85 - Scott Horton - US Foreign Policy & The Drug War
Nov 28, 201901:01:54
Ep. 84 - Lauren Houston - Cannabis for Interstitial Cystitis & Gastroparesis
Nov 25, 201954:34
Ep. 83 - David Gornoski - Mimetic Theory & Scapegoating Drug Users

Ep. 83 - David Gornoski - Mimetic Theory & Scapegoating Drug Users

Our guest today is David Gornoski.  He’s the host of A Neighbor’s Choice radio & a podcast called Things Hidden. David has written articles for Daily Caller, Townhall, American Conservative & FEE.  He’s well versed on a host of topics, but he’s joining us today to talk about Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory and the Scapegoat Mechanism.  And I’m sure you’re asking yourself what heck this has to do with cannabis!?

I think we all know what a scapegoat is – a person or group of people who bear the blame for others.  Often people who use or abuse drugs are scapegoated.  Drug users/abusers are often seen as blight on otherwise purportedly perfect society.  They are seen as the cause of all the community’s problems as opposed to a symptom of underlying, systemic problems.  I’ve seen this in my own life.  There’s a local Facebook page, and people there continually rail against drug users citing drugs as the problems in this county – crime, unemployment, etc.  In fact we even see this scapegoating on an even larger scale.  In the wake of 9/11 President George W Bush even made statements that people who use drugs support the war on terror! According to Bush, "If you quit drugs, you join the fight against terrorism.”    So now drug users are material supporters of terrorism.  Talk about a scapegoat!  So David Gornoski is going to join us to talk about the underlying anthropological roots of scapegoating.

Full show notes can be found at

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Nov 21, 201901:14:26
Ep. 82 - Robert Head - Cannabis, Alcohol & Operation Trapped
Nov 18, 201949:52
Ep. 81 - Matt Grimshaw - Vets Grow Cannabis Documentary
Nov 14, 201901:10:36
Ep. 80 - April Martinez - Cannabis for Chronic Migraines & PTSD

Ep. 80 - April Martinez - Cannabis for Chronic Migraines & PTSD

Shortly before returning from her 16 month tour in Afghanistan in 2007 April Martinez started experiencing intermittent dizzy spells and headaches.  By the 2008 she had daily headaches and soon those headaches became chronic migraines that never ended.  She was medically retired from the military in 2011, and she tried every prescription drug under the sun to get her debilitating headaches under control.  In 2015 while they were stationed in Washington state one of her providers recommended she try cannabis.  After some trepidation and research she took the provider's advice and tried a liquid form of cannabis so she could easily dose herself.  Within a month and a half April had figured out her sweet spot dose, and she began to be able to function in life again.  She replaced 15-20 pills per day with 1 or 2 pills a day and cannabis.  Her pain wasn't gone, but cannabis took the edge off of it.  She could play with her children, take them to the park, complete household chores!  For the first time in years she sat down and read a book and was able to comprehend what she'd read!  She had hope again!  

In 2017 her husband retired from the military, and their family moved back to Texas where cannabis is still illegal.  That move meant April had to give up cannabis as medicine and return to prescription drugs that didn't take the pain away and turned her into a zombie.  But April is determined to have hope again, and she's become an outspoken advocate for the plant.  She wants to be able to medicate in a way that helps her be present in her own life.  

Full show notes can be found at

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Nov 11, 201956:19
Ep. 79 - Tim Morris - Cannabis for Chronic Back Pain
Nov 04, 201948:08