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What's the Chirp? Brought to you by the California Association of Public Information Officials, join co-hosts Paul Hosley, Communications and Media Officer for the City of West Sacramento, and Scott Sandow, Public Information Assistant for the County of Placer, as we connect with industry leaders, game changers and those advancing public communications.
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AI: Friend or Foe?

CAPIO ChirpApr 28, 2023

What’s it take to be named Communicator of the Year?

What’s it take to be named Communicator of the Year?

So what does it take to become Communicator of the Year? We find out from ⁠Wendy Aguilar⁠ with the Sacramento Fire Department, who received one of CAPIO’s highest honors at the recent conference in Monterey.

Hint: be open to crazy ideas

Link: Sacramento Fire Department TikTok

In this episode, you’ll hear:

A snippet of Wendy’s acceptance speech (1:14)

Who is Wendy Aguilar? (2:27)

Where did she put her award? (3:40)

What is Wendy passionate about? (4:24)

How did she come up with the idea for her award-winning video series? (5:04)

Why, as storytellers, we should “go for it” (7:20)

How to get people to resonate with your story (8:42)

How to make your stories connect with your community (11:15)

What does Wendy’s job entail? (14:38)

What is it like to work for a fire department? (15:50)

What’s the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck? Learning new lingo (18:50)

Why did she choose a career as a PIO? (19:50)

How does she balance “putting out fires” vs. planning communications? (22:00)

Lessons Wendy has learned at Sac Fire (23:00)

How has CAPIO benefited Wendy’s career? (24:18)

May 30, 202326:32
AI: Friend or Foe?

AI: Friend or Foe?

In this episode we delve into the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and public information: is AI a friend or is it a foe? This episode features three interviews with experts in the field who will share their insights on various aspects of this topic. Host Paul is joined by guest co-host Ericka Diaz, Media Analyst for the City of Agoura Hills, for this fascinating discussion on all things AI. 

You’ll hear from CNET technology expert Brian Cooley for an explanation about AI. Then communications expert Tim O’Brien with O’Brien Communications will discuss the ethical concerns surrounding AI. And lastly, we’ll hear how the City of Santa Clarita’s public information office is putting AI into use, with Carrie Lujan, Communications Manager for the city. 

Get ready for a fascinating and robust discussion on AI.

Show Notes

0:00 – Introduction, written and voiced by AI.

1:50 –Brian Cooley provides an overview of generative artificial intelligence and its implications for professional communicators. He discusses examples of how it’s being applied, how it can be used to amplify messaging and incorporated into routine practices, and some potential advantages, limitations, and side-effects to consider when generating and using AI content in daily practice. He also touches on how to incorporate AI to take out the grunt work of some tasks and the future of AI. 

17:02 –Tim O’Brien explores the ethical considerations surrounding AI and how it’s being used in government public relations. With AI becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, it’s crucial that we have discussions about how it should be regulated and utilized in a responsible manner.

He addresses questions such as who’s accountable for AI-generated content when something goes wrong? What impacts could AI have on existing jobs and entry-level positions? Is AI bias? How should communicators approach AI/ChatGPT?

32:32 – Carrie Lujan discusses how their public information office is using AI in their operations and the benefits it’s bringing to their work. She talks about how they got their leadership team on-board with using AI as a tool for creating content. She also impresses the importance of fact-checking, quality control, and branding standards before putting AI-generated content out to the public. They go into the good and evil uses of AI on photos and videos and what to be aware of. 

Apr 28, 202347:00
So you want to start a government agency podcast?

So you want to start a government agency podcast?

Did you know that podcast listening has grown by almost 30 percent in the past three years?

And with that growth comes an opportunity for public agencies to better engage with their communities.

But what does it take to develop a government podcast and how do you attract listeners?

In this episode of CAPIO Chirp, we talk with the City of Agoura Hills and the Cucamonga Valley Water District about what it takes to launch a successful podcast.

It’s a podcast about podcasting!

Jan 11, 202342:16
What’s a Meta For You?

What’s a Meta For You?

Learn the newest tips on how best to use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAp in emergencies and the next election.

Sep 27, 202222:01
April is APR Month
Apr 18, 202216:15
Be a Happy Leader in 2022
Mar 17, 202225:15
Episode 3.3: Burning Communications - The Recovery

Episode 3.3: Burning Communications - The Recovery

During the final episode in our three-part mini-series, Burning Communications, CAPIO Chirp co-hosts Scotty and Paul connect with the City of Santa Rosa's communications officer to examine the communications during and after The Tubbs Fire. The Tubbs Fire was a wildfire in Northern California during October 2017. At the time, the Tubbs Fire was the most destructive wildfire in California history, burning parts of Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties, inflicting its greatest losses in the city of Santa Rosa.

Nov 09, 202130:20
Burning Communications - Flood after fire

Burning Communications - Flood after fire

First comes drought, then comes fire, and now the rain. It's Flood Preparedness Week, and CAPIO is sharing how public information officers and crisis communicators can prepare the public for heavy debris flows in burn areas. Four years ago, Santa Barbara County experienced deadly debris flows. Now, with another large fire ravaging the area, what's next? Tune in to hear from Lael Wageneck, APR, and Public Information Officer for Santa Barbara County Public Works Department.

Oct 18, 202123:45
Burning Communications - California's wildfire season

Burning Communications - California's wildfire season

As we kick off Fire Prevention Week, CAPIO is launching a three-part series about the role of communicators before, during, and after some of California's greatest threat incidents - wildfires. Listen as we connect with Placer County Fire Chief Brian Estes for an overview of current wildfires, critical preparation, and the role that communicators play before and during these devastating incidents.

Oct 05, 202125:20
Status Go: Redefining the workplace of the future.

Status Go: Redefining the workplace of the future.

Do we need to return to the office to communicate effectively? With the Governor's announcement of a statewide reopening anticipated for mid-June, what does a "return to the office" look like for public agency communicators across California? In this episode, Paul and Scotty interview Christopher Jordan and Kristyn Laurence from the City of Elk Grove to discuss the City's innovative workplace of the future plan. The City of Elk grove took this opportunity to re-envision how their employees could remain responsive and effective with a 90% remote working environment that provides employees a work-life balance while still maintaining top-level service for their community and stakeholders.

May 24, 202130:33
The Pandemic and the PIO: A look back on communicating through COVID

The Pandemic and the PIO: A look back on communicating through COVID

Take flight as CAPIO launches its new podcast, the CAPIO Chirp. In this episode, our co-hosts Paul and Scotty interview Brad Alexander, Assistant Director of Crisis Communications and Media Relations at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) on the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  We take a look back on a year of crisis communications and how the government communications field has been impacted forever by the pandemic.  

May 04, 202143:07