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CC Podcast: For Louisville Cardinals Fans

CC Podcast: For Louisville Cardinals Fans

By Mike Rutherford

For fans of the University of Louisville Cardinals.
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The Cards are 2-0

CC Podcast: For Louisville Cardinals FansSep 13, 2023

No looking ahead

No looking ahead

We're back and mostly free of hand, foot and mouth disease to talk about the extremely impressive blowout win over Boston College, as well as Friday night's tough test in Raleigh against NC State.

Sep 27, 202301:06:01
Sep 20, 202301:00:20
The Cards are 2-0

The Cards are 2-0

The boys recap the win over Murray State, react to the IU scheduling news and preview this weekend's game against the Hoosiers. Happy birthday, Kim.

Sep 13, 202354:48
The Jeff Brohm era starts with a bang

The Jeff Brohm era starts with a bang

Mike and Dan discuss Louisville's 39-34 win over Georgia Tech, the play of quarterback Jack Plummer, and Dan's propensity for getting into the wrong car.

Sep 06, 202301:01:53
2023 Louisville football season preview

2023 Louisville football season preview

The boys are back to preview the 2023 Cardinal football season and make their predictions for Friday night's game against Georgia Tech.

Aug 29, 202301:00:01
Reds fever, Kenny Payne speaks, Dan makes a major mistake

Reds fever, Kenny Payne speaks, Dan makes a major mistake

The guys are back to talk about the Cincinnati Reds' hot summer, Kenny Payne's summer update, the football theme games for the upcoming season, and a recent social faux pas from Dan.

Jul 14, 202301:04:46
Summer Mailbag

Summer Mailbag

The guys are back to answer a ton of listener questions before they get ready for a big weekend in Columbus.

Jun 01, 202301:09:28
Remembering Denny Crum

Remembering Denny Crum

Mike and Dan share their thoughts on the passing of Denny Crum and their fondest memories from the Hall of Famer's time at Louisville. They also talk about the latest Mackenzie Mgbako development and the state of the Cardinal men's basketball roster.

May 10, 202351:36
Derby Week and Jeff Brohm the Portal King

Derby Week and Jeff Brohm the Portal King

The guys are back to talk about their experience at Valhalla, football roster additions, hoops recruiting, Hailey Van Lith's move to LSU, and Derby week.

May 03, 202301:07:43
Celebrating 10 years of Louisville's 2013 national title

Celebrating 10 years of Louisville's 2013 national title

With the 10-year anniversary of Louisville’s 2013 national championship upon us, Mike and Dan take a trip down memory lane.

Apr 07, 202301:24:51
Roster Reconstruction
Mar 15, 202301:11:04
March sadness (again) and Master P
Mar 01, 202301:04:50
A new low
Feb 08, 202301:12:50
New Year, Same Vibe
Jan 12, 202301:13:40
A Louisville-Kentucky game like no other
Dec 30, 202201:13:58
Brohm is back, wins are back, Cards are back
Dec 15, 202258:27
EMERGENCY POD: Scott Satterfield is leaving Louisville for Cincinnati
Dec 05, 202242:33
Nov 18, 202201:09:14
Panic time for hoops already? Plus, bleep Clemson.
Nov 11, 202249:53
IARP love, James Madison preview
Nov 04, 202201:08:19
EMERGENCY POD: Louisville SMASHES No. 10 Wake Forest
Oct 30, 202233:56
Hope, Wake Forest, and Scott's D
Oct 28, 202201:01:21
Bye week madness
Oct 14, 202201:08:48
Satterfield's swan song?
Oct 07, 202245:28
USF win, BC preview, DJ Wagner reaction, IARP madness
Sep 30, 202201:01:23
Can the season be saved? Plus listener questions.
Sep 23, 202201:24:24
Cards are ... back? UCF win/FSU preview.
Sep 15, 202259:48
You made this weird, Scott
Sep 07, 202201:01:43
Don't make this weird, Scott
Aug 31, 202258:35
The Return
Jul 07, 202201:08:23
Emoni Bates/Derby Talk
May 06, 202236:18
Manning Madness
Apr 15, 202201:23:48
The 100th Episode Spectacular
Mar 09, 202255:03
Louisville madness and Louisville misery roll on
Feb 10, 202201:21:41
Updating the Louisville basketball coach search
Jan 28, 202251:46
The abrupt end of the Chris Mack era at Louisville
Jan 26, 202201:15:46
Where does Louisville basketball go from here?
Jan 13, 202251:45
Farewell, 2021
Dec 30, 202101:09:26
EMERGENCY POD: What. Is. Happening?
Dec 04, 202135:23
Giving thanks for holes in ones on par 4s
Nov 24, 202101:05:14
Furman? Fuhrman? German?
Nov 12, 202154:58
Fatherhood, Fanhood and Football Failure
Nov 02, 202101:02:31
The Virginia Disaster
Oct 11, 202141:09
A huge opportunity at Wake/Dan whiffs on the golf course
Sep 30, 202101:14:52
EMERGENCY POD: Louisville stuns UCF on last second Pick 6
Sep 18, 202131:48
Another Week in Paradise
Sep 10, 202101:03:10
Oh my God Cardinal sports are (almost) here
Sep 02, 202101:12:23
Gettin' Down on a Friday
Aug 13, 202101:16:48
Realignment madness ... back?
Jul 22, 202144:05
Marcus Carr, Kofi Cockburn, Summer Madness
Jul 14, 202101:21:16