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Cardboard Time

Cardboard Time

By Arwen Kathke

We talk about everything board game related, from games we've played recently to the people behind them. We hope to bring the stories of designers, publishers, artists, and all the people who make the board gaming industry what it is to the listeners of the show...and maybe play some games in between!
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Cardboard Time Episode 70 - HerStory, Monopoly Played by the Actual Rules, and an Interview with Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games

Cardboard TimeSep 26, 2023

Cardboard Time Episode 70 - HerStory, Monopoly Played by the Actual Rules, and an Interview with Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games
Sep 26, 202301:11:22
Cardboard Time Episode 69 - Cosmoctopus, Santa Monica, and an Interview with Nicolas Ricketts, Curator at the Strong National Museum of Play
Sep 12, 202344:42
Cardboard Time Episode 68 - Amsterdam, Tapple, Power Plants
Aug 22, 202332:35
Cardboard Time Episode 67 - Mountains Out of Molehills, Final Girl: Carnage at the Carnival, Tall Tales and an interview with Nathan Thornton
Aug 08, 202359:32
Cardboard Time Episode 66 - Tribes of the Wind, Dawn, Murder We Wrote featuring an interview with Dave Beck of Paverson Games
Jul 25, 202349:17
Cardboard Time Episode 65 (w/Olivia Lothary) - Diced Veggies, Dawn of Ulos, Mango Cabana
Jul 11, 202301:31:13
Cardboard Time Episode 64 - Origins Game Fair 2023 Wrapup
Jun 27, 202301:17:45
Cardboard Time Episode 63 - Distilled and a preview of Origins Game Fair 2023
Jun 13, 202339:46
Cardboard Time Episode 62 - Darwin's Journey, Steam Up, Mascarade, and a discussion on board game media with Matthew Hocker
May 23, 202301:16:23
Cardboard Time Episode 61 - Fantasy Realms, Marvel Remix, Dungeons Dice & Danger, and Gaming While Recovering from Surgery
May 09, 202339:44
Cardboard Time Episode 60 - Blood on the Clocktower, Vamp on the Batwalk, and Inside Job With Guest Host Court Sakmar of Thames and Kosmos
Mar 28, 202348:57
Episode 59 - Votes for Women and THE MOVE
Mar 14, 202331:09
Cardboard Time Episode 58 - Astra and Life Updates
Feb 14, 202321:21
Cardboard Time Episode 57 - Paperback Adventures, Starship Captains, and Oros With Guest Host Riley Stock of the Board Game Community Show
Jan 31, 202301:49:19
Cardboard Time Episode 56 - FORK and an Interview with Breeze Grigas of Zephyr Workshop
Jan 17, 202351:41
Cardboard Time Episode 55 - Wicked & Wise and Our Top 5 "New to us" games of 2022 with JamieDaggers
Jan 03, 202301:21:53
Cardboard Time Episode 54 - Top 10 Games of All Time with Roberto Lopez of Shear Boardom
Dec 20, 202201:09:25
Cardboard Time Episode 53 - PAX Unplugged 2022 Wrapup
Dec 06, 202201:43:54
Cardboard Time Episode 52 - Ft. Beth Jackson and Angelique Drummond: Adventure Games Monochrome Inc, Final Girl, Snow Time
Nov 15, 202201:24:28
Cardboard Time Episode 51: Resurgence and an interview with Corey Andalora (Concept Medley Games, Designer of Explosion in the Laboratory)
Nov 01, 202245:47
Cardboard Time Episode 50 - An interview with Roberta Taylor and a Cohost Roundtable!
Oct 18, 202202:25:49
Cardboard Time Episode 49: Gift of Tulips, Fall of the Mountain King, Canvas, and an in depth discussion about our first playthrough of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition
Oct 04, 202201:25:37
Cardboard Time Episode 48 - The Spill, So Clover, FlameCraft, and Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest with special guest host Tim from the Board Game Hot Takes Podcast!
Sep 20, 202201:15:17
Cardboard Time Episode 47: That Old Wallpaper and an interview with T. Caires
Sep 06, 202201:21:09
Cardboard Time Episode 46: Nidavellir, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders, Anno 1800, and an interview with Rob Huber of XYZ Game Labs
Aug 23, 202201:07:35
Cardboard Time Episode 45: Arwen and Jamie's Epic GenCon 2022 Wrap Up
Aug 09, 202202:14:17
Cardboard Time Episode 44: Burncycle, Forgotten Waters, Studies in Sorcery, In the Palm of Your Hand, GenCon Preview, and an interview with Jim Reed of Ravenwood Castle
Jul 26, 202201:23:52
Cardboard Time Episode 43: Catch the Moon, Old London Bridge, and an interview with Forteller Games

Cardboard Time Episode 43: Catch the Moon, Old London Bridge, and an interview with Forteller Games

On this episode of the Cardboard Time Podcast, Arwen and Jamie discuss:

What we've been playing: Catch the Moon, Old London Bridge, (Omicron Protocol and Three Sisters briefly mentioned)

An interview with Forteller Games (Website, Twitter, Discord)

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Jul 12, 202201:28:12
Cardboard Time Episode 42: Shelf of Shame Update, Math Trade, and an Interview with Taylor Shuss
Jun 28, 202201:02:26
Cardboard Time Episode 41 : Origins Game Fair 2022 Wrapup Live from Arwen's Car!
Jun 14, 202201:31:47
Cardboard Time Episode 40 - Lockup: Breakout, Cartographers: Frozen Expanse, an interview with Jeff Sorensen of Tabletop Gaymers, and a preview of Origins Game Fair 2022
May 31, 202258:52
Cardboard Time Episode 39 - Roar and Write!, Bandada, & Big Easy Busking
May 17, 202231:02
Cardboard Time Episode 38 - Valeria Card Kingdoms: Darksworn and an interview with Adam Collins of Eat Lunch & Board Game and Bearded Board Games
Apr 19, 202201:02:13
Cardboard Time Episode 37: Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Abandon All Artichokes, Vivid Memories, Tenpenny Parks with Matthew Hocker and Justin Peters
Apr 05, 202201:10:07
Cardboard Time Episode 36: Eyelet, Dog Lover, Canvas, Chai
Mar 22, 202243:30
Cardboard Time Episode 35: Iberian Gauge, Blinks, and an Interview with Jessica Metheringham of Dissent Games
Feb 22, 202201:06:45
Cardboard Time Episode 34 - Dollars to Donuts and an Interview with Roberto Lopez of Shear Boardom
Feb 08, 202254:27
Cardboard Time Episode 33: Cape May, Doomlings, Pocket Paragons, Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin and an Interview with Chris Solis of Solis Game Studio
Jan 25, 202247:24
Cardboard Time Episode 32: Astro Knights, a Discussion on Accessibility and Colorblindness in Gaming With Brian Chandler of, and More!
Jan 11, 202201:34:19
Cardboard Time Episode 31: Witchstone and the Top 10 "New to Me" Games of 2021
Jan 03, 202225:08
Cardboard Time Bonus Episode - The Journey to Find My True Self

Cardboard Time Bonus Episode - The Journey to Find My True Self

I've been doing some soul searching over the past few months with a decision finally being made at PaxU.  This audio is the culmination of that.  I felt that I needed to be more open about my transition.  I've been part of and have witnessed multiple instances of trans people finally getting to step out in public in gaming related spaces for the first time.  I've been told that being out and open gave some trans people confidence in their own journey.  This is the least I can do to try to be open and visible to those who are just starting on their own journey.  I think those of us who can be visible (And that definitely isn't everyone) should at least try for those who might need the helping hand.  I've struggled with being open about my transition on the podcast.  I've wanted it to be unquestionably about gaming, first and foremost, which I think it is.  But the more I become an ambassador of the hobby to others, the more importance I see in being visible.  

This episode is separate from the rest that I've uploaded, hence why it's a bonus.  It doesn't have the flashy jingles, no commercials, just me recounting the steps that got me to where I am now.  If you just want to stick to the board gaming content, this episode isn't for you.  There's some uncomfortable content in this, but so many transitions are filled with discomfort, pain, and struggles.  To get to this point of happiness that I live in, I needed to relive some very painful memories.  My hope for this is that maybe telling my story will help someone avoid that pain for themselves.  Maybe being visible will help someone realize that at the end of the day, trans people are just that...people.  People trying to be their true selves. Above all else, I hope that this brings comfort to someone who is struggling and to see that life doesn't have to end at being trans.  It can truly begin.

To find a PFLAG chapter near you: 

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Dec 19, 202137:31
Cardboard Time Episode 30: Pax Unplugged Hangover Chat & Maglev Metro
Dec 14, 202126:56
Cardboard Time Episode 29 : Interview With Mike Gnade of Rock Manor Games, Gladius, 7 Summits, and Our Holiday Gift Guide!
Nov 30, 202101:23:46
Cardboard Time Episode 28: Meadow, Juicy Fruits, ROVE, Lawyer Up, and Borderlands: Tiny Tina's Robot Tea Party
Nov 16, 202146:37
Cardboard Time Episode 27 - The 1 Year Anniversary Episode!
Nov 02, 202101:00:11
Cardboard Time Episode 26 : On The Rocks, Kohaku, and Furnace
Oct 19, 202124:42
Cardboard Time Bonus Episode - Origins 2021 Wrapup
Oct 10, 202155:50
Cardboard Time Episode 25 : Interview with Jim Freeman and James Staley - Hamsters vs. Hippos
Oct 05, 202145:06
Cardboard Time Episode 24: Fantastic Factories, Point Salad, Heart of Crown, MonsDRAWsity, and an Origins 2021 preview!
Sep 21, 202140:13
Cardboard Time Episode 23: Whirling Witchcraft, Last Call: The Bartender Game, Twilight Struggle, Turing Tumble, and Box One

Cardboard Time Episode 23: Whirling Witchcraft, Last Call: The Bartender Game, Twilight Struggle, Turing Tumble, and Box One

On this episode of Cardboard Time, Arwen and Craig talk about:
What we've been playing?: Whirling Witchcraft, Last Call: The Bartender Game, Twilight Struggle, Turing Tumble, Box One
Sep 07, 202151:51