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Career Confidence for First and Second Generation Immigrants

Career Confidence for First and Second Generation Immigrants

By Sonia Ortiz

Do you feel like an imposter even after years of being well established in a country? Do you have valuable skills and talents but they never seem to be good enough? Do you ruminate about work mistakes? If this is you, you've come to the right place. In this podcast I'll teach you how to become more confident and clear on what you want in your career and life using practical cognitive coaching tools, so you stop surviving and start thriving! For more information, visit
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Perfectionism Paralysis

Career Confidence for First and Second Generation ImmigrantsFeb 10, 2021

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Q&A: Finding A Career That Suits You

Q&A: Finding A Career That Suits You

Do you believe that a dream career exists? Are you hoping to find work that suits your interests? In this episode I answer a question from a reader who asks how to find a career that fits your interest when there's so much information out there. I offer both a practical answer and a mindset answer that helps reveal why this question may be making this person spin out in confusion, and what to ask themselves instead. For more information and show notes, visit:

Nov 25, 202018:45
How To Think About Thinking
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Lessons From Quitting My Job
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