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Two Hearts and One Braincell: Cassidy Carson & JT Hume Amateur Hour

Two Hearts and One Braincell: Cassidy Carson & JT Hume Amateur Hour

By Cassidy Carson and JT Hume

Cassidy Carson and JT Hume are longtime partners, readers, and independent writers who bring their decades of experience to the podcast world. We start with writing tips, techniques, and challenges, and goes on to explore the interesting world and universe around us.
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Posture and Mojo

Two Hearts and One Braincell: Cassidy Carson & JT Hume Amateur HourDec 04, 2022

Life After X

Life After X

Episode 134: Twitter/X is implementing new and onerous terms of service, so CC and I have "that" talk about social media. As very small business owners, we have concerns because we no longer believe in the reach and reliability of Twitter/X.

We have an active conversation about social media in general, which gives you a peek inside on how CC and I talk things over.

We also discuss Free Speech and the First Amendment, which is sometimes not the same thing.

We're going to try out new things to replace Twitter/X, so stay tuned to this space for more details.

Have a listen and check us out on TIA LYL!

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Sep 24, 202336:59
Love Language
Sep 17, 202343:27
Sep 10, 202339:16
Sep 04, 202342:55
How We Feel
Aug 26, 202339:05
They Molded Us
Aug 20, 202335:48
Aug 13, 202345:50
Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

Is George Lucas good or lucky?

Episode 127 of our writers podcast is about writers who capture lightning in a bottle. They submit books and screenplays at just the right time which capture the imagination and take the country by storm. There’s lots of examples, starting with Mr. Lucas. Some folks would point to his pop cultural phenomenon of "Star Wars," but we go to the 1973 classic called "American Graffiti." This movie almost singlehandedly brought the 1950s nostalgia craze to the forefront of the Seventies and beyond. The movie also had a direct impact on CC's formative years.

We also include the usual updates about our WIPs, our basement (yuck) and the tenants, the deer.

Have a listen and check us out at TIA! LYL!

Aug 06, 202345:45
Using an Epiphany
Jul 30, 202329:19
Yeah, We Went There, Too
Jul 23, 202342:05
Shakespeare, Baby!

Shakespeare, Baby!

Episode 124 is about the writer's derivative use of other published works in their own works in progress. Where is the gray area of originality when using William Shakespeare's classic works, for example?

Modern literature is full of examples of those who boldly took it upon themselves to "copy" the Bard's great works or at least use them as inspiration for their books. Where do we writers draw the line? What is plagiarism?


-Updates on the weather, our basement and the baby deer.


-How sausage, laws, and books are created.

-Using three senses in your writing (Das Boot).

As always, we go to a lot of places in less than an hour. If you're a writer or thinking about becoming one, this podcast is for you!

Have a listen and check us out at TIA! LYL!

Jul 16, 202351:03
Maternity Ward
Jul 09, 202345:15
Vegas and Magic Mike

Vegas and Magic Mike

Writers are always told to "write what they know," but what if you don't know? This week, CC got the opportunity to fill out her life experience by going to Las Vegas' famous male revue: "Magic Mike Live."

She takes our listeners through each step of the show: from hair-and-makeup to the dancing and athleticism of the show to the post-show meet-and-greet with some of the dancers. CC then spends some time outlining how she's going to apply this experience to her current work in progress.

Also discussed:

-Summer time!

-Coca Cola Store!

-Southwest Air

-Fourth of July!

Have a listen and check us out at TIA! LYL!

Jul 02, 202335:09
Jun 25, 202342:56


Happy Father's Day and Juneteenth to all who celebrate!

Episode 120 is all about:

- Our works in progress,

- JT's new part-time job,

- Visiting places from our youth and feeling the ghosts walking through us,

- Readers' reading habits, and

- Tighter plots for the shorter attentions spans of the 21st Century.

Have a listen and check us out at TIA! LYL!

Jun 18, 202340:26
Jun 11, 202332:24
Going Cross Country

Going Cross Country

The podcast is back after a two-week hiatus due to JT driving to the East Coast and back to see his sister. Today's episode is all about that eleven-state tour (NV, UT, WY, NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA, MD, DE, and back). For those scoring at home, JT drove over 5,500 miles.


Visiting the Gettysburg National Military Park

What's the one color you'll see from coast to coast?

Happy 41st Anniversary!

Gettyburg is a must-see for the history nerd (guilty). If you can't get there, Justin Scarred from Randomland does a great job outlining the museum and the battlefields.

We'll get back to a true writing podcast next week. Have a listen and enjoy!

Jun 04, 202349:40
Finding Time
May 14, 202340:37
May 07, 202339:50
Writers' Workshop

Writers' Workshop

For Carson City's Mark Twain Days, we went to a writers' workshop on Nevada and came away with interesting perspectives and ideas. CC might even have a new story to tell.

Our thanks to the Nevada Arts Council for sponsoring the workshop. We discuss our own works in progress and our upcoming trip to Europe.

Here's a plug for CC's past colleague Rich Moreno who wrote a timely piece on "Frontier Fake News," available through the University of Nevada Press. Good guy and good writer.

Have a listen and check us out at TIA LYL!

Apr 23, 202324:13
Messages to Us
Apr 16, 202333:21
Words are Hard
Apr 09, 202327:28
Spring Cleaning
Apr 02, 202326:04
Reality vs. Memory
Mar 26, 202337:28
Dialogue and SM
Mar 19, 202337:15
Flooded Basement
Mar 11, 202332:31
Snow and Taxes
Mar 05, 202330:04
That Which We Leave Behind
Feb 26, 202336:18
Comfort Zones and FanFic
Feb 20, 202330:20
The Disharmony of Love
Feb 12, 202323:40
Feb 05, 202333:28
Jan 29, 202338:38
Jan 22, 202337:43
Adult Books
Jan 15, 202337:40
Episode 100

Episode 100

Twenty-two months since we started in isolation, and here is our 100th episode of the CC and JT Amateur Hour ("where production values go to die"). This episode coincides with the debut of "From Tundra to Tiara," so honestly, how could we not do this today?

Not all is sunshine as real life taught us a valuable lesson about perspective (trigger: COVID). We're also thankful that small businesses survive and thrive, like Hoffman Plumbing who helped us not have a flooded basement.

We chatted about our favorite episodes out of the 100, plus we learned something about Amazon Kindle fraud. Yes, it appears people are fraudulently downloading our books (sigh).

We are especially thankful to you, our steady and loyal listeners.

Have a listen, check us out at, and be ready to listen to more fun from the CC and JT Amateur Hour. TIA! LYL!

Jan 09, 202330:19
Almost Over
Jan 08, 202336:09
FTTT: Chapter Two
Jan 02, 202330:33
FTTT: Chapter One

FTTT: Chapter One

As promised, here we are, reading the first chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie. Well, we can hope, anyway. The first two chapters of "From Tundra to Tiara" are posted on our website, so feel free to follow along as we read.

We also chat about good and bad holiday movies, and we pick our favorite of the season: "A New York Christmas Wedding" on Netflix. And there's the usual talk about the holidays along with the hope and prayer that you're having the best season you can have.

Check us out on and take care of you. TIA! LYL!

Dec 24, 202230:01
Christmas Memories
Dec 18, 202232:28
Writing Your Space Epic
Dec 10, 202234:14
Posture and Mojo

Posture and Mojo

Our single brain is on display in this podcast because we wandered all over the writer's landscape today, starting with writing posture, segueing to mojo and frame of mind, and ending with a chat about writers spending money. We did learn that CC and I had different elementary school experiences. Have a listen!

Related: the podcast on Money got a lot of love this week, per the analytics. 

We're at the end of our first graphic arts class. Hope you enjoy the logo! 

We also did the usual update of our personal writing projects, so here's the usual reminder that we have a book coming out on January 9, 2023. Preorder it for 99¢ now for the price goes up on January 10, 2023. Here's the link.

You can learn all about us at our website:

Have a great week, everyone!

Dec 04, 202237:34
What Did You Say?
Nov 27, 202235:11
We Did This To Ourselves

We Did This To Ourselves

A little bit longer post for this week's podcast.

Tomorrow starts the presale of our new book on Amazon. This week, we discuss kicking off our marketing campaign tomorrow (Monday, November 21) with all sorts of plans and incentives. We're doing the title reveal this week and the cover reveal next week. 

The biggest challenge will be navigating through the uncertainty of social media, which may disappear without warning. Here's our plans to push this book:

1. We will be offering free books from our Amazon libraries (CC and JT) sometime in the next few weeks.

2. The new book will be released on Monday, January 9. Between Monday, November 21 and the release date, you can preorder the book for 99¢. On Tuesday, January 10, the price of the book jumps to $2.99. Pre-order while it's cheap!

3. When you preorder the book, reach out to us via our contact page on our website or email ( with your name and address. We'll send you a holiday slash thank you card with our picture and special message.

We will put together a mailing list someday, but if you have a WordPress account, you can get automatic updates from our blog posts.

We are doing all of this extra stress and anxiety to ourselves because we believe in our book and we believe in you. Thank you for playing along.

Our website is

(PS: We're so wrapped up in our plan that I think we said Tuesday (Nov 22) is the title reveal. Nope. It's Monday (Nov 21). Sorry for any confusion.)

Nov 20, 202235:11
Writing for the Holidays
Nov 13, 202233:16
Writing About Politics
Nov 06, 202237:15


Welcome to Halloween 2022, and we pick what we feel is the iconic horror film of the genre: Alien! We thoroughly spoil this 1979 classic that pushes back on all (well, most) of the clichés, and we explain why we feel this is mandatory viewing for writers dabbling in the horror and/or sci-fi genres. 

We also chat (or kvetch, if you will) about our Graphic Arts class, and we touch on Nanowrimo and our ongoing works in progress.

As always, stop by our website at and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL! 

Oct 30, 202237:04
Marketing Part 2
Oct 23, 202224:22
Settings Part Two
Oct 16, 202233:43
Settings Part One

Settings Part One

This week's podcast has us on the road to Lone Pine, California, home to many movie settings, some of which you've seen. We use a visit to the Museum of Western Film History and the Alabama Hills as background for a chat about Settings.

They can be a challenge to writers as we try to strike a balance between adding a colorful dimension versus overwhelming the reader with details and extrapolation.

We thoroughly spoil Pleasantville and Blade Runner (1982) as examples.

Next week, we talk about how a setting can become the dominant tone of a book. 

We update listeners on our manuscript at the editors, our graphic design class, and JT's retirement (also mentioned here).

Please visit us at for pictures. TIA! LYL!

Oct 03, 202235:11
Road Not Taken
Sep 25, 202230:19