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A Tiny Web3 Podcast

A Tiny Web3 Podcast

By Cartesi

A Tiny Web3 Podcast is produced by Cartesi and hosted by Claudio Marques. It’s a space where web3 builders, enthusiasts and leaders from the Cartesi community and beyond share how they’re paving the way forward for Web3 adoption.

Join us for 15 minutes each week to hear about topics such as scalability with L2 solutions and app-specific rollups, the possibilities of developing for web3 on Linux, building worldwide communities, new use cases and more. It's a podcast that's small in size, but big on Web3 wisdom!
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Crypto Gatherings & Global Impact: A Chat with Epic Web3

A Tiny Web3 Podcast Nov 01, 2023

 Diverse Talents, Infinite Possibilities & Running a Successful Web3 Hackathon with Think&Dev
Nov 22, 202314:39
Information as Public Good: A Chat with The Rollup
Nov 15, 202315:25
Scaling for Mass Adoption & Blockchain Interoperability with Espresso Systems
Nov 14, 202315:37
Crypto Gatherings & Global Impact: A Chat with Epic Web3
Nov 01, 202315:48