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Discover the future of tech with Casper and your ultimate podcast for everything blockchain, web3, and the decentralized web! Dive into the latest trends, insights, and innovations with our expert hosts. Learn about the transformative power of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and how they're reshaping the digital landscape. Stay ahead with tips, tricks, and analysis from leading industry experts. Get ready to unlock the potential of the decentralized world. #BlockchainPodcast #Web3 #DecentralizedWeb
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Michael Steuer | CTO of MAKE: The Convergence of Blockchain, NFTs, and Gaming

Casper PodcastMay 25, 2023

Michael Steuer | CTO of MAKE: The Convergence of Blockchain, NFTs, and Gaming

Michael Steuer | CTO of MAKE: The Convergence of Blockchain, NFTs, and Gaming

Are you curious about the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology and decentralized applications? Then you simply can't miss the latest episode of the Casper Podcast. Hosts Joe Benso, and Matt Schaffnit, are joined by none other than Michael Steuer, a trailblazer in the world of Web3 and the CTO and Co-Founder of MAKE, the company behind the innovative Casper Wallet and CSPR.Market

In this fascinating conversation, Michael delves into his vast experience in digital content, entertainment, and gaming, shedding light on the technological revolution and his personal trajectory toward blockchain. Hear the story of a true pioneer in technology, who once revolutionized the customer interaction model for giants like McDonald's and Time Warner, is now helping drive a multi-trillion dollar app economy, from his roots in Amsterdam to his current role in Santa Monica.

Step back in time to 2012, when Michael embarked on his blockchain journey as the CTO of a mobile gaming company. Learn about his transition into the world of crypto.

Listen as Michael elaborates on the significance of open-source development and governance in blockchain projects, and Casper's unyielding commitment to a community-led approach. Learn about the exciting new features of the Casper Wallet, shaped by feedback from the community and built to include native NFT functionality, mobile client development, and ledger integration.

As a key figure in the Casper ecosystem, Michael highlights the immense potential of NFTs, especially in the gaming industry. He offers intriguing insights into how blockchain could create unprecedented opportunities in gaming and predicts a future where NFTs carry tangible real-world value.

The episode concludes with Michael sharing his optimistic vision on the widespread adoption of blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies, stressing the necessity for intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to outshine existing technology. Stay tuned for some thrilling updates about their foray into the NFT space and their upcoming marketplace.

Whether you're an avid tech enthusiast or someone curious about blockchain and its potential, this episode of the Casper Podcast is an absolute must-listen. Tune in for an illuminating discussion about the past, present, and future of blockchain technology, its crossroads with gaming, NFTs, and enterprise solutions. Don't just stay informed – be part of the conversation.

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May 25, 202315:07
Consensus 2023 Recap | Casper Labs CTO Medha Parlikar
May 04, 202311:41
NFT NYC Recap | Trailblazers of the Tokenized World

NFT NYC Recap | Trailblazers of the Tokenized World

In this 5th episode of the Casper podcast, join us as we dive into the heart of the NFT NYC conference in the bustling city of New York. We're taking you behind the scenes to meet some of the most innovative project builders and visionaries in the Web3 space.

We have exclusive interviews with those at the heart of some of the most promising projects, offering invaluable insights into the potential of NFTs and how they're transforming industries like art, gaming, and music.

Whether you're an NFT aficionado or just curious about the hype, this episode is packed with knowledge, inspiration, and a sneak peek into the future of the decentralized web.




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Joe Benso

Matt Schaffnit

Apr 23, 202312:47
Ralf Kubli | The Cost of Trust and the Significance of Blockchain

Ralf Kubli | The Cost of Trust and the Significance of Blockchain

Ralf Kubli from the Casper Association explains the value of trust and how blockchain can solve some of the hardest problems within finance and economic infrastructure globally, using blockchain technology for observability and verifiability.

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Ralf Kubli


Joe Benso and Matt Schaffnit

Apr 05, 202311:06
Karol Marter | Blockchain Potential Beyond Crypto
Feb 22, 202311:02
Niamh O'Connell | Sr. Business Development at Casper Labs
Feb 06, 202310:56
Dylan Ireland | Developer Advocate Insights From Casper Association
Jan 23, 202315:14