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Phoenix Mystery School

Phoenix Mystery School

By Cassandra Finch

Education, Tools and Connection for Starseeds and all choosing their path of Divinity.
Meditations, Activations, Explorations of Spiritual Concepts and more!
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Inner Critic - How To Begin Healing

Phoenix Mystery School Apr 18, 2023

Inner Critic - How To Begin Healing

Inner Critic - How To Begin Healing

In this episode, I dive into the origin of the inner critic.

We aren't usually "born" with an inner critic, although conception and soul contracts can play a part at times - but most of it is amplified when we have critical environments.

I talk about who the inner critic really could be, how to work with the emotional wounds around it, and the work beyond to keep the new pattern of self love going.

Apr 18, 202323:35
Calling Back Your Power & Unhooking Your Own Projections

Calling Back Your Power & Unhooking Your Own Projections

In this episode, I talk about the lense of victim fears, the spectrum of using vs being used, projecting vs being projected on and how to release both ends of the spectrum to find balance. This will increase a sense of self, confidence, and feeling capable in life.

Loving neutrality is a must when you are reflecting on who you are, who you've been and who you want to be.

Apr 13, 202323:38
My Story From Trauma To Transformation

My Story From Trauma To Transformation

In this episode, I give a little insight into my life, where I've been, what I've overcome to be the woman and Leader I am today.

Feb 16, 202342:26
Bringing Back My Power From The Underworld

Bringing Back My Power From The Underworld

This episode is about the experience of where I went into the deep astral plane of suffering to reclaim a part of me that I had let go of.
This created many blocks in my life and true inability to move forward, experience better opportunities because my field was still clogged and draining my life force.
The understanding and love that propelled me through this was mindblowing.
I had a new understanding for how things were and that was enough for me to heal this part of me.

Feb 06, 202335:05
My Experience With Spirit Guides

My Experience With Spirit Guides

In this episode, I'm covering my experience with Spirit Guides and some of the Spirit Realm since I was a child.
What you should know...
*We have a Spirit Guide Team
*Its your choice to engage with them or not
*They help keep us on track
*They've experienced life on Earth so that they can actually guide us

There is nothing to fear - they are learning about creation especially in this new age, as well as action and consequence even deeper.
They cannot make us do anything, and we can revoke consent at any time if we choose.

I look at my Spirit Guide team like my Mentors - they want me to succeed and build a joyful, fulfilling life and they will support my Soul Path & remind me of it. Again, it is your choice if you want to come to consciousness (self awareness) or not. Whatever you choose, is for you.

Jan 12, 202332:54
Mindscape Information Webinar

Mindscape Information Webinar

Replay of the Mindscape Online Webinar recorded on October 17 2022.

Join Instructor David Korchinski and coordinator Cassandra Finch discuss the benefits of the method called Mindscape.
Mindscape is a tool that utilizes your senses, drops you into deep alpha, and creates a workshop in your mind that shortcuts you to your intuition and capabilties.
Mindscape allows us access beyond what we consider the rational, 3D world.
Research the holographic universe theory - Mindscape gives us access to information beyond the normal means.
This is a tool that requires self awareness and trust, belief in something bigger but by no means do you need to have any intuitive experience to join.

Next class will be online via ZOOM - contact Cassandra at or visit for the next dates!

Oct 18, 202236:09
Guest Speaker: Maryna Ninovska - How You May Be Sabotaging Your Healing Journey & What To Avoid For Lasting Results & Transformation.

Guest Speaker: Maryna Ninovska - How You May Be Sabotaging Your Healing Journey & What To Avoid For Lasting Results & Transformation.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Maryna Ninovska.

We chatted all things self-sabotage when it comes to healing ourselves and doing the deep inner work.
AKA What to AVOID to sustain healing and have lasting breakthroughs)
We covered false new age dogma misinformation, the essential role of co-regulation and common ego traps while pursuing self-healing.

Tune in for valuable wisdom nuggets to support you on your own journey of self-mastery!

Maryna is an incredible leader in the healing world.
She is a Re-birth Doula, Shadow Work Practitioner, Self-Mastery Coach, Somatic Release Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance Facilitator.

She is the creator of Mastering Human, a program consciously crafted for the modern seeker looking to embark on a path of high vibrational living and self-development. This platform is an intentional space of spirit centered teachings and offerings tailored to support those on the pursuit of self-mastery, self-realization, and self-discovery.

Check her out here:
Links to work with her are there as well, for her incredible Force To Be Reckoned With program AND her 1:1 mentorship. 

Apr 05, 202237:18
Expand The Potential Of Your Mind with David Korchinski

Expand The Potential Of Your Mind with David Korchinski

Meet David Korchinski.
He is a MindScape Instructor, BodyTalk Access Instructor, and PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner.  He teaches courses in North America, and around the world, and taught the first ever IBA courses in the United Arab Emirates (MindScape and Access) in April 2009 (Abu Dhabi).  David also conducts distance intuitive PaRama BodyTalk sessions by appointment.
In this episode, we talk about the power of the mind, the heart, the importance of intuition (even from a practical, rational perspective) and how to harness that.
Get to know David, feel his presence and his experience, coming from the corporate world and sharing his talents internationally.
You can connect with David with any questions via email: or check out his bio here:

Jan 24, 202233:06
Lucky W!tch: MAGIC LOVE

Lucky W!tch: MAGIC LOVE

Hey Divine Sisters (and brothers!) todays episode is about MAGIC, LOVE and the initiations into your own power, manifestation, and being in the feminine - healing your sister wounds and seeing what is POSSIBLE with prosperity of love, money, and community.

Nov 26, 202153:17
Womb Cleansing With The Sacral Chakra

Womb Cleansing With The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral is an important energetic center for our passion, creativity, sensuality, joy, pleasure, and our sacred sexuality.

This is also an area we may store trauma related to sexual experiences, or where we store energy around rejection (in all forms), energy connection to others that we have bonded with, how we accept ourselves and so much more.

Integrating these pieces can guide you to your own clarity, sacral power, connection to your gut instincts and more.

Nov 04, 202117:48
The Joy Activation!

The Joy Activation!

Our emotions are our natural state - Joy/Sadness, Grief, Anger, Fear & Worry. When dealt with in healthy ways - they become energy in motion - Joy creates harmony within our body, mind and spirit.
By being open to receiving and sitting in the energy and vibration, you are receiving more harmony to areas of your body/mind/spirit that may be out of harmony. This can help shift it with loving awareness, compassion and understanding.
Be gentle with yourself - many of us are programmed to live in fear, scarcity, and misery. For much of the world, survival is the way because there are many dangers and threats. What if - we can tune in internally for our own sense of harmony? 

Sep 28, 202123:02
The Truth Of Astrology Featuring Sanja Rose
Jul 31, 202144:21
July to September Energy Update

July to September Energy Update

Things to focus on July- September! Journal, meditate, walk or do what you need to for processing and stillness. Enjoy!
Jul 01, 202122:04
The Phoenix Activation

The Phoenix Activation

The Phoenix Archetype, why it is important and a guided meditation to meet your Phoenix; transforming anything misaligned
Jun 23, 202125:26
April to June 2021 Forecast

April to June 2021 Forecast

I've compiled each month and a series of areas to look into for your future reference!

All realms (if you want to know which one you are, go here have a unique space here, and what they are here to do. Starseeds are not the "chosen ones", they are here to help in a different way than the other realms, and vice versa.
We all have an equally important role.
Activations, unconditional love, choosing your path, illuminated truth are just some themes popping up.


Let me know if you've got value from this episode.

So much love to you all!

Mar 13, 202118:15
Future Self Meditation

Future Self Meditation

Go on a guided journey to your future self, a tool I've been using since 2012 and having panic attacks because of my self doubt and insecurities.
It is so beneficial to connect with the version of you who has worked through and achieved what you are working on right now.
This isn't a bypass - it is a way to connect to the frequency of you who already knows the steps, to connect with your internal nudges and intuitive voice so that you can process and move through what you feel is keeping you stuck.
When you become 'unstuck', you are able to make decisions with ease and find your path without second guessing.

Mar 03, 202114:52
Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

In this episode, I explore common beliefs, what you witnessed growing up, and how you can shift from scarcity to abundance.

Feb 15, 202133:49
Healing The Feminine & Creating A Vortex of Support

Healing The Feminine & Creating A Vortex of Support

In this episode, I address the wounded feminine based on our unique experience and guide you through a healing process.
Opening up the portal of possibility in creating a circle of Divine Feminine who are supportive, loving as well as tuning into your Divine Feminine Energy.
This can be an exercise that you do as many times as you need.
Let's begin to heal how we, as women, feel hurt and wounded by each other, so that we can support, rise and love each other - creating harmony on this planet. 

Feb 02, 202139:04
3D To 5D Transition + Scanning Technique

3D To 5D Transition + Scanning Technique

In this episode, I discuss my truth around the 3D, its value as well as the transition to 5D.
A valuable scanning technique that will help you tap into your inner self to release any blocks or anything that is not 'you', in an easy, fun way that is heart centered.
Let me know your biggest takeaways and how the scanning felt for you!

Jan 25, 202130:21
Starseeds & Leaders: Jan - March 2021 Action & Self Care

Starseeds & Leaders: Jan - March 2021 Action & Self Care

A general overview of January - March 2021.
Action steps and Self Care actions as well as journal prompts!

Jan 06, 202130:28
Supporting Children - Emotional Release for Parents

Supporting Children - Emotional Release for Parents

This quick tool can help your kids process their emotions in an easy, tangible way that over time, can be a tool they can use anytime.
And bonus, can help us parents too when we feel stuck!
You can use these tools for yourself and use alternate wording that suits you.

-Disclaimer- I am not a psychologist, counsellor or family doctor. This is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or cure any conditions.
Dec 15, 202016:09
Soul Ties & Tools For Removal

Soul Ties & Tools For Removal

What are Soul Ties?
In this Episode, I explain Soul Ties from my experience as well as give two powerful tools to help release any soul-tie connection.
Soul ties are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bonds formed in this lifetime.
Of course, some connections are healthy for us - but what about the ones that aren't?
This is only the beginning - discernment and boundaries are key to keeping your energy healthy.

Dec 07, 202024:58
Heart Supernova Manifestation Meditation

Heart Supernova Manifestation Meditation

A quick guided manifestation meditation.
A powerful way to see the heart energy expand, as well as how you can go through the fabric of time to find your most aligned creation. 

Nov 25, 202014:14
The Seven Sovereignty Codes

The Seven Sovereignty Codes

Make sure you have a pen and paper as we dive into the 7 Sovereignty Codes!
Put these into practice - work with those you feel called to or resistance to, and work through it until you feel complete.
Then, go through the list.
You can do this as many times as you wish.
Find your way back home in your heart, be free from influence and harness your discernment

Nov 18, 202026:36
You Are The Key To Seeing Through Illusions

You Are The Key To Seeing Through Illusions

Join me for resending permissions physically, energetically and dimensionally. Powerlessness as well as feeling trapped is an illusion. Collectively we rise when we realize our power in our voice.
Nov 08, 202033:60
Dark Night Of The Soul & Compassionate Interactions.

Dark Night Of The Soul & Compassionate Interactions.

Here I will explore the Dark Night Of The Soul concept, action steps, as well as holding compassion as you interact with others.
Oct 31, 202033:34