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Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

By NextWave Pharmacy Podcast Network

We are on a mission. A mission to save and revitalize independent pharmacy. On the Catalyst podcast, we dive into current events that are shaping how pharmacists approach their patients and their business. Fuel your passion for pharmacy, one conversation at a time.

Hosted by President of PioneerRx Jeff Key with cohosts Josh Howland VP of Clinical Strategy, Mark Bivins VP of Sales, and Marsha Bivins Marketing Director
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BTS 13 - Each Patient Opens New Doors

Catalyst Pharmacy PodcastJul 21, 2021

Too Much of a Good Thing With Stanley Warren | Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast Ep 107

Too Much of a Good Thing With Stanley Warren | Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast Ep 107

You probably know Stanley Warren from his LinkedIn posts or general social media presence. For the last year, he’s helped independent pharmacy owners elevate and enhance their pharmacy operations. From streamlining inventory management to increasing your OTC sales, “Pharmacy Stan” knows how to take your pharmacy out of the red and snuggly into financial freedom. In this episode, learn how to leverage your pharmacy’s services, how PBMs continue to run rampant, and how to tell just how much is too much of a good thing.

Hosted By: Jeff Key, President of PioneerRx | Mark Bivins, Director of Trade Shows and Events

Guest: Stanley Warren | Entrepreneur/Pharmacy Stan

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Nov 29, 202349:29
The Current State of Pharmacy Law | Catalyst Rewind Episode 13
Nov 22, 202343:14
Shape Your Front End for Success With Shahida Choudhry | Beyond the Scripts Episode 52
Nov 15, 202301:07:42
Unlock Your Full Potential (and Profits) With Shawn Nairn | Catalyst Podcast Ep. 106
Nov 08, 202350:32
The Price to Create is Zero with Kyle McCormick | Catalyst Podcast Ep. 105
Nov 01, 202359:32
EP104 - Lawyer Up Against PBMs With Mark Cuker
Oct 25, 202352:02
BTS EP51 - Climb the Pharmacy Tree With Nicolette Mathey
Oct 18, 202301:09:23
BTS EP50 Part 2 - Nurture Your Pharmacy’s Network With Saswat Kabisatpathy
Oct 11, 202339:37
BTS EP50 Part 1 - Grow Your Pharmacy Ecosystem With Saswat Kabisatpathy
Oct 04, 202353:41
EP103 - Find Your Pharmacy's Eureka Moment With Ashley Moose
Sep 27, 202353:38
EP102 - Turn Your Pharmacy’s Weakness into a Superpower With Sandie Kueker
Sep 20, 202301:07:08
BTS EP49 - Enter the New Age of Pharmacy With Joseph Poling
Sep 13, 202359:21
EP101 - Learning Your Patients’ Stories With Julie Stewart
Sep 06, 202346:19
EP100 - Yesterday, Today, and Beyond With Gina Groves
Aug 30, 202338:26
Catalyst Rewind | Episode 12 - Taking Your Pharmacy to the Next Level
Aug 23, 202345:42
Catalyst Rewind | Episode 11 - Understanding Pharmacy Finances
Aug 16, 202348:18
EP99 - Perfecting DSCSA Compliance With Sam Pizzo and Mark Tate
Aug 09, 202344:28
EP98 - Creating a Vaccination Destination With Jason Briscoe
Aug 02, 202357:42
Catalyst Rewind EP 10 - Doing Right By Your Patients

Catalyst Rewind EP 10 - Doing Right By Your Patients

Patient care comes in all shapes and sizes. It can range from dispensing medications to administering vaccines to leveraging your technology. Whatever your approach to patient care looks like, we all share a common objective: do right by them. Putting the “care” in “patient care,” some of our industry’s best and brightest discuss how you can take your pharmacy work — and your — patient’s health — to the next level. Tune in to learn how you can make the most out of your pharmacy technology, clinical services, and patient education. 

Featured Guests include: 

Amina Abubakar, Pharmacy Owner and CEO of the Avant Institute of Clinicians - EP 12

Brandon Knott, Owner of Cascade Specialty Pharmacy - EP 26

T.W. Taylor,  Owner of Williamsburg Drug Company - BTS EP 39 

 Tana Kaefer, Director of Clinical Services at Bremo Pharmacies - EP 90

Theresa Toll, Pharmacist/Owner of Bay Street Pharmacy - BTS EP 46 

Danielle Pierce, Director of Pharmacy Operations at Equitas Health - BTS EP 45 

Rob Maher, Director Of Pharmacy Services at Klingensmith's Drug Stores - BTS EP 34

Lisa Hines, VP of Performance Measurement at Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) - EP 20

 Barry Klein, Owner of Klein’s Pharmacy - BTS EP 20

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Jul 26, 202354:05
EP97 - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work With Tammy Bullock
Jul 19, 202353:31
BTS EP48 Part 2 - The New Blueprint of Florida Pharmacy with Kevin Duane
Jul 12, 202340:04
BTS EP48 Part 1 - Plunge into Pharmacy Technology With Kevin Duane
Jul 05, 202343:29
Catalyst Rewind EP 9 - Embracing New Pharmacy Technology
Jun 28, 202345:25
BTS EP47 - The Pharmacy Wonderland With Meredy Ayers
Jun 21, 202357:13
EP96 - A Pharmacist's Guide to a Good Day With Jackson Justus
Jun 14, 202347:55
Catalyst Rewind EP 8 - Best of Catalyst Connect Speakers

Catalyst Rewind EP 8 - Best of Catalyst Connect Speakers

It’s the most wonderful time of year at PioneerRx. With Catalyst Connect 2023 beginning this week, get in the Catalyst Connect spirit by watching this year’s speakers dish out priceless industry knowledge. Whether you’re attending this year or want to know what the fuss is all about, you don’t want to miss these nuggets of wisdom in this week’s episode of Catalyst Rewind. Featured Guests include:

Adam Robinson, Owner of Save-Rite Drugs - BTS EP 36 

Micah Lansford, Managing Pharmacist at Roden-Smith Pharmacy - BTS EP 3

Troy Trygstad, Executive Director at CPESN USA - EP 65

Eric Cushey, Owner of Curtis Pharmacy - BTS EP 25

Kathy Campbell, CEO of Medicap Pharmacy | Bradley Davie, Jr., Sales Representative at InBody USA - BTS EP 43

Marc Ost, Co-Owner of Eric’s Rx Shoppe - BTS EP 41

Kari VanderHouwen, Owner of Duvall Family Drugs | Sirena Kalinski, Director of Pharmacy Operations - EP 75

Tanner Mitchell, Clinical Pharmacist - BTS EP 37

Kelley Babcock, Founder of Leadership Growth Formula - EP 68

Travis Wolff, Owner of Med-World Pharmacy - EP 80 

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Jun 07, 202353:58
EP95 - Pharmacy in the Puerto Rico Sun With Debbie Weitzman
May 31, 202337:38
Catalyst Rewind EP 7 | Pharmacy Ownership 101
May 24, 202346:22
BTS | EP46 - The Trials of Ownership With Theresa Tolle
May 17, 202352:59
EP94 - Turning the Tables on Drug Pricing With Marc Essensa & Darren Thieding
May 10, 202352:53
BTS | EP45 - Technicians Take the Stage With Danielle Pierce
May 03, 202350:05
BTS | EP44 - The Preceptor’s Survival Guide With Megan Smith
Apr 26, 202301:00:60
EP93 - Into the End Zone With David Bailey
Apr 19, 202343:29
BTS | EP43 - The Secret to Lifetime Health With Kathy Campbell & Bradley Davie, Jr.
Apr 12, 202301:04:28
EP92 - The Tech Effect: Elevating Pharmacy Technicians With Parker Baro
Apr 05, 202350:31
EP91 - How to Be a Pharmacy Powerhouse With Lisa Faast
Mar 29, 202354:17
EP90 - NCPA: Paving Pharmacy's Foundation With Hannah Fish & Tana Kaefer
Mar 22, 202347:58
BTS | EP42 - Amp Up Your Operations With David Figg
Mar 15, 202352:02
EP89 - The AI Advantage With Natalie Wilcox
Mar 08, 202352:13
BTS | EP41 - Change is the Only Constant With Marc Ost
Mar 01, 202350:15
BTS | EP40 - If You Build It, They Will Come With Easton Bryant
Feb 22, 202356:47
Catalyst Rewind | EP6 - Marketing Your Pharmacy
Feb 15, 202342:16
EP88 - If You’re Open, Take the Shot With Mike Matovich
Feb 08, 202354:28
EP87 - From Disco Scene to Pharmacy Queen With Eileen Jordan
Feb 01, 202343:22
EP86 - Disrupting the System With Troy Trygstad
Jan 25, 202352:58
EP85 - Embrace the Opportunity With Jennifer Palazzolo
Jan 18, 202345:15
BTS | EP39 - Racing Towards Better Health With T.W. Taylor
Jan 11, 202301:01:34
BTS | EP38 - Getting Out of the Red With Mayank Amin
Jan 04, 202301:07:41
Catalyst Rewind | EP5 - 2022 Year-in-Review

Catalyst Rewind | EP5 - 2022 Year-in-Review

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the friends we’ve made and the insights we’ve gained on the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast this year. Tune in to our 2022 Year-in-Review to hear from our best guests on the topics that matter most, from ownership to audits to doing more for your pharmacy in the next twelve months. Featured guests include:

Josh Rimany, CEO of Dilworth Drug - BTS EP 23

Joe McKamey, General Manager of Marcrom’s Pharmacy - BTS EP 26

Travis Wolff, Owner of Med-World Pharmacy - EP 80

Camille Schrier, Pharm.D. Student and Miss America 2020 - EP 62

Troy Trygstad, Executive Director of CPESN - EP 65

Tripp Logan, Vice President of Semo Rx Pharmacies - EP 67

Erich Cushey, Owner of Curtis Pharmacy - BTS EP 25

Tory Grooms and Abi Scott, PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents - EP 63

Richard Brook, President of Richard K. Brook & Associates - EP 60

Benjamin Jolley, Pharmacist at Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy - BTS EP 24

Brandon Cooper, Pharmacist at Soo’s Drug Store - BTS EP 28

Michael Stout, Co-Owner of Table Rock Pharmacy - BTS EP 31

Phil Cowley, Owner of Cache Valley Pharmacy - EP 61

Kelley Babcock, Founder of Leadership Growth Formula - EP 68

Jay Phipps, CEO of Phipps Pharmacy - BTS EP 30

From all of us at the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast, thank you for your support this year, and we look forward to seeing you in the next. Happy New Year!

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Dec 28, 202201:06:30
EP84 - Your Guide to Financial Freedom With Tim Ulbrich
Dec 21, 202251:34