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Create Imperfect Anyway

Create Imperfect Anyway

By Cathlene Bell

A podcast for creative minds in search of a gentle nudge towards bravely imperfect action.

In each episode, we interview creative people who, like you, are in the trenches with their own creativity. They share their stories of learning to walk through brain-fogging beliefs of "not good enough" or "nobody will like this" into active creation.

Our hope is that Create Imperfect Anyway can inspire you to do just that - and to know that you're not along in doing so.

Let's get creating!
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Anna: Reclaiming My Creativity

Create Imperfect AnywayMay 09, 2022

Coraline: on Coming Back to Myself

Coraline: on Coming Back to Myself

Do you ever feel unmoored from who you know deep down you are meant to be? Do you struggle to grasp your creative side sometimes due to being in your head?

In this cozy, tenderness-filled episode, Double-Doodle Play certified Art Facilitator and Author Coraline Bonzon recounts how learning to paint with both hands at the same time taught her to be kinder to herself in all parts of life, while her recently published book Laisser les Môts Surgir challenged her to try something she never envisioned possible in her creative life!

Here are just a few things we explore together:

  • Creativity’s “beauty of no escape”
  • What can happen in your body when you disconnect from creativity?
  • Remembering to love yourself first.
  • Writing as an invitation to be brave
  • Creativity as a journey of self-acceptance
  • Courageous Visibility and asking people to believe in you
  • How to access our inner softness and tenderness via creativity
Jan 09, 202301:24:54
Mugabi: on Facing Adversity with Creativity - Season 2 Episode 2
Nov 12, 202201:25:26
On Showing Up Scared - Beginning Season 2

On Showing Up Scared - Beginning Season 2

Starting anything is hard - and coming back to something you've started after giving yourself some much-needed time away can be JUST as hard!

As we jump into Season 2 of Create Imperfect Anyway, I share a heart-to-heart with you on what necessitated a longer than expected break, and what I strive to bring to you in this upcoming season.

Friends, let's create imperfect anyway... again!

Oct 27, 202210:18
On Shame and C Scales - Ending Season One

On Shame and C Scales - Ending Season One

We did it!! Season One is in the books. Here's a solo episode with what this first season has taught me. See you in season 2!

Jun 13, 202217:43
Cathlene: On Heartbreak

Cathlene: On Heartbreak

Have you had your heart broken? Did your creativity offer you a safe place for that heartbreak to land? 

Today's "better done than perfect" solo episode explores heartbreak through one of its most classic vehicles: the breakup song. 

This original song, entitled "Piccolina," was instrumental (pun intended) in reconnecting to what I hadn't realized that I had lost - have you created something similar?

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May 16, 202232:45
Anna: Reclaiming My Creativity
May 09, 202201:15:44
Nyla: On Creating Better Every Day

Nyla: On Creating Better Every Day

What would happen if we spent an hour every day creating? In this in-depth conversation with watercolor artist Nyla, we explore how cultivating a creative routine impacts our relationship with ourselves (SPOILER ALERT: It takes time!)

Here's a bit of what we cover:

  • Mental Energy and the Spoon Theory
  • Holding emotional space for someone else's natural talent
  • Talent versus Skill
  • The privilege of being well-taught
  • The pros and cons of art education
  • Geeking out on pens
  • Talent without practice doesn’t take us very far.
  • Competing with our own selves
  • Dissatisfaction can either hold us back or drive us forward.
  • Is creating imperfect anyway a copout?
  • Loving what is while knowing what can be
  • What if we let people see our process instead of just the end product?

Nyla Bryant:

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Let's create imperfect anyway. I will if you will ;)

Apr 30, 202201:17:27
Cara: On Being Yourself Out Loud

Cara: On Being Yourself Out Loud

Does living loudly require you to be loud?

Not at all, according to former broadcast journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer and story coach Cara Jones.

In this conversation that is as friendly as it is frank, we explore the following topics:

- Inspiration does not come from sitting in front of a blinking cursor.
- The magic we're looking for lies in the work we are avoiding.
- What is Idea Debt?
- Social media as a tool for Creative Reconditioning
- Who are my people?
- I am here to see and accept myself as I am.
- Can I be myself in a space where those who disagree with me can see me?
- Loving ourselves through expression.
- Feeling “on purpose”
- Giving ourselves - and others - permission to be a little more free.
- “There’s nothing you could do that would make me not love you.”

Find Cara Online
Instagram: @thisiscarajones


Apr 20, 202201:03:32
Cathlene: On Grief

Cathlene: On Grief

This episode digs into a subject that cuts deep no matter what else is happening in life, yet feels all the more searing these days: grief. In sharing my original song called Watercolor Memories, I examine the following themes and questions:

  • How can creativity be a tool to support our grief?
  • It's possible to project feelings of judgment onto our creative tools - and it's also possible to rewrite that narrative.
  • Some creations take YEARS. And that's ok.
  • Work with what you have. It's ok if you don't have all the techniques or skills you think you need. 
Mar 27, 202225:41
Anisa: Creativity is Energy.
Mar 13, 202253:42
Limi: On Ending the Charade

Limi: On Ending the Charade

Have you ever felt like your life was scripted by someone else? Did you choose to walk away? If so - what did life begin to look like when you started living it on your own terms?
I have the privilege of exploring this theme in conversation with Limi Marie Bauer (@writingwithlimi), a writer and visual artist from Long Island, NY currently living in Austria.

Here are some of the topics we laugh and cry about as we dig into them:
  • Creativity and Curiosity are my right and left feet
  • Learning to not give our greatest work away for free
  • Letting a work of creativity have value while not defining the value of the creative
  • Failing forward: Rejection is part of the trajectory
  • The gift of sharing our creativity
  • Our inner critic is creative too!
  • Resting is enough
  • Creative footholds
  • Accepting our cycles of emotion
  • Trauma is trauma is trauma
  • Safe shelters exist for our most tender creativity.
  • The sacred art of curation


Mar 06, 202201:01:11
Nasca: On Showing Up
Feb 24, 202253:06
Cathlene: On Being Wrong

Cathlene: On Being Wrong

What if admitting our mistakes could help us to connect more intimately with our creativity?

In this episode, I share my song "Wrong With Me", which was recently featured on the podcast Blessed Child during a discussion on what it's like to date after leaving a cult. After a lifelong unhealthy relationship with rightness and wrongness, this song was my heart's call for more authentic connection. What I only just realized is how that invitation doesn't only work with other people - it works inwardly, too.

Ready to get nakedly honest with your inner critic? Let's dive in :)

Jan 31, 202230:15
Iwona: On the Responsibility of Creativity
Jan 22, 202252:29
Arianne: On Seizing the Moment

Arianne: On Seizing the Moment

Without Arianne, there might never have been Create Imperfect Anyway. In this heartfelt conversation, I explore how Arianne's progression through life - and particularly how she was educated - gave way to the bold, resourceful and inspiring journalist and content creator she is today. She offers candid and compelling advice for anyone who knows deep down they are a creative person, but struggle to take that next brave step.

Jan 07, 202247:51
Episode 4: On Creativity's Invitation to YOU.

Episode 4: On Creativity's Invitation to YOU.

In today's episode, I go solo, daring to take some very cool feedback from one of our listeners and sharing one of my own original songs. 

"Hide & Seek" is a love letter extending an invitation to emerge with trust - although just WHAT that emerging looks like has evolved over time. I share what it took to write this song, what it means to me today, and what invitation it can extend to YOU, my fellow creative :)

Dec 24, 202122:25
Episode 3 - Renée: On Befriending your Art

Episode 3 - Renée: On Befriending your Art

In today's episode, I speak with painter, tattoo artist and deconstruction activist podcaster Renée (also known as RenRobot), who shares how she chose to make friends with her creativity, and how that friendship supported her in building a life of profound resilience, caring connections and healthy relationships.


Instagram: @RenRobot
Podcast: Blessed Child -

Cathlene (Host of Create Imperfect Anyway)

Instagram: @CreateImperfectAnyway, @cathlene_sublimates

Dec 15, 202144:44
Episode 2 - Harmony: On Trust

Episode 2 - Harmony: On Trust

In today's episode, I speak with artist, graphic novelist and dancer Harmony, who shares how she connected to her creativity as a child, and how she relates with it today. 

Nov 28, 202101:11:14
Episode 1 - And so it begins...

Episode 1 - And so it begins...

This is the very first episode of Create Imperfect Anyway, a space for open, honest conversation about the thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from taking the leap into our own creative expression. In this episode, I share a bit about who I am, what I hope to do as host of this podcast, and what I hope you'll receive from it, as well as share an exciting glimpse into what this season holds. 

Oct 31, 202112:45