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Welcome to CC Station! An ongoing never-ending existential conversation between two monstrous ladies and others)—full of disorder, fragments, failure, humour, frustration, and amusement.
Our station is a gathering of everyday and uncommon (unconventional) conversations with artists, writers, thinkers, activists and mostly friends on topics like collaboration, collectivity in and around art.
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Conversation with Ogulcan Ekiz

CC STATIONMay 25, 2020

Experimentation with Aslı Dinç

Experimentation with Aslı Dinç

What you are listening to is a sound-interview experimentation compiling Aslı’s responses to my questions (regarding her recent solo exhibition, the tentacle manifesto, different methodologies she uses in her practice and her upcoming residency at Berlin and many other projects along her way.) together with AI-generated sounds reading the tentacle manifesto together with a few sound experiments made by Aslı and her current collaborators. Thank you Aslı and thank you all other collaborators!

Enjoy xx
-------------------------- -----------------------------
Aslı Dinç is a multidisciplinary artist. Her research interests, which are located in the cross-section of art – technology – science are the production of speculations, loops and performances with a special focus on the dystopia narratives, algorithmic cultures to human-machine interactions. She is a member of PASAJ independent art space, based in Istanbul that collaborates with social communities and hosts project exhibitions/workshops. Her performances are represented by the international performance art platform Performistanbul
Dinç lives and works in Istanbul.

-------- Website:

Discord: geimgeisla[ASLI]#2761

organised their first performance at the biennial with Birbuçuk collective’s invitation, watch the full performance - 2:42:24 - 2:56:38 :
eye of the giant squid:

tentacle manifesto:

monologue at the end is from Parasyte -
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Sep 08, 202113:51
Conversation with Olga Holzschuh and Nina Paszkowski

Conversation with Olga Holzschuh and Nina Paszkowski

For this episode, I met with artists Olga Holzschuh and Nina Paszkowski to talk about a recent group exhibition they participated in, "MORA ZMORA Femme mythological figures in Slavic folklore" curated by Paulina Ołowska at Artist House Kadenówka in Poland. We talked about their exhibition process, the experience of a one-day gathering during a lockdown, why 'Marzanna' a Slavic goddess associated with seasonal agrarian rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature, was the leading figure of their exhibition, their take on hauntology in regards to their way of art-making. Enjoy! Olga Holzschuh is an artist and lecturer at the Institute for Art and Art Theory / University in Cologne. Her artistic practice is characterized by an intensive examination of the aesthetic, social and psychological effects of technological innovations and the resulting image production on the social and individual body. Through sensitive observation, she develops settings and atmospheres in which bodies and technologies interact in order to question social hierarchies from a feminist and socio-political perspective. You can see her works here: Nina Paszkowski (*1991 Muri, Switzerland) lives and works in Cologne. She studied painting at Camberwell College of Arts in London and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She had her first solo show at Galeria MaisterraValbuena in Madrid (2014) and participated in group shows in Valencia, London, and Leipzig. She received the Premio Joven (Prize for Young Art) with an accompanying exhibition at the Museo del Traje Madrid (2015). In 2016 she completed an MA in Art, Literature and Society at Maastricht University with a research focus on Liminality as a process of artmaking and defining. Alongside her practice, she works as an art educator for the Museum Ludwig and the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne as well as the Cologne Institute for Cultural Work. In 2017 she founded the School of Political Hope with friends, a grassroots initiative that uses artistic methodologies (e.g. storytelling events, organizing workshops, art activism campaigns) to activate socio-political processes. Currently, her work is on view in a solo show at Paulina Ołowska’s artist house Dom Twórczy Kadenówka in Rabka-Zdrój (Poland) following a three-month residency in Krakow in 2020. Her website - Episode Notes: - Mora Zmora - VIDEO BY | BARBARA BORKALA FOR | ARTIST HOUSE KADENÓWKA AND PAULINA OLOWSKA RABKA ZDRÓJ 2021 - Artist House Dom Twórczy Kadenówka - The exhibition "Anger is a solution, if anger means kittens" -…eans-kittens/ - Marzanna - *Also, many thanks to George Shaheen for the editing support! CC STATION - Follow us on; Spotify – Youtube – Soundcloud – @ccstation Anchor – CC STATION cover art and intro sound design by Berlin-based artist Zeynep Özkazanç aka zoka @zozkazoz

May 17, 202151:41
Conversation with Erdem Taşdelen

Conversation with Erdem Taşdelen

Erdem Taşdelen is a Turkish-Canadian artist who currently lives and works in Toronto. His practice is rooted in conceptualism and involves a range of media, including installation, video, sculpture, sound and artist books. His diverse projects bring structures of power into question within the context of culturally learned behaviours, where he often draws from unique historical narratives to address the complexities of current sociopolitical issues. Last time we met with Erdem right before I moved to London, he was visiting Istanbul. We met in a local wine bar in Taksim and had such a laugh over many memories, and we thought we were going to meet in London since he was invited to a residency at Delfina Foundation, but then well, many things changed. Today this is the first time we had a chat after a year, and we talked about how this last year affected our practices, also his recent exhibition and ongoing works and many other things. Please don't forget to check out the episode notes below for the links mentioned during our conversation. Notes for the podcast: A Minaret for the General's Wife walkthrough video: A Minaret for the General's Wife images: The Characters images: Bina by Anakana Schofield: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk: South Korean Quarantine Videos:  ------- CC STATION cover art and intro sound design by Berlin-based artist Zeynep Özkazanç aka zoka @zozkazoz
Feb 18, 202143:18
Mine Kaplangı in conversation with the director of #direnayol Rüzgâr Buski and activist Şevval Kılıç

Mine Kaplangı in conversation with the director of #direnayol Rüzgâr Buski and activist Şevval Kılıç

Mine Kaplangı in conversation with the director of #direnayol Rüzgâr Buski and activist Şevval Kılıç
This event is part of the public programme of
the exhibition "Creating a 'we'".
#direnayol accompanies trans* activist Sevval Kılıç during the 21st Istanbul LGBTI Pride caught up in the reflections of carnivalesque Gezi Park Uprising. #direnayol is a turbulent audiovisual journey witnessing a wind of hope, humour, and solidarity wished to be remembered in the politics of Turkey today.
Rüzgâr Buşki is an artist, director and producer from Istanbul based in Berlin. Their artistic practise varies within printmaking, performance, video and film. They studied Journalism at Istanbul University and New Media in Berlin University of Arts in the class of Prof. Dr. Hito Steyerl. They were a board member of GLADT e.V - Gays und Lesbiens aus der Türkei between 2013 and 2015. They are one of the founders of Kanka Productions, a trans-feminist production collective for the empowerment of women and trans on fields of visual and performing arts. Their first feature documentary with Kanka Productions, #direnayol had its world premiere on the 15th !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival. In 2019 they received the Zeliş Deniz Queer Cinema Award, Turkey's first and only Queer Cinema Award during the Pink Life Queer Film Festival. Currently they are working on their second feature hybrid documentary on Queer Grief practices from Turkey.
Şevval Kılıç is an Istanbul based DJ and trans rights activist. She plays various forms of melodic techno and house in her sets. Şevval intuitively learned and developed DJing, and continues to perform in queer parties in Istanbul and occasionally in Berlin.
Kanka Productions:
more details on the public programme of the Creating a 'we' exhibition:…reating-a-we/
A podcast station of Collective Çukurcuma
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Feb 18, 202156:19
Conversation with Burong (曾不容)

Conversation with Burong (曾不容)

Today's -filled with irresistible waves of laughter- conversation is with artist Burong (曾不容) on her recent online live performance Non-Taster. Burong is a Live Art practitioner-researcher whose work deals with the politics of intimacy, gut feelings and posthuman ethics. She has exhibited and performed in the UK and internationally. She has published books, articles and recently finished a three-year interview project with performance artists and curators based in Europe.  Non-Taster is a performance piece that attempts to explore the elusive connections between the change of taste and the migrant experience, questioning how constantly moving to new places affects the sense of taste. #WIP: Work In Progress/Working Process is curated by Tuna Erdem & Seda Ergul with guest curators Mihaela Brebenel, Giulia Casalini, Sarah Hayden and Mine Kaplangi. The performance Non-taster (work in progress) is part of the exhibition curated by Giulia Casalini. #WIP is produced by Queer Art Projects with funding from Arts Council England. Notes for the podcast: Burong’s website: Burong’s Instagram Account: WIP exhibition: Performance Non-Taster: The Big Feast (1973): Anatomy of Hell (2004) The Love Witch (2017): Ten Days (1975-78) performance by Stuart Brisley: Marisa Carnesky's online Live Archive: Instant Ramen Noodles: White Russian recipe: CC station cover art and intro sound design by Berlin-based artist Zeynep Özkazanç aka zoka @zozkazoz Follow us on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Anchor
Jan 06, 202134:27
Beyond Limits - Daniel Stubenvoll In Conversation With Naz Cuguoğlu

Beyond Limits - Daniel Stubenvoll In Conversation With Naz Cuguoğlu

Beyond Limits
Online book launch
Daniel Stubenvoll In Conversation With Naz Cuguoğlu

as part of the public
programme of the exhibition
Creating a 'we'

more details on the public programme of Creating a 'we' exhibition:…reating-a-we/

Daniel Stubenvoll in conversation with curator Naz Cuguoğlu on his recent publication "Beyond Limits" and its visual language in relation with his video work "Haunted Townhall (Institution of Suspense)" from the exhibition "Creating a 'we'". The text for this publication was written by Naz Cuguoğlu in a fictional letter format.

A podcast station of Collective Çukurcuma

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Oct 16, 202001:08:28
Creating a 'we' I reading session 1
Sep 25, 202001:02:37
"Zér0 Genèse" by Joëlle Pidoux & Sarah Schoderer

"Zér0 Genèse" by Joëlle Pidoux & Sarah Schoderer

"Zér0 Genèse" by Joëlle Pidoux & Sarah Schoderer

This podcast is part of the public Programme of Creating a 'we' group exhibition

Online video screening - Zér0 Genèse by Sarah Schoderer & Joëlle Pidoux
September 8, 2020

"The movie collage "Zér0 Genèse“ deals with gender roles and calls into question the norms our society built from them. The video materials are composed of a self-shooting and videos of the Internet. We created a kind of music video clip with different interviews of women, who are mostly talking about women, sexuality, gender identity and culture. The clip of the Celtic ritual of "queimada”– an alcoholic beverage in Galicia – runs like a red thread through the video collage and subtly sets the pace of the video - the Celts are known for their matriarchal society. The whole structure is roughly like a "news feed" as in Facebook. Our film tells a story. It is the story from different perspectives of the diversity of our present and past."
Further information:…ast-zer0-genese

Sep 04, 202040:45
Conversation with Anna-Lena Werner

Conversation with Anna-Lena Werner

Anna-Lena Werner is one of the most inspirational women that lead our collective's way and interpose our dark thoughts whenever necessary in the most magical way. She is a dear friend, a curator, a writer and an art historian, currently living and working in Berlin. Having studied art history, theatre studies (Freie Universität Berlin) and art theory (Chelsea College of Art and Design, London), she completed her PhD in 2019 at Freie Universität Berlin with the study "Let Them Haunt Us. How Contemporary Aesthetics Challenge Trauma as the Unrepresentable" (transcript, Bielefeld 2020). We started our conversation from the day we met in Istanbul and how it leads us to collaborate until today through collective exhibitions, and talked about her journey with the online art platform artfridge, on trauma and its representations in contemporary art and friendship. Please see more about her book and all her other project in this podcast's info sheet. Enjoy!

Correction: 13th Istanbul Biennial we referred in the conversation took place in 2013, not 2014.

On 13th Istanbul Biennial -
Point Project:
Let them haunt us - How Contemporary Aesthetics Challenge Trauma as the Unrepresentable by Anna-Lena Werner:

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Jul 21, 202044:47
One Afternoon with Walid Siti
Jul 07, 202023:23
Conversation with Ogulcan Ekiz
May 25, 202052:31
Episode 0 - Welcome to CC Station

Episode 0 - Welcome to CC Station

A podcast station of Collective Cukurcuma (a non profit curatorial collective founded by Naz Cuguoglu & Mine Kaplangi in 2015)
May 15, 202003:37
Conversation with Nicky Broekhuysen

Conversation with Nicky Broekhuysen

Conversation with Nicky Broekhuysen May, 2020 Please visit for the video version of this episode. Links which may be useful • Website of Nicky Broekhuysen: • Mine Kaplangı, Interview: Nicky Broekhuysen: • Jeremy Polacek, From Aura Photos to Automatic Writing, an Artist Plumbs the Abyss Between Belief and Disbelief (Susan Hiller’s Exhibition): • Tate Britain - William Blake: • The Gallery of Everything - Medium’s Medium: • Drawing Room - Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist as Medium - • Fondation Monet (Monet’s House & Garden in Giverny): • Surrealist Automatism (Automatic writing and drawing): • Davidson Gallery - The Channeling: • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future: John O'Donohue, The Inner Landscape of Beauty: Books: • Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain: A Celebration of the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland Follow Collective Çukurcuma on, and
May 11, 202001:10:35
One Afternoon with HazMatLab (Sandra Havlicek, Tina Kohlmann and Katharina Schücke)
May 09, 202028:48