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into the WILderness

into the WILderness

By CEWIL Canada

Into the WILderness is weekly, topic-driven show where we dive deeper into the world of Work Integrated Learning or WIL.

Brought to you by CEWIL Canada, the lead organization for Work Integrated Learning in Canada.
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WIL Down Under

into the WILdernessMar 14, 2023

WIL Down Under
Mar 14, 202342:10
Where Have all the Good Tourists Gone? An Update on Canada's Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Where Have all the Good Tourists Gone? An Update on Canada's Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Just over a year ago, I looked into Canada's tourism and hospitality industry to find out how it was trying to recover and the role that WIL played in getting more students and new grads into this sector. Fast forward to today and it's still very much in a state of recovery, but in a better place than it was in early 2022. I am joined once again by Joe Baker to discuss Tourism HR Canada's role in the national conversation. On this episode we talk the return to in person business events, the rise of hotel and restaurant alternatives, and how to achieve a sustainable workforce in the future. I also share my deep frustration with home delivery ice cream.

Guest: Joe Baker, Tourism HR Candada

"Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife

Feb 28, 202348:33
Scott Davis, WIL! True Waterloo Story
Jan 31, 202348:58
CSI: StFX - A CEWIL iHub Story
Jan 10, 202351:06
CEWIL Wrapped - 2022 Year in Review
Dec 06, 202229:38
Cells at War - A CEWIL iHub Story
Nov 15, 202257:15
The North Remembers - An Exploration of Non-Profit WIL in Northern Canada
Nov 08, 202249:34
Big Decisions - Optional vs. Mandatory WIL Programming

Big Decisions - Optional vs. Mandatory WIL Programming

When I kicked off Season 2 I mentioned I would be joined by some co-hosts to get into the weeds on some more opinion driven topics. After some technical difficulties and scheduling conflicts, I am pleased to welcome David DiPietro back to the show in the co-host seat. Fresh into his new role as Manager, Business Development at Niagara College, David joins me to have an honest conversation about our preference when it comes to optional or mandatory WIL. Sure, there's room for both, but we each put our foot down and make a stand. We cover different WIL types and different scenarios, exploring pros and cons of each, faculty implications, student perceptions and everything in between. Whether you're looking for validation on your own opinion or looking for a reason to yell at your radio/phone, tune in to find out our thoughts on the topic.

Guest: David DiPietro, Manager, Business Development, Niagara College, ON

"Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife

Oct 18, 202251:42
Keep em Integrated - Building Canada's First Work-Integrated Degree Program
Oct 11, 202259:10
Boogie with STU - A Student Success Story from WIL to the Workplace
Oct 04, 202248:41
If At First You Don't Succeed, C4! The Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom
Sep 27, 202257:26
You're the One that I Want...Post Secondary Institution that is!
Sep 20, 202243:35
London Calling to the WILderness

London Calling to the WILderness

A first for the show - I'm going across the pond to London, England...well figuratively speaking. Canada is a big country and has some pretty amazing people, but we aren't the only ones doing cool and innovative things when it comes to WIL. This week I sit down with Dr. Trevor Gerhardt, Lead Academic on Work Integrated Learning at Pearson College and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy to give us a snapshot of WIL in the UK. Trevor shares his passion for work integrated learning, experiences growing up in South Africa, degree apprenticeships, organizing an unconference and why he thinks his podcast is better than mine.

Guest: Dr. Trevor Gerhardt, Lead Academic on Work Integrated Learning at Pearson College. Check out his podcast here to explore the intersection between work and learning.

"Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife

Aug 09, 202251:10
Brainstorm This! Stats Tell A Story, But are We Listening?

Brainstorm This! Stats Tell A Story, But are We Listening?

When it comes to WIL and students, statistics/trends tell a story, and a complicated one at that. It’s a summation of their perceived reality of the world around them (educational factors, internal factors, external factors). They put this all together to help inform what they will do when they walk out the door of your PSI for the last time. On this episode I sit down with Graham Donald, Founder and President of Brainstorm Strategy Group to discuss their work sorting and sifting through the numbers to tell the Career Development story across the country. What are students telling us? What are some emerging trends with WIL? How does this translate to industry? And most importantly, why does it matter? We also discuss why Career Development offices are taking a back seat to other areas on campus and what we learned in Grade 10.

Guest: Graham Donald, Founder and CEO, Brainstorm Strategy Group

"Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife 

Jul 19, 202250:19
WIL-ifying WIL Prep

WIL-ifying WIL Prep

WE'RE BAAAACCKKKK!! Season 2 kicks off in style with my new part time co-host Charlene Marion. On this episode we explore the concept of adding work integrated learning to prep courses like those seen in cooperative education programs. We talk about why this has been shown to increase retention of students, challenges around students finding their own opportunities, exposing students to WIL early and whatever else popped into our heads on this morning. 

"Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife

Jul 12, 202240:20
The Deathly Hallows of Experiential Learning
Mar 23, 202248:50
Maintaining Quality While Increasing Quantity - A Look Inside the World's Largest Co-op Program
Mar 01, 202250:16
Good WIL Hunting - Faculty Barriers to Engaging in Work Integrated Learning
Feb 15, 202255:34
Where There's a WIL, There's a way to...Greater Employability???
Feb 08, 202249:23
Tough Conversations - Ending a Community/Industry Partnership
Feb 01, 202240:07
What's Wrong with the word 'Placement'?
Jan 25, 202240:51
Driving into 2022 - A SWPP Feature with Trucking HR Canada
Jan 18, 202230:48
Institutional Inertia and Navigating Internal Barriers to WIL

Institutional Inertia and Navigating Internal Barriers to WIL

We've discussed external barriers to WIL, but we've never taken an inward look at institutions when they become the barrier. That changes today! On this episode I'm joined by Charlene Marion - Director of WIL, CEWIL Canada to have an open an honest conversation of our experiences in the WIL space and how post secondary institutions can become the barrier to new and innovative types of WIL. It's not all doom and gloom though, we dive into many highlights and ways that WIL champions have navigated around these barriers to make an impact on their students and communities.

"Fallen Leaves" - Electric Wildlife

Dec 07, 202152:04
AgriTalent: Growing our People - A SWPP Feature with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Nov 30, 202141:24
WIL from Home - How COVID Changed the Co-op Process

WIL from Home - How COVID Changed the Co-op Process

Prior to March 2020, remote work terms were a rarity, an exception to the norm. Fast forward 20 months and they have become a staple in co-op programs across the country. On this episode we explore the assumptions, realizations and new realities of remote work terms; how they have reduced barriers to access and levelled the playing field for students. While there is no black and white solution, we discuss best practices, new hybrid models and how trust in your employees is critical to the entire process.

Guests; John Daggett - Manager, Co-operative Education and Career Success, Georgian College, ON // Ryan Larouche - Talent Partnerships Consultant, Brock University, ON

"Fallen Leaves" by Electric Wildlife

Nov 23, 202146:19
WIL Types - Community and Industry Projects
Nov 16, 202159:32
Planting Seeds and Growing Careers - A SWPP Feature with ECO Canada
Nov 09, 202136:16
A Changing of the Guard - Prepping for the CEWIL Canada AGM
Nov 02, 202142:28
Empowering Futures in Electricity - A SWPP Feature with Electricity HR Canada
Oct 26, 202143:33
WIL Types - Community Service Learning
Oct 19, 202101:01:53
Propelling Careers in Tourism & Hospitality - A SWPP Feature with Tourism HR Canada
Oct 12, 202143:38
There's an "Art" to Skill Articulation
Sep 07, 202138:33
What is WIL?
Aug 31, 202134:05