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Mindset Methods with Chad Peevy

Mindset Methods with Chad Peevy

By Chad Peevy

I'm Chad Peevy, a regular guy who thinks a lot about the human condition. I appreciate the opportunity to share what I'm learning and the latest research on human progress and development. Plug in those headphones and get ready to learn how to thrive, live fully as yourself, overcome your past, and create the future you deserve.
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Off-Script: 10 Things Straight People Should Never Ask a Gay Person

Mindset Methods with Chad PeevyJun 24, 2021

Off-Script: 10 Things Straight People Should Never Ask a Gay Person
Jun 24, 202104:36
A Prayer for a Nation
Nov 12, 202006:41
Off Script: Clock, Calendar, and Mental Health

Off Script: Clock, Calendar, and Mental Health

Explicit for some language. 

This is an off script episode - that means it isn't as "produced" as the other episodes, it's just me talking to you. 


If you or someone you love is the kind of person who has to work at good mental health, then this is for you...

I'm the same. I've been in therapy since 4th grade and so I'm no stranger to the challenges that face people who live with anxiety and depression.

If there's one thing I know, it's that this is a really tricky time of year - and this year it's unlike any we've experienced before. That's why I think it's really important for us to be mindful of the clock, the calendar, and our mental health. 

There are 4 things out there that I see with the potential to disturb us:
1. the time change on Sunday
2. the election on Tuesday
3. the holidays coming up - which will be unlike any we've ever experienced
4. COVID is still on the calendar - and will be for a while

In this episode I'll give you 10 things that you can do to take preventative action toward good mental health during this season. 

NOTE: I am not a mental health expert. You should consult your doctor or therapist for your own mental health needs. I can only speak to my experience living with depression and anxiety, it is from that perspective that I offer you this information. 

Oct 29, 202029:04
Finding the Present
Oct 14, 202013:14
Mastermind Interviews: Alyssa Turner and Chad Woodard

Mastermind Interviews: Alyssa Turner and Chad Woodard

ADULT CONTENT WARNING - not suitable to listen to with young children. 

Really honored to have had the opportunity to interview 2 folks who are also members of the High Performance Mastermind. While at a mastermind event in Sundance, Utah, I invited Chad Woodard and Alyssa Turner to sit down for an interview. Enjoy their stories and be sure to check them out online at...

Alyssa Turner on Instagram

Mom of Five
Motivational Speaker
Personal Coach
People Lover

Chad Woodard on Instagram

Dr. Chad Woodard:
Flirting with death has a way of changing someone — it certainly did me. In 1998 I found myself on the wrong end of a pistol, which I later learned was part of a gang initiation – a young man was to approach a stranger at a gas station, steal their car, and before driving away shoot them in the chest at close range. He failed that day.

I was given the best gift money could not buy, perspective. My eyes were violently opened, and what I saw to be true of my life was a demon I wrestled with for the next 18 years. What lies herein with this concept and movement is what I have been taught, what I have failed with, what successes I have fought to achieve, and the journey that is yet to unfold.

I now live an unapologetic life seeking answers to questions, the questions I find most influential and intriguing: What does it take to be a truly healthy person, inclusive of all aspects of wellness? What skills and behaviors create leaders that are not only inspirational but infectiously and meticulously worthy of taking their charge among others? What aspects of human potential do we have the capacity to unlock, and why do so many of us hide behind fear to blunt that potential? And if we can explore answers to those questions and learn from our journey, what then is possible for us to achieve?

Oct 01, 201930:34
Amanda Kaufman: The Coaches Coach - Mastermind Interviews

Amanda Kaufman: The Coaches Coach - Mastermind Interviews

I'm excited to have Amanda Kaufman, friend and fellow mastermind member on the podcast today!

Amanda is an executive coach, speaker, wife, mother, productivity and performance nerd, and an advocate for you CRUSHing It in your own life!

Prior to formally launching her coaching practice, Amanda spent a decade as a strategist, mentor, and leader, traveling all over North America to serve her high-profile clients, all while raising a young family and pursuing several personal goals at the same time. Amanda offers a range of performance coaching and consulting services - from individual coaching, to workshops, and keynote speeches on the subjects of personal effectiveness, leadership, and balance.

To learn more about Amanda, find her on the web at

Sep 17, 201948:03
Off Script: Getting Better at Doing Therapy

Off Script: Getting Better at Doing Therapy

Off Script episodes are unedited, unfiltered, unscripted podcast episodes. The topics and questions discussed come from listeners! If there's something you would like for Chad to discuss on the podcast, just send him an email -
In this episode: Today I'm taking on the topic of therapy and discussing how I've learned to "do" therapy in a way that works for me and gets me my money's worth! Specifically, I hit 3 points...

Why does it take me so long to get to the point during therapy?
When do I get to stop going to therapy?
Are you a therapy client or patient?

I am not a mental health professional. What I share is only my experience and my perspective, it is intended to be inspirational, not instructive. If you need help, there is no shame in seeking out the help of a professional. Thank you for listening and subscribing!
Aug 08, 201919:20
Identity, Business, Being Different: An Interview with Anthony Trucks
Jul 09, 201930:50
Pride 2019: An Interview with Rev. Karen Thompson
Jun 10, 201941:17
Raise Your Ambition - Upgrade Your Life.
Apr 30, 201920:42
Money Mindset
Apr 08, 201919:23
Psychology - Our Internal Dialogue, Judgment, and Beliefs

Psychology - Our Internal Dialogue, Judgment, and Beliefs

If you're not happy with how your life looks, it's time to examine your thoughts. 

In this episode Chad discusses the health of our internal dialogue by exploring our beliefs, worldview, and the state of judgement. 

Mar 25, 201917:56
A Practice in Mindfulness - still your mind

A Practice in Mindfulness - still your mind

Life is 10% tactics and 90% mindset.

In this episode, Chad discusses mindfulness and how essential it is to still the mind. He outlines 4 areas of a mindfulness practice: awareness, gratitude, intention, and meditation. 

Mar 18, 201924:22
Who are you? Manifest Identity Fixation

Who are you? Manifest Identity Fixation

Who are you? In this episode Chad tells the story of how he became fixated on his identity as drum major of the marching band and what happened when that identity was lost. 

If you would like to learn more about coaching, or become a Next Level Coach yourself, visit

Mar 11, 201915:17
The Depressive State

The Depressive State

Join Chad for this episode of Coaching Conversations as he shares his own story of coping with depression and anxiety. Including a message to the people who care for you when you're down.

Learn more about Chad and his work by visiting or

Mar 05, 201920:06