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Challenge Solutions

By Challenge Solutions

This podcast is made by a group of blind students for other blind students and teachers of the visually impaired. Our mission is to provide audio lessons on various forms of assistive technology and create a conversation about the challenges faced by blind students and their teachers.
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Traveling Blind: Braving the Atlanta Airport and Gas Station Bathrooms

Challenge SolutionsJun 01, 2021

Health and Wellness for the Blind: Accessible First Aid Kits, Exercise, and Mental Health
Jun 13, 202301:36:48
Q&A Episode 1: The Braille Appreciation Podcast

Q&A Episode 1: The Braille Appreciation Podcast

In this episode of the Challenge Solutions Podcast, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy answer questions from subscribers. If you have questions for future Q&A episodes, please leave them in he comments on any of our platforms or email them to

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Mar 31, 202301:33:56
Accessible Games for the Blind: the Wii Sports Appreciation Podcast
Oct 09, 202252:09
College Life Outside the Classroom for Blind Students: Dorm Life, Extracurriculars, and the Importance of Sleep
Sep 08, 202201:04:33
Social Media and Voiceover: An Alt-text Appreciation Podcast
Jul 01, 202254:13
School Tips for the Blind: Assignment Insurance is Important
Apr 02, 202201:19:32
cleaning Blind: Sniff, Spray, Scrub, Repeat
Jan 29, 202249:27
Cooking: Blind People Can Use Stoves Too
Dec 19, 202101:05:09
Halloween: A Petition for Diverse Candy Shapes
Oct 30, 202140:57
Blindness Awareness and Advocacy: Blind People are like Unicorns
Oct 03, 202101:03:23
How to Look Good Without Looking
Jul 28, 202153:15
Summer Activities: Don't Make the Blind One the Life Guard
Jun 30, 202101:05:26
Traveling Blind: Braving the Atlanta Airport and Gas Station Bathrooms

Traveling Blind: Braving the Atlanta Airport and Gas Station Bathrooms

In this episode, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy discuss their experiences traveling as blind people both alone and with family. Topics covered include flying, road trips, museums, theme parks, staying in unfamiliar vacation homes with family members, and taking guide dogs on vacation. Stay tuned for the bloopers at the end!

Jun 01, 202101:01:14
Blind Dining: Syrup is Always a Bad Idea
May 01, 202142:56
Science Classes: the Wikki Stix Appreciation Podcast
Mar 31, 202156:02
Socializing with the Sightlings
Feb 24, 202154:59
Talking Technology as Blind Students
Jan 29, 202151:21
The Pros and Cons of Being Blind in 2020
Dec 30, 202051:14
Being the Blind One at the Holiday Gathering
Nov 25, 202034:37
A Conversation About Math Classes

A Conversation About Math Classes

In this podcast, Caitlyn, Cole, and Macy discuss their experiences with math classes and give tips for blind students taking math classes and the ACT. 

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Tips for Math Teachers:

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Oct 28, 202033:54
Introducing the Challenge Solutions Team

Introducing the Challenge Solutions Team

In this episode, you’ll learn a little bit about each of the Challenge solutions team members. If you have questions or suggestions for future content, please send us a voice message via the anchor app, email us via the contact form on our website, or leave a comment on our blog or Youtube channel.



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Aug 01, 202005:36
July 25, 2020

July 25, 2020

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