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Art House 5D Podcast

Art House 5D Podcast

By Champ Parinya

Exploring the Great Awakening Map to the farthest ends of mind and space.

Join me as I take you down the deepest Rabbit Holes ever known to mankind.

From darkness to Enlightenment, everything you need is here and now.

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EP 9 - Question & Answer

Art House 5D PodcastOct 01, 2022

EP 9 - Question & Answer

EP 9 - Question & Answer

Q&A Episode. Questions taken from Instagram followers in September 2022. This is a special episode where Champ Parinya answers open questions sent in from followers on Instagram ranging from the Great Solar Flash to simulation theory to manifesting your dreams! Questions cover deep spiritual topics all over the 5D Awakening Map. Visit the 5D Shop, find the 5D Awakening Map and support this podcast, please visit Instagram @5D_Awakening_Consciousness @DzogchenYogi PayPal Donations:
Oct 01, 202201:12:15
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EP 1 - Art House 5D Podcast

EP 1 - Art House 5D Podcast

Exploring the Great Awakening Map to the farthest ends of Time & Space with its creator, Champ Parinya. Download the map at
May 02, 202001:15:30