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Change Through Pain: Transform, Overcome, Thrive

Change Through Pain: Transform, Overcome, Thrive

By Bradley Wendling

Change Through Pain: Transform, Overcome, Thrive

Join our transformative journey toward personal growth. Each episode offers insights, stories, and tips to inspire and challenge you to become a better version of yourself. Dive deep with us!

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#100: What If Today Was Your Last Day?

Change Through Pain: Transform, Overcome, ThriveJun 25, 2022

#104: Sports, Money, Tanks, and Healthy Habits

#104: Sports, Money, Tanks, and Healthy Habits

Sports, Money, Tanks & Healthy Habits In this episode of the Change Through Pain Podcast, I join the Home Team hosts Troy Mannella and Wyatt Giles to talk about the launch of my new men's mastermind coaching program and smartphone app. We also dive into the World Cup, the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, The Aggies, Money & Savings, the Housing Market, Healthy Habits, and more. This episode was a lot of fun. Enjoy! 🚨ATTENTION MEN: If you are a man who desires to have confidence, be disciplined & live on purpose with passion, you are invited to Join the Humble Man Men's Group, Enroll in the Man on a Mission Mastermind program & Download the Mastermind App.  Men's Mastermind App One-on-one coaching  Humble Man Men's Group Podcast: Stay Humble 🙏  Thank you to The Home Team for having me on the show. Please check out their other episodes and give them a shout for your home loan and title needs.  Podcast: Security National Mortgage/Troy Mannella: Texas Security Title/Wyatt Giles: 
Dec 09, 202239:41
#103: Men - Have You Settled In Life?
Oct 03, 202217:42
#102: Don't Wait Until You Hit Rock Bottom
Jul 15, 202219:24
#101: What A Near Death Experience Taught Me
Jun 27, 202206:34
#100: What If Today Was Your Last Day?
Jun 25, 202208:20
#99: How To Prepare Yourself For The Day
Jun 24, 202219:01
#98: How Bad Do You Want It?
Jun 24, 202209:21
#97: A Date To Remember
Jun 23, 202207:38
#96: Man Up And Become Your Best Self
Jun 20, 202214:38
#95: Don't Just Be A Father, Be A Dad
Jun 20, 202202:44
#94: My Ayahuasca Journey
Mar 28, 202224:48
#93: How To Overcome The 18th Mile Of Life
Mar 20, 202225:46
#92: Make Each Day Your Best Day
Jan 19, 202221:50
#91: Manifesting The Love You Desire
Dec 19, 202123:02
#89.5: Braden's Journey Out Of Darkness (Video)
Dec 12, 202154:15
#90: My Biggest Lesson From 2021
Dec 11, 202120:51
#89: Braden's Journey Out Of Darkness
Dec 08, 202154:09
#88: I'm Sober...Now What!?
Nov 29, 202129:45
#87: How To Navigate Dating Apps
Nov 27, 202122:46
#86: What Can We Learn From A Firefighter About PTSD?
Nov 27, 202118:50
#85.5: Far From Homeless with Candy Queen Bee Baker (Video)
Nov 17, 202135:33
#85: Far From Homeless with Candy Queen Bee Baker

#85: Far From Homeless with Candy Queen Bee Baker

In this Change Through Pain Podcast episode, I sit down with Candy Low (Queen Bee Baker) to find out what challenges she had to overcome in her life to become a very successful and well-known baker across all major social media platforms. She is typically booked up 6 months to a year in advance due to her amazing baking skills, down-to-earth personality, and her authenticity. I know you will find inspiration that you can apply to your own life. Enjoy!


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Nov 15, 202136:43
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Oct 28, 202127:31
#83: The 3 C's That Will Redefine Your Life
Oct 21, 202119:53
#82: It Is Time To Start Living Again-Part 2
Oct 13, 202129:16
#81: It Is Time To Start Living Again-Part 1
Oct 01, 202122:53
#80: Walking On Eggshells
Aug 24, 202121:47
#79: I'm Depressed & Stuck In Bed
Aug 20, 202123:06
#78: From Shock To Awe - Ayahuasca
Aug 13, 202120:17
#77: How To Embrace The Suck
Jul 14, 202118:27
#76: Why Is Freedom So Important?
Jul 05, 202113:11
#75: New Treatment for Depression, Addictions and PTSD
Jul 02, 202118:34
#74: What A Ride This 2.5 Year Healing Journey Has Been
Jun 29, 202121:46
#73: I Have A Confession
May 07, 202119:39
#72: 9 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship
May 01, 202125:37
#71: The "Secret" To Joy In Your Life
Apr 21, 202119:46
#70: I'm Lost, Please Help Me!
Apr 13, 202122:49
#69: How To Turn Lemons Into Lemonade
Apr 02, 202119:41
#68: Communicate With Empathy
Mar 16, 202118:03
#67: Life Is About The Journey, Not The Destination
Feb 25, 202121:21
#66: One Step Healing
Feb 10, 202113:54
#65: Win Or Lose, The Choice Is Yours
Jan 06, 202132:24
#64: Recovery - 12 Steps To A New You Part 2
Dec 04, 202034:16
#63: Where Do I Start In 8 Easy Steps
Nov 16, 202029:16
#62: Recovery - 12 Steps To A New You Part 1
Nov 13, 202032:45
#61: Starve Your Ego - Feed Your Soul
Nov 13, 202032:21
#60: 4 Steps To Awaken Your Soul
Nov 13, 202043:16
#59: You Will Attract What You Need To Heal
Nov 12, 202020:26
#58: The Not So Secret Formula To Your Happiness
Oct 12, 202027:59
#57: Whatever Choice You Make, Choose Wisely
Sep 23, 202018:27