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Changing On The Fly

Changing On The Fly

By Changing On The Fly

Changing On The Fly dives deep into social justice issues in hockey, looking at themes such as colonialism, sexism, and racism on the ice. The podcast aims to bring together interviews with athletes, sports scholars, and hockey commentators whose work aims to create radical social change, both inside and outside the arena.
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Hockey Has a Reckoning Moment

Changing On The FlyJun 24, 2020

Hockey Has a Reckoning Moment

Hockey Has a Reckoning Moment

The hockey world, especially at the NHL level, has been extremely quiet on racial justice issues for too many years - until now. The Black-led uprising for Black Lives Matter following the police murder of George Floyd in May 2020 finally prompted an outpouring of statements from the NHL and several high profile players. We have never seen anything like this in professional hockey before.

To help us make sense of the moment, we hear from two of the finest journalists reporting on sports and social movements. First, we caught up with Hemal Jhaveri, a columnist for USA Today's For The Win, and a frequent commentator on race issues in hockey. Then we hear from Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation magazine and host of the Edge of Sports podcast.

We asked both our guests what hockey players and the NHL have gotten right, what they haven't gotten wrong, and why we're seeing this unprecedented support for #BlackLivesMatter in hockey now.

Jun 24, 202039:60
Matt Hern and the Creative Beauty of Hockey

Matt Hern and the Creative Beauty of Hockey

Happy new year! This is our first episode of 2020, and it's nice to have you with us for a new decade of hockey and resistance :)

Our esteemed guest on the show today is Matt Hern. Matt lives in Vancouver, where he’s an activist, scholar, and writer. While he writes on a variety of fascinating topics ranging from free schools to global warming to parenting, he’s one of the most exciting and engaged radical sports philosophers that I know.

Matt put out a book back in 2013 called “One Game at a Time: Why Sports Matter” that I would highly recommend to everyone who loves this podcast.

In this interview, we talk about masculinities, risk, and the beautiful creativity of hockey. Enjoy!

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Jan 16, 202049:25
Hockey Has a Racism Problem, Courtney Szto is Trying to Fix It
Dec 16, 201932:01


It's official. Don Cherry, the long time host of Hockey Night in Canada, has been fired. FINALLY. It comes after his most recent racist tirade (far from his first) on live TV against immigrants in Canada.

We break down Don Cherry and his penchant for biggotry with Kristi Allain. Kristi teaches in the department of sociology at St-Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, and has penned several articles and studies on Cherry's hate-spewing rhetoric. Find her on Twitter @Kristi_Allain.

Plus we hear some of the words of sports commentator Shireen Ahmed via a beautiful piece she wrote for the Globe and Mail.

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Music on this podcast by Steam, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, and Propagandhi. Our theme music is by Tshizimba.

Nov 11, 201933:25
Decolonization, Reconciliation & Hockey w/ Chief Wilton Littlechild

Decolonization, Reconciliation & Hockey w/ Chief Wilton Littlechild

Wilton Littlechild is a Cree chief from Maskwacis, Alberta. He is a lawyer, a former hockey player, a residential school survivor, and more recently he was one of the commissioners of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He joins us as a special guest on this episode of Changing On The Fly to talk about his own life story, how we can use hockey to promote nation to nation dialogue and understanding, and how we can move towards decolonizing sport, particularly through the Calls to Action of the commission.

Later in the show, we also break down the St-Louis Blues' pitiful visit to the White House, and how hockey players are allowing themselves to be foolish pawns in Trump's desperate efforts to normalize his presidency.

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Music on this episode by: A Tribe Called Red, The Tragically Hip, KRS-One, The Sugarman 3 & Talib Kweli. Our theme music is by the one and only Tshizimba.

Oct 25, 201954:19
The State of Women's Hockey w/ Erica Ayala
Sep 30, 201937:09
Fred Sasakamoose: An Indigenous Hockey Trailblazer
Jun 15, 201923:36
Pucks, Punks, and Politics w/ Propagandhi

Pucks, Punks, and Politics w/ Propagandhi

On today’s episode, we’re finally bringing you part 2 of a 2 part series called Pucks, Punks, and Politics - conversations with punk rockers on hockey, radical politics, and the art of getting loud. Our first part of this series was with Chris 2 from Anti-Flag, and if you missed that you can go back and listen to Episode 10.

Today’s episode is with Jord Samolesky, the drummer of the seminal Winnipeg punk band Propagandhi. Aside from being a very busy touring musician for the last few decades, Jord is also a dedicated human-rights activist in his home town, and joined me for a discussion to talk about Propagandhi’s latest album, how to stave off impending climate doom, and why he just can’t cheer for the Winnipeg Jets.

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We also discuss developments in the ongoing saga that is women's professional hockey in North America, including the very powerful #ForTheGame statement of boycott.

Thanks for listening!

May 28, 201936:25
From #OneLeague to #NoLeague: The Future of Women's Pro Hockey in Canada

From #OneLeague to #NoLeague: The Future of Women's Pro Hockey in Canada

On episode 11 of Changing On The Fly, we tackle the devastating news that the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL) is shutting down its operations after 12 seasons. The announcement from the league came just one week after the Clarkson Cup championship match, and the day before many players from the league were set to fly overseas to Finland for the women's world hockey championships. Bad timing to say the least.

We break down and analyze what this all means with two of the most passionate voices in women's hockey media. 

Shireen Ahmed is a writer, public speaker, and co-host of the feminist sports podcast Burn It All Down.

Erica Ayala is a New York-based child advocate, sportswriter and  analyst covering the National Women’s Hockey League.

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Also, be sure to check out the fantastic episode that The Last Stretch Podcast did also on the closing of the CWHL. Get it here, or through the Upford Network!

Apr 16, 201954:08
Drop Pucks, Not Bombs with Anti-Flag

Drop Pucks, Not Bombs with Anti-Flag

Chris Barker (aka Chris #2) from the long-standing Pittsburgh punk band Anti-Flag joins us on this episode to talk hockey, punk, and politics! Chris is a busy guy, and is often found playing bass and singing for Anti-Flag, recording album after album, and touring the world playing to hundreds of thousands of fans. But while he's not on stage, he looks for every opportunity he can get to play or watch hockey. Chris came on the podcast to talk about his working-class Steel City, the anti-fascist & anti-war politics of Anti-Flag, and why hockey AND punk rock mean the world to him. He's a Penguins fan, I'm a Habs fan, but we set aside our differences in the name of our mutual love: PUCK ROCK!

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In the later part of the podcast, we also discuss the first ever NHL broadcast in Cree, the Round Table on Racism in Hockey in Kingston, and the devastating news of the CWHL closing down.

Apr 01, 201956:17
Hockey Riot in Canada
Mar 18, 201954:43
Arenas on Stolen Land - Edmonton's Rogers Place & Gentrification
Mar 04, 201958:14
Making Hockey History w/ Jessica Platt

Making Hockey History w/ Jessica Platt

On this episode of the podcast, we bring you an exclusive and candid conversation with Jessica Platt of the Toronto Furies! On January 10, 2018, Jessica made history when she came out as the first trans pro hockey player in Canada. And she did so in a beautiful message posted to Instagram, encouraging other young trans athletes to be their true selves, and follow their dreams. In our interview, Jessica tells us her story about growing up, falling in love with hockey, her struggles that forced her to leave the game, and then coming back to the very top. 

If you like Changing On The Fly, then support us on Patreon! Our Patreon page is Every little bit helps.

Our theme music is by Tshizimba!

Changing On The Fly is a proud member of the Upford Network of podcasts

Jan 30, 201933:04
Episode 6 - McGill Redmen: Change The Name
Jan 10, 201926:59
Episode 5 - Toxic Masculinity, Homophobia and The Prime-Minister of Saturday Night
Dec 03, 201839:03
Episode 4 - Power Play: How Feminism is Changing Hockey
Nov 12, 201801:00:59
Episode 3 - Gritty: The Anti-Fascist Hockey Hero

Episode 3 - Gritty: The Anti-Fascist Hockey Hero

How did Gritty, the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers, become the new mascot for the American anti-fascist movement? Gritty is a huge, ugly, scary orange monster, who comes to us at a time when there is an equally huge, ugly, scary orange monster in the White House. We're joined on this episode by Mark Bray, history professor & the author of "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook" to talk about Gritty, hockey, and what the antifa movement actually is. Since we're talking about Pennsylvania and fascism, we also reflect on the recent tragic synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, and pay our respects to the victims. May their memories be for a blessing. **Like this podcast? Then support us! For more anti-fascist news & information, check out these links: We're on the Upford Network! Check them out at Music on this episode by: Tshizimba, Hi-Tek, Max Pashm, Black Ox, Orkestar, Billy Bragg and Wilco
Oct 31, 201835:19
Episode 2 - Race & Racism in Hockey
Oct 17, 201832:22
Episode 1: This Game We Love, On Stolen Land
Oct 03, 201837:03
Podcast Preview

Podcast Preview

The new podcast series Changing On The Fly hits the ice October 3, 2018! Here's just a small taste of what you'll hear :)

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Featuring the voices of Damon Kwame Mason, Shireen Ahmed, Don Cherry (barf), Kristi Allain, and Robyn Flynn.

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Sep 18, 201802:15