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Charged Tech Podcast

Charged Tech Podcast

By Charged Tech

Cut through the technology news noise and hear about only the stuff that matters, and what it means. Join your hosts Owen, Frederique and Zach every week to get the lowdown on the biggest stories – including some you might not have heard anything about. We're based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Toronto, Canada, with a different perspective on what's happening in the technology industry.
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Charged Tech PodcastApr 14, 2019

Excitify, the Ending

Excitify, the Ending

Frederique, Owen, and Zach — back at it for more

May 09, 202301:04:02
Does remote, work?
Dec 04, 202101:05:35
Surface Laptop Su-Susstudio

Surface Laptop Su-Susstudio

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk tech and tech ethics on this week's episode of Charged Tech Podcast

Oct 11, 202152:50
Big Dad Energy
Aug 14, 202101:00:24
Steam D*ck
Jul 24, 202151:58
Very Stable, Very Fast (with special guest, Owen Williams)
Jul 04, 202101:17:49
Bad at Watch-ing
Jun 06, 202152:30
AirTag, You're It

AirTag, You're It

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk tech and tech ethics on this week's episode of Charged Tech Podcast. 

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#Charged​ #Tech​ #Podcast

Apr 24, 202159:11
The *****ing Slider
Apr 13, 202101:06:58
The Medium isn't the message
Mar 27, 202153:55
Give Me Some Space
Mar 18, 202101:09:12
Dispo FOMO
Feb 27, 202147:17
I'm not a cat
Feb 13, 202157:17
Jan 31, 202158:25
Repetitive Slack Injury
Jan 24, 202101:00:03
Dinosaur Eraser
Jan 17, 202101:07:16
Neopets >>>>>>> Neobanks
Jan 11, 202101:02:33
Cyberpunk'd 2020

Cyberpunk'd 2020

Frederique, Owen, and Zach close out 2020 with top tech topics. Show notes coming soon!

Dec 22, 202054:24
AirbnbPods Max
Dec 13, 202050:52
Dec 06, 202057:44
Panic Roomba
Nov 30, 202059:42
Timeline Goes Sideways
Nov 22, 202052:50
Ring of Fire
Nov 12, 202057:22
Tablet Pupdates
Nov 08, 202047:20
No On Prop 22

No On Prop 22

This week, Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about:

  • show notes coming soon!
Oct 28, 202059:48
Laptop Go-ing Nowhere

Laptop Go-ing Nowhere

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk tech! This week we discussed:

(Show note hyperlinks coming soon! You may have to delete and re-download episode for updated notes)

  • Prime Day
  • Owen's article on Surface Laptop Go
  • Steve Jobs schools
  • Microsoft Data Centers Netherlands
  • Google Hum
  • Hound voice assistant
  • Amazon returns tracked to trash
  • The True Cost
  • NPR story about plastic recycling
  • Laptop Sruface Go base is recycled plastic
  • Plastic is not recyclable article
  • Amazon Podcasts
  • Matthew laptop go review
  • Surface Pro X
  • x86 emulation
  • iPhone carrier subsidized prices
  • Teenage Engineering Radio
  • Layout FM
  • Join us in Discord to tell us what you're buying!
Oct 18, 202001:03:43
It's just a chip
Oct 11, 202001:01:11
4a 5G Pro Go X
Oct 04, 202001:04:11
Charged Tech Podcast Trailer
Sep 28, 202000:17
Sep 26, 202043:08
Big DS Energy
Sep 07, 202059:52
30%, Cut
Aug 22, 202001:18:27
The New BlackBerry
Aug 17, 202051:18
RT help
Jul 25, 202053:27
Joanne the Scanner
Jul 11, 202001:06:33
it is what it is

it is what it is

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk tech! This week we covered:

Jul 04, 202001:08:31
Jun 21, 202054:27
Theranos of AR

Theranos of AR

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk tech! The show notes for this episode follow without hyperlinks, I'll add links shortly!

  • Clubhouse, 
  • Facebook Catch Up, 
  • Twitter/Trump/Zuck, 
  • Nebula, 
  • YourStack, 
  • Tella, 
  • Apple Glasses, 
  • Focals by North, 
  • Snap Spectacles, 
  • Oculus, 
  • Daniel Suarez, 
  • Magic Leap loses CEO gets funding, 
  • Leap Motion is the company we confused it with, 
  • Hololens by Microsoft, 
  • Microsoft Build: Fluid, 
  • Owen's website page "What I use", 
  • Houseparty, 
  • FB Messenger Rooms, J
  • oe Rogan Show moves to Spotify, 
  • Video podcasts on Spotify, 
  • Revision3, 
  • Spotify Concerts, and
  • Join us in Discord!
Jun 02, 202001:02:29
Under the Surface
May 17, 202057:57
5G means 5 Giraffe
May 11, 202059:44
Wedding, but Make It Animal Crossing
Apr 27, 202001:13:10
The Wheels on the Mac Pro Go Round and...
Apr 19, 202001:00:31
npm: New Horizons

npm: New Horizons

Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk about the latest in tech and how it's shaping the world around us. This week:

Apple buys Dark Sky,
Microsoft Teams is growing fast,
Microsoft Teams for Family and Friends,
Playstation delaying game launches,
Zoom is the worst,
Facebook Portal TV out of stock,
T-Mobile buys Sprint,
Microsoft Editor,
Notion raises $50M,
GitHub buys npm,
Bill Gates leaves Microsoft board,
Animal Crossing craze,
Control, and
Join us in Discord and leave us a voice message!
Apr 04, 202001:02:43
Ain't No Party Like A Houseparty

Ain't No Party Like A Houseparty

Show notes coming soon!
Mar 29, 202001:15:38
Data Caps Were Fake All Along
Mar 18, 202001:02:33
Charged joins the Libra Association
Mar 18, 202034:24
Payday Moans
Mar 01, 202050:43
Be-caucus I Said So
Feb 24, 202001:06:05
Teach a Man to Catfish

Teach a Man to Catfish

Show notes coming soon!
Feb 15, 202001:21:46
Not My Forténite

Not My Forténite

Frederique and Owen chat about:

Jan 25, 202053:25