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Chayil BOSS

Chayil BOSS

By Preye Ombu

Chayil is a Hebrew word pronounced Khah-yil. Chayil BOSS Podcast is one that shares real life and biblical lessons on how to live victoriously by both enjoying and succeeding in everyday life. It is a home for Christ-based Warrior Bosses.
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004: Nigeria is Planted not Buried (Righteousness & Justice)

Chayil BOSSOct 25, 2020

004: Nigeria is Planted not Buried (Righteousness & Justice)

004: Nigeria is Planted not Buried (Righteousness & Justice)

On Thursday 15th of October 2020, I had a message and by Saturday the 17th of October I was privileged to share at Pink Pearl Foundation's SOAK Fellowship. I had created a blog post and shared the free downloadable handout. The title of that post was "Righteousness & Justice: Partnering with God as an Agent of Change".  We focused on 2 Corinthians 10:4-6 and we covered honouring predecessors (Honour your Saul); dragging culture versus Jesus culture; our actions & results identifying us as Christ followers; End SARS; New Nigeria and prayers on pages 12-15 of the handout. There was emphasis on the fact that we must first look inward and be an example of righteousness!! We must start preparing and be alert to the devices of the enemy.  Today's episode of Chayil BOSS Podcast is a continuation of that blog post message. I was overwhelmed with the events that happened during the Lekki Massacre that took place on Tuesday the 20th of October 2020 and the events that would follow. I was all over the place to be honest and felt totally helpless. I had to go into a place of prayer to hear what God was telling me. By Thursday I felt my spirit man get a word of encouragement in my quiet time. Nigeria we are PLANTED NOT BURIED! Decided I would share the message with you in this podcast episode to also encourage you.  God is working it out as we stay focused on the focus and become the change we want to see. We are planted not buried. We will reap the fruits of our labour of love, tears and sacrifice. As we walk and work in righteousness and justice we bring Yahweh's Kingdom here on Earth. We must war in the realm of the spirit and be proactive in the contemporary world arena taking the leading from Abba.  As we PRAY, PROPHECY & PARTICIPATE over Nigeria. Turn the National Anthem and pledge into a prayer. Use the map of Nigeria & call forth each State including FCT by its name and slogan (see pages 14-15) regularly. Be alert to the devil's devices and attempts to stylishly push his agenda. You can also declare Isaiah 60 (New Living Translation) over Nigeria as we pull down strongholds (oppressive systems, corrupt institutions, faulty mindsets). You can get free resources, Chayil BOSS Faith tools on Amazon globally, wearable gospel fashion apparel and more via the Chayil BOSS website. God bless. Note: For those based in Nigeria, Chayil BOSS Faith Tools is Now Available to Order via MiasXtra Ltd's subsidiary MiasXtra Boutique.
Oct 25, 202038:06
003: Chayil BOSS Prayer Log Experience with Ubokobong Mmah (IG Live)

003: Chayil BOSS Prayer Log Experience with Ubokobong Mmah (IG Live)

We repurposed the audio version from the Instagram live from a few weeks back. Chayil BOSS Ubokobong Mmah (Uby) blessed us by sharing her journey including a quick demo of how she uses the Praise & Intercession Sections of the Chayil BOSS Prayer Log. It was an amazing session as she shared some of her amazing testimonies right from the day she received her Chayil BOSS Prayer Log in the post. We hope that you are blessed as you listen. Feel free to send us a voice message on the site as you listen sharing tips on how you spend time in your place of prayer.
Jun 09, 202043:45
002: Chayil BOSS Prayer Log Experience with Toyin Akanbi (IG Live)

002: Chayil BOSS Prayer Log Experience with Toyin Akanbi (IG Live)

Toyin Akanbi of Teestaste shared her Chayil BOSS Prayer Log Experience. It was an amazing session as she took us through her journey and her need for structure in her prayer life. She highlighted how the section for Praying for your children (page 87) was timely and found the prayer prompts useful. Thank you so much Priestly Queens for gracing us with your presence. Such a blessing. We encountered technical issues towards the end but we finished and were able to extract some of the audio. Special thanks to Light Up with Maryam for assisting with getting the IG Live audio on our podcast. Check out her podcast
Jun 03, 202024:38
001: Welcome

001: Welcome

In the very first episode of the Chayil BOSS Podcast, Preye Ombu welcomes all Chayil BOSSes to the Home of Warrior Bosses living Victoriously through Christ Jesus. She goes further to explain the foundational scriptures behind the Chayil BOSS vision & platform and summarising its meaning. 00:00:00.000 - Chayil BOSS (CB) Intro 00:00:37.012 - CB Host First Welcome 00:01:19.000 - CB Foundational Scriptures: Romans 8:37 00:03:28.000 - CB Foundational Scriptures: Proverbs 31 00:05:26.812 - Chayil Explained 00:06:06.797 - Chayil BOSS Summarised 00:06:57.087 - Closing Words
Jun 01, 201910:09