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Casually Obsessed

Casually Obsessed

By Chelsee Bergen

Long form conversations about the pop culture and content we can’t stop thinking about. That book we want everyone to read, that television show we rewatch. A new guest joins each episode to go deep on our latest obsessions.
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Big Casually Obsessed News

Casually ObsessedAug 01, 2021

Big Casually Obsessed News
Aug 01, 202102:03
Make Your Own Dickinson

Make Your Own Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is goth girl shit. We're talking about the Apple+ tv show: Dickinson.
Apr 26, 202101:05:28
Sarah Dessen and the magic of the early internet

Sarah Dessen and the magic of the early internet

We’re talking about the prolific YA author, Sarah Dessen!

Dessen published her first novel in 1996 and as of 2019 has published 14* novels (*in the intro to this episode I mistakenly say 20- apologies!). She’s won numerous awards for her work, had two of her novels combined into the film How to Deal, and in 2019 Netflix purchased the rights to adapt 3 of her novels (This Lullaby, Along for the Ride, and Once and for All) into films. // This podcast is produced by Chelsee Bergen. The theme music is ‘I Dunno’ by grapes.
Apr 12, 202101:23:01
Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey, and a Fantabulous Emancipation
Mar 29, 202101:40:11
Orphan Black Part 2: Who gets forgiven?
Dec 21, 202001:18:23
Orphan Black Part 1: Don't Say The C Word
Dec 07, 202059:06
Star Trek Picard - Part 2: Space Battles and Gaslighting
Nov 23, 202001:21:52
Star Trek Picard - Part 1: Don't Buy Into Your Own Hype
Nov 09, 202001:03:24
Veronica Mars Part 2: We're Not Mad, Just Disappointed
Oct 26, 202001:21:02
Veronica Mars Part 1: Rob Thomas Buy Us Drinks
Oct 12, 202053:60
Pop Culture as Self Care: Listener Messages

Pop Culture as Self Care: Listener Messages

I asked listeners to call in and talk about a few pieces of pop culture that have been helping them cope with the stress and isolation of COVID-19. 

In light of the very necessary uprising happening in the United States and across the world, I wasn't sure that I should still release this episode. Black lives matter, and I believe that white people, like myself and many of the listeners of this show, should be prioritizing our time, energy and resources toward supporting Black folks doing this work. 

What ultimately made me decide to put this episode out is that I've been privileged enough to have people in my life remind me that this is longterm work and, to be a good accomplice, I need to take care of myself. Burnout accomplishes nothing. Maybe you need a similar reminder to rest and recover so that you can keep doing important work. Call your city council person and demand they defend the police; reorganize your budget so that you can give more money to black led organizations; have tough conversations with your family and friends. And then watch a show you love; read a book; lay on the floor and listened to a good album. 

I hope these messages will give you ideas for content to be part of your own rest and recovery.

Jun 15, 202009:10
Ninth House Wants You to Ask Some Questions
May 25, 202001:22:40
Red, White and Royal Blue: you should read it even though it’s popular!
May 04, 202001:25:11
Tamora Pierce, Prolific Author Queen
Apr 13, 202001:45:24


Casually Obsessed is a new podcast of long form conversations about the pop culture we can’t stop thinking about. That book we want everyone to read, that television show we rewatch. It’s a podcast not about loving one thing, but loving many things — fervently and sometimes fleetingly.

You can expect a rotating roster of guests having in-depth conversations, giving thoughtful recommendations, and a hot take or two.

You can find the show on instagram @Casuallyobsessedpodcast, and find show notes and other content at

Mar 26, 202001:04