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The Fantastical Writers Podcast

The Fantastical Writers Podcast

By Briar Crawford

Are you a writer who loves creating entire worlds right down to a unique currency and made-up language? Or they may create creatures that are nothing like what we find on earth? If so, then this is the podcast for you.

The Fantastical Writers Podcast is your home for writing all things wonderfully strange.

My name is Cheyanne Murray, and welcome to The Fantastical Writers Podcast.
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"Writing Short Fiction" by Gabrielle S. Awe

The Fantastical Writers PodcastJan 12, 2020

Yes, your character in a medieval-inspired world CAN have a hobby
Sep 14, 202203:09
In Defence of Direct Inspiration

In Defence of Direct Inspiration

People who create retelling of stories are often said to be cheating, but I am here to defend them
Aug 13, 202202:47
Why Writing Is Like Painting

Why Writing Is Like Painting

Writing the first drafts of writing is surprisingly similar to the process of painting
Jul 14, 202201:36
The Basics of Writing Formulas

The Basics of Writing Formulas

All about writing formulas / beat sheets, and more!
Jul 14, 202201:47
Writing Compelling Characters
Nov 22, 202021:11
Writing Mistakes We've Made | With R.T. Cole from Fantasy Writings Unite
Oct 25, 202019:11
Writing About Ghosts (by Tara Theresa Hill)
Apr 15, 202022:10
Character Creation Workshop (by Cady Hammer)
Mar 31, 202014:41
Method Writing (Interview with Joseph Malik)
Mar 24, 202033:14
Creating Characters (Interview with R.T. Cole)
Mar 06, 202014:21
About Editing (An Interview With Ashton Gaskill)
Feb 24, 202038:26
Things You Should Know Before Self Publishing (An Interview With Avery Ames)
Feb 19, 202015:07
"Fridging" a Character
Feb 10, 202005:08
Writing About Mental Health (An Interview with William Hastings)
Feb 04, 202012:10
Marketing Chat with Gabrielle S. Awe
Jan 27, 202021:42
"Writing Short Fiction" by Gabrielle S. Awe
Jan 12, 202024:31
My Thoughts On Strong Female Characters
Dec 12, 201910:58
"World-building & Magic Systems" by Nathan Dain. Later: Putting Symbols in Your Novels
Dec 03, 201919:51
"Using What's At Hand" by Jared A. Conti. Later: Using Food for Marketing
Nov 25, 201907:45
"Writing Paranormal Cozies" by KA Miltimore + The Dangers of Comparing for Marketing
Nov 17, 201912:51
World-building For Magical Realism | An Interview with Author Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Nov 12, 201911:06
World Building Lessons from a Tabletop Gamer (and Writer) | An Interview With "Sam Koumi"
Nov 02, 201910:15
Writing Realistic Winter Scenes
Sep 03, 201907:57
The Fantastical Writers Podcast Trailer
Aug 22, 201901:31