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Innovation Made Easy

Innovation Made Easy

By Chiara Covone

Welcome to The Innovation Made Easy podcast! I’m your host, Chiara Covone, with 20 years of professional experience on my back, successfully climbing the corporate ladder in large multinational corporations. I have then switched career to become an executive coach & trainer. And I’m here today to unfold insights of leadership wisdom to help you achieve success both at work and in life. Are you ready to create your own success story? then let’s dive in!
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Stress? How To Overcome It.

Innovation Made EasyDec 08, 2021

Stress? How To Overcome It.

Stress? How To Overcome It.

Stress is a feeling and feelings are the language of our body. 

When you are feeling stressed you want to stop and pause; and understand what is causing you to feel this way, what thoughts are triggering this feeling. 

Tune in to listen to this episode as I unfold the causes of stress and how you can learn to manage it in a way that serves you.

Dec 08, 202121:33
Say Yes To Boredom

Say Yes To Boredom

Boredom is a feeling and feelings are the language of the body.

Feelings are the results of thoughts so if and when we are bored we don't want to rush and kill the boredom with any stimuli and instead we want to get curious and understand why what we are thinking that makes us feel bored.

Boredom is the lack of stimulation, but is different from apathy where we are accepting the status quo, and instead we want to do something about it.

Tune in as I unfold this interesting emotion that is often the door to our most creative mind.

Dec 01, 202119:28
5 Common Traits of Success

5 Common Traits of Success

Why do certain people have more success than others?

What are the common traits of success?

In this week's episode I share 5 traits & characteristics of successful people when it comes to customer relationship.

It has a lot to do with attitude of course.

Tune in to liste to this episode.

Nov 24, 202115:50
Effort | Impact | Reward Equation

Effort | Impact | Reward Equation

Quick episode this week to let you pause and think: 

  • how much effort am I putting into which activity. 
  • what is the impact and reward out of it? 

Allow yourself to make adjustments to get to max impact and reward with less effort. 

It is possible. 

You just need the time to think about it a bit.

Nov 17, 202108:20
Carbon pricing & fossil fuel

Carbon pricing & fossil fuel

Given the meeting in Glasgow this week, I thought it would make sense for me to talk him little bit about environment and some principles that are common around climate crisis. So in this episode I cover watch cabin pricing is what Fossett she will is and subsidies.
Nov 10, 202121:26
Why only 5% of the world's population practices mindfulness
Nov 03, 202118:46
How To 10x Your Self-Confidence with Mental Fitness
Oct 27, 202136:50
Conversation with Dr. Margaret Barrow, Associate Professor and Founder of "It's Nola Snacks"

Conversation with Dr. Margaret Barrow, Associate Professor and Founder of "It's Nola Snacks"

Margaret and I met at an event organised by Summer D. Watson on her show Kore Women and I was fascinated by her journey founding a snacking company.

Dr. Margaret Barrow is the Founder and CEO of It's Nola, which is a black women-owned vegan snack company. She is an Associate Professor, Author, Keynote Speaker and a Graduate of Columbia University. 

Tune in to learn more about Margaret and her journey from making a delicious snack for herself to growing into a successful business.

Oct 20, 202142:07
4 Core Behaviours to Upgrade Your Conversations

4 Core Behaviours to Upgrade Your Conversations

4 core behaviours to upgrade your conversations.

Conversations can tell a lot about the company culture and I like to think of them as your operating system over which you then run all the applications / company's functions.

Getting better at communicating and putting some thoughts on how we go through our conversations can have incredible benefits in terms of growth, motivation, performance and happiness.

Listen in!

Oct 13, 202121:42
Project Management Tools for Everyone

Project Management Tools for Everyone

More and more organisations are seeing the value of Project Managements Skills, tools and practices beyond the professionals with that title.

In this week's episodes, I share with you what I think are some key tools you can apply in any project / goal both professionally and privately.

In particular, I will be discussing:

- The Project Charter as a way to get everybody aligned and its key elements.

- The Initiation phase of the project and the KEY question you want to ask before start diving into planning and resourcing.

- The Debrief - key moment(s) to celebrate the successes and reflecting on all the lessons learned on the way to get (even) better the next time around.



Oct 06, 202120:09
Blockchain Unfolded

Blockchain Unfolded

This week I am joined by Frank Pagano and Sanaa Voss to talk about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Sanaa is a Certified Crypto Finance Expert, on a mission to make the Blockchain and Crypto accessible to all, to help individuals and companies discover where the opportunities lay ahead. Senior executive with a background in Analytics, cross roads of Big Data and Loyalty across several industries.

Frank is Head of Sales at qiibee. With 20 years of Marketing experience in FMCG and Fashion. Started as a Finance Analyst, but when you are young, you always make mistakes. Loves Italian food, and got dragged into a group of crazy dreamers, who opened up a pro bono theatre org in NYC.

What we cover in the episode:

(2:40) Blockchain - overcoming its complexity

(5:17) Blockchain - what is it?

(6:40) The first blockchain network : bitcoin.

(11:50) Ethereum as Operating System.

(16:00) the evolution of value and means to transfer and allocation of value.

(18:25) Blockchain applied to the world of marketing. The case of loyalty programs @ qiibee

(30:00) An approach to getting closer to this technology

(33:25) Cryptocurrency: Small steps to get into it

(35:00) Democratising cryptocurrencies.

(36:50) User cases of blockchain.

(40:00) Proven increased consumer engagement in the world of luxury

(40:55) What is tokenisation?

(43:30) Digitalisation of our ID

(45:45) Where are we in terms of the adoption of the technology globally

(50:40) The resistance of the financial system

(52:30) The volatility of Bitcoin

(56:00) Starbucks Blockchain case

(57:40) The Skepticism towards adoption & the road ahead.

Full show notes (and graph of adoption curve) can be found at

Sep 29, 202101:02:07
Monday I don't Fear You
Sep 22, 202118:39
The Power of Visualization
Sep 15, 202118:36
Becoming An Executive

Becoming An Executive

Are you ready for stepping up in your company and become an executive? 

Then this episode will help you get ready for it and start thinking as an executive right here and now.

Sep 08, 202119:55
Grow Your Influence: Hard & Soft Tactics
Sep 01, 202125:17
From intent to Impact
Aug 25, 202119:59
Why Sleep Drives Performance

Why Sleep Drives Performance

Why do we sleep? And do we need to sleep for 7-9 hours to be fully functional? 

When doing my research for last week's episode, I got so interested in sleep and I finally decided to answer my own question around why is sleep important and why it affects my mood and energy so much.

I am adventuring myself into territories of neuroscience and talk about hormones and neurotransmitters as a non-scientist (OBS: I am a statistician by education) but some of these terms are so recurring that I think among non-scientist we can get a grip on them in a way that it is useful.

Tune in and find out more about 

  • why we sleep  
  • what happens during our sleep  
  • how we regulate the day & time rhythm naturally
  • how sleep affects business performance.

For more links and to leave a comment click here.

Aug 18, 202121:15
Learning How We Learn
Aug 11, 202117:19
Recognition & Appreciation
Aug 04, 202121:59
Your Brain Is Your Asset
Jul 28, 202124:26
The KASH model of EI

The KASH model of EI

For true, lasting change to take place, you sure will know that learning - reading a book or attending a two days' training - won't be enough.

This week I discuss theApplied EI"> KASH model of Emotional Intelligence - a power tool for any lasting change to take place.

KASH stands for





Tune in to learn the details of this model and think along on how to use it to help you reach your goals.

NOTE: This tool was originally invented by Tim Sparrow and Amanda Knight in their book "Applied EI".

Access my free Masterclass to stop procrastinating here.

Jul 21, 202118:26
Demystifying Coaching - In collaboration with WOW podcast

Demystifying Coaching - In collaboration with WOW podcast

Special edition of the podcast!
I am sharing with you the live event we have run with Paola Granati about demystifying coaching.
It was an engaging and entertaining event and hopefully also stroke a chord with the audience.
Tune in and let me know what you think!
Jul 14, 202101:08:04
The Performance Formula
Jul 07, 202124:41
Your Identity
Jun 30, 202122:02
Humbleness vs Bragging
Jun 23, 202126:25
Jun 16, 202123:37
Growth Matters
Jun 09, 202119:14
Impostor Syndrome
Jun 02, 202125:15
Confidence in Self
May 26, 202120:11
Your Zone of Genius
May 19, 202117:42
Improve Your Company's Culture

Improve Your Company's Culture

The company culture is the collection of behaviors and attitudes within an organization. 

Why is it important to focus on company culture? Because it can jeopardize your company’s potential today and in the future. 

In this episode I discuss the signs of unhealthy company culture and a some areas to consider for you to actively contribute to improve the culture, no matter where you are:

- shift it from toxic to healthy or 

- shift it from good to great.

May 12, 202125:39
Your Executive Presence
May 05, 202123:33
The Power of Decisions
Apr 28, 202122:49
Gift To Future You
Apr 21, 202123:07
Time Is An Illusion
Apr 14, 202122:25
The Symptoms of Lack of Persistence

The Symptoms of Lack of Persistence

Last week I covered the 6 triggers of persistence and this week we are looking at all the symptoms that are signs of lack of persistence.

It is a long list, so get yourself a cup of coffee, take pen and paper and take the time to reflect upon your own behavior to see if you recognize any or many of these symptoms in your own life and realize now why you have not followed through on your dreams and wants.

Which one resonates with you the most?

Leave me a comment at

Apr 07, 202134:32
6 Triggers of Persistence
Mar 31, 202120:19
Self-Confidence Formula

Self-Confidence Formula

I listen to this every single day and I encourage you to do the same. Feel the words deep into yourself and listen to it as many times as you want. This is the self-confidence formula by Napoleon Hill to connect with our subconscious mind and it works wonders !
Mar 27, 202102:28
The outcome of the meeting
Mar 24, 202135:10
Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations

Start your day with words of self-love and appreciation.
Mar 20, 202106:46
The Obstacles with Journaling
Mar 17, 202122:05
Clear the SMOG
Mar 10, 202117:57
The Skill of Listening
Mar 03, 202132:00
Guided Visualisation

Guided Visualisation

A guided visualisation is a powerful tool that leverages the power of your imagination unobstructed by all the fears and the what if of your day-to day and allows you to imagine a life where you are fearless and unlimited.

With the guided visualisation you let your Chatter-voice (your gremlins) on a side, and allow for your strongest feelings to come up. 

The metal pictures you start experiencing and the feelings derived by those pictures are so beautiful and strong that you will feel an immense joy and your believe in yourself and your possibilities will be significantly improved. 

Use the guided visualisation for finding answers to questions you have, for getting clarity on a goal you want to set or even to find your higher purpose in life. 

I am so glad I can be part of your journey to discover how powerful you are. 


Feb 28, 202107:54
BONUS: My Intervention at the International Business Podcast with Leonardo Marra

BONUS: My Intervention at the International Business Podcast with Leonardo Marra

Some time ago I had this fantastic conversation with Leo for his podcast - the International Business Podcast. So I thought I would share it here on my podcast since you will hear about me from quite a different angle. Hope you enjoy it!  And don't forget to check out Leo's podcast full of interesting interviews :

Feb 27, 202128:51
Reacting vs. responding
Feb 24, 202118:60
When Judgement Holds Us Back
Feb 17, 202123:53
The Power of Intuition
Feb 10, 202124:56
Other People’s Approval
Feb 03, 202126:55
Stop Multitasking

Stop Multitasking

Stop multitasking. 

There is no real way to multitask. 

We can’t do two things at once, so multitasking really means we keep shifting from one activity to the other. And what this doesn’t take into account is how long it takes us every time to go back to the activity number one. 

We are much better working on one thing at a time until completion and then, only then, start the new activity. 

Join me in this weeks' episode where I debunk the myth of multitasking and explain you why I know that multitasking is inefficient and how and what to do instead. 

Full show notes at

Jan 27, 202123:29