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The chiaragoesglobal Podcast

The chiaragoesglobal Podcast

By Chiara Mason

Welcome to The chiaragoesglobal Podcast - a space for young adults to explore all things travel, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Your host, Chiara Mason, shares her journey as a multi-passionate creative, guiding you to grow into your best self. Through authentically sharing stories and connecting with others on the pod, we hope to foster an inspired and uplifted community where people can show up as their full selves, be seen where they are at, and feel hopeful for the future. Thanks for joining this journey with us!

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S2E23 Season 2 Finale

The chiaragoesglobal PodcastJun 26, 2023

S3E2 Summer Adventures in Toronto
Sep 18, 202316:02
S3E1 Soaking Up Okanagan Summer

S3E1 Soaking Up Okanagan Summer

Sharing all of our favourite parts of summer in the Okanagan region of BC, Canada!

Part of this episode is from a blog post:

Stay tuned for another blog to be released shortly, highlighting summer activities in the South Okanagan!

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Sep 06, 202310:27
Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer

Our new trailer for SEASON 3 of The chiaragoesglobal Podcast is here!! Tune in for a quick snapshot of what to expect this season.

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Sep 01, 202301:47
S2E23 Season 2 Finale
Jun 26, 202307:00
S2E22 Chiara's Canadian Book Tour!
Jun 08, 202314:39
S2E21 Self Publishing with Megan Williams of TSPA

S2E21 Self Publishing with Megan Williams of TSPA

Join us for our latest episode featuring Megan Williams of The Self Publishing Agency (TSPA)! We chat all about the self-publishing process for my upcoming book, Blooming: Poetry for Seasons of Change.

About Megan: Megan Williams is the founder and CEO of the publishing company I have worked with for my debut poetry collection, Blooming.

She has been featured in Forbes and Variety Magazine for her expertise in the indie publishing world and more recently - adapting books into film.

Megan is an award-winning author herself for her memoir, Our Interrupted Fairy Tale, and has published two children's books with her step-daughter, Madison. She also has a 1.5 year old who by all accounts seems to love meeting people, reading new books, and running outside as much as her mom does.

You can connect with Megan at the following links:

Social: @MeganDubs @TheSelfPublishingAgency | Forbes | Variety

Interested in reading Chiara's upcoming book? Visit our website to pre-order a copy and join us for a launch event in your city!

May 23, 202332:06
S2E20 The Design Process with Tracy Hetherington
May 15, 202322:43
S2E19 The Editing Process with Elise Volkman
May 08, 202329:45
S2E18 BONUS: Spring is Blooming, and So Are We!
May 01, 202307:46
S2E17 The Significance of Maintaining Boundaries
Apr 16, 202311:09
S2E16 Highlights from 6 Months of Toronto Living
Apr 06, 202308:05
S2E15 The Role of Your Intuition in Making Big Decisions
Mar 19, 202312:27
S2E14 My Cross-Canada Solo Road Trip
Mar 06, 202320:33
S2E13 Doing Business Your Way with Carly from Carlyita Co.
Feb 20, 202333:52
S2E12 Lessons from Therapy
Feb 06, 202322:45
S2E11 Canadian Adventures: Exploring the Kootenays
Jan 23, 202326:56
S2E10 Hello 2023!
Jan 11, 202315:11
S2E9 Global Travels: Adventuring in Australia
Dec 29, 202218:23
S2E8 Canadian Adventures: Northern BC
Dec 14, 202217:53
S2E7 Bali Wanderings

S2E7 Bali Wanderings

Re-living past adventures exploring Bali, Indonesia from a trip in 2019!

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Dec 08, 202216:03
S2E6 Top Tips for Exploring Illinois
Nov 27, 202213:46
S2E5 Maintaining Mental Health: Self-care Strategies
Nov 15, 202218:42
S2E4 Sustainability: How To Take Action Against Climate Change

S2E4 Sustainability: How To Take Action Against Climate Change

In our fourth episode of Season 2, we are diving in to chat about sustainability! We discuss some concrete ways to take action against climate change in your everyday life, including some of our personal favourite recommendations.

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Nov 01, 202217:44
S2E3 Canadian Adventures: Vancouver Island
Sep 28, 202212:48
S2E2 Global Travels: North Africa - Marrakesh + Essaouira
Aug 30, 202214:53
S2E1: Let's Catch Up!
Aug 16, 202207:45
Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

Listen to our newest trailer for all of the details about Season 2 of The chiaragoesglobal Podcast!!

Aug 09, 202201:06
One Year of The chiaragoesglobal Podcast!
May 03, 202209:17
Must-do's in the Okanagan
Apr 19, 202233:11
Canadian Adventures: Alberta
Apr 04, 202220:48
Critiquing Work Culture and The Hustling Mindset
Mar 22, 202217:39
Three Tips to Prioritize Your Mental Health
Mar 14, 202210:51
Self love club
Feb 22, 202215:38
Global Travels: Southern Europe - Barcelona, Madrid + Lisbon
Feb 08, 202230:07
Canadian Adventures: Exploring the Lower Mainland
Jan 25, 202216:00
Hello 2022
Jan 11, 202207:26
Home for the Holidays
Dec 20, 202107:01
Another year older and wiser?
Dec 14, 202106:05
Global Travels: The UK - Dublin + Edinburgh
Dec 08, 202120:19
Global Travels: Western Europe - Brussels, Amsterdam + London

Global Travels: Western Europe - Brussels, Amsterdam + London

Diving in to past travels exploring Brussels, Belgium; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and London, England. This episode does deal with some sensitive content, please use your discretion when listening.

You can read more about our adventures on our website - find details about Brussels here:

More about Amsterdam here:

And London adventures here:

Nov 23, 202129:37
The Mental Health Scaries: My Medication Journey
Nov 01, 202118:24
Canadian Adventures: Toronto, Ontario
Sep 07, 202122:53
Canadian Adventures: Ontario + Quebec
Aug 24, 202121:09
Systemic Racism, White Privilege, and the BLM Movement
Aug 10, 202129:34
Global Travels: Central Europe - Vienna + Berlin

Global Travels: Central Europe - Vienna + Berlin

Today, we'll dive in to our past travels in Central Europe, where we explore Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany.

Trigger warning: please note, this episode discusses triggering content about the world wars and cold war, specifically as it relates to the context in Berlin, Germany. This episode will discuss The Holocaust and further atrocities that took place during this time in history. Please ensure you are in a safe space before proceeding with listening to this episode.

This episode is also available as two blog posts. Our first blog post about our journey in Vienna: 

And our second blog post about our journey in Berlin:

Aug 03, 202124:34
Nationalism, Colonialism, and Current Events in Canada
Jul 13, 202112:48
Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Diving in to a discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year and a half, and some hope for the future post-pandemic. Primarily references the situation in BC, Canada.

Visit our website for a list of blog posts covering this topic: 

Jun 29, 202119:04
My 2020 Mental Health Journey

My 2020 Mental Health Journey

Diving in deep to the roller-coaster that was my mental health journey throughout 2020.

Content Warning: use of explicit language in some cases.

Trigger Warning: discussion of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, medication.

Disclaimer: I am in no way qualified to provide advice as a mental health professional, therapist or counsellor. I am simply speaking from my own lived experience on my mental health journey. 

If you are struggling with your mental health, please connect with a licensed mental health professional. See further resources at our corresponding blog post:

Jun 14, 202136:16
The Wake-Up Call

The Wake-Up Call

Taking a look back at a pivotal time in my life, right after taking part in a Global Seminar in 2017, which led to some big changes. Reflecting on those changes back then, and some upcoming changes for the future.

This episode is also available as a blog post, which is one of the most popular on the blog:

May 31, 202114:08
Global Travels: Eastern Europe - Prague + Budapest

Global Travels: Eastern Europe - Prague + Budapest

Diving in to some past international travels in Prague, Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary, as part of a three-week solo trip. 

Trigger warning: discusses some sensitive content from past world wars.

Similar content from this episode is also available as a blog post:  and 

May 16, 202121:48