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Chip Chats

Chip Chats

By Chip Midnight

Music journalist Chip Midnight shares conversations with artists and performers
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Chip Chats - Joe Lekas and Ben Douglas of Palm Ghosts

Chip ChatsNov 08, 2022

Chip Chats - Sergie Loobkoff & Sean Kennerly (Samiam)

Chip Chats - Sergie Loobkoff & Sean Kennerly (Samiam)

Pop-punk veterans Samiam released their ninth album, Stowaway, in March. On this episode, guitarists Sergie Loobkoff and Sean Kennerly join me to discuss the making of the album, the challenge in keeping a band active for 30+ years, how they feel about pop-punk music in 2023, songs that remind them of certain specific moments in their lives, eating hot wings while drunk and more.

Visit for more info on the band. Follow Samiam on Instagram -

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Jul 07, 202301:05:05
Chip Chats - Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule)

Chip Chats - Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule)

Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule joins this episode to discuss the music he grew up with, the band's new album, Peace ... Like a River, this summer's Dark Side of the Mule tour and more.

Gov't Mule tour info and news:

Gov't Mule live show downloads:

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Jun 16, 202328:11
Chip Chats - The Blue Stones

Chip Chats - The Blue Stones

This episodes features a conversation with Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier of the Canadian rock duo The Blue Stones. Having released their third album, Pretty Monster, in November 2022, the duo is finally getting the chance to do a headlining tour in the U.S. We chat about the tour, song inspirations, bands we've outgrown, merch, and what's on their camera rolls.

The Blue Stones tour dates can be found at:

May 19, 202321:27
Chip Chats - Towne & Stevens

Chip Chats - Towne & Stevens

Blind Melon guitarist Rogers Stevens and bassist Nathan Towne began writing songs together in 2017. During the pandemic, the duo continued writing and started recording those songs. In May of this year, the debut album from TOWNE & STEVENS dropped onto streaming platforms and is filled with classic '70s rock sounds.

For more info on TOWNE & STEVENS check out:

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May 16, 202301:05:11
Chip Chats - Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs)
Feb 23, 202325:51
Chip Chats - Paul Crook (Meat Loaf, Anthrax)
Feb 07, 202341:04
Chip Chats - 2022 Year in Review Roundtable
Dec 29, 202201:27:04
Chip Chats - John Bush (Armored Saint)

Chip Chats - John Bush (Armored Saint)

Armored Saint's John Bush joins me for this episode of CHIP CHATS from a tour bus somewhere in Texas. Armored Saint is in the midst of a nearly sold-out national tour with W.A.S.P. and things couldn't be going better for the band that formed in the early '80s. In this chat, John and I discuss setlists, meet-and-greets, John's appearance in the Huey Lewis and The News "The Heart of Rock and Roll Video," and playing the "rock star" card.

Nov 25, 202232:22
Chip Chats - Joe Lekas and Ben Douglas of Palm Ghosts
Nov 08, 202254:29
Chip Chats - Billy Duffy (The Cult)

Chip Chats - Billy Duffy (The Cult)

On the eve of The Cult's eleventh album (Under the Midnight Sun), I have the chance to have a lengthy conversation with guitarist Billy Duffy who talks about splitting time between L.A. and the UK, playing new music on tour, The Cult's influence on grunge, classic rock radio and more.

Oct 07, 202231:27
Chip Chats - Blind Melon

Chip Chats - Blind Melon

This is why you should always interview the opening band! Had it not been for Soundgarden's publicist declining an interview request I made while as a college student in 1991, I may never have met Blind Melon. The friendship I made with those guys early on continues today as I just had the chance to hang out with guitarist Christopher Thorn who is now a member of The Afghan Whigs. While I have a lot of Blind Melon stories, this is the origin story and includes audio from the first interview I did with Shannon as well as the follow up a year later as part of a conference call with other college journalists.

00:00 - 06:45 - Intro and backstory about how I met Blind Melon

06:45 - 48:51 - 1991 phone interview with Shannon Hoon

48:51 - 54:46 - 1992 phone interview with Shannon Hoon

Sep 27, 202254:46
Chip Chats - Ian Devaney (Nation of Language)

Chip Chats - Ian Devaney (Nation of Language)

Nation of Language's debut album, Introduction, Presence, was released shortly after the world went into lockdown. At the time, with no end in sight (ie - no touring to promote the album), the trio - Ian Devaney, Aidan Noell, and Michael Sue-Poi - went to work recording a second album. Released in November 2021, A Way Forward, is a truer sound and reflective of what the band has been going through since 2020. While Ian has spoken extensively about the songwriting process and the songs, I decided to chat more about touring as Nation of Language will be spending quite a bit of time on the road in 2022.

Mar 31, 202236:13
Chip Chats - Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)

Chip Chats - Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)

Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens recently collaborated with The String Revolution to honor Randy Rhoads' induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by covering the Ozzy Osbourne song, "Crazy Train." It's a unique twist on the heavy metal classic involving string players and Stevens' Flamenco guitar work. 

In this conversation, Stevens shares how he got involved with the project, what the early '80s were like living and playing music in New York City, making new music with Billy Idol, working with Ozzy and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath, who he considers to be today's guitar heroes, Billy Idol's tour with Journey and whether or not he'll be part of the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack. 

Listen to The String Revolution featuring Steve Stevens cover of "Crazy Train":

Learn more about Steve Stevens:

Learn more about The String Revolution:

Feb 01, 202238:13
Chip Chats - Remembering Bob Saget

Chip Chats - Remembering Bob Saget

We were all surprised to learn of the passing of Bob Saget on January 9, 2021. Bob played America's dad as Danny Tanner on Full House and was a well-respected comedian whose stand-up performances are legendary. In 2019, I started a podcast at my day job where I asked employees to share personal stories with me. One of my co-workers, Jeff D'Anza, came on my podcast to share a story about meeting Bob Saget at a college bar. It's really a great story and one that left Jeff with a great memory.

Jan 13, 202208:08
Chip Chats - Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)
Nov 16, 202127:43
Chip Chats - Aaron and the Lord

Chip Chats - Aaron and the Lord

Always great to chat with Aaron Perrino (The Sheila Divine, Dear Leader) about what he's working on. Aaron teamed up with Steven Lord (The Dirty Bangs) on a new project called Aaron and the Lord. The duo, with help from Tanya Donelly (Belly), Mike Bethmann, and Paul Kolderie, released their debut, self-titled, album in October and it's available on all the streaming services. 

In this chat, we talk about how the duo got together, what the guys listened to during the pandemic, what it was like working with Tanya and much, much more.

Nov 03, 202128:50
Chip Chats - Drake White
Oct 19, 202136:28
Chip Chats - Kevin Kiley (LURK)
Sep 15, 202122:20
Chip Chats - Steve Wynn

Chip Chats - Steve Wynn

You may know Steve Wynn from The Dream Syndicate, Gutterball, The Baseball Project or his solo career. Having been a professional musician for four decades, Wynn's released a wealth of material that I've only just started digging deeply into. His latest release, 2020's Decade, is an 11-CD box set featuring the albums Wynn recorded between 1995 and 2005 and includes 50+ previously unreleased songs. That's 11 hours worth of music just in this box set! Steve's doing a backyard and living room house show tour from September 3 - September 19 and that was the reason for this phone call. But, of course, we talked about things other than the tour including songwriting, the Fantasy Baseball league he's in, the 1977 New York Yankees, the amazing new Los Lobos album, Wynn's friendship with Bob Forrest and his favorite Ohio memory.

Catch Wynn on his intimate solo tour -

Sep 03, 202130:51
Chip Chats - Eric Wagner of The Skull (2017)

Chip Chats - Eric Wagner of The Skull (2017)

This morning, August 23, 2021, I learned that ex-Trouble singer Eric Wagner had passed away from Covid Pneumonia. While I had been considering share older interviews on CHIP CHATS, I was planning on waiting but with Eric's passing, I wanted to share an interview I did with him in October 2017 for After Eric left Trouble, he started a band named The Skull and the band was making their first Columbus, Ohio stop at Ace of Cups. I interviewed some of the guys in Trouble back in the mid-90s but Eric did not take part so this was my first chance to speak with him. As you'll hear, while Eric fronted some heavy doom metal bands, he was influenced by the artists he grew up listening to, including the Beatles, The Doors and Pink Floyd. I was fortunate to catch up with Eric after The Skull's show and he told me that he enjoyed our conversation. RIP Eric Wagner (1959-2021). Please get vaccinated.

Aug 24, 202127:21
Chip Chats - Brian Forsythe of Kix
Aug 10, 202130:27
Chip Chats - Lawrence Gowan of Styx
Aug 04, 202130:13