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By Eric Christopher Perry (ECP)

Hosted by Eric Christopher Perry – New England based conductor, vocal artist, and educator. Thoughts on music of all genres and topics, puns with limited success, and cool vibes to tie it all together. Music for the end of the world!...and the rest of your life. New website! Also, new voicemail line! Suggestions? Feedback? Random Musings? Leave a message and we may use it on the show. 1-617-410-8071
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E66: Go Goldy!

CHORantine May 20, 2022

E66: Go Goldy!

E66: Go Goldy!

ecp is back and sharing some thoughts about CHORantine's future, new directions, and maybe even a new name? He's also enamored by a local car commercial jingle. Recorded from a Best Western in Charleston, West Virginia. 

May 20, 202211:20
E65: Gimme That Shot!
Mar 12, 202106:49
E64: You'll Never Walk Alone
Mar 11, 202127:04
E63a: Woke Up This Morning

E63a: Woke Up This Morning

ecp sings traditional spiritual "Woke Up This Morning" as part of a celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Colby College. For the full service:

Virtual Event led by the Rev. Kate Smanik, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, the Rev. Dr. Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies, and Jamya Brown, ‘22, President of Students Organized for Black and Latinx Unity.

Members of Choirs at Colby provide musical selections.

Jan 18, 202103:01
E63: Joanne Rogers (1929-2021)
Jan 15, 202112:04
E62: You Say You Want a RevoKNUTtion

E62: You Say You Want a RevoKNUTtion

ecp went cassette scrounging at Electric Buddahs in Portland, Maine, and found an old tape of Military Musick of the American Revolution from 1989. It feels all too familiar in 2021.

Music and Articles: 

"Military Musick of the American Revolution Containing Drum Signals and Camp Duties with a Choice Collection of Celebrated Marches and Airs Performed" by the Fifes and Drums of the Brigade of the American Revolution. Albany, New York. 

Revolution Void - Someone Else's Memories 

Food Will Win The War - Lie Awake live at WMFU New Jersey/New York

Portland ICE Protesters Say Federal Agents Have Been Blasting “Walking Dead” Torture Song at Them for 10 Hours

Jan 15, 202113:27
E61: Movin' To The Country

E61: Movin' To The Country

Impeachment and songs about impeachment. Tales as old as time. Featuring Charles D. Blake, Roy C. Hammond, and yes, Randy Rainbow.
Music and Articles:
Piers Barber from Music Factory Number One: "Revisiting The Honey Drippers 'Impeach the President.'"
The Honey Drippers: Impeach the President
Washington Post: Impeachment Polka
Randy Rainbow: Sedition!
Mother Jones: Soundtrack for Impeachment
Revolution Void
Jan 14, 202120:22
E60: Moonset

E60: Moonset

ecp embraces midwinter darkness with Don Macdonald's "Moonset," performed by Vancouver's Musica Intima. 

Jan 13, 202122:06
E59: Rats!
Jan 12, 202119:25
E58: What Is Trivial?
Jan 09, 202120:19
E57: Liberty
Jan 07, 202109:53
E56: Georgia On All Of Our Minds
Jan 06, 202111:22
E55: Make Me An Instrument, Send Me A Cassette Tape

E55: Make Me An Instrument, Send Me A Cassette Tape

ECP bought a new toy he's so excited to share with the podcast. Now calling for old cassette tapes!

Today featuring "Make Me An Instrument" by Lynn Michael Coffey (1953-2003), taken from an old tape and converted to MP3. Also, is the New Year a new year?

Jan 05, 202124:56
E:54 Car-nversations – 12 March 2020

E:54 Car-nversations – 12 March 2020

ECP and Will Prapestis reflect on Renaissance Men, international travel, the concert that changed everything, and memories made during the bridge week between a time that was and a time that wasn’t anymore. In a car, sending of 2020 in only a way they can.
Jan 01, 202101:03:39
E43: Make A Pancake Joke, But Seriously...

E43: Make A Pancake Joke, But Seriously...

Memorial Day always reminds ecp of George Butterworth's musical settings of A.E. Housman's A Shropshire Lad. As he gets older the poetry becomes more and more relevant. What is it you want to leave behind when it’s your time?
May 27, 202022:31
E42: Enescu, the Pandispan Cu Fructe

E42: Enescu, the Pandispan Cu Fructe

A birthday celebration for one of ECP's closest friends in the form of Romanian composer George Enescu (1881-1955) and numerous failed attempts at pronunciation of Romanian meals. ECP's first tripe soup. 

May 27, 202011:49
E41: Taps and Tapped Out

E41: Taps and Tapped Out

ECP forgot it was Memorial Day, ashamedly. How many battles are we fighting right now?

May 26, 202008:35
E38: American Idle Pt. III: Slugworth and the Sneaky Pipeline

E38: American Idle Pt. III: Slugworth and the Sneaky Pipeline

American Idol Season 13 contestant Kari Moloney (Crimmins) with a never-before-seen peek behind the curtain of one of America's biggest cultural phenomena.
May 14, 202001:09:26
E37: American Idle Pt. II – Staying Home Since 2002

E37: American Idle Pt. II – Staying Home Since 2002

"Why Don't You Audition For American Idol?" Here's why. The early days of cultural change and e-troll culture. Warning *hot take* alert.
May 12, 202017:55
E36: American Idle Pt. I – Mamma Mia Let Me Go
May 11, 202014:02
E35: Pumpkins, Houses, and "The Webinar" – Yet Another Response
May 09, 202027:20
E34: I'm Still Here
May 07, 202014:29
E33: My Castle's Rockin'

E33: My Castle's Rockin'

National Appreciation for Nurses today! Featured in today's episode: the music, the voice, and the nursing career of international vocal jazz giant Alberta Hunter (1895-1984). Thank you to all of our nurses keeping us healthy across America and around the world. 

May 06, 202012:04
E32: Those Who Can

E32: Those Who Can

A soliloquy for National Teacher's Day underscored by La ille Morte by famed French composer and teacher of composers Nadia Boulanger (1887-1979).

May 05, 202013:15
E31: 54

E31: 54

What else is there to say?

May 04, 202019:37
E24: There God Is
Apr 23, 202006:52
E23: Miles To Go Before I Sleep

E23: Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Simplicity and complexity: Robert Frost and Randall Thompson – Frostiana

Heard on the episode: 


An exploration of the journey of the soul.
The Vermont Youth Chorus perform THE ROAD NOT TAKEN from Frostiana by Randall Thompson with a chamber orchestra featuring musicians from the Vermont Youth Orchestra.
Caleb Pillsbury, conductors - Mary Jane Austin, accompanist - broadcast on Regional Educational Television Network, Burlington, VT

John C. Hughes Article on Frostiana

Apr 23, 202022:54
E22: Laura
Apr 21, 202017:11
E21: No One Is Alone
Apr 20, 202011:37
E20: Were You There?

E20: Were You There?

A reading from John 12:20, featuring Bob Chilcott's "Were You There" recorded by Festina Cantorum, Daniel Gostin, conductor, Shannon Rose McAuliffe, co-artistic director.

Apr 11, 202004:05
E19: Laments

E19: Laments

ECP reflects on Renaissance Men's recording of Thomas Tallis's Lamentations of Jeremiah and the social, economic, and humanitarian destruction brought by Covid-19. 

Apr 10, 202018:54
Bach By One: BWV 245: Johannes-Passion Final Chorale

Bach By One: BWV 245: Johannes-Passion Final Chorale

Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein
Ah Lord, let your dear angels
Am letzten End die Seele mein
at my final hour carry my soul
In Abrahams Schoß tragen,
to Abraham’s bosom,
Den Leib in seim Schlafkämmerlein
while my body in its narrow chamber
Gar sanft ohn eigne Qual und Pein
gently without pain or torment
Ruhn bis am jüngsten Tage!
rests until the last day.
Alsdenn vom Tod erwecke mich,
Wake me then from death,
Dass meine Augen sehen dich
so that my eyes see you
In aller Freud, o Gottes Sohn,
in all joy,o God’s son,
Mein Heiland und Genadenthron!
my saviour and throne of mercy
Herr Jesu Christ, erhöre mich,
Lord Jesus Christ, hear me,
Ich will dich preisen ewiglich!
I shall praise you eternally!

Apr 09, 202002:11
E18: Chag Pesach Sameach
Apr 08, 202009:13
E17: The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.

E17: The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.

Psalm 118 performed by Festina Cantorum

Daniel Gosten, conductor, Shannon Rose McAuliffe, co-artistic director

Apr 07, 202005:06
E16: Where's Gesualdo?
Apr 06, 202014:56
Apr 04, 202000:21
E14: Is There A Doctor In The House? Pt. 3: In A Heartbeat
Apr 02, 202025:10
E13: You Know What's Coming

E13: You Know What's Coming

...something something...major announcement...something something...

Apr 01, 202003:47
E12: Heav'ns High Paradise

E12: Heav'ns High Paradise

ECP sings a little four part ayre by English composer, poet, and physician Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

Mar 31, 202002:36
E11: Is There A Doctor In The House? Pt. 1
Mar 30, 202021:48
Bach By One: Chorale from BWV 45
Mar 29, 202002:08
E10: Friend Feature Friday! Vol. 1

E10: Friend Feature Friday! Vol. 1

Today is the first episode of CHORantine's Friend Feature Friday! On today's episode:

(6:14) Jay Mobley: Isolation – Wer hat dich (J.S. Bach) , performed and produced by Jay Mobley

For more information on Jay Mobley, find his page on Facebook or check out Jay's SoundCloud . Thanks Jay for the submission!

(9:30) Clare Macean: Christ the King, performed by New England vocal ensemble Cappella Nova Mundi, William Kempster, Artistic Director.

For a video of this performance, find it on YouTube here. Thank you to ensemble member Elizabeth Mitchell Bowman for the submission. 

Other selections on today's episode include: 

"Friends" by Heartwurkz\

"Hopeful Journey" by Scott Holmes

Loops and samples:

Thanks for listening to another week of CHORantine! Make sure to visit our Facebook page, and share our episodes with your friends if you like our show! If you'd like to be featured on Friend Feature Friday (working title...) drop us a line on Facebook or email ECP directly,

Mar 27, 202025:26
E09: Ware In The World
Mar 26, 202019:12
E08: Spring Sonnet Pt. 2 – Brush Up Your Shakespeare!
Mar 25, 202011:40
E07: Spring Sonnet: Pt. 1

E07: Spring Sonnet: Pt. 1

A reading of Work without Hope by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834).

Mar 24, 202002:30
E06: Spring #1, And, 54!

E06: Spring #1, And, 54!

ECP safely transported to Boston, Massachusetts, where the next week of shows will be recorded. Despite technical difficulties and a snow 'event,' nothing stops us from celebrating the first full week of spring! First up: The spring songs of Tchaikovsky Op. 54: 16 Songs for Children. Pardon any and all pronunciation mistakes. Special thanks to Emily Ezust,, for translation permissions. We hope to get the sounds right for tomorrow, but, enjoy the beautiful music! 

Heard on Today's Episode:

Podington Bear/Just Watching/

Tchaikovsky 16 Songs for Children Op. 54 Gennady Pishchayev, tenor Alexander Bakhciev, piano Firma Melodia 1980

John McCormack; Gerald Moore

Tchaikovsky: Music For Cello & Orchestra by

Rafael WallfischEnglish Chamber OrchestraGeoffrey Simon

Chandos Records Ltd. (CHAN8347)

P.Tchaikovsky. "Legend". Words by A.Pleshcheyev

The State Chamber Choir of the USSR

Russian Conducting School. Valery Polyansky


Talents of Russia

Mar 24, 202024:28
Bach By One: Chorale from BWV 39
Mar 22, 202002:08
E05: Zoom Zoom Zoom!
Mar 20, 202010:36
E04: GOAT!
Mar 19, 202023:14
E03: Til The Storm Passes By

E03: Til The Storm Passes By

ECP wishes a happy birthday to his Dad, who introduced him to the timeless, uplifting recordings of the Mennonite A Cappella family singing tradition. 

Heard On Today's Episode: 

Till the Storm Passes By/

I Wil Sing the Wondrous Story/Antrim Mennonite Choir/

Sweet Home from The Philharmonia/Eric Christopher Perry sings

God Be with You Til We Meet Again/Antrim Mennonite Choir/

Loops and beats provided by

Hot Hot Mate from Mennist to Society

Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment

Read more about the Mennonites at

Take a read and learn a thing or two about music! Link to The Philharmonia on IMSLP 

For more information on Chorantine, visit Follow us on Spotify as well, as well as our supplemental music playlist for songs and related listening – search: chorantine. 

Mar 18, 202017:06
E02: My Irish Song of Songs

E02: My Irish Song of Songs

It's St. Patrick's Day! And ECP takes a swipe at the wrong Sullivan (and not even an Irish one!). 

Song Selections: 

My Irish Song of Songs by Alfred Dubin/Daniel J. Sullivan/John McCormack, tenor/Berliner Gram-o-phone Co. Limited, 1918, Creative Commons. 

For Auld Lang Syne/Robert Carr, vocalist, Robert Burns, poetry/1910 (?), Creative Commons 

The Rare Old Mountain Dew/Peter C. Schilling, baritone, and Renaissance Men, Eric Christopher Perry, Artistic Director/used by permission  

Rogers Jig, Village Jig/Paddy Sweeney/Decca, 1933/Creative Commons 

For more information about Chorantine, please visit, or email 

Please share, and, thanks! 

Mar 17, 202012:35
E01: CHORantine – An Introduction

E01: CHORantine – An Introduction

Eric Christopher Perry, Director of Vocal and Choral Activities at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, as well as the Artistic Director of Renaissance Men, New England's Professional Male Vocal Chamber Ensemble, enters the ring of podcasting. "Let's build a playlist of cool choral music, or vocal music, or otherwise, and let's make silly observations about the pieces." What better time to pass time than in troubled times? He also rambles about The Great Gildersleeve.

Loops heard today can be found on and The Great Gildersleeve intro courtesy of

Outro: Gander in the Pratie Hole, Morrison's Jig, Drowsy Maggie by Sláinte.

For more information about the show visit (in progress), or email

Mar 16, 202011:05