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You've Championed Yourself, Who Are You?

You've Championed Yourself, Who Are You?

By Chris Ferguson

Showcasing amazing people about how they championed themselves from where they started to where they are now. We discuss how they accomplished their goals personally, professionally, and spiritually into reality.
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Welcome to the "You've Championed Yourself, Who Are You?" Podcast

You've Championed Yourself, Who Are You?Jun 17, 2021

Elizabeth Bennett
Mar 01, 202301:01:56
Joel Salmon

Joel Salmon

Joel Salmon is a former Hedge Fund manager...a professional money manager, who went from managing funds to becoming what he calls a "Prosperity Coach".  He changes people's mindset about money from, "I can't afford that" and similar mindsets to abundance and prosperity.

Join Joel as he takes you on his journey...

Feb 22, 202301:01:23
Howard Brown

Howard Brown

Howard Brown is a twin, and as any twins are, his twin sister is his best friend. Howard had what could be called a normal life through high school and then college until he noticed a small lump on his cheekbone...a lump that was eventually diagnosed as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As a cancer survivor of a Stage 4 cancer, not once but twice, Howard takes you his journey. His ultimate mission is to have people, men in particular, be aware of changes in their body and to also have routine medical exams like colonoscopies. They can save your life.

Feb 15, 202348:13
Nicole Borghi

Nicole Borghi

Nicole Borghi is a psychic medium who knew she was special, that she was different from a young age. Nicole and her mom would "ghostbust" houses when she was young, even though they didn't know how to protect themselves at the time. She became more aware of her talents and is now on a journey to share with people how to understand the energy on their bodies and how it affects them and their universe.

Nicole's three tips for betterment are:
1. Pick up your crystal and reconnect to who you are.
2. Breathe.
3. Take a look at yourself, where you are at, and how to better yourself.

Feb 08, 202301:09:55
Dr. Ida Greene

Dr. Ida Greene

Dr. Ida Greene grew up in Florida in an era of segregation and she realized at a young age that to get ahead she definitely needed education. She definitely understood that education is something that cannot be taken away from you. She got her education and became a registered nurse, received her Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees as well as her teaching certificate. She eventually became a family therapist and her greatest joy is working with children, which she says is her love and joy.

Dr. Greene has also written 22 books.

You can reach Dr. Greene here:

Feb 01, 202344:34
Lei Mohr

Lei Mohr

Lei Mohr's family is neurodivergent, but she states that "we grew up before it was a *thing*. She learned through many difficult relationships how to break painful patterns and work through issues like communication, distractibility, organization, as well as the intermingled issue of the outdated model of privilege to have a calm partnership."

Lei's gifts and talents include; Hyperfocus, writing, gardening, persistence, and critical thinking.

Lei can be reached here:
Web Site:

Jan 25, 202356:14
Ed Garza
Jan 18, 202301:07:02
Brett Hill

Brett Hill

Brett Hill states, "I believe passionately that mindful communication can help people and help the world become a better place."

After graduating with a degree in interpersonal communication, Brett Hill become a technology expert and created a distinguished technical career He has presented at technical conferences worldwide for companies like Microsoft, has written hundreds of published articles, and was awarded Microsoft's distinguished "Most Valuable Professional" award for 9 years.

But alongside that career, Brett's true passion was studying, practicing, and teaching mindfulness and meditation in many forms. He studied Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz and he also trained as a facilitator in Matrix Leadership group dynamics with founder Amina Knowlan. He taught beginning and advance meditation at the Lotus Center in Okla City and went on to establish the Quest institute meditation center in Dallas. He currently teaches meditation at BeMeditation in Seattle.

He credits much of his professional success in the corporate world to the skills and tools he picked up from the mindfulness world. He says "mindfulness has helped in every aspect of my professional and personal life. I believe passionately, it's the most important skill a person can develop as it can transform not only your life, but the world."

Eventually, the desire to share the many benefits of mindfulness with others, so that they could live a richer and more powerful life of intention and connection, led to the work he does today as a mindfulness and communications coach, author, and speaker.

Join us for Brett's story of how he can navigate this dichotomy of technology and the world of spirituality.

You can reach Brett here:

Jan 11, 202301:07:07
Dr. Cindy Childress

Dr. Cindy Childress

Dr. Cindy Childress grew up in a very rural town in Tennessee, a town so small they didn't get their first traffic light until Cindy was 20 years old and the biggest location in town was the community library. She grew up in a Christian home but she really wanted to move to and experience the "big city". Education was the key for her beginning with her attending college in Tampa, FL through getting her doctorate degree (PhD) in Lafayette, LA.

Her proudest achievement has been in business when she was given three American Business Awards in 2022.


Jan 04, 202301:01:48
Connie Jones

Connie Jones

Connie grew up in a small town in Georgia to high performance, highly religious, loving parents involved in the realm of education. Being driven in a high performance family, she was always expected to do what others felt she should do and be like, even though Connie herself did not feel the same way. She was expected to be the valedictorian, the prom queen, and more, even though those things did not interest Connie and it cost her dearly throughout her early life. It was this lifestyle that caused Connie to nearly break down in her 20's and seek therapy and find out what her true passions and life was all about, namely being an empath, an intuitive,  and a coach/therapist.

Dec 28, 202254:16
Rena Koesler

Rena Koesler

Rena Koesler is a former professor, turned entrepreneur, and an author. Rena believes that in times of uncertainty and stepping into the unknown, being unflappable can create calm for yourself and for those around you, particularly as you lead. With this in mind, she wrote her book title, "UnFlappable". She has also written other books and she coaches, mentors, and teaches business owners, educators and adventure enthusiasts the tools needed to reach their work potential.


Dec 21, 202248:58
Cindy J. Holbrook

Cindy J. Holbrook

Cindy J. Holbrook is a writer (not to be confused with the Harlequin Romance novelist 'Cindy Holbrook'...two totally different persons). She grew up being abused mentally and physically by family members and thankfully worked her way out of the mindset this placed her in different ways. She began helping others through coaching and wrote a book titled, "Overcoming DARK Family Secrets".

Facebook: VisibilityWiz/

Dec 14, 202201:01:05
Cheryl Stelte

Cheryl Stelte

Cheryl Stelte was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and was drawn to the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, where she later lived for 30 years and raised her family. Cheryl has been a spiritual entrepreneur for over two decades. In addition to her psychic abilities, Cheryl holds diplomas and certificates in multiple energy healing modalities, spiritual leadership, coaching, mentoring, and retreat guiding, shamanism, acupressure, meditation, instinctive feng shui and many more. Cheryl is sought after for her ability to help others break through barriers where nothing else worked. Cheryl takes great joy in speaking to all groups and helping those in her programs, heal and become empowered.

Dec 07, 202244:26
Dr. Lulu Shimek
Nov 30, 202201:01:14
Steve Garvin

Steve Garvin

Steve is a writer, speaker, photographer, illustrator, and a poet. He calls himself “The Abundance Story Architect”.

His mission is to be the bright light in someone’s dark night. By creating a way of bringing emotions, money and self-care in his client’s awareness to build that Abundance Story in their lives.


Nov 23, 202201:04:12
Dilyana Mileva
Nov 16, 202233:18
Yvonne DiVita
Nov 09, 202256:48
Kelly Falardeau
Nov 02, 202246:31
Christoph Nauer
Oct 26, 202254:33
Homeyra Faghihi
Oct 19, 202258:53
Sally Gimon
Oct 12, 202201:04:51
Ken Attard
Oct 05, 202201:16:35
Krista Giannak
Sep 28, 202240:15
Rachelle Babler
Sep 21, 202201:01:12
Lisa DePamphilis
Sep 14, 202254:17
George Morris

George Morris

George Morris has been a researcher in several medical labs for over 40 years. During this time, he has presented many different natural verified research to several big pharmaceutical companies and they were not interested. He has tried to incorporate and merge energy medicine with clinical laboratory testing for years. He is hoping the times are shifting and this may become a reality in his lifetime. Come join us on this journey.

Facebook Group: Engaging the force
Twitter: :Longevity

Sep 07, 202201:29:36
Mija-Liisa Adams
Aug 31, 202201:08:46
Carol Banayos
Aug 24, 202201:03:20
Dawn Chamblin
Aug 17, 202201:20:47
Chu Tang
Aug 10, 202235:48
Angie Nichols

Angie Nichols

Angie Nichols, has been a registered nurse with an extensive background in health and wellness, nutrition, fitness, and preventative medicine. She worked in schools with children, staff and creating exercise program for both. Angie’s passion became women’s health. Which lead her to study with an elite group of practitioners certified in Advance Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. She has lectured at many seminars the benefit of Bio-identical hormone therapy. Come on our journey,


Aug 03, 202201:01:34
A.M. Williams
Jul 29, 202201:01:17
Sandra Bellamy

Sandra Bellamy

Sandra Bellamy is an individual who is on a mission to educate people on being an asexual being. She is showing the world how to understand what it truly means. She has been an author, speaker, and Influencer in this area in the UK. Come on this journey with us.

FB/Twitter: asexualize.

Jul 27, 202250:06
Sara McDermott Jain

Sara McDermott Jain

Sara McDermott Jain is a screen writer and adapts books to screen plays in life. She can tell a story through her perception of what she reads to embrace all the nuances of the books.  She is an expert at the “Power of the Story”. Come on this journey with us.


LinkedIn: saramcdermottjain

FB: is a screen writer and adapts books to screen plays in life. She can tell a story through her perception of what she reads to embrace all the nuances of the books.  She is an expert at the “Power of the Story”. Come on this journey with us.


LinkedIn: saramcdermottjain


Jul 20, 202254:56
Kristal Murren

Kristal Murren

Kristal Murren is a dynamic individual who has stepped out in business as the "Bossy Girl", then navigated herself to the top in her field. She is a servant leader first and foremost through courage and authenticity. Come join us on her journey.


FB/Insta/Twitter/LinkedIn: thebossygirl

Jul 13, 202236:22
Susan Binne
Jul 06, 202244:60
Mieu Phan
Jun 29, 202246:04
Rosalind Panda
Jun 22, 202253:44
Randy Brown
Jun 15, 202201:05:29
Sharon Lynn Wyeth
Jun 08, 202254:50
Sarah Willoughby
Jun 03, 202249:13
Johann Callaghan
Jun 01, 202259:03
Heidi Dunstan

Heidi Dunstan

Heidi Dunstan has gone through a personal nightmare in her life when her husband died in front of her and she performed CPR to no avail. This shook her world in a way she was not prepared for. She became the person who now teaches other how to lean into grief and know what to say, do, and how to comfort others in their grief.

FB/ Instagram: leanintogrief
Clubhouse Club: lean-into-grief

May 25, 202246:24
Elvira V. Hopper
May 18, 202252:35
Irina Shehovov
May 11, 202244:20
Payman Lorenzo
May 04, 202201:02:17
Dawn Rashard
Apr 27, 202201:04:56
Roger Burnley
Apr 20, 202253:58
Peilin Chiu
Apr 13, 202234:28
Samantha Louise
Apr 06, 202251:47