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The Chris the Freelancer Podcast

The Chris the Freelancer Podcast

By Christopher Dodd

Interviews with digital Nomads and destinations reviews for remote workers.
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27: Jakarta for Digital Nomads (My Experience)

The Chris the Freelancer PodcastDec 18, 2022

27: Jakarta for Digital Nomads (My Experience)
Dec 18, 202238:36
26: Manila for Digital Nomads (28 days in the Philippines)
Sep 27, 202227:53
25: Istanbul for Digital Nomads (My Experience)
Jun 30, 202201:06:42
24: Lisbon, Portugal - Does it live up to the hype? feat. Sergio Sala

24: Lisbon, Portugal - Does it live up to the hype? feat. Sergio Sala

Jun 02, 202201:08:58
23: What's Thailand like in 2022? with special guest Riley Bennett (Livin That Life)
May 25, 202251:58
22: How I Became Location Independent
May 24, 202212:33
21: Return to Nomad Life
May 22, 202218:24
20: From Cleaning Windows to Travelling the World | Nick Nerov on his Entrepreneurial Journey with Amazon

20: From Cleaning Windows to Travelling the World | Nick Nerov on his Entrepreneurial Journey with Amazon

Nick Nerov is a pro Amazon seller who went from cleaning windows in Toronto to running his Amazon business from locations around the world like Thailand, Croatia and Colombia.
In this interview, Nick and I discuss dating and culture differences across continents, living in Medellin and his own entrepreneurial journey up until this point.
Check Nick out at
his YouTube channel for more advice specially on Amazon.
Talking Points
[01:23] How Nick and his friends found their apartment in Medellin – a 5 bedroom penthouse in El Poblado
[05:27] How to Negotiate the price of your AirBnB (or anything for that matter)
[07:20] Nick runs through the list of where he’s been in the last year and how he chooses destinations
[09:31] Nick reveals his dream destination and an interesting festival he plans to attend there
[13:16] How Nick learned Spanish
[15:35] The difference in culture and dating between Asia and South America
[19:40] A brief history of the pickup industry in Toronto
[23:31] What it’s like to come home after living abroad
[25:00] Nick’s entrepreneurial journey from window cleaning to Amazon FBA
[31:22] What happens when you start to make passive income and become a nomad?
[35:05] Nick’s plan to expand his Amazon business and move directly to the source
[39:19] Sourcing products directly in China vs sourcing online
[44:47] Why most people fail to make money on Amazon and what made Nick successful
[48:37] Nick’s final advice for succeeding with Amazon FBA
Links Mentioned

* AirBnB
* Never Split the Difference (Book)
* Kanamara Matsuri (Penis Festival)
* Baselang Spanish Training
* Pimsleur Spanish Training
* David Bond
* The Game (book)
* Poorly Made in China (Book)
* Nick Nerov’s YouTube Channel

Nov 09, 201752:42
19: Julian Goldie on Making Passive Income with Fiverr + Medellin for Digital Nomads

19: Julian Goldie on Making Passive Income with Fiverr + Medellin for Digital Nomads

Nov 01, 201745:26
18: Retired at 35 | Johnny FD on Creating Financial Freedom Through Passive Income

18: Retired at 35 | Johnny FD on Creating Financial Freedom Through Passive Income

Johnny FD is a location independent entrepreneur who has lived in Thailand for over 5 years before deciding to give up his apartment and travel the world as a true ‘nomad’.
Well-known in the drop-shipping community, Johnny started out building and selling Shopify stores and nowadays, shares his experiences with nomadic life and online business through his blog and his podcast, the ’Travel Like a Boss Podcast’.
Stay tuned as we discuss what it’s like to retire at 35 and what Johnny has planned post-retirement.
Be sure to check out
Johnny’s latest course on how to create online passive income from a blog, brand, or audience!
Talking Points
[01:46] A little word about how the new season of the CTF Podcast will play out and how Johnny runs his own podcast
[04:55] How Johnny met Sam Marks, successful e-cig entrepreneur and now co-host of the ‘Invest Like a Boss’ podcast
[07:50] Announcing retirement at age 35, achieving financial freedom and finding motivation post-retirement
[10:39] How more money does not necessarily mean more happiness
[13:08] Making the decision to retire from eCommerce and continuing with blogging and podcasting
[17:43] An introduction to Johnny’s latest course, Income Boss and what motivated him to ‘come out of retirement’
[21:42] Leaving Chiang Mai to travel to places like Bali, Ukraine and Gran Canaria.
[24:30] Feeling the need for a home base as you become more nomadic
[26:04] Redefining the definition of word ‘retirement’
[28:50] Johnny’s plan to travel less and spend more time in the US, Gran Canaria and Chiang Mai
[31:08] Why Johnny and I love Gran Canaria as a digital nomad destination
[32:41] The negative side to living in Bali and why Chiang Mai is such a good alternative
[38:46] Australia for digital nomads – two big problems which hold Australia back
Links Mentioned

* The Travel Like a Boss Podcast
* The Invest Like a Boss Podcast
* Sam Marks’ Speech at Nomad Summit
* Johnny’s Latest Course – Income Boss
* Nomad Summit
* My review video for Las Palmas
* Johnny’s Blog – Johnny

Oct 18, 201743:35
17: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for Digital Nomads and Goodbye for Now with Denise Lazaroo

17: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for Digital Nomads and Goodbye for Now with Denise Lazaroo

After one month as Digital Nomads in Ho Chi Minh City, Denise and I discuss our experience in the city and recap the first season of the Chris the Freelancer podcast.
To read my full evaluation of our time in Ho Chi Minh City including Cost of Living and Coworking reports,
check out my blog post.
Talking Points
[1:46] Cost of Living for short-term nomads in Saigon and our experience renting in District 1
[4:31] Vietnamese cuisine and eating out
[9:58] Getting around in Ho Chi Minh City with Uber and Grab vs hiring a moped
[15:58] Coworking in Saigon including Dreamplex, WORK Saigon and Nest by AIA
[20:01] My search for the digital nomad community in Saigon, a discussion on the digital nomad mentality and the reason why I’m so passionate about the movement
[28:01] Final words on Saigon
[30:32] Closing words on the Chris the Freelancer podcast and a goodbye for now
Links Mentioned

* Living in Saigon Vlog
* Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Facebook Group
* Dreamplex, WORK Saigon and Nest by AIA
* Alex’s YouTube Channel
* Kokois Cafe

Next Steps

* Sign up for the Chris the Freelancer Mailing List
* Check out ‘How I Learned to Code’
* Stay in touch on Social Media:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

A Few of My Podcast Recommendations

* Travel Like a Boss
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* Tropical MBA

Oct 03, 201638:28
16: Gabriel Harper on Building a Startup on the Beach in Thailand

16: Gabriel Harper on Building a Startup on the Beach in Thailand

Gabriel is a talented young man from the UK that I met at Beachub in Koh Phangan. There he works with his brother/co-founder on an early-stage startup called Moju, a platform for companies to find Instagram influencers.
I met Gabriel early on during my visit to Koh Phangan but it wasn’t until I overheard a meeting with a prospective client that I decided to ask him on the show.
Talking Points
[1:25] An introduction to Gabriel and his startup Moju, a platform for finding Instagram influencers
[3:29] How Gabriel and his co-founder have sourced prospective clients to help gather feedback in the early stages of the business
[5:15] A little on Gabriel’s background as a developer and entrepreneur
[8:15] Why he decided to work on his startup from Koh Phangan in Thailand
[11:08] Travel, living abroad and the story behind Moju
[14:54] How Gabriel learned the skills to start his own business and the challenges and benefits of living and working remotely
[18:54] The future for Moju and it’s founders
Links Mentioned

* Beachub
* River City Labs
* Startup Weekends
* The Lean Startup
* Amazon Web Services
* Gabriel’s Startup – Moju

Sep 26, 201622:00
15: Koh Lanta vs Koh Phangan for Digital Nomads & a Reality Check for Newbies with Guido and Marjet

15: Koh Lanta vs Koh Phangan for Digital Nomads & a Reality Check for Newbies with Guido and Marjet

Sep 19, 201630:48
14: The Podcast is Changing and I Need Your Help…

14: The Podcast is Changing and I Need Your Help…

To listen to the announcement, click play on the player below:<br />
Otherwise, read on…<br />
If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you’ll have noticed a very particular format. Each week, I’ve been interviewing a new digital nomad guest but now things are gonna change. To explain what I mean, I’ve got to tell you a short story about this podcast.<br />
A few months back when I decided to launch this podcast, I had met a bunch of nomads so far on my journey who I felt had interesting stories to share. Stories that could inspire you to take action and experiences to learn from. From listening to other podcasts as a newbie, I was frustrated at how little time the guest and host would talk about the journey which lead them to location independence so in my own podcast, I decided to make the journey the centrepiece.<br />
The reason I’m telling you all of this is because something needs to change. Ever since I started the podcast, I’ve become increasingly busier and my list of guests who fit my specific criteria has gotten smaller. The podcast takes me a long time to edit but at the same time, the audience growth has virtually been zero.<br />
Honestly, I was considering shutting down the podcast all together but in the end, I simply couldn’t do it as I know that some of you guys probably get a bunch of value from it. So here’s what I’m going to do:<br />
1. I’m opening up the format.<br />
This doesn’t mean that the podcast won’t be about location independence anymore or that we won’t have digital nomads on the show. It just means that I need to be flexible with it. Instead of this particular format that I made up arbitrarily, I want to understand more about what you guys are after and make podcasts based off of that.<br />
I’ve realised that I got the strategy wrong with podcasting. Unlike YouTube where I get instant feedback on each video with which I can use to improve each time, I don’t do any of that on my podcast. So here is my first call to action. Please, please. If you want me to keep making this podcast, go to the show notes and leave a comment letting me know what you want to hear. This will be something that I do on each episode from now on. Even if you wanna just say that you liked it or hated it. I appreciate any feedback you can provide me.<br />
2. I want your feedback<br />
So. Here’s the deal. If this podcast is going to work, I need it to be more interactive. If you like the show, please, please, leave a comment below. Coming up on the podcast we have some new episodes I recorded in Koh Phangan but after that, I’m open to your suggestions.<br />
Thanks so much for your support. I will see you on the next episode of the Chris the Freelancer podcast.<br />
Until next time,<br />
Chris<br />
Sep 12, 201605:40
13: Steph Danforth on Succeeding with UpWork and Fiverr

13: Steph Danforth on Succeeding with UpWork and Fiverr

This week, I sit down with Steph Danforth, the freelance designer who has been travelling the world continuously for the last four years with husband, Nick Danforth. From living in a van in the United States to sightseeing in Europe, Steph has built her career 100% on the road.
In this week’s episode, we talk about Steph’s keys to success on UpWork and Fiverr and the life lessons learned after so many years of work and travel.
this link to check out Steph’s course on Freelancing using UpWork and get 15% off on signup.
Talking Points
[1:23] The beginnings of Steph’s nomad journey with husband Nick over 4 years ago, starting in a camper van, sightseeing in Europe and living in China
[4:31] From working in a coffee shop to starting an Etsy store
[7:23] Dabbling in Web Design and transitioning completely into location independent work and financial independence
[11:17] How Steph decided on her career path and learned to code / design websites
[16:28] How she built the skill of dealing with clients as a freelancer and how it ended up making the difference
[19:38] How Steph got started on Fiverr and her advice for others wanting to succeed on the platform
[25:38] The importance of building reviews and reputation on Upwork and Steph’s tips for meeting and exceeding client expectations
[28:38] An introduction to Steph’s course on Successful freelancing on UpWork
[30:29] Steph’s favourite locations to travel, to work and to connect with the nomad community
[34:22] How Steph and husband Nick decide on where to go next and the biggest learnings they’ve had on their journey
[38:27] Breaking the stereotype of being married and what it’s like to travel with a partner
[41:12] The next stage for Steph and Nick and how they’ve inspired others to live an alternative lifestyle
Links Mentioned

* Digital Nomad Girls
* Skillcrush
* Nick Danforth’s YouTube channel (Formerly Home Sweet Globe)
* Steph’s Udemy Course (15% off)

Sep 05, 201646:46
12: Craig Wilson on Going Remote and Moving out to Chiang Mai

12: Craig Wilson on Going Remote and Moving out to Chiang Mai

From convincing you to have a beer with him on a Friday night to enticing you to buy a product online, Craig Wilson is a born salesman.
An entrepreneur for many years, Craig finally decided to move his business operations completely online to achieve location independence.
In this week’s episode from Chiang Mai, Thailand, we talk about the journey so far as well as the next stage for the always excited Craig Wilson.
To find out more about Craig, visit his website at
Talking Points
[1:34] How Craig got started in business, going to college and working at the South African World Cup
[5:50] Catching the travel bug and how he built his own marketing business without ever needing to take a regular job
[10:00] The fallacy of offline networking and getting leads online
[13:47] Moving his business online to free up time and go location independent
[16:49] The brewing idea of location independence and making the decision to come out to Chiang Mai
[23:44] Meeting people in Chiang Mai and other locations and adventures on Craig’s list
[28:34] Leveraging time and pursuing passive income
[32:54] Craig’s top goals and new courses
[35:46] Craig’s number one top tip for those wanting to live location independently
Links Mentioned

* Chiang Mai influencers – Adrian Ingram, Johnny FD and Nick Danforth
* Punspace
* Huay Kaew Residence
* Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Down
* Startup Diaries
* Snir Alayof

Aug 29, 201641:08
11: Riley Bennett on Building a Business on Amazon

11: Riley Bennett on Building a Business on Amazon

Riley and I first connected in mid April of 2016 when we met to do an interview after I discovered Riley through his YouTube channel.
The young, always excited Riley now lives his dream as a location independent entrepreneur after successfully building an Amazon business with his friend and business partner Parker Morris. Listen as Riley divulges over an hour about his own story as well as a wealth of tips and knowledge for starting your own successful business on Amazon.
To learn more about Riley’s method, check out his course, “
The Amazon Method“.
Talking Points
[1:51] Visiting home and avoiding tax & exorbitant expenses by being in South East Asia
[5:04] Discovering his adventurous side, a trip to Phuket, saving up for his first business with partner, Parker Morris and moving out to Chiang Mai for the first Dropship Lifestyle Retreat
[15:11] Catching the travel bug in Phuket, Thailand
[17:49] The decision to pursue working online as a means to move back to Asia and the experience of blogging about online business before he even had his own
[22:39] Why drop shipping didn’t work for Riley but Amazon did
[29:54] How to deal with risk as an entrepreneur and the mindset it takes to succeed
[36:54] How Riley learned the business of Amazon and how you can do it too
[40:29] The Amazon Gold Rush
[46:15] The work it takes day-to-day as an amazon seller
[54:46] How Riley and his business partner share responsibilities
[57:52] Riley’s favourite locations: Ho Chi Minh City & Chiang Mai, Thailand and his experience in the Philippines
[1:04:52] Chiang Mai vs Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) for digital nomads
Links Mentioned:

* Johnny’s Podcast – Travel Like a Boss
* Tim Ferris – 4 Hour Work Week
* Johnny FD’s my $200 apartment video
* Punspace Coworking Space
* Riley’s Blog –
* Dropship Lifestyle
* Riley’s First Store –
* Amazing Selling Machine (Now Brand Genisis) 
* Riley’s YouTube Channel
* Chiang Mai vs Saigon Video
* A Day in the Life in Saigon – Riley’s Channel

Aug 22, 201601:08:38
10: Dylan Wolff on Becoming a Location Independent Web Developer

10: Dylan Wolff on Becoming a Location Independent Web Developer

Around 2 years ago, Dylan Wolff made a decision to challenge himself and go after a completely new career as a remote web developer. An internal auditor for years, he decided that he wanted to learn a new skill and travel the world. Today, he works full-time as a location independent developer for distributed Ruby on Rails consultancy.

I've previously featured Dylan's story on my website in my inspiring nomads blog series and most recently on my YouTube channel where we answered viewers questions on becoming a remote web developer.

In this week's podcast, we go deep into Dylan's story, how he learned web development, how he scored his first job and how he now travels the world, working remotely.

Talking Points

[01:40] How Dylan came to the realisation that he wanted to work remotely and travel the world and the steps he took to make it happen
[5:38] Starting from Square one and becoming inspired by Pieter Levels
[11:16] Making the choice to pursue web development and finding a firm that supports remote workers
[14:12] The resources Dylan used starting out and his top tips for finding the time to code while working full-time
[23:49] Knowing when you’re ready to look for work and his first experiences entering the workforce
[34:49] The challenge of working solo
[36:49] How Dylan managed to score a job that allowed him to work remotely from the get-go and what he would have done if it hadn’t been that way.
[42:59] Travel experiences as a digital nomad and plans moving forward
[45:59] How Dylan balances work and travel and dealing with multiple time zones
[51:18] He favourite locations in the world to work from

Links Mentioned
Aug 14, 201654:25
09: Raphael Szmir on Having a Mission and Building a Startup while Travelling

09: Raphael Szmir on Having a Mission and Building a Startup while Travelling

While most entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai are chasing passive income, Raphael is on passionate mission to help young people with their gap year decisions. His startup, Années Sabbatiques (literally Gap Years in French) is an online portal for discovering gap year opportunities.

Despite his dedication to Années Sabbatiques, Raphael has achieved his lifestyle goal of location independence and regular vacation time. Listen as Raph and I discuss his path to location independence and  the experience of building a startup on the road.

Show Notes

[2:32] A life-changing Gap year in Australia, catching the travel bug and making the choice to pursue travel after graduation
[6:22] Taking the first steps towards location independence
[7:52] How Raphael built his career and made it work within his ideal lifestyle
[12:26] The importance of having a mission and working with companies who share it
[17:16] How Raphael built the skills that allowed him to be location independent, his transition into working remotely and how he makes his work, work for him
[23:31] Doing work that fulfils while still making money
[24:46] Raphael’s Startup, Années Sabbatiques
[28:37] The challenges of building a startup on the road, how Raphael went about gaining client work and the one client ended up making all the difference
[35:31] The advantages of finding work before leave your home country
[37:42] Raphael’s travel journey so far and the transition from backpacker to digital nomad
[41:36] Raphael’s favourite places to work remotely
[43:14] Raphael’s top tips for those looking to become location independent

Links Mentioned
Aug 07, 201646:52
08: Adrian Ingram on Crushing It with Kindle Direct Publishing

08: Adrian Ingram on Crushing It with Kindle Direct Publishing

Adrian is a young guy from Melbourne, Australia who's completely replaced his income with Kindle Direct Publishing. Using the platform, he earns more than a few thousand every month without the need for much ongoing work.

I was lucky enough to meet Adrian through Johnny FD but it wasn't until he started his own Facebook group that we started hanging out.

In today's episode, we talk about Adrian's story, want lead him into KDP and how it's changed his lifestyle.

Talking Points

[1:45] Growing up in Australia, taking a gap year and deciding that university wasn’t for him
[2:35] How Adrian got his start in online business
[4:02] Adrian’s approach to selling on Amazon and his driving motivation to earn enough to leave his job
[6:17] The surprising results of his second kindle account after some time off and how fast you can expect to replace your income with kindle publishing
[12:28] Forex trading and his own course, Freedom Self Publishing
[17:31] The various ways that Chiang Mai Digital Nomads make money
[18:26] The origin story of the Facebook group, Chiang Mai Dropshippers
[20:22] Discovering the Digital Nomad community in Chiang Mai
[24:47] A discussion on other top Digital Nomad destinations
[29:22] How Adrian uses his time freedom to focus on health, fitness and looking into new business opportunities
[32:14] Adrian’s blog and YouTube channel, Driven Living with a discussion on ‘YouTubing’ in general
[38:54] Adrian’s advice for getting started in online business

Links Mentioned:
Jul 31, 201643:06
07: Greg Hung on Following Your Passion and Making Money with Video

07: Greg Hung on Following Your Passion and Making Money with Video

Greg and I met at Mana Coworking space while I was filming my 'Where to work in Chiang Mai' video but it wasn't until I did a search on Google to find out more about stock footage that I came across Greg's work.

Greg is the man who's all about video in Chiang Mai. In today's episode, we map Greg's journey from working in IT in Canada to becoming a 'videopreneur' in Chiang Mai.

Find Greg at his webiste:

Talking Points

[0:58] The ‘Funny’ story of how I accidentally found Greg online after a chance meeting
[2:23] Recent freelance video work and the other ways Greg makes a living with video
[5:22] The ‘dream job’ which failed to fulfil but provided at least some flexibility
[7:21] Discovering a love for travel, building his first business and discovering a new love for video
[10:28] Deciding to move to Taiwan
[11:53] Discovering the Digital Nomad movement for the first time
[16:27] Taking travel to the next level by living abroad
[17:34] Chiang Mai vs Taipei
[20:51] Making the move to Taiwan and doing his first paid video in Hawaii
[22:01] How Greg found his first gig
[25:14] Greg’s tips for creative freelancers and the value of video
[28:48] Staying location independent while taking on the occasional freelance video job
[30:57] Meeting Johnny FD in Taipei & Finding the nomad community in Chiang Mai
[35:22] Working out of various cafes, getting inspired and the coworking culture in Chiang Mai
[39:37] The importance of passion and doing what you’re good at and the opportunity available today for making money with video
[44:52] Greg’s top tips for making money with stock footage

Links Mentioned
Jul 24, 201653:00
06: Graeme Lawson on Building a Freelance Business and Accidentally becoming Location Independent

06: Graeme Lawson on Building a Freelance Business and Accidentally becoming Location Independent

This week's episode is with Graeme Lawson, the accidental digital nomad that built his own business and now works location independently as a freelance digital marketer and business coach.

In the episode, we talk about how Graeme got started in freelancing and how he was able to transition out of living in Scotland to living the good life in Chiang Mai and Koh Phanagan.

Find out more about Graeme at his website here or sign up for the pre-sale of his upcoming course here

Talking Points

[5:19] Dropping out of university to do a string of ‘normal jobs’ before starting his own freelance business about 5 years later
[5:42] Discovering the Digital Nomad movement and his niche as a freelancer
[8:01] How Graeme easily transitioned into remote work
[12:17] How he learned the skills that he now uses to help business’ with their websites and marketing and the story of how he got his first SEO client
[14:16] Working for free and building your portfolio starting out
[21:06] Personal Brand vs Reputation
[23:46] How Graeme does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
[26:57] Managing clients’ expectations with SEO
[30:02] The beginnings of Graeme’s digital nomad journey
[33:30] Avoiding the rainy cold of the city in Scotland and the importance of time vs money
[36:46] Answering the critiques of the movement and the lack of class system amongst digital nomads
[39:28] Graeme’s (almost) accidental journey to location independence
[40:20] The community in Chiang Mai and exploring new locations
[42:14] Final advice for starting a location independent freelance business

Links Mentioned
Jul 17, 201644:08
05: Chris Chiu on Achieving Balance and Entrepreneurial Success in Thailand

05: Chris Chiu on Achieving Balance and Entrepreneurial Success in Thailand

Chris and I had been watching each others videos on YouTube since the beginning of my Digital Nomad Journey although, it wasn't until I found out Chris was organising the weekly Chiang Mai Nomad Coffee Club Meetup that we finally met.

It turns out, Chris has a very interesting story. A former Wall-streeter, Chris had transformed his life and now lives location independently in Chiang Mai.

Talking Points
  • [1:50] Chris’ early stage mentality of chasing riches via the traditional 9-5 means and scoring his first job in New York City
  • [4:53] Is monetary success a values thing or an illusion to begin with?
  • [6:38] Falling for the hype of making money in the big city & the slow realisation that the big city dream wasn’t for him.
  • [9:17] The story of how his high-stress lifestyle induced a collapsed lung on two occasions
  • [11:55] The Golden Handcuffs (ie. the trap of living and working in the big city)
  • [13:55] Valuing your time above the money & transitioning out of the Wall Street Lifestyle
  • [17:42] Becoming Inspired to live the digital nomad lifestyle & making the switch
  • [21:57] How Chris got started in online business
  • [23:50] Meeting Riley Bennett and Torsten ‘Toto’ Kremser at the first dropship lifestyle retreat, getting the first sales and moving into Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • [28:22] FBA vs Dropshipping and how they work together
  • [31:30] Running his businesses on autopilot, seeking more fulfilment and the realisation of wanting to become a coach
  • [35:52] Chris’ favourite nomad cities and locations including Bali and Chiang Mai
  • [39:06] His spiritual journey, dealing with psychological demons, mediation and experiencing Ayahuasca
  • [44:28] Chris’ advice for achieving balance and finding success
Links Mentioned
Jul 10, 201646:30
04: Snir Alayof on Achieving eBay Dropshipping Success and Moving to Chiang Mai

04: Snir Alayof on Achieving eBay Dropshipping Success and Moving to Chiang Mai

Snir Alayof is a former Israeli solider who decided that he wanted to gain control of his lifestyle and now runs a successful dropshipping business on eBay. Snir and I met in Chiang Mai after he was inspired by my videos to connect with the digital nomad entrepreneur community.

In today’s episode, we talk a lot about drop shipping, living in Thailand and pros and cons of running your business on third-party platforms.

Talking Points
  • [1:01] The ‘funny’ story of how Snir and I became acquainted
  • [2:10] Snir’s humble beginning as a solider in Israel and making his first sale online
  • [4:54] Breaking out of the standard Israeli norm to build a highly passive online business
  • [6:56] The early stages of building a business on eBay and discovering David Vu’s Udemy Course
  • [9:32] Reading the 4-hour Work Week and creating a business to achieve his desired lifestyle
  • [12:47] Discovering the Chris the Freelancer YouTube channel and becoming inspired to move to Chiang Mai
  • [16:14] Cost of living in Thailand
  • [19:07] Snir’s search for a community of online entrepreneurs and how he found it in Chiang Mai
  • [21:04] Snir’s plan to attend to build his own Dropshipping store and attend the Dropship Lifetyle Retreat in Hawaii
  • [24:33] A short discussion on the art of podcasting as well as Snir’s favourite ones to listen to
  • [29:34] The reason why he chose drop shipping as his first business to get into
  • [31:11] How PayPal froze $10,000 of Snir’s money and a greater discussion on the pros and cons of relying on big third-party platforms
  • [38:01] Transitioning from selling on eBay to building his own drop shipping store with the Dropship Lifestyle method
  • [40:09] The Psychology and strategy behind product pricing
  • [43:14] A short explanation and comparison between dropship lifestyle and David Vu’s eBay method
  • [46:17] Pushing through the initial tough period to achieve success and always working to improve
  • [49:52] Snir’s final word of advice for success in any field
Links Mentioned
Jul 01, 201652:07
03: Colin Pomeroy on Building a Location Independent Copywriting Business from Scratch

03: Colin Pomeroy on Building a Location Independent Copywriting Business from Scratch

Colin Pomeroy was a cocktail bartender until he discovered the digital nomad movement and made the decision to become location independent. He now travels the world as a freelance copywriter.

In today’s episode, we discuss Colin’s journey towards location independence including the struggles and the successes as well as the success principles that got him to where he is today.

You can find out more about Colin by visiting his website at

Talking Points
  • [2:40] Colin talks about reading his first blog post on Location independence.
  • [4:58] Colin’s college semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, a month of travels in Europe and the beginnings of his desire to travel with purpose
  • [7:59] Being stuck in an interim job
  • [9:04] Meeting Sean Ogle and Colin’s first attempt at building location independence through Video Editing
  • [13:19] The importance of choosing lifestyle first and passion second and how Colin made the switch
  • [14:41] How the advice of following your passion can be a trap
  • [17:39] The importance of skill building and the unexpected ways in which they can interrelate
  • [18:16] Choosing one path to location independence and sticking with it
  • [20:35] Content Writing vs Copywriting
  • [21:26] A quick overview of Location rebel and how Colin used the community to get his first few gigs
  • [27:45] Finding the sweet spot between being over prepared and under prepared
  • [30:20] Transitioning from Content Writing to Copywriting
  • [31:09] Setting off to Paris as the first stop on his digital nomad journey and finding the balance between work and vacationing
  • [34:29] Moving to Chiang Mai, the decision to slow down on travel and initial struggles with finding and succeeding with work
  • [40:25] Breaking through the initial self-doubt and connecting with the community
  • [45:01] The value of freedom, ownership and creativity when it comes to living the digital nomad lifestyle
  • [47:43] Colin’s final word of advice to listeners
Links Mentioned
Jul 01, 201650:56
02: Zack Young on Remote Freelancing and Scoring Work in New York City

02: Zack Young on Remote Freelancing and Scoring Work in New York City

Zack Young is an Entrepreneur, Coach & Digital Strategist from England living life as Digital Nomad. Zack and I met in Bali through the Slack community #nomads and since then he's taken his career to the next level, scoring work in New York City and helping his most recent client raise over a million dollars in a carefully executed crowdfunding campaign.

In today’s episode, we talk about the early beginnings of Zack’s freelance career, how he started a successful business in college and scoring gigs in New York, London and now San Fransisco.

To find out more about Zach, visit his website at

Talking Points
  • [2:41] The beginnings of Zack’s Nomad Journey
  • [4:53] Becoming a startup entrepreneur in England
  • [7:15] The beginnings of Zack’s freelance career
  • [8:47] His short corporate career in London, the illusion of big city success and finding a career in which he could make a difference
  • [13:19] The beginnings of becoming a remote freelancer and his major breakthrough that landed him in New York City and now San Fransisco
  • [15:53] Refining his personal brand on LinkedIn and through writing
  • [16:52] Investing in his education and how he built his skills as an expert freelancer
  • [18:35] The transition into remote work
  • [21:03] Avoiding getting caught up with tourists and achieving balance with work and partying
  • [24:26] The biggest challenges of working remotely and how develop trust with clients while on the other side of the world.
  • [29:18] The Zack Young style of travel and his favourite locations around the world
  • [32:18] The experience of working remotely in Australia and the challenges of being on a vastly different timezones
  • [38:53] Coworking in Bali compared to Chiang Mai
  • [41:08] The importance of external influence and achieving career growth as a digital nomad
  • [44:01] Scoring writing jobs with Glassdoor and the Huffington Post and the benefit of guest blogging for your personal brand
  • [48:41] Zack’s top tips for preparing yourself for a digital nomad lifestyle
My Favourite Quote: “LinkedIn is a really powerful asset and recommendations on LinkedIn are crucial” [15:15]
Links Mentioned:
Jul 01, 201653:27
01: Blake Moore on 'Growthhacking' his way to Location Independence

01: Blake Moore on 'Growthhacking' his way to Location Independence

Blake and I met through the Slack community #nomads during the first months of my digital nomad journey in Bali. We’ve kept in touch ever since and hung out in Kuala Lumpur and now Chiang Mai.

In today’s episode we talk about Blake’s journey, his experience with finding remote work and how he ended up in his current role as a growth hacker. We also go into what it means to be a grow hacker and the benefits to working remotely.

You can find out more about Blake on his twitter at

Talking Points
[2:13] Blake shares his unique upbringing, being raised in Portugal, his first travel experiences in Asia and where the idea for his first trip as a digital nomad originated from.
[5:30] Booking his first flight with his friend Zach and taking the first steps to becoming nomadic.
[8:44] The first few months of Blake’s digital nomad journey and how he went about funding his travels.
[10:45] Writing his first book about his journey in recruitment and his first experience with passive income
[15:25] How he approached finding jobs as a remote worker and how he got his first major job
[19:25] How he used his previous work experience to position himself while learning new skills on the job
[21:34] His motivations for living a location independent lifestyle
[24:09] Initial thoughts of Chiang Mai
[25:13] A short discussion on our favourite locations to live and travel in Asia
[33:13] How Blake chose his path as a digital nomad and how he ended up as a ‘growth hacker’
[35:14] Blake’s advice for not undervaluing yourself while working remotely
[36:33] Blake gives an overview of ‘Growth Hacking’ and his current role
[40:21] Being thrown in the deep end and how he learned the skills of his profession on the job
[41:46] Overcoming the fear of going against the gain
[43:37] Feeling constrained living in London
[44:40] The quality of life in Chiang Mai
[46:42] Becoming a digital nomad early in life
[48:26] Writing for the Huffington Post and sharing his story with the masses

Links Mentioned:
Blake’s Book – ‘The Recruiter Guide: What the hell is recruitment’
Blake’s friend Zach (in the second podcast)
Remote Job Boards – & We Work Remotely
Job Wesbites –
Companies that hire remotely – buffer, Automattic
Coworking Space in Koh Lanta – KoHub
Team Chat – Slack
Short to long term rentals around the world – AirBnB
The news website – The Huffington Post
Pieter Levels’ Presentation on 1 Billion Nomads by 2035
The Chris the Freelancer YouTube Channel

Jun 30, 201653:40