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Church Music Makers Podcast

Church Music Makers Podcast

By Craig Harmann

The podcast is for Church Music Makers, to connect with one another, help each other out with ideas and resources and support for each other. For blog posts and more about Church Music Makers, check out or join the Facebook group at
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A Conversation with Nathan Myrick

Church Music Makers PodcastAug 30, 2021

Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy Week and Easter is exhausting. On this episode, Craig gives you encouragement for the weekend as well as encouragement for next week! 

Apr 13, 202209:29
Professional Christian with Sarah Bereza
Apr 07, 202237:54
Work and Worship with Dr. Matthew Kaemingk

Work and Worship with Dr. Matthew Kaemingk

Dr. Matthew Kaemingk is a public theologian who explores questions facing Christians serving in politics, culture and the marketplace. He teaches ethics and public theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has written a book called Work and Worship, which you can find out more about here. It challenges church leaders to consider how we formulate and execute our weekly worship services to encourage workers to go out into the world with their faith and let their lights shine. 

You can find out more about Dr. Kaemingk at

Find out more about Church Music Makers coaching at

Mar 29, 202238:46
Influences and Encouragements
Mar 22, 202224:10


Soundtracks are all around us, whether they are musical soundtracks, or, as Jon Acuff brings up in his book “Soundtracks”, the thoughts, ideas and self-talk that plays in our head about our life. In this episode, Craig unpacks a bit about our soundtracks for ourselves, our lives and our ministries.
Feb 15, 202226:25
African American composers
Feb 08, 202212:22
Online Worship

Online Worship

On January 30th, this opinion by Tish Warren was published in the New York Times. Her opinion is that online worship does not need to continue. While this topic is difficult and challenging, Craig talks about how we as ministers and our churches can navigate this and how to love our neighbor as best as we can. 

Find out more about Church Music Makers here and like and follow Church Music Makers on Facebook.

Feb 01, 202222:45
What's New for Your Music Ministry in 2022?

What's New for Your Music Ministry in 2022?

Continuing the idea of what is new and next for 2022, Craig talks about what is new for your music ministry? Yes, we're all facing uncertainty, but in a perfect world, what would your ideal music ministry look like? Dream big! Post what you're doing on or email!

Jan 11, 202208:03
What's Next For You?
Jan 04, 202219:38
What's Your Story?

What's Your Story?

We all have stories. And we connect with stories. So what's yours? Comment with what your story is, or email it to

Oct 25, 202111:20
What’s Stressing You?
Oct 18, 202113:02
Oct 12, 202116:20
Who Are You?
Oct 05, 202116:27
No Is Not Always A Selfish Answer
Sep 27, 202120:41
What's Your Plan for Stress?
Sep 13, 202113:27
A Conversation with Nathan Myrick
Aug 30, 202101:00:46
The Only Constant In Life (Outside of Jesus) is Change
Aug 23, 202121:40
A Conversation with Blake Flattley

A Conversation with Blake Flattley

In this episode, Craig has a conversation with Blake Flattley. Blake writes to bring hope in the darkness, to tell the story of the human struggle, and narrates a story where death doesn’t have the last word.

Blake grew up in the small mountain of Placerville, California, most well known for gold discovery or as the town with the stoplight in the middle of the highway. He was first turned onto music by a blind saxophonist who had lost the will to play, but one day took up his horn to play at the urging of others. It was that moment, hearing him play, that set Blake on a path in pursuit of the craft of creating music, performing, and songwriting.

He grew up singing at church and listening to music from the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash. He played in a variety of bands, playing saxophone, guitar, bass, or whatever other instruments he could get his hands on.

In 2008 he founded the Orange Effect (We All Yell, Gravel & Gold), a harmony-driven, Americana-folk quartet. After their breakup, he began playing under the moniker Graffiti Cathedral, and later Blake Flattley.

Blake has toured nationally as both a solo artist and with his bands, sharing the stage with many notable artists including Young the Giant, Sharon Van Etten, and Reign of Kindo.

Blake has contributed to "The Armchair Project” and "Winter Is On My Head" (The Lone Bellow, Future of Forestry, Paul Baloche, Young Oceans, and Reign of Kindo) as both a producer and as a musician. In 2015, he released There Will Be Rest, a collection of hymns and music from his local church. The title track was a finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Check out more about Blake at and check out more about 1517 Music at

Find out more about Easy Choir Music at

Resources available at

Fill out the Google Form about Church Music Makers' Membership vault here

Aug 16, 202138:44
Being a Flexible Church Musician
Aug 09, 202119:54
Caring for Your Mental Health
Aug 02, 202124:11
Jul 19, 202115:27
The most important part of music ministry

The most important part of music ministry

In this episode, Craig talks about the most important part of music ministry. It may surprise you to hear what he thinks it is. Also, check out if you're looking for choir music! Follow Church Music Makers on Facebook and join the Facebook group! Or, the best way is to join the Church Music Makers email list for weekly updates on Monday!

Jun 21, 202120:16
How is your relationship with Jesus?
Jun 17, 202119:48
Sleep And Your Health
May 10, 202119:03
Forced Rest

Forced Rest

Many of us don't do well with rest. We usually go and go and go until we're forced to rest, either willingly or unwillingly. How do we solve that? Find out more in this episode and check out to give you some rest when it comes to planning for the fall and beyond for music for your choir! Also check out to find out more information about coaching for church musicians.

May 03, 202118:42
A Conversation with Peter Burroughs

A Conversation with Peter Burroughs

In today's episode, Craig talks with Peter Burroughs, worship leader at Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball, Texas ( about parenthood, family time and how it fits in with ministry. Along with that, Craig and Peter talk about lessons learned from the pandemic. Check out Church Music Makers' sponsor, and check out Craig's compositions here. Also, if you're interested in the ministry coaching that Craig talked about, you can find out more here.  

Apr 26, 202138:52
What are your hobbies?
Apr 18, 202113:15
Your Physical Health Matters
Apr 11, 202131:59
Are You OK?
Apr 05, 202134:46
Mar 29, 202132:31
Should We?
Mar 23, 202130:23
It's Been a Year
Mar 16, 202130:25
Wear a Mask?
Mar 09, 202129:45
Why Leave A Church Music Ministry Position?
Feb 28, 202138:33
A Conversation with Matt Walker
Feb 23, 202149:22
What Happens When You Lose Your Church Position
Feb 07, 202138:40
Feb 03, 202130:41
Rick Lee James
Nov 30, 202053:35
Nov 25, 202018:23
David Von Kampen

David Von Kampen

David Von Kampen is a composer, lecturer, conductor and much more. He is husband to Mollie and dad to Gretta and Willa. And that's what we're talking about how. How do we as church musicians keep our spouses and our family as a priority in what we do? It's not easy, but we talk about some different things that you can do. 

To find out more about David, check out and you can find him on Facebook at 

Check out, the sponsor of Church Music Makers, along with

Nov 16, 202029:30
Job Security as a Church Musician
Nov 01, 202025:20
Don't Quit!

Don't Quit!

In ministry, we can get tired. We can get worn out. If you're considering quitting, stop. Seek counsel, seek God's direction. Spend time searching out what God has in store for you. When we make decisions out of exhaustion or tiredness, we may not always make the wisest decisions. 

Oct 26, 202024:55
Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
Oct 19, 202022:41
Conversation with Dan Lugo
Oct 12, 202053:35
Flexibility and Adaptability
Sep 28, 202024:21
Take Care of yourself
Sep 15, 202018:40
Jul 10, 202029:22


Ministry in the church is stressful. How we handle it and respond to that stress can be difficult as well. When we don't handle that stress in a healthy way, it can lead to addiction. Craig Harmann of Church Music Makers has a conversation with Jason Rice about addiction. Jason is a host of the Soberholic podcast and he has a powerful story. 

This episode is sponsored by Harmanny Music Education and if you're looking for music lessons or music education opportunities, specifically summer camps for children going into K-8th grade, check out the page!

Thanks for listening and don't forget to check out Church Music Makers!

Jul 03, 202048:59
Chat with Nikki and David Lerner

Chat with Nikki and David Lerner

Nikki Lerner joined the podcast back in February. Since then, things have changed, but the conversation is still needed. Today, Nikki's husband David joins in as well. For more about Nikki (she has new music coming out very soon!), check out her website at Make sure to listen to her podcast Culture Coach as well. It's fantastic and full of great tips and tools each week.

 If you're interested in summer music camps for your children or you know of someone who is, go to and sign up! Online summer camps are weekly starting July 20th!

Jun 26, 202054:00
My CCM Soundtracked Life with Jamie Kocur
Jun 19, 202001:00:45