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Church: Uncharted

Church: Uncharted

By Matt Schubert

Church & Mission in the uncharted waters of today. Your host, Matt Schubert is a Mission Facilitator & Church Planter and he will be joined by guests who will help us, the church, navigate all the exciting unknowns of mission. It’s our hope that as we listen in to the following conversation, we will be encouraged by the everyday power of the Gospel, be given a deeper love for God’s church, and be stirred to see the way the Spirit is at work in the lives of those around us.
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Matt Birch // youth clubs, ministry filters, missional discipleship & the book thief

Church: UnchartedSep 11, 2020

Matt Birch // youth clubs, ministry filters, missional discipleship & the book thief
Sep 11, 202041:42
Andre van Oudtshoorn // alien spaceships, storytelling, systems theory & the Amish
Aug 28, 202033:47
Noel Due // God's will for your life, tightrope walking, the Spirit's leading & our stupidity
Aug 13, 202040:03
David Shaw // haunted by christendom, 1 peter, foreign embassies & society's weirdos
Jul 23, 202044:55
Andy & Rose Vincent // missional community, hospitality, rhythms & bar licenses
Jul 10, 202047:44
Adrian Kitson // old churches, hippie camps, the titanic & cultural icebergs
Jun 24, 202031:38
Peter Hage // Sabbath, feasting & market gardening
Jun 17, 202037:17
Chris Podlich // Christianese, batman, explaining the Bible & being normal
Jun 09, 202036:54
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May 27, 202033:26
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Apr 26, 202036:04
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Ep.2: Crisis, death anxiety, loving neighbours, renewal & butterflies
Apr 02, 202033:06
Ep.1: Coronavirus, existence of church, sacraments, lament & hope
Mar 27, 202032:02