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Wide Atlantic Weird

Wide Atlantic Weird

By Cian

An Irish podcast about why people believe weird things. A critical look at cryptids, UFOs and conspiracies. Enter the Cabin In The Woods with Cian and his guests (but have a beer handy!)
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Fragments of Gods: Pagan Survival Theory (with Dr Francis Young)

Wide Atlantic WeirdOct 01, 2023

Fragments of Gods: Pagan Survival Theory (with Dr Francis Young)
Oct 01, 202301:20:52
The Nearest Thing To A Prehistoric Animal: The Loch Ness Road Trip

The Nearest Thing To A Prehistoric Animal: The Loch Ness Road Trip

Hit the road with WAW on tour through the highlands of Scotland! We visit the home of Nessie, meet Felicity the Inverness Mystery Big Cat, hear what Lovecraft had to say about the monster of the Loch, go ghost-hunting at Glamis Castle, and have a close call with the Great Grey man of Ben McDhui in a most unexpected location!

Aug 25, 202346:53
Cryptofiction - Mystery Animals in Fiction (with Justin Mullis)

Cryptofiction - Mystery Animals in Fiction (with Justin Mullis)

From the gilllman of Robert W Chambers' 'The Harbour Master' to the monstrous apes and aquatic dinosaurs of 'King Kong,' fiction has informed the cryptozoologists who went out into the dark corners of the earth seeking 'real' mystery creatures. Justin Mullis returns to talk us through his article 'Cryptofiction.' Get ready for a monster-load of influential stories from writers both familiar and obscure. Talk includes:

-Famous cryptozoologists who were influenced by monster fiction

-The influence of ‘The Lost World’ (of course!)

-Victorians, dinosaurs and ‘real’ dragons

-Victorian stories of surviving dinosaurs and the origin of Mokele-Mbembe

-Arthur Conan Doyle’s non-‘Lost World’ cryptids

-The 1925 Lost World film, King Kong, and novelisations of Kong (with extra dinosaurs!) and connections to Atlantis

-‘The Monster of Partridge Creek’ a fictitious monster that turned up as a ‘true’ story

-Lord Dunsany, the ‘Club Story’ and cryptozoology

-Early fiction featuring Bigfoot-like creatures, including ‘The Cairn’ by HR Wakefield and ‘Rogues In The House’ by Robert E Howard

-Robert W Chambers and ‘In Search Of The Unknown’ - a template for cryptozoology from 1904?


-Cryptofiction, Justin Mullis, 2019

-Justin’s talk on Robert W Chambers for The Last Tuesday Society

-Justin’s writing at Adventures In Poor Taste:

-Justin’s with links to his writing

-Wide Atlantic Weird: Fairy Euhemerism with Justin Mullis

-Lake Monster Traditions, Michel Meurger, 1988

-Jacques Collin de Plancy, who wrote ‘Voyage To The Centre Of The Earth’

Brontosaurus, A Faded Star Rises Again, Prehisoric Pulp

Dinomania, Ulrich Merkl

-‘Creatures of Another Age’ edited by Richard Fallon (review by Justin Mullis in AIPT) which features ‘The Dragon of St Paul’s’ which prefigures the climax to The Lost World

Kong Unmade by John Lemay and others

Kong: An Original Screenplay, Edgar Wallace

The Monster of Partridge Creek, Georges Dupoy, 1908.

‘In Search Of The Unknown,’ Robert W Chambers, 1904

Jul 28, 202301:49:11
The Cryptids of Nigel Kneale: The Abominable Snowman (1957) with Blake Smith & Dr Karen Stollznow
May 26, 202301:03:08
Take That, Bembridge Scholars: Orientalism, Pulp Cinema, and The Mummy (with Lauren the Gothic Bookworm)
Apr 24, 202301:07:22
The Mists Clear Away: Arthur Conan Doyle, Professor Challenger and The Land Of Mist (with Professor Christine Ferguson)

The Mists Clear Away: Arthur Conan Doyle, Professor Challenger and The Land Of Mist (with Professor Christine Ferguson)

Professor Christine Ferguson visits the cabin to discuss the later adventures of Professor Challenger! In 1925, Arthur Conan Doyle's serialisation of 'The Land Of Mist' began in the Strand magazine. This novel was the author's great attempt to make his decades-long interest in spiritualism palatable to the widest audience possible. Did he succeed? Did he portray the world of 1920s London accurately? And why did he choose Professor Challenger, the maverick of the scientific world, to play the stodgy establishment character? All this and more, in The Mists Clear Away!


-All about the Edinburgh Edition of The Land Of Mist

-Arthur Conan Doyle’s own spiritualism

-Why did ACD turn to Professor Challenger for his great spiritualist novel?

-Spiritualism as a specifically feminine or masculine movement?

-Challenger as the Establishment, rather than the Maverick

-ACD’s use of real-life Belfast researcher William Jackson Crawford

-ACD’s actual apocalyptic spiritualist messages

-Lord John Roxton goes ghost-hunting! What was ACD’s inspiration for this episode?


Beyond Belief: Literature, Esotericism Studies, and the Challenges of Biographical Reading in Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Land of Mist. Professor Christine Ferguson, Brill, 2021.

Dinosaurs, Disintegration Machines and Talking to the Dead: The Wild World of Professor Challenger. Dr Stephen Carver, Wordsworth Editions.

The Lost Worlds of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor Challenger Series, Conor Reid, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, 2017.

Edinburgh University Press New Critical Editions

Mar 15, 202356:07
Hesketh Hesketh Pritchard Hunts the Mylodon (with Dr Edward Guimont)
Jan 20, 202301:07:44
For Fear Of Little Men: Euhemerism and Secret Fairy Peoples (with Justin Mullis)

For Fear Of Little Men: Euhemerism and Secret Fairy Peoples (with Justin Mullis)

What if 'fairies' are a memory of a squat race of mysterious pre-humans who lived in Europe before modern humans arrived?

Justin Mullis brings a LOT to the cabin in this episode. We cover: the origins of euhemerism and 'explanations' for Norse gods. Bernard Heuvelmans and euhemerism, our first (but not last!) connection to cryptozoology. Early famous supporters of a mystery race include Sir Walter Scott! Euhemerism used to explain troll legends in Sweden. Disenchantment and the changing attitudes towards folklore in the 19th century. David MacRitchie and the idea of the mystery fairy race. Encounters with African pygmies giving confirmation to this idea later in the 19th century. Connections to fantastic Victorian literature. Our boy Sabine Baring-Gould claiming the fairy race still exists. H. G. Wells' use of the trope. Madison Grant and the Passing Of The Great Race. E. F. Benson and (my favourite) The Horror Horn. And finally a deep-dive into the use of this trope by the heavy-hitters Arthur Machen, Lovecraft and Robert E Howard. The Hobbit, Homo floresiensis, and more connections to modern cryptozoology. You won't want to miss this one!


-Justin Mullis on Academia, including Cryptofiction and other writings

-Kaiju Transmissions (Podcast)

-Arthur Machen: Critical Essays, Antonio Sanna

-Conan And The Little People, On An Underwood No 5, Bobby Derie

-Deep Cuts In A Lovecraftian Vein, Bobby Derie

-The Paranormal And Popular Culture, edited by Caterine & Morehead

-Strange and Secret Peoples, Carole Silver

-Goblinlike, Fantastic: Little People and Deep Time at the Fin de Siecle, Emily Fergus

-Pallinghurst Barrow, Grant Allen

-Fians, Fairies And Picts, David MacRitchie

Dec 02, 202201:49:36
Abduction Recall: A Visit To The Betty & Barney Hill Archives (with Dr Edward Guimont)

Abduction Recall: A Visit To The Betty & Barney Hill Archives (with Dr Edward Guimont)

The 1961 Hill abduction is usually considered the 'ground zero' of the entire 'genre' of UFO abductions. It's been pored over by UFO believers and skeptics for decades; been the stuff of TV movies and comic strips. In short, it's been done to death. So I didn't want to return to the subject without a fresh take or some new research. Dr Edward Guimont, having been hard at work at the Betty & Barney Hill archives at the University of New Hampshire, returns to the pod to furnish fascinating new details and connections that make this famous case exciting all over again. Amongst other things, we cover:

-Betty and Barney’s civil rights work

-Betty’s interactions with other famous UFO personalities

-Betty’s reactions to traumatising 80s abduction lore

-the possible influence of the Villas Boas encounter

-Betty’s paranormal family happenings & interest in psychic powers

-Parallells to ‘yellow panic’ tropes and Native kidnap stories

-Finding the original drawings associated with the encounter

-Lovecraft as a UFO debunker, reading Donald Kehoe science fiction, and phantom airships

-Betty’s interest in pseudoarchaeology

-Evolution, the Dinosauroid and the origins of the Greys


Buy Me A Coffee

Contingent Magazine Article -Edward Guimont's 'From Outer Space'

Edward Guimont's Twitter

Twitter thread about the Hills

Strange Arrivals

David Halparin, Intimate Alien

Ancient Stone Relics in New England, David Goudsward

The Paleocast Podcast and the Dinosauroid

Our Strange Skies Podcast and Russian UFOs

Nov 11, 202201:17:08
The Automatic Writer: The Ghost Of 'Patience Worth' (with Lisa Grimm)
Oct 27, 202201:14:23
Haunted Generation: Lost Memories of the Uncanny 70s (with Bob Fischer)
Oct 08, 202201:02:52
Obsolete Spells: The Life and Work of Victor Neuburg (with Justin Hopper)
Aug 15, 202201:15:24
The Lower Quinton 'Witchcraft' Murder (with Dr Jeb Card)
Aug 06, 202201:41:20
Cryptid Chat (with Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction)
Jul 20, 202252:32
The Many Faces Of Fawcett 4: Never Say Fawcett Again

The Many Faces Of Fawcett 4: Never Say Fawcett Again

Could this be ... the Final Fantasy of Fawcett? In this last episode of Fawcettmania, Cian sits by a stream and flicks the pages of 'Brazil That Never Was' by A.J. Lees, as well as articles by arch Fawcett-dismisser John Hemming. In an episode as thrilling as a mid-Victorian face-off between rival explorers at a packed RGS debate, we conclude:

-confirmation (probably) of the date when Conan Doyle attended Colonel Percy's lecture!

-tangents about John Hanning Speke and a descendent at a London punk gig

-Fawcett writes for Occult Review and uses his Ouija board in the trenches of WW1

-John Hemming says Fawcett discovered nothing; Brian Fawcett says Jack Fawcett is a waster who 'reads Fu Manchu novels!'

-Fawcett describing a real tribe as Bigfoot-like savages is pretty horrific

-Cork mystic Geraldine Cummins makes an unlikely return to the show

-Fawcett is (maybe) seduced by a fairy woman in Carrigaline; Brian is (definitely) seduced by a fairy woman and sees miniature UFOs


Buy Me A Coffee, you swine!

Brazil That Never Was, A.J. Lees, 2020.

Lost City Of Fantasy, John Hemming, The Spectator, 2017

Mutant Museum reading 'The Monster Of Partridge Creek!'

Dr Edward Guimont visits the Betty & Barney Hill Collection

Jul 15, 202201:09:37
The Many Faces of Fawcett 3: Veil Of The Primeval

The Many Faces of Fawcett 3: Veil Of The Primeval

So there's a lot of Lost World in our Fawcett this episode, but it's not my fault that the two won't stay a Stegosaurus length apart! In this episode, our boy Percy gets down on the British Empire following the First World War, is quite polite about a certain odious British biologist, hints at sightings of living dinosaurs yet again, and lays out his alternative history of South America before going missing for good. It's good for what ails ya.

Buy Me A Coffee!

-The nature references at the beginning will be quite dated by the time you hear this. A lot of this was recorded back in early summer.


-Exploration Fawcett, Percy Fawcett, 1953

-Goblinlike, Fantastic: Little People And Deep Time at the Fin de Siecle, Emily Fergus, 2019

-Conan Doyle: The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Lycett, 2007

-The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, edited with Introduction and Notes by Ian Duncan, 1998

-The Lost White Tribe, Michael Robinson, 2016

-Danny Vendramini’s 'Them + Us’ Neanderthal page

Jun 22, 202201:02:40
H. R. Haggard and Egypt (with Lauren the Gothic Bookworm)

H. R. Haggard and Egypt (with Lauren the Gothic Bookworm)

Lauren returns to the cabin to discuss all things H.R. Haggard, especially his deep obsession with ancient Egypt.

We cover:

-Haggard in 'Who's Who in Egyptology'

-his own visits to Egypt

-his writing of 'Cleopatra'

-his mania for collecting Egyptian rings

-his dislike for modern, changing Egypt

-his friendship with Howard Carter

-his attempts to exonerate Western archaeologists


(Instagram & Twitter) 



(Twitter) (read & subscribe for free!)  


My H Rider Haggard favourites: She (1887) Cleopatra (1889) Smith and the Pharaohs (1912-13 serially) all of Haggard’s illustrations


The Cloak that I Left by Lilias Haggard, (Hodder & Stoughton: London, 1951)   

The Mummy’s Curse by Roger Luckhurst (Oxford University Press 2012)   

The Mummy’s Curse by Jasmine Day (Routledge, 2006)   

The Days of my Life by H Rider Haggard (written 1910-12, published posthumously in 1926 in 2 volumes)   

You can read all of Haggard’s works for free on Project Gutenberg

Jun 09, 202201:18:22
The Many Faces of Fawcett 2: Not Your Father's Fawcett
May 24, 202201:12:52
The Fictional Life Of Hulk Hogan Part 3 (with Dr Dónal Gill)

The Fictional Life Of Hulk Hogan Part 3 (with Dr Dónal Gill)

In which we're asked to audition for Metallica, endorse the George Foreman grill, and wrestle over 365 days in a year. We also cover:

-Hogan's years at WCW

-the infamous Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW

-the meta writing of Vince Russo

-Hogan's comeback match against the Rock

Buy Me A Coffee, Brother!

Part 1

Part 2

May 04, 202201:35:05
Beliefs In The Early Medieval Period (with Dr Eoghan Ahern)
Apr 24, 202201:26:53
Return to the Lost World: Origins and Illustrations (with Dr Richard Fallon)

Return to the Lost World: Origins and Illustrations (with Dr Richard Fallon)

Arthur Conan Doyle and Professor Challenger make a welcome return to the show, as we turn once again to the worlds of Edwardian fantastic Imperial fiction, and the history of still-living dinosaurs in literature. Dr Richard Fallon joins us to talk all things LOST WORLD, in particular the vision Conan Doyle had for a subtle, restrained presentation of the tale via the illustrations of his brother-in-law PATRICK LEWIS FORBES, versus the more familiar, bombastic, monster-filled illustrations of HARRY ROWNTREE. Will the great writer get his way? Topics include:

-dueling visions of The Lost World through its illustrations!

-dinosaurs in lost race/world stories versus in Swiftian satire

-Conan Doyle's own supposed 'cryptid' sighting

-Professor Challenger as a representation of Conan Doyle's ideas about science

-the faked 'imposter' photos taken for the Lost World


Buy Me A Coffee! It keeps me awake while hunting dinosaurs

Creatures Of Another Age, Richard Fallon

Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World: Illustrating the Romance of Science, Richard Fallon (includes some of Forbes' illustrations)

Reimagining Dinosaurs in Late Victorian and Edwardian Literature, Richard Fallon

Call for Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Special Issue

Gallery of Lost World illustrations, including Harry Rountree's set

Apr 05, 202259:03
Flying Saucer Cinema: Day The Earth Stood Still vs Thing From Another World (with Dr Edward Guimont)
Mar 26, 202201:34:07
The Many Faces of Fawcett: Lost City Of Z
Mar 20, 202201:26:19
Megalodon and Other Prehistoric Cryptids (with Tyler Greenfield)
Nov 05, 202101:08:02
The Man Who Studied Ghouls: TC Lethbridge and Weird Archaeology (with Lisa Grimm)
Oct 25, 202101:00:29
Paranormal, People, & Politics with the Workers Cauldron

Paranormal, People, & Politics with the Workers Cauldron

Cian is joined at the cabin by David & Mercedas from the Worker’s Cauldron to talk about a variety of paranormal topics and their cultural/political influences. Subjects include:

-evolution of Wicca

-social context and the paranormal

-alien abduction in the 90s

-creating episodes

-David’s trip to Bluff Creek

-colonial literature’s influence on Forteana

-Demonic possession and economic anxieties

-Ghost-hunting groups

-The Ballinspittle Moving Statues

-70s Haunted House Stories

-Vampire as political satire

-Phantom helicopters

-Influence of the X-Files

Worker’s Cauldron Podcast:

Books & Articles Mentioned:

Our Most Troubling Madness, Tanya Luhrmann

Drawing Down The Moon, Margaret Adler

Triumph Of The Moon, Ronald Hutton

They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves, Brigette Brown

Communion, Whitley Strieber

UFO Abduction Reports: The Supernatural Kidnap Narrative Returns in technological Guise, Thomas E Bullard

Explorers Of The Nile, Tim Jeal

The Great Orm Of Loch Ness, Ted Holiday

Hunting Dinosaurs In Central Africa, Edward Guimont

The Water Horses of Loch Ness, Roland Watson

Hostage To The Devil, Malachi Martin

Monsters Of The Market, David McNally

Oct 13, 202101:22:20
Ley Lines and Spooky Geology (with Sharon Hill)
Sep 25, 202101:05:52
Tales From The Hollow Earth (with Dr Edward Guimont)

Tales From The Hollow Earth (with Dr Edward Guimont)

Aug 28, 202101:09:46
Bigfoot At The Movies: Man Or Beast
Aug 15, 202157:52
Oceans Of Time: Thoughts On Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) with Victoria Pearson
Aug 07, 202101:17:60
Some Thoughts On Mystery Big Cats

Some Thoughts On Mystery Big Cats

Recorded at the tail (aha!) end of an uncharacteristic Irish heatwave, and following a spot of solo camping that accidentally strayed into mystery big cat territory, Cian marshalls some thoughts on the subject of ABCs or Alien Big Cats. With some detail on the Exmoor Beast and the Surrey Puma, as well as thoughts on whether this is a flesh-and-blood happening, or something more mystical.

Jul 24, 202153:20
Lost Souls and Lost Cities: Stories of Polar Terror (with Leanne from Strange Ways)
Jul 17, 202101:18:38
Mummy Lore In Myth And Fiction (with Lauren the Gothic Bookworm)
Jul 10, 202101:30:47
Man Of The Year Million: The Ideas and Futurism of HG Wells (with Dr Dónal Gill)
Jul 03, 202101:27:33
Bonus Episode: Jurassic Park Trespasser
Jun 26, 202136:52
Heuvelmania: Bernard's Sea Serpent Classification System (with Cameron McCormick)

Heuvelmania: Bernard's Sea Serpent Classification System (with Cameron McCormick)

Cameron McCormick, writer on marine monster mysteries and sea serpent superfan, drops into the cabin to talk about the work and influence of Bernard Heuvelmans, remembered as the 'father of cryptozoology.' Heuvelmans was important as an early figure in the codification of cryptozoology, but many of his ideas were to remain unique to him in the decades that followed. Despite his respected status as a pioneer, not many who followed built upon the specific zoological ideas he came up with to explain monster sightings. In this episode we focus particularly on Heuvelmans' classification system for sea serpent sightings. He believed there were (approx) nine different categories of unknown enormous underwater animals.


Buy me a coffee, ya landlubber

Cameron's Blog

Cameron's Tumblr

Cameron with Sharon Hill and Tyler Greenfield talk about the International Society of Cryptozoology, recommended!

Eddie's new podcast The Impossible Archive, recommended!

Plastic Plesiosaur podcast episode

Brazil That Never Was,-As%20a%20boy&text=The%20book%20told%20the%20true,the%20Amazon%2C%20and%20never%20returned.

Montreal Bloomsday Video Interview

Searching For Sasquatch by Brian Regal

The ISC Journals

Jun 15, 202101:30:02
Neanderthals And Northmen: Eaters Of The Dead (with Dr Edward Guimont)
May 29, 202101:18:01
From The Vaults: The Reincarnation of Bridey Murphy

From The Vaults: The Reincarnation of Bridey Murphy

A classic episode about the fascination 1950s America had with a woman who relived a past life as a 19th century woman from Cork! Hypnotism, regression, and a time in podcasting history ...

May 15, 202101:10:26
Red Sky At Night: Lost Cosmonauts (with Dr Tom Ellis)

Red Sky At Night: Lost Cosmonauts (with Dr Tom Ellis)

Dr Tom Ellis talks about the myth of the Lost Cosmonauts, why this symbol has had such staying power, and what it tells us about Western perceptions about the Soviet Union and its space programme. Topics include:

-American reactions to Yuri Gagarin’s flight

-The secrecy of the Soviet space programme breeding rumours and myths

-The idea of the ‘communist mind’ and communism as a ‘secular religion’

-Robert Heinlein and the Lost Cosmonauts

-‘Yurimania’ and promoting Yuri Gagarin as a sex symbol

-The Italian Battista brothers’ claims of recording lost cosmonauts

-The Lost Cosmonaut image in film and art as a representation of memories of the Soviet state

-Vladimir Komarov, the ‘real’ lost cosmonaut

-Lost cosmonauts as a political idea vs a cultural idea


Buy Me A Coffee

Tom Ellis on Twitter

Tom Ellis’s Blog

Gagarin And The Lost Moon

Tsar-Bomb album

Imogen Knox’ article on Haxan

Bobcat Goldthwait’s American Bigfoot

Conspiracy Culture, Peter Knight, 2000

Hermann Oberth

Roadside Picnics Article by darmon Richter: Chernobyl and the Falcon Lake UFO Incident

The Space Suit Film, Gary Westfahl, 2012

Supposed Lost Cosmonaut Recordings

Sven Grahn’s Article about Torre Bert

Into The Silent Sea: Short Lost Cosmonaut Film

The Cosmonaut Who Couldn’t Stop Smiling, Andrew L. Jenks, 2012

May 01, 202101:20:37
Early Modern Witchcraft Belief (with Imogen Knox)
Apr 24, 202101:00:42
BONUS EPISODE: The Origins Of Kong
Apr 17, 202148:34
Irish Burial Customs and 'Teig O'Kane and the Corpse' (with Dr Aoife Bhreatnach)
Apr 10, 202101:02:19
Creatures Out Of Time: Those Who Hunt The Skunk Ape

Creatures Out Of Time: Those Who Hunt The Skunk Ape

From what might become a semi-regular miniseries focusing on the monster-hunters of cryptozoology, this episode is about a man who had a sighting of the Florida 'skunk ape,' a regional type of Bigfoot, and it changed his life. Obsessed with the creature, he spent every day for six months sitting in his stand in the swamp until he captured photographs - and eventually footage - of the creature. What kind of man does it take to hunt the skunk ape? We find out. A portrait of the renegade, outsider, throwback woodsman type monster obsessive. Episode includes:

-discussion about the various regional types of Bigfoot

-disagreement among cryptozoologists about how many species there might be

-Discovery Florida's video of a visit to the Skunk Ape headquarters

-Physical description of the skunk ape

-Upcoming film on the skunk ape, shot on location!

-Smithsonian article all about the Skunk Ape Headquarters

-Some reports from the 70s

-The 'outsider' traits of the cryptozoologist

-How a feud with the parks system became an origin story for the monster hunter ...

-Conspiracies in Bigfoot world ...

-Primate Products: are actual monkeys the answer?

-The amazing Myakka Ape photo


Buy Me A Coffee! Thanks :)

Hunting Monsters by Darren Naish

Discovery Canada Video

The Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

Skeptical Equirer, Skunk Ape, Joe Nickell, 2014

Smithsonian Article, Joseph Stromberg, 2014

TheCryptozoologist.Webs Skunk Apes, 2011

Darren Naish On The Myakka Ape

Mar 27, 202141:57
The Digital Campfire: Looking Back At Creepypasta (with Chris Joyce)

The Digital Campfire: Looking Back At Creepypasta (with Chris Joyce)

Cian and Chris host a campfire chat to remember the heyday of creepypasta: bad grammar, juvenile topics - and yet occasionally incredibly effective bite-size (ok, sometimes epic) slices of crowd-sourced digital horror. Creepypasta ruled the roost in the early days of Web 2.0, back when folks wondered whether Ted really was a caver, whether N64 cartridges really could be haunted, and why you should stay away from cabins in the woods (present company excluded, of course). Conversation includes:

-personal memories of creepypasta

-origins of the name

-some famous Cpastas: Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Slenderman, etc

-Candle Cove and short Cpastas vs epic, expanded ones

-our personal fave Cpastas

-NoSleep and the 'rules' for online creepy fiction

-the 2014 Slenderman attack and moral panics

-nostalgia and the obsession with old video games and pre-digital tech

-the legacy of Cpasta? Indie horror gaming & social media ghost stories


Buy me a coffee! A haunted coffee.

Vox Possible's Bandcamp Page

Finger Post Blog

Creepypasta, Candle Cove, And The Digital Gothic, Jessica Balanzategui

Slender Man Is Coming, Blank & McNeill

Haunted PS1 Indie Game Horror

The Ghost In My Machine Blog

Dear David in the Irish Times

The Russian Sleep Experiment


It Had My Mother's Voice

Tales From A Retired Cryptozoologist

Mar 14, 202101:15:59
Return to Yowie Country: The Australian Apeman Again
Feb 27, 202101:01:55
A House That Eats Girls: House (1977) with James Harding
Feb 20, 202101:08:01
Invisible Empire: Mysticism And Colonialism in Joan Lindsay's Picnic At Hanging Rock

Invisible Empire: Mysticism And Colonialism in Joan Lindsay's Picnic At Hanging Rock

Join Cian at a chilly Cabin In The Woods for a Valentine's chat about the ever-mysterious Picnic At Hanging Rock. Whether you're more familiar with the book or the film, you'll be fine in terms of spoilers here, so grab an ale (no Fosters, please) and get ready for a disappear (ahem) into:

-the tradition of 'Australian Gothic'

-Picnic as a still-relevant urban legend

-whiteness in the novel, Miranda Must Go, and the Australian 'tabula rasa'

-why we love unresolved mysteries

-a post-colonial interpretation of PAHR

-a 1900s period piece or a 1960s new age classic?

-which characters 'transcend' and why?

-the 'great Australian novel', Joan Lindsay as a mystic

-Lindsay's obsession with time, her own background with Hanging Rock

-why St Valentine's day?

-the enigmatic final chapter!


HUGE thanks to friends who have supported already! You can buy me a coffee here (no sugar please):


HISTORY NOW, Northern Visions Television,a%20topic%20in%20Irish%20history.

Australian Ghost Stories, edited by James Doig

The Bunyip by Rosa Praed

Sydney Morning Herald article about Picnic, by Janelle McCulloch

Joan Lindsay, A Time For Everything, Latrobe Journal

Joan Lindsay's Mysterious 'Picnic At Hanging Rock,' Leanne Easey, State Library Victoria

Fear And Loathing In The Australian Bush, Kathleen Steele

Must Miranda Go? Kill Your Darlings, Kathrin Bartha

Australian Scenery, Marcus Clarke

Time Loop At Hanging Rock, The Nightshirt, Eric Wargo

Feb 13, 202101:13:25
Flat Earth Belief Throughout History (with Dr Edward Guimont)

Flat Earth Belief Throughout History (with Dr Edward Guimont)

Feb 06, 202101:08:01
The Fictional Life Of Hulk Hogan Part 2 (with Dónal Gill)
Jan 23, 202101:25:05
BONUS EPISODE: The Order and 1980s Domestic Terrorism

BONUS EPISODE: The Order and 1980s Domestic Terrorism

In this episode, Cian and Ali discuss 80s domestic terrorist group who called themselves THE ORDER, in a direct lift from the 1978 white supremacist text The Turner Diaries. The MAGA goons who caused chaos at Washington this month contained at least a core of serious, organised, far-right insurrectionists whose ideas can be traced to this underground 'white supremacist bible' . They committed robberies, murders, and other crimes during the 1980s in order to fund their imagined race war and overturning of the government and were by turns hilariously incompetent and terrifyingly effective. Instead of creating a 'White Redoubt' break-away state in the Pacific Northwest, their reign of terror ended in a shoot-out that only served to further spark off militia groups.

Jan 19, 202154:04