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Cinema Siblings

Cinema Siblings

By Cinema Siblings

A brother and sister sharing a familial fondness for film.
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Is ‘Tenet’ an instant classic?

Cinema SiblingsSep 08, 2020

Reviewing ‘No Time to Die’, reflecting on the Daniel Craig Bond era, and ripping apart ‘The Book of Boba Fett’.
Jan 29, 202251:36
‘Dune: Part One’ review, finally watching Harry Potter, ‘The Office’ vs. ‘Parks & Rec’; plus, “Is Star Wars okay?”
Jan 01, 202201:05:16
Siblings Chats: The best covid movie; plus some thoughts on the morass of ‘Midnight Mass’.
Oct 29, 202101:12:33
Siblings Chats: The perfect summer movie, the enduring legacy of Tom Hanks, and a befuddling kids movie.
Jul 13, 202155:22
Siblings Chats: The journalistic chicanery of ‘Bombshell’ and troubled legacy of ‘The Hunger Games’.
Jun 08, 202148:35
Siblings Chats: Trailer talk and riffing on re-hashed movies.
May 30, 202140:32
Siblings Chats: Nostalgic TV shows, ‘Monk’ vs. ‘Psych’, and anticipating ‘A Quiet Place Part II’.
May 24, 202131:59
Siblings Chats: Underrated or overrated? Bold takes on classic movies; plus, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, a ‘Downton Abbey’ movie sequel, and eye-rolling the DC multiverse.
Apr 23, 202155:09
Movie Review: ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ (a.k.a. #TheSnyderCut).
Apr 10, 202158:35
Siblings Chats: The link between ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Ready Player One’; plus, early thoughts on ‘The Falcon and the Winder Soldier’ and ‘Victoria’.
Apr 01, 202152:10
Movie Review: ‘Knives Out’.
Mar 25, 202115:31
Siblings Chats: Our current “social dilemma,” happiness according to Bo Burnham, ‘The Final Table’, and ‘The Way, Way Back’.
Mar 18, 202150:18
Movie Review: ‘Logan Lucky’.
Feb 26, 202120:33
Siblings Chats: Finally, a ‘Redwall’ TV series! Plus, a firing, a re-cut film, and some trailer talk.
Feb 19, 202156:55
Siblings Chats: Is Denzel Washington overrated? And what are the ingredients for a classic rom-com?
Feb 12, 202151:02
Siblings Chats: A ‘Warrior’ rip-off? Plus, why ‘Downton Abbey’ is disappointing, and our formative childhood movies.
Feb 05, 202142:12
Movie Review: ‘Sound of Metal’.
Jan 29, 202123:56
Siblings Chats: Unnecessary sequels, a “bad” Tom Hardy movie, and why ‘Downton Abbey’ is so frustrating.
Jan 23, 202144:16
Siblings Chats: Is ‘Downton Abbey’ a soap opera? Is Natalie Portman actually a good actress?
Jan 16, 202148:29
Movie Review: Pixar’s ‘Soul’.
Jan 09, 202128:50
2020 wrap-up and 2021 preview.
Jan 06, 202115:30
‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 review.
Dec 26, 202001:05:55
“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!”
Dec 19, 202001:00:35
Dissecting Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ and the glut of Disney announcements; plus, some love for ‘Monk’.
Dec 11, 202001:00:25
Rapid movie takes: ‘The Prestige’, ‘The Island’, and ‘The Green Mile’; plus, Star Wars TV shows.
Nov 21, 202051:22
Talking through ‘Joker’, ‘First Man’, ‘Drive’, and ‘The Sixth Sense’; plus, *ugh* ‘The Mandalorian’.
Nov 14, 202049:16
“This is the way”: breaking down ‘The Mandalorian’; plus, ‘Pushing Daisies’ and cooking shows.
Nov 06, 202001:08:17
Our top “guilty pleasure” go-to movies. Plus: discussing Netflix documentaries.
Oct 28, 202048:45
Are theaters going extinct? Plus: Why Tolkien is rolling in his grave and why ‘Bly Manor’ failed.
Oct 20, 202050:60
Talking ’The King’ and ‘The Way Back’, plus: sleeping through Hogwarts and do we really need a ‘Sherlock’ shared universe?
Oct 08, 202032:34
‘3:10 to Yuma’ and the modern westerns; plus ’Nightcrawler’, ‘The King’, ‘The Mandalorian’, and movie theater snacks.
Sep 22, 202036:44
Is ‘Tenet’ an instant classic?
Sep 08, 202055:08
Finding a Netflix gem and confessing our love of Christopher Nolan.
Sep 02, 202058:09
‘Enola Holmes’ trailer reaction, ‘The Batman’, #SnyderCut, and other DC FanDome stuff.
Aug 26, 202036:59
Why ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ are the best, and why musicals don’t work in 2020.
Aug 10, 202038:35
‘Ford v Ferrari’, a bad CGI dog movie, ‘Toy Story 4’, and why the Disney remakes aren’t good.
Jul 18, 202044:19
Why are there no “good” ‘Robin Hood’ movies?
Jul 07, 202037:45
Top 5 favorite movies ever. Plus thoughts on ‘The Meg’ and ‘Space Force’.
Jun 16, 202001:07:39
What the heck is this?
Jun 12, 202007:51