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Design your best life.

Design your best life.

By Circ Cular

At Circlo, we're imagining a more humane way to social in the age of AI, based on 3+ years of science-backed research. If we're not in control of our dopamine and social status then we are the product. This podcast is about empowering you to discover the best version of yourself through conquering everyday illusive design and algorithmic bias designed by the attention economy.
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#2 Superstimuli – On Handling Dopamine

Design your best life. Jun 16, 2023

#2 Superstimuli – On Handling Dopamine
Jun 16, 202308:56
#1 Awareness – On Handling Anger
Jun 14, 202305:33
8 reasons why design is dead (and how we can revive it).

8 reasons why design is dead (and how we can revive it).

I’m ashamed to call myself a designer.

I started my design journey inspired to make this world a more beautiful place. I believed that I could help visionaries build products that would allow us to realize the best version of themselves and utilize their full creative potential. Instead I succumbed to becoming a cog to the tyrannical apathetic tech culture of engineering and bureaucracy.

Right now tech is being designed using illusive design patterns aimed at depleting our dopamine reservoir resulting in increased rates of anxiety, exploiting our emotions through social status play resulting in increased stress and disregarding our values and boundaries resulting in the prevention of us becoming the best version of ourselves. Design has no power. Design is dead.

Jun 12, 202324:55