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Eko Circular Vibe

Eko Circular Vibe

By Circular Lagos

Eko Circular Vibes Podcasts seek to promote the knowledge of circularity practices in the city of Lagos. As a listener, this podcast provides you with the functional tools and insights to contribute to the overarching aim of making Lagos an ecofriendly city.


The weekly quiz is aimed at testing the knowledge of listeners based on each episode. Winners stand a chance of winning a cash prize of N10,000 for answering the questions correctly. Check the Circular Lagos Social Media Page for more details on how to participate.

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Think before you trash it

Eko Circular VibeMar 18, 2022

Think before you trash it

Think before you trash it

How much thought do you give to the waste you produce? How mindful are you about your consumption and the waste you periodically produce? Our conversation this week focuses on extended user responsibility and how we all can convert our regular waste into a vehicle for wealth creation.

This week we are joined by Arese Onaghise who is the Executive Secretary at FBRA and Adebayo Babatunde who is the CEO of Westman Recycling. Together our guests dive into the nitty-gritty of extended user responsibility with a focus on:

Waste Collection

Waste Separation

Waste Recycling

Mar 18, 202212:47
Waste Management in Lagos: The Realities 2

Waste Management in Lagos: The Realities 2

This week we are continuing the discussion about the reality of waste and its management in the city of Lagos. Our guest is an expert in the Lagos State waste management space, he is a business digitization and optimization expert, a circular economy, and smart city enabler, he is Adeleye Odebunmi the CEO of Pakam. 

Pakam seeks to position waste management as a service, to create wealth and use waste as a tool to alleviate poverty leveraging digital technology. Adeleye Odebunmi speaks about Pakam and how they are using technology to optimize the ecosystem and increase the economy of scale of waste management in Lagos.

Mar 11, 202210:53
Waste Management in Lagos: The Realities
Mar 04, 202211:17
A Circular Lagos Mindset

A Circular Lagos Mindset

Our guest on this episode of the Eko Circular Vibe Podcast wears multiple hats. He is a seasoned businessman an astute academic, and the CEO of EnviroFly he is Dr. Akanimo Odon. In this episode of the Eko Circular Vibe podcast Dr. Akanimo will help us understand:

  • The linear economy
  • End of Life Concept
  • Restorative use
  • The waste culture
  • Excess Consumption

If you are looking to understand the relationship between culture, policy, and circularity this episode provides an ample understanding of the approaches necessary to help us see waste as an opportunity for wealth creation.

Feb 22, 202209:43
The Circular Lagos Dream Part 2

The Circular Lagos Dream Part 2

Picking up from the last episode Bankole Oloruntoba provided more insight into the dynamics of the circular economy and its potential for a mega city like Lagos with the aspiration of becoming a circular city. 

The question today is how does the circular business model concern the average Lagosian and how can we plug-plug in this economy? We look at the different aspects of the circular business model in different markets like:

  • Fashion
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable Arts
  • Sustainable Building

What steps do you need to take if you are truly want to play a part in the circular economy of Lagos? The answers are provided in this episode of the Eko Circular Vibe Podcast.

Feb 18, 202208:23
The Circular Lagos Dream Part 1

The Circular Lagos Dream Part 1

Beyond the buzz, on this episode we take a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the circular economy and its ramifications for a city like Lagos. Our guest is Bankole Oloruntoba the CEO of the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center. Bankole provides us with insights into operational framework of the circular economy with a focus on the peculiarity of the city of Lagos. This episodes brings to the fore the various nodes on the circular economy continum drawing inspiration from very innovative businesses and solutions currently available in the market. 

Feb 11, 202209:26
About Circular Lagos

About Circular Lagos

Hello! Welcome! Ekabo! 

This is Eko Circular Vibe Podcast! 

It sounds like a club but is it a club? What on earth is Eko Circular Vibe

Today on the show we will be meeting the creators and the curators of the Circular Lagos Project and the Eko Circular Vibe Podcast. In this episode, you will learn everything you need to know about the Circular Lagos Project and what the initiators seek to achieve through this project. What opportunities exist for Lagosians in the circular economy and how does circularity aid the achievement of the sustainable development goals in Lagos? These and other questions will be answered in this premiere episode of the Eko Circular Vibe Podcast. Our guests on this episode are Sina Uti-Waziri (GIZ Nigeria) and Abayomi Magbagbeola (Circular Lagos).   

Jan 25, 202214:38