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The Stem Cellar

The Stem Cellar

By Kevin McCormack

Podcast from the blog of CIRM, California's Stem Cell Agency
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A step forward in finding a treatment for a deadly neurological disorder

The Stem CellarOct 25, 2021

Bubble baby treatment cleared to restart clinical trial
Dec 07, 202201:39
High school SPARK intern presents stem cell research to academic audience 
Dec 07, 202202:36
Lab-made retinas offer a new approach to battling vision loss
Dec 07, 202202:48
The doctor who fights vision loss and wildfires
Nov 30, 202200:52
Myocarditis in Cancer Patients Is Driven by Specific Immune Cells
Nov 30, 202202:22
A timeless message about stem cells
Nov 30, 202201:06
Reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving: creative nerds
Nov 30, 202200:41
Neurona Therapeutics Update: First two patients who received treatment experienced significantly less seizures
Nov 30, 202203:29
Study could pave the way in reducing decline in muscle strength as people age 
Nov 21, 202203:56
Sweet 16 and counting for stem cell clinical trial
Nov 14, 202202:58
Why the future of regenerative medicine depends on students getting a living wage
Nov 09, 202203:01
Patient Advocacy is its own reward
Nov 09, 202201:31
Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Carolyn Bertozzi had a hand in early stem cell research
Nov 04, 202203:34
Apply Now for New Manufacturing Funding Opportunity
Nov 04, 202202:08
CIRM-funding supports world’s first stem cell treatment for spina bifida delivered during fetal surgery
Oct 28, 202205:00
CIRM President & CEO Dr. Maria Millan recognized as one of the most influential women in Bay Area business
Oct 28, 202201:19
How this scientist changed paths to become a stem cell researcher
Oct 28, 202203:19
Developing a natural killer for cancer
Oct 28, 202202:08
Honor of a lifetime
Oct 28, 202201:16
CIRM Board Approves Funding for New Clinical Trial Targeting Brain Tumors
Oct 28, 202206:58
California researchers developing vaccine to curb the spread of Zika virus
Oct 17, 202202:44
Pioneering a new approach to HIV/AIDS
Oct 17, 202202:22
Funding a Clinical Trial for a Functional Cure for HIV
Sep 27, 202203:06
So far, some encouraging news for stem cell clinical trial treating epilepsy
Sep 26, 202202:11
Join Us on Stem Cell Awareness Day (October 12)!
Sep 26, 202201:39
Fast Track Designation for a therapy making transplants safer for children with a fatal immune disorder
Sep 20, 202202:54
The race to cure sickle cell disease
Sep 20, 202203:41
A pioneering couple uproot their lives to help their baby
Sep 16, 202202:35
A newfound passion for stem cell research
Sep 15, 202203:07
Mourning the death of Susan Solomon
Sep 09, 202201:58
CIRM-funded stem cell-gene therapy shows promise in ALS safety trial
Sep 06, 202204:29
How stem cells helped Veronica fight retinitis pigmentosa and regain her vision
Sep 02, 202203:20
And we’re back!
Aug 31, 202202:04
Stem Cell Agency Invests $46 Million in New Education Program
Aug 31, 202206:11
A better, faster, more effective way to edit genes
Aug 30, 202202:27
Building embryo-like cells in the lab
Aug 26, 202202:04
From our house to the White House. Kinda
Aug 26, 202206:24
A grandmother’s legacy, a stem cell scientist
Aug 24, 202202:45
The researcher who is following her bliss, and tackling diseases of aging at the same time
Aug 24, 202201:16
CIRM Bridges intern researches stem cells to grow kidneys 
Aug 24, 202202:37
Stem Cell Agency Expands Industry Alliance Program to  Accelerate Therapies
Aug 24, 202203:37
Fighting for his life and the lives of other stroke survivors
Aug 15, 202201:18
[PHOTOS] CIRM’s Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program hosts annual conference in sunny San Diego
Aug 15, 202202:17
[PHOTOS] California high school students celebrate regenerative medicine science at CIRM’s annual SPARK conference
Aug 15, 202202:16
How one student overcame uncertainty in CIRM’s high school internship program
Aug 15, 202204:53
How this scientist uses Legos to explain the power of stem cells 
Aug 15, 202202:48
Two common viruses could trigger Alzheimer’s disease
Aug 15, 202202:47
Life lessons learned in the CIRM summer intern program
Aug 15, 202205:15
The present and future of regenerative medicine
Aug 01, 202211:15
Study reveals new evidence of key mechanism in Alzheimer’s
Aug 01, 202202:40