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The Stem Cellar

The Stem Cellar

By Kevin McCormack

Podcast from the blog of CIRM, California's Stem Cell Agency
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How two California researchers are advancing world class science to develop real life solutions

The Stem CellarJan 12, 2022

Bubble baby treatment cleared to restart clinical trial
Dec 07, 202201:39
High school SPARK intern presents stem cell research to academic audience 
Dec 07, 202202:36
Lab-made retinas offer a new approach to battling vision loss
Dec 07, 202202:48
The doctor who fights vision loss and wildfires
Nov 30, 202200:52
Myocarditis in Cancer Patients Is Driven by Specific Immune Cells
Nov 30, 202202:22
A timeless message about stem cells
Nov 30, 202201:06
Reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving: creative nerds
Nov 30, 202200:41
Neurona Therapeutics Update: First two patients who received treatment experienced significantly less seizures
Nov 30, 202203:29
Study could pave the way in reducing decline in muscle strength as people age 
Nov 21, 202203:56
Sweet 16 and counting for stem cell clinical trial
Nov 14, 202202:58
Why the future of regenerative medicine depends on students getting a living wage
Nov 09, 202203:01
Patient Advocacy is its own reward
Nov 09, 202201:31
Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Carolyn Bertozzi had a hand in early stem cell research
Nov 04, 202203:34
Apply Now for New Manufacturing Funding Opportunity
Nov 04, 202202:08
CIRM-funding supports world’s first stem cell treatment for spina bifida delivered during fetal surgery
Oct 28, 202205:00
CIRM President & CEO Dr. Maria Millan recognized as one of the most influential women in Bay Area business
Oct 28, 202201:19
How this scientist changed paths to become a stem cell researcher
Oct 28, 202203:19
Developing a natural killer for cancer
Oct 28, 202202:08
Honor of a lifetime
Oct 28, 202201:16
CIRM Board Approves Funding for New Clinical Trial Targeting Brain Tumors
Oct 28, 202206:58
California researchers developing vaccine to curb the spread of Zika virus
Oct 17, 202202:44
Pioneering a new approach to HIV/AIDS
Oct 17, 202202:22
Funding a Clinical Trial for a Functional Cure for HIV
Sep 27, 202203:06
So far, some encouraging news for stem cell clinical trial treating epilepsy
Sep 26, 202202:11
Join Us on Stem Cell Awareness Day (October 12)!
Sep 26, 202201:39
Fast Track Designation for a therapy making transplants safer for children with a fatal immune disorder
Sep 20, 202202:54
The race to cure sickle cell disease
Sep 20, 202203:41
A pioneering couple uproot their lives to help their baby
Sep 16, 202202:35
A newfound passion for stem cell research
Sep 15, 202203:07
Mourning the death of Susan Solomon
Sep 09, 202201:58
CIRM-funded stem cell-gene therapy shows promise in ALS safety trial
Sep 06, 202204:29
How stem cells helped Veronica fight retinitis pigmentosa and regain her vision
Sep 02, 202203:20
And we’re back!
Aug 31, 202202:04
Stem Cell Agency Invests $46 Million in New Education Program
Aug 31, 202206:11
A better, faster, more effective way to edit genes
Aug 30, 202202:27
Building embryo-like cells in the lab
Aug 26, 202202:04
From our house to the White House. Kinda
Aug 26, 202206:24
A grandmother’s legacy, a stem cell scientist
Aug 24, 202202:45
The researcher who is following her bliss, and tackling diseases of aging at the same time
Aug 24, 202201:16
CIRM Bridges intern researches stem cells to grow kidneys 
Aug 24, 202202:37
Stem Cell Agency Expands Industry Alliance Program to  Accelerate Therapies
Aug 24, 202203:37
Fighting for his life and the lives of other stroke survivors
Aug 15, 202201:18
[PHOTOS] CIRM’s Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program hosts annual conference in sunny San Diego
Aug 15, 202202:17
[PHOTOS] California high school students celebrate regenerative medicine science at CIRM’s annual SPARK conference
Aug 15, 202202:16
How one student overcame uncertainty in CIRM’s high school internship program
Aug 15, 202204:53
How this scientist uses Legos to explain the power of stem cells 
Aug 15, 202202:48
Two common viruses could trigger Alzheimer’s disease
Aug 15, 202202:47
Life lessons learned in the CIRM summer intern program
Aug 15, 202205:15
The present and future of regenerative medicine
Aug 01, 202211:15
Study reveals new evidence of key mechanism in Alzheimer’s
Aug 01, 202202:40
Stem Cell Agency funds clinical trial targeting scarred urethras
Aug 01, 202201:29
How CIRM contributed to City of Hope study helping man with HIV to into long-term remission
Aug 01, 202202:46
Stem cell-derived retinal patch continues to show promising results two years post-implantation
Jul 20, 202202:34
Recovery from muscle loss injuries hindered by immune cell conflicts
Jul 20, 202202:27
Reversing hearing loss through regenerative medicine
Jul 20, 202203:43
UC Davis Health researchers aim to use CAR T cells for HIV cure
Jul 20, 202203:33
Stem cell agency invests in therapy using killer cells to target colorectal, breast and ovarian cancers
Jul 20, 202203:02
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) awards $5.8 million for prostate cancer research to USC 
Jul 20, 202202:51
Study shows sleep deprivation impairs stem cells in the cornea 
Jul 20, 202202:09
Replacement brain cells offer hope for Parkinson’s treatment
Jul 20, 202201:45
Marathon effort to raise awareness about Huntington’s disease
Jul 20, 202201:22
Taking to the streets with Pride
Jul 20, 202200:44
An experimental gene therapy with a hairy twist
Jul 20, 202202:50
Celebrating academic success and overcoming obstacles
Jul 20, 202201:17
How CIRM’s Bridges internship program inspired this student to pursue a career in regenerative medicine 
Jul 20, 202201:52
A big deal for type 1 diabetes
Jul 20, 202202:36
Using stem cells and smart machines to warn of heart problems
Jul 20, 202201:36
CIRM’s SPARK internship program provides California high school students with hands-on training in stem cell research
Jul 20, 202202:55
Why people seek out unproven and potentially unsafe stem cell treatments
Jul 20, 202202:30
First patient dosed in clinical trial for a drug-resistant form of epilepsy
Jul 01, 202203:14
Google eases ban on ads for stem cell therapies
Jun 24, 202202:34
Stem cells explained in different languages
Jun 24, 202203:08
Two reasons to remember June 19th
Jun 24, 202202:38
Can regenerative medicine turn back the clock on aging?
Jun 24, 202201:36
Stem Cell Agency Board Invests in 19 Discovery Research Programs Targeting Cancers, Heart Disease and Other Disorders
Jun 24, 202207:29
Creating a ‘bespoke’ approach to rare diseases
Jun 17, 202203:54
The long road to developing a therapy for epilepsy
Jun 01, 202204:08
The power of the patient advocate: how a quick visit led to an $11M grant to fund a clinical trial
May 27, 202203:09
IBSC directors bring in nearly $12 million to fund the future of bimolecular research at UC Santa Cruz
May 09, 202202:56
Smoking marijuana could be bad for your heart, but there is an unusual remedy
May 09, 202203:05
It’s hard to be modest when people keep telling you how good you are
May 02, 202201:35
The bootcamp helping in the fight against rare diseases
Apr 29, 202202:59
UCLA-led team creates first comprehensive map of human blood stem cell development
Apr 18, 202204:01
How two women are fighting back against Lou Gehrig’s disease
Apr 18, 202201:19
Making the list of people to follow
Apr 13, 202201:38
Expanding CIRM’s Alpha Clinics Network to deliver transformative regenerative medicine treatments 
Apr 13, 202203:36
Turning back the clock to make old skin cells young again
Apr 13, 202202:47
Using reengineered human skin cells to treat COVID-19
Mar 25, 202202:18
Chance discovery could lead to a treatment for skin ulcers
Mar 25, 202202:44
Promoting stem cell therapies, racial justice and fish breeding
Mar 21, 202201:07
How mRNA and CRISPR-Cas9 could treat muscle atrophy
Mar 21, 202202:51
Researchers discover promising approach against treatment-resistant cancer
Mar 14, 202203:21
HOPE for patients with a muscle destroying disease
Mar 14, 202202:14
Stem Cell Agency Hires New Vice President of Medical Affairs & Policy
Mar 08, 202206:51
How a health tech company is using virtual reality to treat stem cell patients 
Mar 08, 202201:50
Rare Disease: An Uphill Battle for Diagnosis and Treatment
Mar 08, 202203:36
Stem Cell Agency Board Approves Funding for Rare Immune Disorder
Mar 08, 202202:38
Joining the movement to fight rare diseases
Feb 28, 202202:33
It’s nice to be appreciated
Feb 23, 202201:40
Join CIRM for a CNS Consortium Workshop – Feb. 24 & 25 
Feb 23, 202205:33
CIRM-supported therapy for blood cancers gets FDA fast track
Feb 23, 202202:43
CIRM-Funded Study Helping Babies Battle a Deadly Immune Disorder Gets Boost from FDA
Feb 14, 202202:28
Stem cell discovery could help shorten cancer treatment recovery 
Feb 11, 202202:04
First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Clinical Trial for T1D
Feb 11, 202202:02
Could a common herb help in the fight against COVID-19 and other inflammatory diseases?
Feb 11, 202202:23
How a tiny patch is helping restore lasting vision
Feb 11, 202202:48
Meet the man who is unlocking the secrets of autism and sending mini-brains into space
Feb 04, 202201:11
CIRM Board gives thumbs up to training and treatment programs
Jan 31, 202203:06
Making stem cell and gene therapies available and affordable for all California patients
Jan 31, 202202:11
Educating and training the next generation of regenerative science workforce
Jan 31, 202202:08
Two Early-Stage Research Programs Targeting Cartilage Damage Get Funding from Stem Cell Agency
Jan 31, 202206:14
How these scholars are growing the regenerative medicine field in California
Jan 31, 202202:58
Breaking down barriers: Expanding patient access and accelerating research
Jan 31, 202203:51
A new approach to a deadly childhood cancer
Jan 31, 202202:05
CIRM-funded stem cell clinical trial patients: Where are they now?
Jan 20, 202202:35
Overcoming obstacles and advancing treatments to patients
Jan 20, 202203:40
Sharing ideas and data to advance regenerative medicine
Jan 20, 202202:46
Empowering and connecting California’s research ecosystem through shared labs
Jan 20, 202202:56
How two California researchers are advancing world class science to develop real life solutions
Jan 12, 202202:44
A CIRM-funded therapy for a deadly blood cancer gets approval for Phase 3 clinical trial
Jan 12, 202202:01
Teaching stem cells to play video games
Jan 05, 202201:41
The Most Read Stem Cellar Blog Posts of 2021
Jan 03, 202203:45
One more good reason to exercise
Jan 03, 202201:17
How do Zebrafish grow ears? It’s quite transparent.
Dec 27, 202102:19
UCLA gene therapy offers children with LAD-1 a new chance at living a normal life
Dec 27, 202102:42
Researchers develop a stem cell-based implant for cartilage restoration and treating osteoarthritis
Dec 21, 202102:06
Lack of diversity leaves cloud hanging over asthma drug study
Dec 21, 202103:15
Newly-developed Organoid Mimics How Gut and Heart Tissues Arise Cooperatively From Stem Cells 
Dec 13, 202102:29
How some brilliant research may have uncovered a potential therapy for Alzheimer’s 
Dec 13, 202101:07
Wit, wisdom and a glimpse into the future
Dec 06, 202101:09
Stem Cell Agency Board Invests in Therapy Targeting Deadly Blood Cancers
Dec 06, 202101:54
Creating a New Model for Diversity in Scientific and Medical Research
Dec 06, 202104:55
Bridges Scholar Spotlight: Samira Alwahabi
Dec 06, 202101:58
The Evolution of World AIDS Day: Then and Now 
Dec 06, 202103:27
Producing insulin for people who can’t
Dec 06, 202102:43
Now-Defunct For-Profit Stem Cell Clinic Ordered to Pay $5.1 Million for Scamming Patients Through False Advertising
Dec 06, 202101:59
One step closer to making ‘off-the-shelf’ immune cell therapy for cancer a reality 
Nov 19, 202103:00
Sweating bullets and other stories from the frontline
Nov 17, 202100:59
Type 1 diabetes therapy gets go-ahead for clinical trial
Nov 17, 202102:18
A year unlike any other – a look back at one year post Prop 14
Nov 12, 202104:07
Old therapies inspire new hope for treatment of pediatric brain tumors
Nov 10, 202102:10
Promising new approach for people with epilepsy
Nov 08, 202103:05
COVID is a real pain in the ear
Nov 03, 202102:21
Beware of misleading headlines and claims
Nov 01, 202103:27
Reprogramming brain cells to restore vision after a stroke
Oct 29, 202102:14
A hair raising tale
Oct 27, 202101:36
A step forward in finding a treatment for a deadly neurological disorder
Oct 25, 202102:59
Some good news for people with dodgy knees
Oct 20, 202102:25
Getting under the skin of people with type 1 diabetes – but in a good way
Oct 20, 202101:46
Looking back and looking forward: good news for two CIRM-supported studies
Oct 15, 202103:22
Celebrating Stem Cell Awareness Day
Oct 13, 202105:09
Raising awareness about mental health
Oct 11, 202102:48
Them bones them bones them dry bones – and how to help repair them
Sep 22, 202102:30
Lack of diversity impacts research into Alzheimer’s and dementia
Sep 20, 202103:55
Using a stem cell’s journey to teach kids science
Sep 17, 202102:49
Lung cancer, Sherlock Holmes and piano
Sep 15, 202102:24
A personal reason to develop a better gene therapy
Sep 13, 202102:34
Tiny tools for the smallest of tasks, editing genes
Sep 10, 202102:11
Mother and daughter team up to fight bias and discrimination in treatment for people with sickle cell disease
Sep 08, 202101:17
National Academy of Medicine honors CIRM Grantees
Sep 03, 202103:59
Creating a better way to treat type 1 diabetes
Sep 01, 202104:05
Stem cell therapy may help mend a broken heart
Aug 30, 202102:17
Feds hit predatory stem cell clinics with a one-two punch
Aug 27, 202101:40
CIRM funds clinical trials targeting heart disease, stroke and childhood brain tumors
Aug 25, 202103:27
Building a better brain (model) in the lab
Aug 23, 202102:36
Celebrating a young life that almost wasn’t
Aug 20, 202101:44
Paving the way for a treatment for dementia
Aug 19, 202102:43
City of Hope researchers discover potential therapy to treat brain tumors
Aug 16, 202102:22
Learning life lessons in the lab
Aug 13, 202104:04
A conversation with Bob Klein about the past, present and future of CIRM
Aug 11, 202100:37
SPARKing the genius of the next generation of scientists
Aug 11, 202106:01
Retooling a COVID drug to boost its effectiveness
Aug 06, 202103:04
A rare chance to help those in need
Aug 04, 202102:31
City of Hope scientists use stem cells to develop ‘mini-brains’ to study Alzheimer’s and to test drugs in development
Aug 04, 202103:16
How regrowing tiny hairs could restore hearing loss
Aug 03, 202102:27
Scientists use stem cell ‘mini-brains’ to better understand signs of frontotemporal dementia
Jul 30, 202102:26
Improving a special kind of cell to help combat immune related problems
Jul 26, 202102:10
Endothelial cell treatment reverses lung damage in mice with emphysema
Jul 23, 202102:47
Board Funds Fifteen Bridges to Stem Cell Research and Therapy Programs Across California and New Sickle Cell Disease Trial
Jul 21, 202105:24
UCSD researchers use stem cell model to better understand pregnancy complication
Jul 19, 202103:01
Building a new mouse, one stem cell at a time
Jul 16, 202102:27
Gene therapy is life-changing for children with a life-threatening brain disorder
Jul 14, 202102:24
Stem cell treatment improves motor function in monkeys modeling Parkinson’s Disease
Jul 12, 202103:19
A new way to evade immune rejection in transplanting cells
Jul 08, 202102:01
Heads or tails? Stem cells help guide the decision
Jun 30, 202101:41
CIRM funded trial for AMD shows promising results
Jun 28, 202103:59
CIRM Board Approves New Clinical Trial for ALS
Jun 21, 202101:48
An Open Letter to CIRM for World Sickle Cell Day
Jun 21, 202102:53
Sometimes a cold stare is a good thing
Jun 16, 202102:26
Study shows that COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective in people with cancer
Jun 14, 202102:15
Call for a worldwide approach to regulating predatory stem cell clinics
Jun 11, 202103:16
CIRM-catalyzed spinout files for IPO to develop therapies for genetic diseases
Jun 09, 202101:48
Unproven Stem Cell Therapies
Jun 08, 202104:19
CIRM funded trial may pave way for gene therapy to treat different diseases
Jun 03, 202102:57
Friday Round Up
May 28, 202102:46
Paving the Way
May 24, 202102:53
Latest CIRM TRAN1 awards focus on CAR-based cell therapy to treat cancer
May 20, 202103:11
CIRM Board Approves Continued Funding for SPARK and Alpha Stem Cell Clinics
May 18, 202103:29
How stem cells play “follow the leader”
May 17, 202102:37
CIRM Builds Out World Class Team With 5 New hires
May 14, 202105:35
Medeor Therapeutics Completes Enrollment in CIRM-Funded Clinical Trial for Kidney Transplant Patients
May 12, 202103:10
New Study Shows CIRM-Supported Therapy Cures More than 95% of Children Born with a Fatal Immune Disorder
May 11, 202102:05
CIRM funded study uses drug development in a dish for treatment of heart arrhythmias
May 07, 202102:27
Identifying the visually impaired patients most likely to benefit from jCyte’s stem cell therapy
May 05, 202103:01
Remembering Eli Broad, philanthropist and stem cell champion
May 03, 202102:33
New technique maps out diversity and location of cells in tissue or tumor
Apr 30, 202102:22
Hitting our Goals: Accelerating to the finish line
Apr 28, 202103:11
CIRM funded stem cell therapy could one day help stroke and dementia patients
Apr 26, 202103:16
Regulated, Reputable and Reliable: FDA’s Taking Additional Steps to Advance Safe and Effective Regenerative Medicine Products
Apr 23, 202103:49
CIRM Board Approves Clinical Trials for Blood Cancer and Pediatric Brain Tumors
Apr 20, 202102:03
Hitting our goals: Making good progress
Apr 20, 202103:18
Positive results for patients enrolled in CIRM-funded trial of a rare pediatric disease
Apr 16, 202102:28
Saying thanks and farewell to a friend
Apr 15, 202103:02
Hitting our Goals: Playing Matchmaker
Apr 12, 202103:39
Stem cell therapy for diabetic foot ulcers shows promise in new study
Apr 09, 202102:17
CIRM funding helps improve immune cell therapy to combat HIV
Apr 07, 202102:13
Hitting our Goals: Let’s start at the beginning shall we
Apr 05, 202102:42
Meet xenobots 2.0 – the next generation of living robots

Meet xenobots 2.0 – the next generation of living robots

Meet xenobots 2.0 - the next generation of living robots

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Apr 02, 202103:52