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The Civic Hacker Podcast

The Civic Hacker Podcast

By Lori McNeill, Founder | Civic Hacker Network

Problems have solutions. We're here to learn about them from regular people creating change in their communities using data and technology. Each season of the Civic Hacker Podcast includes audio from the Civic Hacker Summit and news from the Civic Hacker Network.
The Civic Hacker Podcast © 2023 by Lori McNeill is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
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Two Civic Hackers Walk Into a Zoom ...

The Civic Hacker PodcastSep 17, 2022

Peace Building In the Digital Age

Peace Building In the Digital Age

Caleb is an explorer of digital spaces and has researched and applied various technologies to address election violence, good governance, extremism and conflict mitigation. Being from Kenya, he has worked with different peace actors across Africa to respond to violent conflict applying digital tools. He has skills in social media monitoring, data, network and narrative analysis and community building. At Build Up, Caleb supports digital conflict programs, social media analysis and depolarization projects. He is also a faculty member at the United Nations Systems Staff college where he teaches a course on data analytics for sustaining peace. He also dedicates time to support community based organizations to develop infographics and data visualizations on development issues.

Links to info and resources: 

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- How To Build Up's LinkedIn: ⁠⁠

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Original Civic Hacker Summit Session recording (access for ⁠⁠⁠paid members⁠⁠⁠):

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Oct 10, 202354:27
Making a Difference Through Peace Work
Sep 26, 202348:51
Co-Creating Innovative Wealth-Building Ecosystems in HUD Communities
Sep 19, 202343:47
Creating Equity in Academia Through Open Scholarship
Sep 12, 202346:07
Helping Local Governments Fund Community Priorities
Sep 05, 202352:58
Today I Learned About the National Historical GIS from IPUMS
Aug 17, 202352:12
Listen Up! Building an Ethical, Transparent Social Understanding Platform

Listen Up! Building an Ethical, Transparent Social Understanding Platform

Darío García de Viedma and the team at Citibeats are using technology to help municipal decision-makers prevent and mitigate crises  by analyzing open source data with NLP algorithms. He led the design of the Social Indicators, thanks to an alliance with Princeton and NYU scholars. These are metrics, reported real-time, that measure deep feelings in society such as civic unrest, polarization, perception of inflation, empowerment, and distrust.

In this interview, Darío discusses ethical data collection and examples of how the use of NLP algorithms has demonstrated one powerful role technology can play in addressing societal challenges. 

This interview is also available in Spanish on our YouTube Channel.

Links to info and resources:

Link to Spanish Language Interview: “¡Escuchad! Construyendo una Plataforma de Comprensión Social Ética y Transparente”

Citibeats Website:

Citibeats Twitter:

Darío's LinkedIn 
Original Civic Hacker Summit Session recording (access for ⁠⁠⁠paid members⁠⁠⁠):

- Civic HackHER Initiative: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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Aug 16, 202328:03
Mission-Driven Multi-Tasking: Paying the Bills and Mobilizing Communities to Power Queer and Trans Movements
Jun 18, 202344:39
Reclaiming the Power of Money for the New Generation of Communities
Apr 03, 202348:59
Data-Driven Solutions to End Police Violence
Feb 10, 202359:30
Putting Data to Work for Impact in Rural Communities
Feb 01, 202356:06
Improving the Social Sector Using Data and Tech
Jan 20, 202350:07
Using Wikidata to Connect Constituents With Their Government
Jan 14, 202351:37
Using AI to Meet the Global Goals
Jan 06, 202301:01:01
Building a WorkerTech Ecosystem
Dec 08, 202257:58
Civic Hacker Superheroes Are Real
Sep 27, 202256:44
Two Civic Hackers Walk Into a Zoom ...
Sep 17, 202254:57
Affordable Housing Access Gets a Digital Makeover!
Sep 13, 202246:01
Hacking Data Equity with Tableau

Hacking Data Equity with Tableau

This episode features Channing Nesbitt, who is the co-founder of the Tableau Foundation’s Racial Justice Data Initiative, and led the team driving the Racial Equity Data Hub. 

Channing shares his experiences in these roles and what he has learned from their work to empower users of varying backgrounds to leverage data in combating systemic racism by advancing equity in education, economic opportunity, political empowerment, and justice reform. 

Links to info and resources:



Aug 22, 202255:49
Using Crowdsourced Data to Spread Good Karma
Jul 21, 202254:34
Q&A With the U.S. Census Bureau
Jun 23, 202253:31
Identity, Inclusion, and Inspiration
May 28, 202249:38
Hacking Communication to Prevent Identity-Based Violence
Apr 21, 202254:47
Turning Stories Into Data for Change
Apr 05, 202238:06
Hacking DEI in Tech
Mar 15, 202245:10
Art, Code, and Black Data Stories
Feb 24, 202253:31
Data Literacy, Black History, and You
Feb 16, 202259:19
Combating Human Trafficking with Powerful Data Tools
Jan 26, 202251:22
[BONUS EPISODE] Impact Blockers: 4 Mistakes Standing Between You & the Change You Want to See
Aug 16, 202151:26
3, 2, 1... Impact!
Aug 14, 202148:60
AI for Good
Mar 21, 202136:18
Hacking Food Insecurity

Hacking Food Insecurity

In Episode 04 of the Civic Hacker Podcast, "Hacking Food Insecurity", we sit down with Tim Yoon to talk about his winning National Day of Civic Hacking project, and the journey that followed to develop the idea into a working tool on the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services website.  This conversation was part of the Civic Tech Group Showcase track of the Civic Hacker Summit. In it, Tim keeps it real, and provides some great insights about working with busy agencies, the importance of building trust as you engage in these types of collaborations, and resisting the urge to go overboard on the tech part of civic tech. 


See the clip of the demo version of the team's project>>

Learn more about building a civic hacking community by checking out the resources at

Recommended GIS learning resource for web developers from our affiliate partner:

Dec 18, 202029:20
Mapping for Impact
Nov 19, 202044:19
No Data, No Change
Nov 10, 202030:10
Hacking Homelessness
Oct 22, 202040:47
August 31, 2020

August 31, 2020

Aug 31, 202000:60