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clearly focused.

clearly focused.

By Cayleigh Ely

An INSPOdcast created to help photographers, creatives, and business owners go from merely making-ends-meet to owning your own biz! Here to share tools to help you create a life that will allow you to intentionally achieve a life that will bring you joy and purpose everyday.
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Ep. 25 - Dressing Down Boudoir Photography with Rachel Oxford

clearly focused.Dec 01, 2022

Ep. 50 - How and When to Say "No"
Jun 06, 202319:37
Ep. 49 - How to Host a Styled Shoot
May 30, 202322:52
Ep. 48 - Photography Advice Column
May 23, 202335:18
Ep. 47 - Embracing Body Positivity and Finding Confidence in Front of the Lens
May 16, 202326:52
Ep. 46 - Energy is Everything! Elevating Your People Skills to Grow Your Biz with Alex and Brittany Hall of Chasing Sunsets
May 09, 202301:07:03
Ep. 45 - Destination Photography with Kailee Rose
May 02, 202358:35
Ep. 44 - Why You Should Invest in a Good CRM
Apr 25, 202338:34
Ep. 43 - Building an Associate Team with Anissa Dev

Ep. 43 - Building an Associate Team with Anissa Dev

Growing an associate team doesn't have to be intimidating! In this episode, Anissa walks us through why you would want to have an associate team, how to start one, and some must have knowledge.

Want more info on growing an associate team? Anissa has a full on guide that will walk you through the whole process! View more info here (:

A must-have when starting an associate team is a solid contract, both with your client and your associate! The Legal Paige has BOTH of those on her website here.


Where you can find Anissa:

⁠Instagram:⁠ @anissadphotography



Associate Photographer Contract For Independent Contractors: contractors-for-wedding-and-sessions?aff=317

Associate Photographer Contract For Employees:

Associate Photographer Clause For Clients:


Where you can find me:

⁠Instagram⁠: @cayleighelyphotography

⁠Tik Tok:⁠ @cayleighelyphotography


⁠Mentorships with me:⁠

Apr 18, 202354:07
Ep. 42 - Flash Photography Crash Course
Apr 04, 202319:59
Ep. 41 - A Different Approach to Content Marketing with Cass Klass
Mar 28, 202301:00:43
Ep. 40 - Empty Inquiry Inbox? Try This!
Mar 21, 202326:01
Ep. 39 - Thinking of Hiring a VA? Listen to This!
Mar 14, 202356:36
Ep. 38 - Photography Q+A
Mar 07, 202330:44
Ep. 37 - Copywriting for Creative Entrepreneurs with Kori Whitby
Feb 28, 202348:48
Ep. 36 - Why Clearly Focused?
Feb 21, 202314:55
Ep. 35 - Photography Education, Community, and Positive Mindsets with Beba Vowels
Feb 14, 202349:59
Ep. 34 - Changing Your Habits to Increase Productivity
Feb 07, 202331:39
Ep. 33 - Interviewing my Husband on Photography Related Things
Jan 31, 202323:02
Ep. 32 - What to do During Slow Season
Jan 24, 202322:10
Ep. 31 - Being Unapologetically You on Social Media While Still Having Good Mental Health with Makenzy Smith of Northwest Focus Co
Jan 17, 202301:10:07
Ep. 30 - How to Edit Consistently
Jan 10, 202321:03
Ep. 29 - A Mindset Hack That Could Make a Huge Impact This Year
Jan 03, 202338:40
Ep. 28 - 2022 Recap and 2023 Intentions
Dec 27, 202226:01
Ep. 27 - The Guide to Guides - What Are They and How Do They Help?
Dec 20, 202224:45
Ep. 26 - OH NO! Your Clients Don't Like Their Gallery...Now What?
Dec 13, 202222:41
Ep. 25 - Dressing Down Boudoir Photography with Rachel Oxford

Ep. 25 - Dressing Down Boudoir Photography with Rachel Oxford

Boudoir photography. Very niche. Sometimes intimidating. Good thing I've got a pro here to help answer lots of questions to help you get started in to this empowering industry!


Where you can find Rachel:

Personal Instagram: @racheloxfordcollective

Wedding and Lifestyle Instagram: @brasspennyphotography

Boudoir Instagram: @brighteyesmessyhair



Where you can find me:

Instagram: @cayleighelyphotography

Tik Tok: @cayleighelyphotography


Mentorships with me:

Dec 01, 202201:14:29
Ep. 24 - Raising and Setting Prices for Premium Clients with Rachel Traxler
Nov 15, 202201:06:52
Ep. 23 - Breaking in to the Wedding Industry
Nov 08, 202247:14
Ep. 22 - All of Your Bookkeeping Questions Answered with LoriAnn Kuntz
Oct 11, 202255:44
Ep. 21 - Should Your Instagram Be Curated?
Oct 04, 202218:18
Ep. 20 - Photography Advice Column
Sep 27, 202243:50
Ep. 19 - Soulmate Clients, the Power of Cropping, and Directing Your Subjects with Leandra Creative
Sep 13, 202201:20:27
Ep. 18 - Reframing Your Instagram Mindset with Andrea O'Bert
Sep 06, 202250:54
Ep. 17 - Is It Time for Full Time?
Aug 30, 202236:05
Ep. 16 - Setting Boundaries and Rebranding Your Business with Emily Dawn
Aug 16, 202201:13:19
Ep. 15 - Unpopular Photography Opinions

Ep. 15 - Unpopular Photography Opinions

This was a fun one to make! I put up a question box asking for unpopular photography opinions that I share with you and give my two cents on. I always love hearing things from other photographers that they love/don't love so I hope to be doing more of them soon.

Remember that just because someone else feels a certain way does NOT mean that you have to believe it as well or that you should rethink how you run your business. We all are entitled to our own opinions and it's nice to gain an extra perspective on things sometimes.

Aug 09, 202223:38
Ep. 14 - Creating a Brand You Will Love with Bailey of Honeywave Creative

Ep. 14 - Creating a Brand You Will Love with Bailey of Honeywave Creative

In this episode we get to hear all about Bailey's story (she shares some pretty funny ones with us!) and how she got in to branding and website design. We get a little glimpse in to what the process is like to work with her as well as some useful tips to consider when building your website!

You can find Bailey dancing it up and sharing lots of info and inspo on her Instagram at

Aug 02, 202254:15
Ep. 13 - Social Media Marketing + Sales Strategies with Mya Nichol

Ep. 13 - Social Media Marketing + Sales Strategies with Mya Nichol

If you want to hear about how to be authentic on your Instagram and pitch your service/products without sounding "sales-y" then this episode is for you! Mya and I also dive in to some of our Instagram strategies and ways we fight burnout. We talk about consistency vs. sustainability and motivation vs. dedication in your business tactics. Not only is Mya super knowledgable in the social media game, but she's such a sweet human!! There may or may not be some tips at the end for you to try out...

You can find Mya at:

If you're wanting to grow your instagram, build a community, and not waste 1,000 hours researching algorithms and trends...consider joining Mya's Instagram University! She does all the heavy lifting for you so that you can wake up each week with a clear strategy on how to tackle the Instagram game.

Jul 26, 202201:06:01
Ep. 12 - What is Culling and How Do I Not Hate It?

Ep. 12 - What is Culling and How Do I Not Hate It?

Culling is the process of going through your images and choosing which ones you want to edit. It can be a lengthy process, but not a complicated one! In this episode I review how I cull and what type of images I typically select as well as some programs you can use to help speed up the process.

If you want to get a free month of Narrative Select you can visit the link below! cayleigh10

Jul 19, 202228:29
Ep. 11 - Why Meditation Helps as a Small Business Owner

Ep. 11 - Why Meditation Helps as a Small Business Owner

I have been meditating for about 10 years now and I have found that it significantly improves my life as a business owner! Not only does it reduce stress + anxiety levels, it also:

-increases attention span

-increases productivity

-improves sleep

-improves memory

-lifts my mood

If you've never tried meditation before, give this episode a listen for a few ways to get started. Even if you have tried meditating before and it feels like it wasn't your thing...this episode will maybe give you some more reasons to give it another go. 

I also go over a few tips and tricks when first starting out your meditation journey. A few apps that help me are:



-Insight Timer

As always, my DMs are open if you need anything or want to share your journey.


Jul 12, 202232:31
Ep. 10 - Travel Photography & Instagram Reels with Hannah Holm

Ep. 10 - Travel Photography & Instagram Reels with Hannah Holm

Hannah Holm is a full time photographer based in Utah and we talk a little bit about how the industry is there as well as a few travel photography tips. Then we really get in to hashing out some details about Instagram Reels and why we love them (and also are frustrated by them!). 

Find Hannah here:

To buy tickets to the content day she is speaking/modeling at in August 2022 in NYC visit this page!

Jun 14, 202252:48
Ep. 9 - You asked...I answered! FAQ with Me!

Ep. 9 - You asked...I answered! FAQ with Me!

In today's episode I go over some questions I was asked on Instagram!! I cover a wide variety of questions from what got me started shooting, what some of my camera settings are, and my opinion on a ghosting policy.

Stay tuned for more of these kinds of episodes! I will be putting up more questions on my Instagram stories, so keep an eye out!

Jun 07, 202228:29
Ep. 8 - Body Confidence & Photo Shoots with Maria Scrimenti

Ep. 8 - Body Confidence & Photo Shoots with Maria Scrimenti

Do you feel like you need to lose weight before getting your picture taken? Do you hate seeing yourself in photos? How much time, money, and energy do you invest in weight loss programs and beauty fixes & regimens? In this episode, Certified Nutrition Counselor & Wellness Coach Maria Scrimenti & I chat about how to fully live your best life without being held back by body insecurities. We explore the downfalls of dieting and how you can feel healthy & confident in your body without it! There are SO MANY golden nuggets in this episode. I know you will walk away feeling energized and empowered. 

You can find Maria at

Or visit her website at 

Jun 01, 202254:38
Ep. 7 - All About Gear & What's in My Camera Bag

Ep. 7 - All About Gear & What's in My Camera Bag

Camera gear is equally exciting as it is stressful. There's a lot of options, some of them are very expensive, and sometimes it's confusing on what kinds of products you should be investing in.

In this episode, I talk all about the gear I started with and the gear I have now as well as giving some examples and tips on what kinds of gear to look in to based on what kind of photography you shoot! I talk about the differences between DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, flashes, lenses, crop sensor vs. full frame cameras, and so much more!

A list of the gear I use can be found here:

May 23, 202246:27
Ep. 6 - How To Find Clients

Ep. 6 - How To Find Clients

We've all been there! Whether we're just starting out or experiencing a lull in our business, this episode will go over a few ways to find clients!

May 06, 202232:33
Ep. 5 - Building Better Timelines with Casey Cannon of EBJ & Company

Ep. 5 - Building Better Timelines with Casey Cannon of EBJ & Company

Wedding day timelines can be a bit of a doozy with all of the moving parts and events that have to happen, but wouldn't it be nice if you had it all put together with the help of a coordinator? Casey Cannon, owner of EBJ & Company, chats with me about what goes on in her planning process and how the wedding planner and photographer can work together to create a smoother flow on and leading up to a wedding day! Not every wedding will have a coordinator (especially not one as cool as Casey!) but this episode will even help you when planning timelines on your own because you'll be able to think like a coordinator and fully understand what goes in to the planning process on their end!

You can find Casey on social media at

Or visit the EBJ & Company website here!

Apr 29, 202253:58
Ep. 4 - Manual Mode EXPLAINED!

Ep. 4 - Manual Mode EXPLAINED!

Manual mode is the best way to gain more control over your photos and start having more consistency in your images. There are a lot of moving parts in manual mode and in this episode I explain the three things that make up the exposure triangle so you can understand how to get a perfectly exposed photo. It can be intimidating but I GOT YOU!!! One step at a time, I break down how and why I set my camera settings for you. You can do this!

Apr 08, 202230:37
Ep. 3 - Why You SHOULD Be Taking Risks In Your Business

Ep. 3 - Why You SHOULD Be Taking Risks In Your Business

Do you ever feel like David in that episode of Schitt's Creek when he buys the store and panics about what he's done? 'Cus same. But taking risks in your business isn't always bad, and I talk about why you should be taking those leaps of faith in this episode. It's not always comfortable, but it's necessary!

Mar 30, 202216:49
Ep. 2 - My Entire Shooting-to-Editing Workflow

Ep. 2 - My Entire Shooting-to-Editing Workflow

Grab your notebooks, y'all...this is an in-depth version of my entire process of what I do from shooting to editing...including my culling, importing, and back up process! 

As a quick note/overview of part of this process that can be confusing:

-I keep my Lightroom catalog on an SSD catalog and only the raw images I'm currently working on

-I keep my raw photos on an HDD drive that I use until it's full and start a new one

-I keep an identical HDD back up of those raw photos at a different house

-I back my photos up through the cloud using Backblaze

A link to the hard drives + SD cards I use:

To check out the culling software I use visit or use code cayleigh10 for a free month trial of the pro features!

Gallery delivery service:

Cloud Backup Service:

Mar 14, 202231:57
Ep. 1 - Who Am I?

Ep. 1 - Who Am I?

Just a quick little episode to introduce myself and give you some pointers on how to write a killer "about me" page!

Mar 07, 202214:01