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Cleveland Appraisal Blog Audio

Cleveland Appraisal Blog Audio

By Jamie Owen

My name is Jamie Owen. I am the author of the Cleveland Appraisal Blog. This podcast shares my articles in an audio format for those who prefer to listen rather than read. I hope you enjoy the information that I share!

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Is A CubiCasa Scan an Inspection?

Cleveland Appraisal Blog AudioJul 16, 2022

Attracting More Appraisal Business
Nov 04, 202215:60
Is A CubiCasa Scan an Inspection?

Is A CubiCasa Scan an Inspection?

Some may wonder if scanning a home using CubiCasa is considered an inspection of the home? I talk about it in this episode. You can also read my article on the Cleveland Appraisal Blog

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