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Life Matters by CMK

Life Matters by CMK


Join poet, CMK on a journey full of life matters, that may or may not matter to each and everyone of us, but are still worthy of discussion. Season 2 offers more fluent recording and a lot of special moments, too! Thanks to every play of the 130 plays received on Season I.
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S2 E7 — Happiness, Anxiety and Purpose with Erin McCullough

Life Matters by CMKApr 23, 2021

S2–E8 Depression and Mental Health with Dr. Christian Heim
May 07, 202159:18
S2 E7 — Happiness, Anxiety and Purpose with Erin McCullough
Apr 23, 202147:37
S2 E6 — Children and Pets with Denise Gruzensky
Mar 26, 202143:05
S2 E5 — Emotional Intelligence
Mar 20, 202146:45
S2 E4 — Cyberbullying
Mar 12, 202136:31
S2 E3 — Change
Mar 07, 202145:52
S2 E2 — Feeling Trapped
Feb 26, 202138:13
S2 E1 — On Happiness
Feb 12, 202132:14
S2 Pilot — The Introduction

S2 Pilot — The Introduction

The beginning of Season 2. A more natural journey, with more events, special edition episodes, and the topics, that matter... Lasting all along 2021
Jan 29, 202123:03
Episode 5 — The Teller

Episode 5 — The Teller

How important is a storyteller? Listen to this short episode to find out. You’ll listen to my journey on how I handle storytelling
Nov 07, 202007:01
Episode 4 — Body Shaming with Writer Joyce Horkos

Episode 4 — Body Shaming with Writer Joyce Horkos

In a special episode with published poet Joyce Horkos, we cover body shaming, one of society’s main issues as well as other chats. A special episode right for you to enjoy it. Don’t forget to follow Joyce on Instagram for her great portfolio @joycehorkos_
Oct 30, 202052:45
Episode 3 — The Portrait

Episode 3 — The Portrait

At a museum, in front of a portrait, point of vues tend to be various, and so are our views of each other in our daily life. Society splits in two, the narcissistic, who use the portrait as a mirror, and the humble, who admire it for the good it hides.
Oct 23, 202006:30
Episode 2 — Dear Society

Episode 2 — Dear Society

Listen to the poem I once wrote “Dear Society” and to a short discussion following it, to explain it and showcase our society’s major flaws and all what we need to resolve them.
Oct 19, 202016:47
Episode 1 — Introversion

Episode 1 — Introversion

What is introversion? And how can we avoid the misunderstanding of it. Attached to this episode is my journey on being an introvert for more insight. Enjoy it!
Oct 14, 202012:38
October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Oct 04, 202000:33