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Coach and the Kid Podcast

Coach and the Kid Podcast

By Andrew Leckie

Coaches Joe Giustino and M.S. Andy Leckie, sit down to discuss the Psychology of Sport/Exercise and the Fitness Industry. As the owner of Core FSN, Coach Joe has worked/trained elite athletes for over 20 years. Looking to expand the conversation on how to produce elite, high-performing athletes, Joe teamed up with host Andy Leckie to interview fellow coaches. Listen as the hosts examine the psychology of sport and exercise alongside professional athletes, coaches, and influencers. Join the conversation, and strive to be 'Not Like Most.'
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Ep. 8 Mike Miller

Coach and the Kid PodcastAug 24, 2020

Ep. 11 Dana Bujalski & Tara Grundy

Ep. 11 Dana Bujalski & Tara Grundy

On this episode of Coach and the Kid, the 25eight Team sits down to record our last episode with an interview with Dana Bujalski & Tara Grundy.

Dana is a personal chef specializing in healthy homecooked meals, and Tara is an ex-collegiate volleyball player and current volleyball coach out of Barrington. Listen as we discuss the gender roles & stereotypes often faced within the fitness industry, and the struggles to find what is 'healthiest' for you.

Follow more information you can Follow Dana & Tara:

Mar 29, 202101:36:56
Ep. 10 Dustin Piatkowski & Jeremy Jordan

Ep. 10 Dustin Piatkowski & Jeremy Jordan

With the return of CATKP, Joe and Andy sit down for a long-awaited conversation with coaches Dustin Piatkowski and Jeremy Jordan. Together, we discuss the current state of coaching and our predictions for gym-life after a global pandemic. Listen as Dustin and Jeremy talk about their transition from coaching to corporate, and the advancements of the strength and powerlifting community. We hope you enjoy the show!

Make sure to follow Core FSN on Facebook & Twitter @corefsn and Instagram @core_fsn. To sign-up for Core Fitness or Core Speed, visit our website

Feb 21, 202101:46:02
Ep. 9 Matt O'Brien & Alec Eickert

Ep. 9 Matt O'Brien & Alec Eickert

On this special episode of Coach and the Kid, the 25eight Team sits down to record our first interview with endurance runners, and former Speed School athletes, Matt O'Brien and Alec Eickert.

Matt O'Brien is an Ultra-Marathon Runner, Spartan Racer and an all-around animal within the gym. Alec Eickert is a former DI Kicker from Oregon University, an Ultra-Marathon Runner, and currently is completing his goal of climbing the highest peak in each 50 States. Listen as these two share their story from high school athletes to Ultra-Marathon Runners, and why they chose a path to live not like most.

Follow Matt and Alec on their journey by finding them on Instagram:

Sep 21, 202001:34:10
Ep. 8 Mike Miller

Ep. 8 Mike Miller

On this week's episode of CATKP, Joe and Andy sit down with fellow speed and strength coach Mike Miller. Mike is the current owner of MMAthletix and former owner of Ethos 360. Before becoming a fitness entrepreneur, Mike served as a pilot in the US Air Force. Listen as long-time friends Joe and Mike share stories about their past and look forward to the expansion of their business.

For more information about Mike Miller, follow his Instagram page @combinemike & @mm_athletix

Follow Core FSN on Facebook & Twitter @corefsn and Instagram @core_fsn. To sign-up for Core Fitness or Core Speed, visit our website 

Aug 24, 202001:44:60
Ep. 7 Brandon Eickert
Aug 09, 202001:17:16
Ep. 6 Amanda Ginski

Ep. 6 Amanda Ginski

In this episode, Joe and Andy get back into the swing of things by welcoming a new guest. Amanda Ginski is a Professional Kickboxer and Head of WAKO Team USA Kickboxing. Amanda's 12-year career includes a World Championship Silver Medal, Pan-American Gold Medal & is currently #2 Ranked Kickboxer in the World. On top of currently fighting for Team America, Amanda coaches out of Z's Martial Arts in Huntley, Il., alongside Rob Zbilski.  Follow Amanda @ and follow the team Insta: @wakoteamusa
Jun 23, 202001:14:15
Ep. 5 Dempsey McGuigan

Ep. 5 Dempsey McGuigan

Coach and the Kid is proud to present our first interview with Dempsey McGuigan. As an accomplished Hammer Thrower, Dempsey has both coached and performed for the University of Mississippi (Ole' Miss). There, Dempsey won the SEC Silver Medal for Hammer Throw. Today, he continues to work alongside the Ole Miss Track & Field Team by assisting in coaching student-athletes and continues to perform for the Ireland Olympic Team.

Together, Joe, Andy, and Dempsey discuss the difficulties of elite training regiments, our opinions on the new generation of coaching, and what it takes to become an Olympic Athlete. For more information about Coach and the Kid Podcast, please visit our Instagram: coachandthekidpodcast or Facebook: Coachandthekidpodcast

As always, thank you to all of the listeners and all of your continued support!

Apr 05, 202001:13:09
Ep.4 - When Emotions Start To Think

Ep.4 - When Emotions Start To Think

This relaxed episode is brought to you by COREFSN.COM and CORENUTRITION.COM. Together Joe Giustino and Andy Leckie sit down to discuss their recent experiences at the Notre Dame Football Strength and Condition Clinic and the Midwest Sport and Exercise Psychology Symposium. On top of discussing their recent weekend of knowledge, we get into explaining how Emotions drive us, Motivate us and sometimes Define us.

As usual, we found ourselves long-winded and needing to get some emotions off our chest. CATKP hopes you enjoy this hear-felt and relaxed episode. Thank you for listening and all of your constant support.

Mar 01, 202001:30:41
Ep. 3 - Aaron Hernandez 'What Went Wrong'

Ep. 3 - Aaron Hernandez 'What Went Wrong'

Coach Joe and Andy sit down together to discuss their thoughts on the Netflix Documentary Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. This episode highlights the two's honest reactions to the life and story of Aaron Hernandez, and discuss, What Went Wrong. The two discuss the psychological trauma Aaron faced throughout his tragic life, and how the sport of football impacted his journey towards being a convicted murderer. In reviewing the documentary, we highlight what Netflix missed and could not talk about. This complex story of violence, pride, insecurity, and athleticism is the synopsis of what is Sport Psychology.

We would like to thank all of the authors and publishers who provided the research information needed to produce this podcast. Below, are the resources CATKP used for the story of Aaron Hernandez and Mike Webster, the research published by Dr. Omalu, and the Boston Globe Spotlight team.

'Gladiator': Aaron Hernandez & Football Inc., The Boston Globe Spotlight Team, Bob Hohler, Beth Healy, Sacha Pfeiffer, Andrew Ryan, and editor Patricia Wen. The Boston Globe, Oct. 13, 2018.

'Gladiator': Aaron Hernandez & Football Inc. Editors: Brian McGrory, Scott Allen, Mark Morrow, and Janice Page. Research contributors: Zach Ben-Amots.  The Boston Globe, Oct. 13, 2018.

Fainaru-Wada, M., & Fainaru, S. (2013). League of denial: The NFL, concussions, and the battle for truth (First edition). Crown Archetype.

Hernandez, J., & Anderson, L. (2018). The truth about Aaron: My journey to understand my brother (First edition). Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

Omalu, B. (2008). Play hard die young: Football dementia, depression and death. Neo-Forenxis Books.

Feb 15, 202001:42:22
Ep. 2 - To Be or Not To Be

Ep. 2 - To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be, is a conversation about what life is like as a coach. Coach Joe and Andy discuss what it means to hang-up your whistle at home, and how to balance power dynamics with other coaches. In order to understand what it takes to be a coach, these two sit down to discuss the personality it takes to be a Coach. As these two share their experiences and struggles of choosing the life of a coach, they draw a balance between coaching, teaching, and parenting. 

For more episodes, please subscribe to our page on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Anchor.FM. Please follow us on Instagram- Coach and the Kid Podcast

Jan 27, 202001:30:26
Ep. 1 - Coaching Success

Ep. 1 - Coaching Success

We want to give a special thanks to the authors who did the research for the topic of this episode, Defining Success Through Goal Orientation. To further understand how Mastery and Performance Goal orientations can affect the psychology of an athlete, please click on the links below. This episode highlights how both coaches and athletes can achieve and define success in separate ways. Coach Joe and Andy talk about two coaching legends, John Wooden and Vince Lombardi. We look at how the two created their own ways of bringing success to their teams, in two different styles. 

If you are interested in trying to complete your very own S.M.A.R.T. Goal, make sure to follow the template below by writing out your goal, and revisiting the goal frequently and often until you have achieved your goal. 

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant)
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time-bound (time-based, time-limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive)

Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (2000). The “What” and “Why” of Goal Pursuits: Human Needs and the Self-Determination of Behavior. Psychological Inquiry, 11(4), 227–268.

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Taylor, G., Jungert, T., Mageau, G. A., Schattke, K., Dedic, H., Rosenfield, S., & Koestner, R. (2014). A self-determination theory approach to predicting school achievement over time: The unique role of intrinsic motivation. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 39(4), 342–358.

Jan 19, 202001:43:13
Coach and the Kid - Pilot

Coach and the Kid - Pilot

For more information about my25eight life, please visit -

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Jan 04, 202001:35:16
Coach & the Kid - Introduction

Coach & the Kid - Introduction

Please listen for a brief description of our up incoming podcast, Coach & the Kid. Subscribe to our podcast by following us on apple podcast, and anchorfm. Thank you all for reaching this page, and please look forward to more content on the way!

Dec 09, 201900:51